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I have a collection of Kodak Transparencies taken by my Father from 1955 onwards and it is my intention to scan these images so they can be shared with his descendants and those who are interested in seeing things as they were over 50 years ago. The first album in this folder documents my Father's tour of the North West in 1956. The second album covers his tour of Norwest Australia in 1967. The third album documents a trip across Central Australia to Alice Springs in 1968.

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1. North-West_1956 

These images are scans from Kodak Transparencies taken by my Father in 1956 when he toured the north west of Australia in his Wolseley sedan. It was a hard journey over rough unsealed roads and supplies, including extra fuel, had to be carried in the vehicle. I believe the trip took six weeks and he was accompanied by his friends Cyril and Tony. These scenes are now over 50 years old and of historical interest. Titles and descriptions have been added where possible.

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Norwest Australia 1967
2. Norwest Australia 1967 

Travel back in time to 1967 when MMA aircraft graced our skies, Dampier was a new port in the northwest, the Diversion Dam for the Ord River Irrigation Project was recently completed, cotton growing was in its infancy, tourists could still visit the town of Wittenoom, and visit Darwin before the tragedy of Cyclone Tracy. These images are scans from Slides taken by my Father during an organised tour of the area over 40 years ago.

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Central Australia
3. Central Australia  (1968)

Travel through the Australian Outback as you follow my Father's journey across the desert from Western Australia to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. These images were taken in 1968.

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