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Travel with me on this series of Eco-Tours throughout Western Australia where the emphasis is on scenery and nature. Enjoy the Australian Landscapes, magnificent Wildflowers and unique Wildlife in their natural environment while visiting National Parks and places of Historical Interest in this vast State of Western Australia.
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Albany & Esperance #1
1. Albany & Esperance #1  (December 2009)

Join me for Day One of a 5-Day tour to Albany and Esperance in Western Australia, where the first stop was for morning tea at the small township of Williams, 160 kms south of Perth. Then on to Albany for an interesting tour of Whale World which is situated on the site of the old Cheynes Beach Whaling Station, located on the southern coast of King George Sound. The station ceased whaling operations and was decommissioned in 1978. This industrial site has been transformed into a premier heritage tourist attraction taking visitors on a true and often emotional journey, of Australian whaling through the site of Australia’s last whaling station. Complete the day with a visit to the natural granite formations of The Gap and Natural Bridge on the southern coastline in Torndirrup National Park.

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Albany & Esperance #2
2. Albany & Esperance #2  (December 2009)

The schedule for Day Two of the tour takes us to the magnificent Stirling Range National Park for a close view of spectacular Bluff Knoll which is the highest peak in the south of Western Australia. Then enjoy the mountain scenery along Stirling Range Road before arriving at the nearby town of Mt Barker in the Plantagenet Shire. Enjoy a walk in the tall Karri Forest of the Porongurup Range before returning to Albany where we drive to the top of Mt Clarence to view the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial which overlooks King George Sound.

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Albany & Esperance #3
3. Albany & Esperance #3  (December 2009)

It was an early start on Day Three for the journey from Albany to Esperance. First stop was at the picturesque Bremer Bay with beautiful azure blue water and white sands. Lunch stop was at the farming township of Jerramungup in the Fitzgerald Biosphere. The short stop in Ravensthorpe was my first return visit since leaving there in 1974, so many changes were noticeable. Arrived in Esperance late afternoon with time for a short walk and a few more photos as a record of Day Three.

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Albany & Esperance #4
4. Albany & Esperance #4  (December 2009)

The morning of Day Four was spent aboard MV Seabreeze II cruising between islands of the Recherche Archipelago and spotting wildlife before landing on Woody Island for a nature Bushwalk and scenic views. Back to Esperance to see the new Clocktower and Esperance Miniature Railway Society, explore the Adventureland Park, visit Wireless Hill for 360 degree views over Esperance, take a coastal drive to enjoy the pristine azure waters of Twilight Beach and nearby Picnic Beach. Complete Day Four by wandering through  the grounds of Esperance Museum and Historic Village which is a collection of small historic buildings that have been relocated to the site of the town’s original marshalling yards and now house small specialty stores in a tranquil parkland setting.

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Albany & Esperance #5
5. Albany & Esperance #5  (December 2009)

Departing Esperance on Day Five as we commenced the return journey, the first stop was at Ravensthorpe where I took a few more photos of the small town that I once called ‘Home’ for seven years. Next stop was at the world famous granite formations of Wave Rock and Hippos Yawn near Hyden.  Then came Corrigin and a stop at the Dog Cemetery which is the resting place for many dearly loved pets. Last call was at Brookton which had some lovely wildflowers near the service station, then home to Perth at the completion of an interesting five-day tour and a journey of 2,323 kms.

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The Pinnacles Desert #1
6. The Pinnacles Desert #1  (October 2009)
A Sunset Tour of The Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park, located about 260 kms north of Perth, Western Australia. This unique landscape where thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from the shifting yellow sands is a photographer’s paradise. The colours of the Pinnacles change with the mood of the day and the angle of the light. This Sunset Tour with ‘Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours’ brings you views of The Pinnacles as seen from late afternoon until sunset. Some sunset photos were taken with a fill-in flash to highlight the Pinnacles, while others are silhouettes, but all are shown in natural colours and not enhanced. After you have enjoyed this Sunset tour, I hope you will join a Morning Tour to see this unique landscape by day — http://imageevent.com/gladysclancy/ecotours/thepinnaclesdesert2


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The Pinnacles Desert #2
7. The Pinnacles Desert #2  (October 2009)

Take a Morning Tour of The Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park, Western Australia, where thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from the shifting yellow sands. This unique landscape is a photographer’s paradise, especially as the colours of the Pinnacles change with the mood of the day and the angle of the light. This tour with ‘Turquoise Coast Enviro Tours’ brings you views of The Pinnacles as seen in the morning sunshine and many of the shapes will be recognized from my previous Pinnacles Sunset album, however they take on a new dimension with the light coming from the opposite direction. To view the Pinnacles at Sunset, please visit — http://imageevent.com/gladysclancy/ecotours/thepinnaclesdesert1

