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Supplex55 Classic Movie Stars Postcards
1. Supplex55 Classic Movie Stars Postcards  
Vintage postcards of my favorite movies and movie stars, beginning with my 1930's-1960 Picturegoer postcards.
If you enjoy this page, check out it's sister page: Supplex55 Classic TV postcards/fancards
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269 Images
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Supplex55 Silver Age Marvel Comics run
2. Supplex55 Silver Age Marvel Comics run  
My runs of the original 11 Marvel Super Hero titles from 1961-67 when the Silver age (unofficially) ended.
(I've been a Marvel Zombie since i was 8 years old in 1963).
54515 Visits
558 Images
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WWF Miscellaneous Wrestling Press Photos
3. WWF Miscellaneous Wrestling Press Photos 
This is my collection of miscellaneous wrestling photos which were taken/used by newspaper, music, television and press companies.
2084 Visits
70 Images
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My Three Sons
4. My Three Sons 
This is my collection of My Three Sons TV Guide supplements
2 Visits
6 Images
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The Real McCoys
5. The Real McCoys 
This is a collection of my The Real McCoys TV Guide supplements
2 Visits
13 Images
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Juggler 02/07/2020
6. Juggler 02/07/2020 
2 Visits
24 Images
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1955 Bowman NFL Football set
7. 1955 Bowman NFL Football set 
1 Visits
163 Images
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For Sale
8. For Sale 
433 Visits
12 Images
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DEMI BUDDY puppies DOB : 06.21.20
9. DEMI BUDDY puppies DOB : 06.21.20  (June 26, 2020)
black piebald female - 5.1 ounces
chocolate piebald male - 6.7 ounces
chocolate piebald female - 7.3 ounces
chocolate piebald male2  - 5.8 ounces
chocolate tux female - 6.9 ounces
chocolate tux male - 6.1 ounces
black tux female (with tail) - 7.2 ounces - belongs to the Crumps
black tux male - 6.3 ounces
136 Visits
32 Images
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The Flower Mound 10
10. The Flower Mound 10  (June 20, 2020)
Flower Mound, TX
19 Visits
26 Images
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11. 1973ctruck 
Full details coming .... see hermansclassics.com or phone 606-521-4156.
70 Visits
26 Images
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12. 68cnova 
Full details coming.... see hermansclassics.com or phone 606-521-4156.
89 Visits
36 Images
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1956 Topps NFL Football set
13. 1956 Topps NFL Football set 
1956 Topps Football is the company's first officially licensed NFL trading card product. This came as a result of the acquisition of their long-time competitor Bowman. This inaugural release was the start of an annual issue of Topps NFL football cards that continues today. It was printed in a single series of 120, though all the players (and team cards) from the Washington Redskins and Chicago Cardinals were short-printed, and are considered scarce as they were printed in much smaller quantities than other cards in the set. There is also an unnumbered checklist, as well as 5 contest cards that were included in packs (I have the checklist card). My raw set would grade about Ex/Mt to Nm.
22 Visits
124 Images
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1957 Topps NFL Football set
14. 1957 Topps NFL Football set 
The 1957 Topps Football card set is incredibly popular with collectors due to the fact that it is loaded with stars and rookies of future Hall of Fame players. Of the 154 total cards, 31 of the players on the checklist have been inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Key 1957 Topps Football rookie cards are Bart Starr (#119), Johnny Unitas (#138) and Paul Hornung (#151). Other major players appearing for the first time include Dick "Night Train" Lane (#85), Tommy McDonald (#124), Raymond Berry (#94) and Earl Morrall (#104). Missing from the set are a handful of future Hall of Famers, most notably Len Dawson and Jim Brown (though I have included a custom card of Brown at the bottom of the page). Printed in two separate series, the first contains 88 cards, with the second series having 66. It is said that 22 cards in the second series were double-printed to fill out the printing page, one of those cards, number 138, is the rookie card of Johnny Unitas. Generally, high-number cards are a little harder to find than low numbers and, therefore, command a slight premium. My raw set would grade about Ex+ or so.
22 Visits
156 Images
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1958 Topps NFL Football set
15. 1958 Topps NFL Football set 
30 Visits
132 Images
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