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Welcome to these Photo Pages where Digital Photography and the Internet have enabled me to share with you the beauty of the things around me. I hope you enjoy these images of Scenery, Nature, Flora and Fauna, most of which are from Western Australia.

These Folders and Albums now contain well over 19,000 photos, so browse around and I hope you find something of interest. Please keep checking back to view new albums as they are uploaded, meanwhile I would like you to use the Links at the bottom of this page to view recent albums on this site, as well as my photos on other sites and also my family history. Thankyou for visiting...

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Wildflower Festivals
1. Wildflower Festivals 

The Annual Wildflower Festival at King's Park in Perth, is a colourful display of many of the unique wildflowers for which Western Australia is world famous.

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Australia's South West
2. Australia's South West 

Enjoy the beauty of scenery and nature, including unique wildflowers, found in my travels through the South-west of Western Australia. New albums are continually being added as I photograph more places, so keep returning for new photos.

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3. Eco-Tours 
Travel with me on this series of Eco-Tours throughout Western Australia where the emphasis is on scenery and nature. Enjoy the Australian Landscapes, magnificent Wildflowers and unique Wildlife in their natural environment while visiting National Parks and places of Historical Interest in this vast State of Western Australia.
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Desert Tracks
4. Desert Tracks 
Travelling with Coates Wildlife Tours in 2003, Desert Tracks is a journey of 3,800 kms from Perth Western Australia across the Gunbarrel Highway to Alice Springs and up the Tanami Track to Newhaven Station in the Northern Territory.
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Australian Sky
5. Australian Sky 

Australia is noted for its true blue sky which is an indication of the clean pure air above, however nature also paints our sky in may colours during Sunrise and Sunset, while the endless cloud formations make ever-changing features overhead.  This folder is devoted to the many aspects of the Australian Sky which I have photographed.

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6. Perth 

The City of Perth, located on the Swan River, is the Capital of the State of Western Australia. Hope you enjoy these albums showing the beauty of this city and some of the places of interest worth visiting.

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7. Trees 
Australia is home to many species of Trees which make our landscape so unique. This folder is designed to feature various Australian Trees including the Boab (Adansonia gregorii) which grows in the Kimberley area of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the Grasstree (Xanthorrhoea preissii) which is iconic on the coastal areas of southern Western Australia and the Eucalypt which is commonly known as the iconic Australian "Gum Tree".
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8. Proteaceae 

The Proteaceae is one of Australia's most admired plant families and reaches a peak of diversity in the south-west of Western Australia where there are about 550 species of which about 500 are endemic in that State. This album displays the diversity and beauty of some of the species of Banksia, Grevillea and Hakea found in Western Australia.

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Norfolk Island
9. Norfolk Island 

Norfolk Island is a self governing Australian Territory situated in the South Pacific approximately 1456 kms ESE of Brisbane. Of Volcanic origin, this Island is about 8 km long by 5 km wide and features a range of dramatic landscapes, including the subtropical and viney hardwood forests of the Park and Botanic Garden, the green rolling plains of the Kingston settlement, spectacular coastal cliffs and skylines dominated by majestic Norfolk Island pines. Norfolk Island is rich in History and Culture from Captain Cook's discovery in 1774 to todays modern times. Historic attractions include museums, the penal settlement and the culture arising from the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives, who settled on Norfolk after the mutiny of the HMS Bounty. Hopefully, my photos will entice you to spend your holidays on this beautiful island.

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Flowering Plants
10. Flowering Plants 
Each Album in this Folder is devoted to a different species of flowering plant.  First album features the magnificent nocturnal flowers of the Queen of the Night Cactus (epiphyllum oxypetalum); Second album features the Prickly Pear which is an introduced species to Australia; Third album features South African Flora which has also been introduced to Australia.
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11. Dogs 

Albums devoted to photos of my Dogs and also other Dogs belonging to family and friends. 

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Flowers and Gardens
12. Flowers and Gardens 

The albums in this folder contain photos of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables, etc. from my home garden.

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13. Tasmania 

Tasmanian Wilderness, Historic and Heritage Tour with highlights including World Heritage listed area of Cradle Mountain, Mt Field, Maria Island and Freycinet National Parks, Pieman River State Forest, Bay of Fires Conservation area, and Bruny Island. Plus the historical past of Port Arthur, Richmond and Hobart. Photographed in 2006.

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14. Wildlife 
The Wildlife of Australia is unique with many Birds, Animals and other Creatures that are not found anywhere else in the world. This folder is designed to bring you photos of Australia's unique Wildlife, as well as other species that I have photographed.
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Scenery and Nature
15. Scenery and Nature 
A selection of Images photographed in Western Australia -- please enjoy!
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Garden Flowers
16. Garden Flowers 

Gardening is another of my hobbies and I hope you enjoy these Flowers as they grow in my garden.

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17. Miscellaneous 
This folder is designed as the home for an assorted collection of albums on various subjects which I hope you will find interesting.
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Here and There
18. Here and There 

This folder is designed for small albums displaying photos taken during short trips to places of interest, things that I have seen and other odds and ends that I would like to share. 

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Digital Artwork
19. Digital Artwork 

Artwork created on the computer using various tools and techniques to turn my photos into digital artwork.

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20. Memories 

I have a collection of Kodak Transparencies taken by my Father from 1955 onwards and it is my intention to scan these images so they can be shared with his descendants and those who are interested in seeing things as they were over 50 years ago. The first album in this folder documents my Father's tour of the North West in 1956. The second album covers his tour of Norwest Australia in 1967. The third album documents a trip across Central Australia to Alice Springs in 1968.

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Visits to my Albums
21. Visits to my Albums  (2012)

It is rewarding to watch the numbers roll over (the Statistics) as my albums are viewed by so many people from around the world, and I really appreciate the interest that is shown in my photography by all those people who keep returning to my albums to keep the numbers ticking over. Therefore, I feel disappointed when I suddenly find that I have suffered yet another loss of Stats when the numbers suddenly revert to zero for no apparent reason. If other members are having this problem, or if they know of a solution, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Now I have commenced the time-consuming task of keeping my own monthy records, and during the past month to 10 March, stats have been lost on 10 of my 196 public albums. April update results are even worse! In the past month to 10 April, stats have been lost from 21 albums out of my 199 public albums. Overall, a total of well in excess of 134,000 visits have been lost in just one month. Two albums have lost in excess of 25,000 visits each, and four albums lost in excess of 10,000 visits each. May update shows improvement with only 2 albums loosing stats, but even so, it is disappointing to loose over 9,000 visits from two albums. June update late due to storms and power outages, but very pleasing results to find that none of my albums have lost visits since the May update. July, September and October updates bring good results with no loss of stats since the June update, and all numbers moving upwards as they should.  

Most recent records are shown first and now I put an asterisk beside the stats where the numbers have been lost. Thankyou for your interest in my photos and please keep viewing my albums.

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