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Albums devoted to photos of my Dogs and also other Dogs belonging to family and friends. 

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1. Clancy 
Clancy's Photoblog -- Clancy is a Miniature Poodle who was born in Karratha, Western Australia, on 11 July 1999.. This is Clancy's Life Story in Photos!
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2. Dusty 
Dusty's Photoblog -- Dusty is a Miniature Poodle who was born in Balingup, Western Australia, on 2 March 2007.. This is Dusty's life story in photos..
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3. Chester 

Chester's Photoblog -- Chester is a Toy Poodle, born in Western Australia on 25 May 2011. As soon as I saw that Chester needed to be re-homed, I knew that he would make a good playmate for my Miniature Poodle, Dusty, who has been lonely since the passing of Clancy. My application was successful, and Chester came to live with us on 08 August 2012. Dusty and Chester immediately became friends and it is rewarding to see them both so happy as they play together.

The images in Chester's album will be updated over time to record his life's events and are in reverse order so that the newest are at the beginning.

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Dogs 2007
4. Dogs 2007 

My Dogs and their doggy Friends.

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Dog Videos
5. Dog Videos 

Two Dogs at Play! Lucky the Maltese Shih-tzu belongs to my grandchildren and is staying here for a month while they are on holidays. Dusty is my Miniature Poodle. Between the pair of them, my garden has just about been destroyed and my back yard has never looked so untidy, so don't look at the background and just watch the dogs in action.

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Family Pets #1
6. Family Pets #1  (Pre 2008)
Travel down memory lane to look back at beloved family pets, many of whom are sadly no longer with us now. All these photos were taken prior to 2008.
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Family Pets #2
7. Family Pets #2  (2008-2010)

Baby animals are always favourites and these cute little puppies and baby rabbits belong to my grandchildren. Visit Lucky, a maltese-shitzu and her first litter of eight puppies when they are just 3 weeks old. Also see two litters of baby rabbits from Alli and Woodie, together with a photo of their grandfather Blackie, taken a couple of years ago. Album updated January 2010 to include recent photos of the puppies and rabbits before they moved to new homes, also recent photos of other family dogs and pets. July and August updates include Clancy's Birthday and photos of a new litter of baby rabbits. A Dog's Birthday Party! New photos added to record Theo's First Birthday party.

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Family Pets #3
8. Family Pets #3  (2011-2012)
A new collection of family pet photos which includes the fun and games at a Dog's Birthday Party held to celebrate the Second Birthday of Theo and Tess, as well as photos of my own dogs. March 2012, new images added (from #56 onwards), as Dusty celebrates his 5th Birthday with a visit from Molly and Toby. New images added to celebrate the addition of Chester to our family, also visits from Molly and Toby.
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