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HoCo Court Rehearsal
1. HoCo Court Rehearsal  (Jan. 14, 2021)
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MOTU He-Man Eternia Minis 2021 Mattel
2. MOTU He-Man Eternia Minis 2021 Mattel  (January 2021)
Here is my Newest Finds.. Masters of the Universe MOTU
Eternia Minis Series 1 by Mattel 2021.
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7 Images
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Thursday Decades Day
3. Thursday Decades Day  (Jan. 14, 2021)
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61 Images
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4. Stewart  (New Berlin, WI)
Stewart is a happy, spunky, cuddly boy who can't wait to find his forever home.
For more information or to apply to adopt, please go http://www.NewRattitude.org.
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13 Images
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Wednesday Holiday Day
5. Wednesday Holiday Day  (Jan. 13, 2021)
11 Visits
71 Images
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Entertainers Worldwide
6. Entertainers Worldwide  (January 13, 2021)

In this new album for 2021 we present a slideshow of our top rated entertainers of the year.  Amongs those in the reel are of course ever popular singers and musicians but we also think it only right to include the lesser familiar performers that also deserve promotion.

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas
7. Wedding Entertainment Ideas  (August 5, 2020)

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Entertainment

Organising a wedding is quite a challenge - especially when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of entertainment throughout the day that the couple and their guests will appreciate and remember. Our guide takes you through the choices of entertainment available including finding a wedding singer, hiring a live band, booking a DJ and many other fantastic ideas for unusual acts and party services to make the wedding memorable.

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2020 Available Dumeril's Boa Gallery
8. 2020 Available Dumeril's Boa Gallery 

Here are all of our 2020 available Dumeril's Boas.

There is both males and females available, but females are ONLY available purchased in pairs along with a male.  We are very high on males.

There is two pics of each and no other pics are available or will be taken.

They are priced at $350+ shipping for males or $700 pair + shipping.

I can offer 30 max payment plan on PAIRS with 25% down.

These are priced competitively considered how much they have gone up in price recently, so if PayPal is used the fee of 3.1% will need to be covered.   

Pics of both the Sire and Dam are at the beginning of the gallery and it appears that the Sire does have some Madagascar Ground Boa (Acrantophis madagascariensis) in him thus the striping and reduced pattern in some of the offspring.  

Price is firm, no discounts, deals or 1.2 trios offered.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to make a  purchase.

Thank you,
24216 Visits
42 Images
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NCS vs Keswick
9. NCS vs Keswick  (Jan. 12, 2021)
17 Visits
445 Images
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The Family Guy Action Figures
10. The Family Guy Action Figures  (January 2021)
Here is my Garage Find on The Family Guy Cartoon TV
10 Visits
3 Images
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Team Pictures
11. Team Pictures  (Jan. 12, 2021)
16 Visits
23 Images
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High Complete Model Bandai 1/144 Scale
12. High Complete Model Bandai 1/144 Scale  (January 2021)
Here is my Rare Collection or Bandai Models 1/144 Scale
High Complete.
10 Visits
11 Images
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Tuesday Dress Up: Movie & Book Character
13. Tuesday Dress Up: Movie & Book Character  (Jan. 12, 2021)
12 Visits
59 Images
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We're on "Fire!!"Chloe & Bishop 12/27/20
14. We're on "Fire!!"Chloe & Bishop 12/27/20  (December 27, 2020)

This Litter's On Fire!!!!!!

To say that we've been anxiously awaiting this litter is putting it mildly. These puppies are the grandchildren of our wonderful boys, Trooper and Churchill, just can't get better than that!!!

Sire: CH Wild Oak's Bishop of Chavez
           Proudly owned by Benny & Michelle Chavez of Chavez Pits
                   PLL & PRA clear by parentage
                   Cardiac and patellas examined clear
         Sire: GRCH Wild Oak's Anson St. Church
         Dam: Wild Oak's Kiss Me Quick

Dam: Appleton Wild Oak June's Delight
             PLL & PRA Clear by DNA test and
             Patellas & Cardiac examined
Sire: CH Sands' Of Time at Wild Oak
Dam: Apple of My Eye of the Storm

1  Male Wild Oak's Hearts of Fire "Diamond"
2  Female Wild Oak's Chariots of Fire "Chariot"
3  Male Wild Oak's Star Fire "Ash"
4  Male Wild Oak's Fire & Ice "Smokey"
5  Male Wild Oak's Light My Fire "Sparky"
6  Female Wild Oak's Fire Opal "Opal"
7  Male Wild Oak's Ring of Fire "Blaze"

113 Visits
50 Images
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Rodrigo Otazu Jewelry
15. Rodrigo Otazu Jewelry 
Rodrigo Otazu Jewelry
63 Visits
33 Images
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