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Australia's South West

Enjoy the beauty of scenery and nature, including unique wildflowers, found in my travels through the South-west of Western Australia. New albums are continually being added as I photograph more places, so keep returning for new photos.

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Tall Trees
1. Tall Trees 
Visit the Forests of Western Australia, including the famous "Diamond Tree" in Karri Forest of Manjimup, take the 400 m "Tree Top Walk" through the Red Tingle Forest Canopy and admire the giant Red Tingles in the "Ancient Empire" of the Nornalup Walpole National Park.
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Beedelup Lake
2. Beedelup Lake 
Enjoy the beauty of Beedelup Lake as the sun sets, followed by a very early morning walk around the Lake to capture scenic views reflected in the still water as well as trees and wildflowers before going to nearby Beedelup Falls.
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3. Pemberton 

Pemberton is located in the South-West Forest area of Western Australia. Photos include hand-feeding Parrots and Rosellas, viewing the Gloucester Tree, the Railway Museum, assorted flowers and scenic views of a winery.

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Augusta / Cape Leeuwin
4. Augusta / Cape Leeuwin 

Travel from Augusta located on the Blackwood River, to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the most South-Westerly Point of Australia, then visit the Historic Water Wheel used to supply spring water to the Lighthouse, and the Railway Museum and beautiful Beach at Flinders Bay.

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Margaret River
5. Margaret River 
Margaret River is a picturesque and productive region which is located 250 kms south of Perth. Visit Surfer's Beach to watch a Kite Surfer, see Raptor Preservation and Rehabilition at Eagles Heritage, enter Mammoth Cave, see Kingia australis after Bushfire, and visit a Winery.
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Shearing Shed & Beyond
6. Shearing Shed & Beyond 

Visit The Shearing Shed at Yallingup to be welcomed by the Sheep, see working Sheepdog and Shearing Demonstrations before travelling on to Busselton Jetty and the Oldest Stone Church in Western Australia, then return journey to Perth.

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Swan River Cruise
7. Swan River Cruise 

My lovely holiday concluded with an enjoyable cruise on the Swan River.  Boarded the 'Captain Cook' at Fremantle and took these photos en route to Perth.  It has been a pleasure to share my holiday and thankyou for viewing.

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8. Albany  (2002 / 2003)
Historic Albany is the site of the first European settlement in Western Australia. Surrounding areas are rich in natural beauty from the tranquility of Princess Royal Harbour to the dramatic coastline of the Torndirrup National Park. Enjoy these views of Sandpatch Beach, Albany Wind Farm, The Gap, The Natural Bridge, Historic Buildings, views from Coastal Pathways, etc, in this popular holiday destination.
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9. Mandurah  (2003 / 2004)
Mandurah is a popular holiday destination located on the Peel Inlet 72 Kms south of Perth Western Australia. Bordered by the Indian Ocean on the west, the waterways of Mandurah are known for good fishing, crabbing and prawning. Enjoy these views of Mandurah, including a ferry cruise along the canals and waterways.
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Rottnest Island
10. Rottnest Island  (January 2003)
Nineteen kilometres offshore, west of Fremantle, Rottnest Island was so named by seventeenth-century Dutch mariners who mistook its unique, indigenous marspial Quokkas, for rats. The island, colloquially abbreviated to 'Rotto', is 11 km long and less than half as wide, with one settlement, the main resort, stretching along the sheltered Thomson Bay on the east side. West of the settlement, a low heathland of salt lakes meets a coastline of clear, scalloped bays, small beaches and offshore reefs. Rottnest Island is a popular holiday destination, easily accessible from Perth or Fremantle by ferry and makes for a fun day out. Motorized traffic on the island is virtually non-existent which makes walking and cycling from bay to sparkling bay the best way to appreciate 'Rotto'.
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Penguin Island
11. Penguin Island  (March 2007)
Penguin Island is home to Western Australia's largest colony of Little Penguins (the smallest penguins in the world). Approximately 600 pairs nest on the island, but spend most of their day feeding in the waters of the surrounding marine park. These birds are very shy and are rarely seen in the wild, but visitors can see Little Penguins at the Discovery and Rehabilitation Centre. The Island is a dedicated bird sanctuary with breeding and nesting sites for the Australian Pelicans and many other species, including migratory birds. A network of boardwalks enables visitors to explore the islands.
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Avondale Farm
12. Avondale Farm  (May 2008)

Avondale is located on land originally assigned in the 1830's to the first Governor of the Swan River Colony, Captain James Stirling RN, and Harbour Master Mark Currie RN. Several wealthy owners during the 19th century saw Avondale in Western Australia grow to over 5260 hectares in size. In 1910 Avondale was purchased by the Lands Department. After World War I most of Avondale was subdivided and sold to returned soldiers as repatriation farms. The remaining homestead block of 705 hectares faced an uncertain future for several years until it was vested in the Department of Agriculture in 1924. Since the 1990's Avondale has been open to the public, but remains a fully functional agricultural research station devoted to the development of sustainable farming practices. Visitors can see the 1850's Homestead in the Colonial Garden Setting, the 1890's Stable Complex, the large display of historic Agricultural Machinery dating back to the 1860's, and the Farm Animal Nursery with baby lambs, piglets, etc, as well as the free-range Sheep and Emus in an Australian rural setting.

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13. Beverley  (May 2008)

Beverley is a classic country town located 130 kms east of Perth on the Avon River. Founded in 1838, Beverley is one of Western Australia's oldest settlements. This album brings you samples of Beverley's interesting architecture, with examples ranging from the colonial period of the late 1880s to the 1930s Art Deco style and an example of a late 1960s geodesic dome. A feature of Vincent Street is the Vampire Jet No. A79-638 at the entrance to the Aeronautical Museum which is a tribute to the aviators of Western Australia. Historical highpoints of aviation in this State are told in photographs and stories as well as displaying models of various fighting aircraft and modern passenger planes. This album concludes with rural and forest scenes captured through the bus window on the homeward journey when I couldn't resist capturing the passing scenes.

