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The Proteaceae is one of Australia's most admired plant families and reaches a peak of diversity in the south-west of Western Australia where there are about 550 species of which about 500 are endemic in that State. This album displays the diversity and beauty of some of the species of Banksia, Grevillea and Hakea found in Western Australia.

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1. Hakea 
The genus is endemic in Australia and contains about 100 species of which over 70 occur in Western Australia.  Hakea plants range from small shrubs to medium-sized trees, but are always woody. Hakea flower structure is similar to Grevillea, but the fruit differs in being woody, strangely shaped and occasionally very massive.
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2. Grevillea 
Grevillea is a genus of over 340 species occurring throughout Australia in a wide variety of habitats and ranging from small shrubs to large forest trees.  Over half of the Australian species occur in Western Australia.
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3. Banksia 
Banksias are among Western Australia's best known and most spectacular plants, and apart from one species, the genus is restricted to Australia where 59 of the 76 species are endemic in south-western Australia.
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