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This folder is designed as the home for an assorted collection of albums on various subjects which I hope you will find interesting.
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PhotoBlog 2013
1. PhotoBlog 2013 
A new PhotoBlog to summarise the events I have photographed during 2013. This album will be updated from time to time, so keep returning to see new additions. Images are in reverse order, so the most recent is at the top.
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PhotoBlog 2012
2. PhotoBlog 2012 

This is a new PhotoBlog to celebrate the New Year. It will grow with time as new photos are added to make a diary of events and items of interest that I have recorded. Photos are in reverse order so that the most recent pictures are at the beginning. Final images have now been added to complete my pictorial record of events during 2012.

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PhotoBlog 2011
3. PhotoBlog 2011 
This new PhotoBlog brings viewers a pictorial record of various random images captured by my camera during 2011. These photos are arranged in reverse order so the most recent images can be seen at the top of the album. Additional images recently added now complete this album to make a photographic record of some of the various events and activities captured throughout the year. Watch for a new PhotoBlog for 2012!
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PhotoBlog 2010
4. PhotoBlog 2010 

A new PhotoBlog to create a pictorial record of a variety of random images captured by my camera during 2010. These photos are arranged in reverse order so the most recent images can be seen at the top of the album. This album is now complete and many thanks to viewers for the current 23,799 visits as you have followed the growth of the album throughout 2010.  A new PhotoBlog for 2011 will be coming soon.

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PhotoBlog 2009
5. PhotoBlog 2009 

Rather than attempt to add one photo every day, the intention is to add random photos as events occur so that this album will grow to become my photographic record of 2009. Photos will be added in reverse order so that the most recent images can be found at the beginning of the album. This collection of images representing the diverse subjects I have photographed during 2009 is now complete and I hope you enjoy reviewing the year as seen by my camera.

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PhotoBlog 2008
6. PhotoBlog 2008 

Pictorial memories of the year 2008 as recorded by my camera to show events that happened, things I saw and places I visited during the year. Images are in reverse order with the most recent shown first.

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PhotoBlog 2007
7. PhotoBlog 2007 

This album was created with the intention of taking a photo to represent each day of the year, however, this has not been quite as easy as it sounds, so random images taken throughout the year have been used to represent 2007 as it was.

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8. Bushfires 

Bushfires have a devastating effect on the natural vegetation of the Australian Bush. An area of about 5 hectares was burnt in Perth's popular Kings Park on 16 January 2009. Sadly, this is believed to be the work of an arsonist. Seven weeks later, I returned to Kings Park to view the aftermath of this fire and it is sad to see the extensive loss of vegetation and habitat. One year has now elapsed since the bushfire and a return visit brings new photos to show how the vegetation is coping with the struggle for survival. Area re-visited in September 2010 and additional photos show regrowth following a dry winter with very cold nights, 20 months after the Bushfire. Re-visited the area again in August 2012 and an additional twelve photos show the regeneration that has occurred over three and a half years since the devasting bushfire.

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Australia Day
9. Australia Day 

Australia Day is celebrated on 26 January each year. To all Australians, no matter where in the world you happen to be, may this bring you fond memories of home. This collection of collages is Australia as seen through the lens of my camera. Happy Australia Day!

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HMAS Perth
10. HMAS Perth 

HMAS Perth is the third RAN warship to bear the name after the Western Australian Capital, Perth. The new HMAS Perth is a long-range Frigate and was commissioned at Fremantle on 26 August 2006.

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11. Kaleidoscopes 

The rotational symmetry of the kaleidoscope effect has transformed these photos into colourful digital designs which were fun to make.

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12. Murals 

A collection of scenic and colourful Murals which I have photographed during my travels in various parts of Australia.

