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Trooper/Truffles,  the "Hope" litter
1. Trooper/Truffles,  the "Hope" litter    (March 9, 2019)

We have SO looked forward to this pairing, both of these dogs are exceptional in every way.  Health, temperament, loyalty, soundness, brains, with plenty of prey drive to go around. Truffles is doing an exceptional job being a mom, she just is amazed at these 4 babies are actually hers.

Born, March 9, 2019
Puppies clear on PLL and PRA by parentage
For more info on the Truffles and Trooper go to their albums.

First born, black tri female "Wild Oak's Hope and Glory" Glory
Second born, black tri male "Wild Oak's Hope for Humanity" Brother
Third born, black tri male "Wild Oak's Spirit of Hope" Spirit
Fourth born, black tri female "Wild Oak's Hope and Dreams" Dreamer

This is the "Hope" litter, and we hope for so many things, world peace, end of hunger, global normalcy, bountiful food and water, love and joy, end of hatred and cruelty. Well - we can "hope" right?

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Maverick x DeeDee puppies
2. Maverick x DeeDee puppies  (February 8, 2019)
D.O.B. 02-16-2019
Pick #1 (Breeder Hold)
Pick #2 (Breeder Hold)
Pick #3 (Available)
Pick #4 (Available)
Pick #5 (Available)
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NCS vs Shorecrest
3. NCS vs Shorecrest  (March 18, 2019)
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MS Walk Ocean Springs MS 2019
4. MS Walk Ocean Springs MS 2019  (March 16, 2019)
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CH WudNshu Kalon's Wild Love
5. CH WudNshu Kalon's Wild Love 

Brandy was born a white & red brindle.  She decided to check out the California sunshine with her brother Rocky (GrCH WudNshu Kalon's Take Me On, AKC CM) and in limited showing completed her championship with multiple Best of Breed wins.  Thanks to 'aunt' Barbara Drake, 'aunt' Jackie Ader and 'uncle' Jerry Brown for their help showing Brandy on her short journey to her championship.  Brandy is now UKC CH WudNshu Kalon's Wild Love.


Brandy is an AKC BOB winner & AKC pointed


by CH Flinthill's Wild Wild WudNshu x WudNshu's Sabi Love.  Bred by Teri Murphy.


Eyes, Heart & Patellas checked Clear.
DM, PLL & PRA-PRCD tested Clear.

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Jiggs x Dot Puppies
6. Jiggs x Dot Puppies  (February 8, 2019)
D.O.B. 03/13/2019
Dot had six puppies! She came through the whelping very easily and did a great job!

Pick #1 - Breeder
Pick #2 - Stud owner
Pick #3 - JD
Pick #4 - KD
Pick #5 - AE
Pick #6 - (Available)

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Creative Photography: Symmetree Series
7. Creative Photography: Symmetree Series  (2019)
Trees in the winter may seem a bit desolate, with all of the leaves missing. However, I've found they make a great tool for creating surreal symmetric designs. In sharing several of these with my class titled "Photography for Visual Artists", one of the students said "symmetrees"...so that's what I named the series. I've learned which trees work the best and I can visualize, generally, what the final image will look like, but there are always serendipity surprises. With the "Create Virtual Copy" in Lightroom, I can easily explore variations on an image.
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True Savy Puppies DOB : 02.04.19
8. True Savy Puppies DOB : 02.04.19  (February 4, 2019)
female 1 black tri 5.5 ounces (DNA PLL carrier)
female 2 black tri 7.3 ounces (DNA PLL carrier)
female 3 black tri 4.6 ounces (DNA PLL clear)
female 4 black tri 5.9 ounces (DNA PLL clear)
male 1 charcoal (matte black) tri 5.5 ounces (DNA PLL clear)
male 2 charcoal (matte black) tri 4.2 ounces (DNA PLL carrier)

*** MANY APOLOGIES - my camera is dying, so the quality of the photos is very poor color and clarity wise.

1st pick pup - breeder hold
2nd pick pup Gala/Steve
3rd pick pup Cindy and Pat

3 reservations open
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NEC PC-6001
9. NEC PC-6001  (03/07/2019)
I usually don't do this but this game is so obscure I've decided to hunt down whatever images I could get my hands on.