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Cervantes #1
8. Cervantes #1  (October 2009)

In order to do my two recent tours of The Pinnacles, I stayed in the nearby town of Cervantes, a popular fishing and holiday spot on the coast. Cervantes was established in 1962 when the Government removed 505 hectares of land from the northwest corner of Nambung National Park to establish the town which has now become the ‘Gateway to the Pinnacles’. The town site took its name from the three Cervantes Islands where the American Whaling Ship ‘Cervantes’ was wrecked off the coast on 29 June 1844. Features of Cervantes include spectacular pristine beaches showcasing the beautiful turquoise ocean where visitors can enjoy many water activities. This is Cervantes as captured by my camera prior to the Sunset Tour of The Pinnacles on Day One of my visit.

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Cervantes #2
9. Cervantes #2  (October 2009)

Day Two at Cervantes and I was up in time to watch the Sunrise over the sand dunes and enjoy a walk along the beach with the sea mist rising in the pink glow of early morning. An ultralight aircraft flew overhead as I searched for the treasures left by the receding tide. A new day in Cervantes, an interesting morning tour of the Pinnacles (in earlier album) and a few more photos taken around town before returning to Perth. Enjoy these views from Day Two in Cervantes.

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Southern Wildflowers #1
10. Southern Wildflowers #1  (October 2005)
The heritage listed Quaalup Homestead Wilderness Retreat is located on the western end of the Fitzgerald National Park. Visitors on this Southern Wildflowers Tour can enjoy the variety of Wildflowers while bush walking along the Nature Trail with views to West Mt Barren, before returning to watch the Kangaroos feeding around the Homestead in the evening.
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Southern Wildflowers #2
11. Southern Wildflowers #2  (October 2005)

From the Fitzgerald River National Park, see the flora and fauna of Pt Ann where Dolphins swim and Southern Right Whales come in to calve during their winter migration, walk along the Nature Trail to learn the history of the Rabbit-Proof Fence, travel to the white sands and clear waters of Trigelow Beach, before visiting the Little Boondadup River area to view Wildflowers in the Fitzgerald Biosphere.

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Southern Wildflowers #3
12. Southern Wildflowers #3  (October 2005)

Enjoy the scenic Views and wonderful Wildflowers while climbing West Mt Barren which forms part of the Barren Ranges located within the Fitzgerald River National Park on the South Coast of Western Australia.

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Southern Wildflowers #4
13. Southern Wildflowers #4  (October 2005)
From the Internationally recognised Fitzgerald Biosphere, we cross the Gairdner River which flows through the Fitzgerald National Park to the Southern Ocean. See the History of Jerramungup depicted in Murals before travelling on to Dumbleyung where Donald Campbell broke the world water speed record in 1964. Enjoy the roadside stops to view Wildflowers on the return journey to Perth.
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Goldfields Safari #1
14. Goldfields Safari #1  (October 2005)
Join this four-day tour from Perth to see the sights of the Golden Mile. This first album includes Meckering which was damaged by Earthquake in 1968, then follow the Goldfields Water Pipeline to the historic goldmining towns of Southern Cross and Coolgardie, and on through fields of wildflowers and woodlands to the Ghost Towns of Bonnie Vale, Kunanalling and Ora Banda.
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Goldfields Safari #2
15. Goldfields Safari #2  (October 2005)
Travel from the environmentally significant Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park which provides habitat for many species of water birds, through the outback to the historic site of an early Pioneer Store, explore the Granite Rocks and flora surrounding the Ularring Soak which is a fresh water site of Aboriginal significance, before arriving at Lake Ballard to experience "Inside Australia", the Antony Gormley exhibiton of Sculptures which has attracted visitors from around the world to this remote area.
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Goldfields Safari #3
16. Goldfields Safari #3  (October 2005)
The Goldmining town of Kalgoorlie is Australia's largest inland city and its impresive operational open-cut super pit mine is the heart of goldmining in Australia. The area has been called the richest square mile on earth and many grand historic buildings stand as testament to Kalgoorlie's history. Enjoy the colourful display of Western Australian Wildflowers while travelling to Victoria Rock Nature Reserve which is an impressive granite outcrop surrounded by woodland. Further south we arrive at The Breakaways east of Hyden, to view the amazing colours and formations of one of the oldest geological regions on earth.
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Goldfields Safari #4
17. Goldfields Safari #4  (October 2005)
This album features the amazing rock formations of The Breakaways, surrounded by beautiful Ribbon Gums (Eucalyptus sheathiana) and wonderful displays of Western Australian Wildflowers. Enjoy a lakeside Sunset before arriving at the rural town of Hyden, home of the endangered Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata). The History of Hyden is displayed in Public Art created by the people of Hyden.
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Goldfields Safari #5
18. Goldfields Safari #5  (October 2005)
The widely photographed Wave Rock at Hyden is an impressive natural wonder believed to have been formed over 2700 million years ago and is surrounded by natural bushland and wildflowers. Enjoy the Australian Birds and Animals at the nearby Wildlife Park before travelling through fields of Western Australian Wildflowers to the rural towns of Narembeen and Shackleton on the return journey to Perth.
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Ocean & Outback #1
19. Ocean & Outback #1  (September 2004)
This Ocean & Outback Tour with "Wilderness Wanderer" exlores some of the finest coastline at Kalbarri before heading inland to experience the Outback on Wooleen Station. The first 15 photos in this album are samples of what is to be seen in this series of albums, then the journey commences from Perth to the Pinnacles in Nambung National Park and on beyond Geraldton, with many stops to photograph Wildflowers along the way.
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Ocean & Outback #2
20. Ocean & Outback #2  (September 2004)
Enjoy the variety of Wildflowers which were photographed while travelling north to Kalbarri National Park. Marvel at the views of the notoriously rugged cliffs where the Indian Ocean pounds the coastline along the Turquoise Coast and Red Bluff. Meet real Australian Wildlife when a Goanna is spotted in the carpark before travelling on to Hawk's Head Lookout on the Murchison River.
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Ocean & Outback #3
21. Ocean & Outback #3  (September 2004)
After viewing the Murchison River from the Red Rocks of Hawk's Head Lookout in Kalbarri National Park, travel north to the Shark Bay World Heritage Area to feed Dolphins at Monkey Mia, see the large scale Conservation program of Project Eden, local Wildflowers, Shell Beach made up entirely of Cockle Shells, and on to Hamelin Pool where the intriguing natural phenomena are its Stromatolites which represent the oldest form of life on earth.
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Ocean & Outback #4
22. Ocean & Outback #4  (September 2004)