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Beach Sculptures
13. Beach Sculptures  (May 2009 & May 2010)
Rockingham Beach was the setting for the annual Castaways Sculpture Awards which are held to promote and highlight the importance of recycling and the sustainability of our environment. All 46 artworks entered in this exhibition have a recycled component and the participants have adapted their work to express the important message of recycling. Stroll along the beach to view these artworks, the numbers on my photos correspond to the competition entry number, and the winners are indicated in the text.  NEW ADDITIONS: Photos from the Castaways Sculpture Awards 2010 are displayed from #69 onwards.
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Castaways 2011
14. Castaways 2011  (May 2011)
The Castaways Sculpture Awards is an annual event held at Rockingham Beach, Western Australia. Many artists participate in this exhibition and visitors are inspired by the ingenious artworks created with recycled materials. Included in the description is an extract from the artist's description of their work, also list of materials used.
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Castaways 2012
15. Castaways 2012  (May 2012)
Sculptures made out of recycled materials and aluminium components have been placed along Rockingham Beach to create an interesting display for the fifth annual 'Castaways Sculpture Awards' during May 2012. These images capture some of the artist's creative works.
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Castaways 2013
16. Castaways 2013  (May 2013)
The Castaways Sculpture Awards is an annual event located on the Rockingham Foreshore in Western Australia. This album brings you photos of the entries, including the Titles given by their creators, and features the winners of the major awards, as well as various surrounding scenes. Enjoy these creations made from recycled materials.
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Castaways 2014
17. Castaways 2014  (May 2014)
Castaways Sculpture Awards is an annual art competition that has been running since 2008. Castaways melds the theme of recycling and environment awareness with the creative re-use of materials and innovative sculpture. Each May, more than 50 sculptures grace the Rockingham foreshore creating opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their artworks, together with creative entries from local schools.  More than 15,000 visitors attend the exhibition each year, delighting in the innovative use of recycled materials.
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Castaways 2015
18. Castaways 2015  (10 May 2015)
Now in its eighth year, the Castaways Sculpture Awards held on the Rockingham Foreshore, continues to convey the message of recycling to the public, through the use of these creative artworks.
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Bon Scott Tribute
19. Bon Scott Tribute  (May 2009)

Ronald Belford (Bon) Scott was born at Kirriemuir, Scotland, on 9th July 1946. The Scott family migrated to Australia 1952 and they settled in Fremantle in 1956 where Bon attended North Fremantle Primary School and later John Curtin High School. His passion for music intensified during his teenage association with ‘The Caledonian Scots Pipe Band’ of Fremantle who awarded him ‘Novice Champion for Drumming’ four years running. Bon dreamt of being a ‘Rock n Roll Star’ and began living his dream with voracious passion. He first performed with “The Spektors’ 1965, ‘The Valentines’ 1966-70 and ‘Fraternity’ 1970-73 before joining ‘AC/DC’ in 1974 with whom he proceeded to shake the foundations of Rock n Roll music through his writing and performance of what have become recognised by millions of fans around the world as the greatest Rock n Roll anthems ever written including; ‘It’s a Long Way To The Top’, ‘TNT’, ‘High Voltage’, ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Let There Be Rock’, and ‘Highway To Hell’. The tragic and untimely death of Bon Scott on the 19th February 1980, in London UK, left us with an enduring musical legacy that continues to inspire the Rock n Roll spirit in successive generations. In September 2005 the National Trust of Australia listed the Bon Scott Grave Site as a “Heritage and Cultural Icon”. This is the first contemporary icon to be added to a list traditionally reserved for buildings and homes. In July 2006, to mark what would have been Bon Scott’s 60th Birthday, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board  completed refurbishments on the Bon Scott Grave Area. This consisted of a Bon Scott Arch and Memorial Entrance gate and a new rustic looking black concrete footpath with stainless steel symbols embedded at both ends of the 50 m walkway. The actual gravestone was not disturbed and has remained in its original position since 1980. In 2008 a life-size bronze statue of Bon Scott was unveiled overlooking the Fisherman’s Wharf in Fremantle. This album contains a few images of the Bon Scott Tribute Sculpture and the Bon Scott Grave Area. A ‘Rock n Roll Legend’ whose star continues to rise. 

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Street Lamps
20. Street Lamps 

A growing collection of Street Lamps in various styles from the ornate heritage designs of yesteryear to the modern sleek lamps of today. Additional images added 2010.

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High School Reunion
21. High School Reunion  (24 March 2010)

A Reunion was held at Northam, Western Australia, on 24 March 2010 to commemorate the milestone of 60 years since the First Year Classes of 1950 enrolled as students at Northam Senior High School.  There were approximately 180 First Year students and we were divided into five classes, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D & 1E, each with approx 36 students.  About 65 of these ex-students made the nostalgic trip back to Northam for the reunion, and for many, it was the first time they had made the return journey.  Sincere appreciation is extended to the Principal, Staff and Students for their welcoming hospitality in allowing us to return to the school to marvel at the changes that have taken place over the years.  We were all impressed by the marvelous new Courtyard which has replaced the old asphalt quadrangle, and surprised to see the extended side Wings and addition of a fourth two-storey Wing to complete the quadrangle.  Special thanks to the Year 12 Prefects for their informative guided tour which allowed us to view the many new buildings housing Manual Arts, Library, Computer Rooms, Science Rooms, Phys Ed, Canteen, etc.  The delicious morning tea served by the students was enjoyed by all, and we really appreciate the opportunity to return to Northam Senior High School for this reunion.

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