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14. Nannup  (August 2008)

Travel south through the Western Australian countryside to the small country town of Nannup where the streets come alive with colourful Tulips and Daffodils in August. Walk the streets to view the flowers, historic buildings, learn about the 'Nannup Tiger' and the Flood of 1982 when the Blackwood River peaked at a 125 ARI. On the way, enjoy the scenic views of the Leschenault Inlet at Australind and visit the Old Cheese Factory at Balingup on the return journey.

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Albany 2008
15. Albany 2008 

Photos from a recent visit to Albany on the south coast of Western Australia include Beach Scenes, a walk along the Coastal Pathway for Ocean Views and Wildflowers in season, watch the Submarine HMAS Collins leaving Princess Royal Harbour, Bushwalk at Yakamia among the Sheoaks and Wildflowers, enjoy Garden Flowers from my daughter's garden and the family Dogs and Cats, then walk the new bridge linking Albany Town Centre to the new Waterfront Development Project to get previously unseen views of Albany.

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16. Toodyay  (October 2008)

Toodyay is one of the oldest inland towns in Western Australia and is set in the picturesque Avon Valley east of Perth. Much of the town's heritage has been preserved and it is a popular tourist destination. This album contains scenic views of the Avon Valley from Pecan Hill, Heritage Buildings and views of the town, Newcastle Park in the heart of Toodyay with a colourful display of local wildflowers, and experience the AvonLink commuter train on the return journey.

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Wellington Dam
17. Wellington Dam  (October 2008)

The Wellington Dam area is a spectacular location set in the Collie River Valley. It provides a variety of picnic areas, swimming holes, and bushwalking trails with an abundance of Western Australian Wildflowers. Enjoy these scenes from Wellington Dam, followed by views of Leschenault Estuary and panoramas of Bunbury from Boulters Heights overlooking the city.

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Avon Valley
18. Avon Valley  (May 2009)

Travel through the Avon Valley with stops at Mundaring Community Sculpture Park, the wheatbelt town of Cunderdin for lunch at the Ettamogah Pub and a quick look at the Cunderdin Museum which was formerly the No 3 Pump Station on the Goldfields Pipeline, then visit Meckering to view the Memorial Rose Garden and recall the Earthquake which destroyed the rural town in 1968.

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19. Wellard 

Enjoy a walk along the Nature Trails of the new Village at Wellard. This multi-award winning residential estate located in Perth’s southern suburbs is setting new benchmarks in sustainability, transport planning and urban design. The estate of 2,700 homesites on 320 hectares is home to a vibrant community linked by a network of paths and parklands that all meet at the Village Centre, the heart of the neighbourhood where the train station is established. Homes are within a 10 minute walk from the Train which reaches Perth in 29 minutes. The award winning environmental, planning and landscape design includes 57 hectares of landscaped parks, bushland and conservation wetlands where residents can enjoy a lifestyle connected with nature.

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Forrest Highway
20. Forrest Highway 
Providing a link between the city of Perth and Bunbury in the south west, the Kwinana Freeway Extension and new Forrest Highway was officially opened on Sunday 20 September 2009, in a ceremony held on the Murray River Bridge. At a cost of  $705 million, it is the largest infrastructure project undertaken by Main Roads in Western Australia. Statistics include: 70.5 kms of dual carriageway; 32 kms of shared path for pedestrians and cyclists; 19 bridges; 6 interchanges; 10 intersections; 7 pedestrian underpasses; 12 fauna underpasses; 20.5 kms of drainage; the use of 5 borrow pits to source sand and limestone required for the project; more than 12 million tones of sand and 1 million tones of crushed rockbase; close to 27,000 cubic metres of concrete; 146 beams for the bridges; approx 21 kms of noise walls; and more than 3,000 workers toiled for a combined 3.8 million man-hours without any lost time through injury to complete the project. To offset the environmental impact of the freeway’s construction a 23 hectare area adjacent to the road in Karnup has been transformed into dedicated wetlands to provide an extensive breeding habitat for waterbirds and attract fauna to the region. Protection of native fauna has been achieved through the provision of underpasses to enable the animals to pass safely underneath the highway rather than attempt to cross it, causing danger to themselves and traffic.
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Kodja Place
21. Kodja Place  (28 January 2010)

Join me for a Day Tour to visit Kodja Place at Kojonup in Western Australia. First stop of the day was at the picturesque Hotham River Picnic Area at Boddington where the tranquil river flows between undulating hills, majestic forest and rolling farm lands. Kodja Place is the result of the district’s cultures working in harmony with a single goal to tell the story of the land and the people, the influences, cultural, economic and geographic, that formed the Kojonup of today. The efforts of hundreds of volunteers have made Kodja Place a centre of discovery. This award winning museum tells the heart felt story of country Australia through the eyes of one town, Kojonup.

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Peel-Yalgorup System
22. Peel-Yalgorup System  (24 April 2010)

A day in the sun to enjoy the scenic beauty to be found in the Ramsar listed Peel-Yalgorup System containing Wetlands of International Importance. Marvel at the endangered Thrombolites or ‘living rocks’ on the eastern bank of Lake Clifton in Yalgorup National Park. Enjoy the tranquility and scenic beauty of Island Point Reserve on the Harvey Estuary, before completing a lovely day with a final stop at the Dawesville Jetty.

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23. Beaches 
The coastline of Western Australia has many kilometres of pristine beaches where the clean turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean touch the clean white sands of the shore.  This is a collection of photos taken over time from various beaches in Western Australia.
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