If you own high-resolution scans of the game or better quality images please get in touch with me, as I'd love to host it here.
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Kickingbear Night at the Opera
10. Kickingbear Night at the Opera 

This lovely girl is our newest addition!  Sweet, playful girl. Looking forward to showing her this year!  Thank you, Lisa, for this lovely girl:)

Will complete health testing at appropriate ages.
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Arkay's Uptown Funk You Up
11. Arkay's Uptown Funk You Up 
Miss Izzy is a beautiful, Standard size girl. I am just beginning to show her. She is still a big, silly puppy but a happy girl!  She has some nice size & substance to her.  Should mature out to 16" tall, about 22-24lbs.

Her sire won BOB (for Rat Terriers) at Westminster this year (2019)!  Way to go, Dad!!

Check back with us for updates & health testing at appropriate ages.
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Tekram Roofing , Fort Myers, Florida
12. Tekram Roofing , Fort Myers, Florida  (Jan. 2016 damage)
Tekram Roofing and Construction Services; aka Tekram Services, LLC
2585 Fourth St., Fort Myers, FL.
This company was hired based on our realtors recommendation (no fault is blamed on our realtor as he acted in what he thought was good faith) even though they were highest of 3 quotes. 90% of work was done by self proclaimed subcontractors who all but one could not speak English and then hard to understand.  They arrived in a bus (up to 14) type van and some had beach sandals on feet to work on roof.. They brought multiple home size air compressors very old and used small jack hammers on roof spraying tile pieces everywhere with some using tire irons and others just hammers (left us over $500 electric bill). Daily left their lunch papers and drink cups/cans on lot next to us and we had to clean up after them. Another self proclaimed subcontractor put new soffit/fascia part way on and never came back to finish.  He also said he always did the skylights for Texram but he was obviously upset they did not this time and said our skylights were a mess and that is what they got for always trying to save money. (The owner of Texram denies he uses subcontractors to us and by Oscar, the General Manager, prior to starting then again in front of us and Morris Law firm's paralegal by the owner Brad, though then why did the shingles group and the fashia installer & helper tell us they were? What are we to believe?). Cape Coral inspector came, told inspector roof leaking multiple places and he passed the roof. Why get a permit if roof passes leaking and soffit and fascia falling off house and job not done? This has been a horrible experience.  Obviously warranty not good when never finished job to begin with. Never would give us insurance information as requested.

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE. BE SURE TO TURN PAGES AT BOTTOM AS OVER 200 PHOTOS (or hit see all in bottom right hand corner at end of page).

Album starts with home photos before roofer started for comparison and rest shows the damages and home like they left it less than month later. They started roof a couple weeks after we bought the home. The roofing job was totally unprofessional and kept getting promises everything would be fixed. After 3 home inspections of the damages by the owners they at first stated turning over to insurance company as damage so extensive and over their $5,000 deductible. Then 3 days later gave low ball offer as stated had a recent claim and their premiums would go up, said they were done with it and final offer. I texted and emailed pleading with them to turn over to their insurance like first told us they would but they refused. Now through attorney want to inspect 4th time as right to inspect like 3 times wasn't enough? Just another game we feel they are playing as if a year of dealing with this has not been enough stress on us.  We would never recommend this company to anyone.

They also did not clean up with exception of pressure washing (straight water) dock into the canal and driveway shooting the debris all over the lawn and shrubs as did not sweep and ineffective as first rain and more debris from lawn back on both.  They tried to pressure wash house starting with guest bedroom and shot water into the house through windows as on so high a pressure and I was shouting to stop and just waved at me as could not understand my English. That ended the only clean up they did.

We have over a hundred more photos and listing agent said has about a 100. We also have dozens of texts and then also emails that confirm time frame of damages and reporting same to Oscar, the General Manager, with photos attached. We also had home inspection just weeks previous with our realtor and a friend who were present.  Our pool service also stated can attest to condition of pool area. Have friends who can attest as well as neighbors and listing and selling realtors. All photos are dated on my camera phone as to date taken to verify time frame.
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Jurassic World 2 Action Figures 2018
13. Jurassic World 2 Action Figures 2018  (March 2019)
Here is my finds on Jurassic World 2 Movie Action Figures 2018
117 Visits
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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Hasbro 2019
14. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Hasbro 2019  (March 2019)
Here is my latest finds on Power Rangers Beast Morphers 2019 with Morph X-Key by Hasbro Toys.
Action Figures
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Marvel Legends BAF Kingpin Spider-Man
15. Marvel Legends BAF Kingpin Spider-Man  (March 2019)
Here is my latest finds on Marvel Legends 2019 BAF Kingpin by Hasbro. Spider-Man.
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