Enjoy the Wildflowers while travelling along Butcher's Track, a red earth road in the Murchison, to Wooleen Station and the Historic Wooleen Woolshed in the Outback of Western Australia.

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Ocean & Outback #5
23. Ocean & Outback #5  (September 2004)
Explore the granite rock formations of Boodra, visit a Bower Bird's chamber, enjoy the Wildflowers and a colourful Sunset on outback Wooleen Station, before travelling south to the Murchison River, Ballinyoo Bridge, Mullewa, and Coalseam Conservation Park where the Irwin River was in Flood on the return journey to Perth.
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Perth to Pilbara #1
24. Perth to Pilbara #1  (May 2004)
A return journey of 3,629 kms from Perth to the Pilbara in the northwest of Western Australia travelling with Coates Wildlife Tours in 2004. In album 1, view the Banksias as we travel north to the Murchison River, through the dry areas of the Gascoyne to the lush plantations at Carnarvon, then on to Coral Bay to marvel at the natural wonders of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.
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Perth to Pilbara #2
25. Perth to Pilbara #2  (May 2004)

Travel on from Coral Bay to Nanutarra and the beautiful Ashburton River before arriving at Millstream-Chichester National Park where the spinifex was unusually green due to the cyclonic rains from Cyclone Monty which had flooded the area a few weeks earlier. The 200,000-hectare Millstream-Chichester National Park is a landscape of rolling hills, spectacular escarpments and winding tree-lined watercourses, contrasting with the lush oasis of the Millstream wetlands. Experience the true beauty of the Pilbara in these amazing Gorges, Rocky Outcrops, Snappy Gums and Spinifex.

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Perth to Pilbara #3
26. Perth to Pilbara #3  (May 2004)

Commence the day with a lovely Sunrise before exploring the wonders of the Millstream-Chichester National Park, including scenic views from the top of Mt Herbert, the refreshing Python Pool and Deep Reach Pool. Enjoy the Pilbara Landscape including Wildflowers and Nature while travelling through the Hamersley Ranges to the colourful rock formations of Hamersley Gorge. Visit the town of Tom Price and view Mt Bruce before reaching Karijini National Park to explore the wonders of Dales Gorge and Circular Pool.

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Perth to Pilbara #4
27. Perth to Pilbara #4  (May 2004)

Walk the Callitris track around the rim of Dales Gorge for scenic views of awesome rock formations, flora and fauna of Karijini National Park. See the Callitris (Australian Native Cypress) along the Fortescue Walk, then view Joffre Falls, Knox Gorge, Weano Gorge, Red Gorge and Hancock Gorge from Junction Pool Lookout and Oxer Lookout, before climbing down into the pretty Kalamina Gorge to see the beautiful reflections in the pool. Enjoy the scenic views and places of interest including Walga Rock and Paynes Find Gold Battery on the return journey back to Perth to complete the round trip of 3,269 Kms.

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