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The City of Perth, located on the Swan River, is the Capital of the State of Western Australia. Hope you enjoy these albums showing the beauty of this city and some of the places of interest worth visiting.

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Winter Sun
1. Winter Sun 

Enjoy the winter sunshine during a Sunday walk in Perth on 17 July 2005. After an overnight minimum temperature of 3.6 celsius at 0635 hrs, the winter sun warmed the day to a maximum temperature of 18.4 celsius at 1441 hrs. It is supposed to rain here in July too!

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2. AustraliaDay 
Australia Day is celebrated on 26 January each year. To all Australians, no matter where in the world you happen to be, may this bring you fond memories of home. This is Australia as seen through the lens of my camera and brought to you in a series of collages. Happy Australia Day!
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AQWA 2005
3. AQWA 2005 

The Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) is located at Hillarys, north of Perth. AQWA is a living experience where unique marine creatures and living corals exist just as they do along the 12,000 kms of the Western Australian coastline.

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AQWA 2007
4. AQWA 2007 

A return visit to the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) which is located at Hillarys, north of Perth. AQWA is a living experience where unique marine creatures and living corals exist just as they do along the 12,000 kms of the Western Australian coastline.

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Stirling Civic Gardens
5. Stirling Civic Gardens 

The rolling parklands and wetlands of Stirling Civic Gardens provide habitat for a variety of wildlife, especially waterbirds, including the Black Swan, Sacred Ibis, Great Egret, Pacific Black Duck, Maned (Wood) Duck, and Eurasian Coot. Enjoy the scenic views and wildlife of this park which is about 10 kms north of Perth in Western Australia.

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Claisebrook Cove
6. Claisebrook Cove 

Australian Aborigines have inhabited the Swan River region for thousands of years. In 1697 the Dutch navigator, Willem de Vlamingh, named the Swan River after the unique black swans he saw on its banks. Enjoy a stroll along the banks of the beautiful Swan River at Claisebrook Cove where Aboriginal Sacred Sites and modern apartments co-exist on what was once the industrial site of the former East Perth Gasworks.

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Wireless Hill Park
7. Wireless Hill Park  (August 2006 & October 2010)

Wireless Hill Park is the location of one of Australia's first Telecommunications Stations built in 1912. The Heritage Trail winds through magnificent Western Australian wildflowers in natural bushland around the Telecommunications Museum and features views of the Swan River and city of Perth. New images added from #79 onwards to update with photos taken during a return visit in October 2010.

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8. University  (April 2007)

The University of Western Australia was established in 1911 on the 65-hectare Crawley campus and is widely acclaimed for its grounds and buildings, which are listed in the register of Australian National Estate. There are more than 200 species of plants and trees which enhance the tranquillity and beauty of the grounds, and support more than 55 species of birds.  Unfortunately, many of the north-facing stained glass windows on this Heritage Listed Building were damaged by large hailstones during the severe storm on 22 March 2010. Nine extra photos have been added showing some of the damage.

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Abingdon Miniature Village
9. Abingdon Miniature Village 

Abingdon Miniature Village features a display of Miniature Historic Buildings of the UK, landscaped gardens, a 1000 square metre hedge maze, grassed picnic areas and Heritage Tea Rooms. Abingdon Miniature Village is named after the town of Abingdon in Oxfordshire on the River Thames which is the oldest continually inhabited town in the UK. Buildings such as the Abingdon County Hall, Church of St Nic's and Old Anchor Inn pub have been meticulously reproduced in miniature. Stage 1 of the Gardens contains over 4000 plants with 250 different species. Abingdon Miniature Village is located just south of Perth at Mandurah and has proved to be an enchanted wonderland for all to enjoy.

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El Caballo
10. El Caballo  (July 2008)

The Andalusian horse has a long and distinguished history as a riding horse of excellence. The first Spanish horses arrived in Australia in 1972 and were brought to the El Caballo Blanco complex at Wooroloo, Western Australia, by the late Mr Ray Williams. He imported the well known stallion Bodeguero and a number of mares, as the foundation of the 'Bodeguero Stud'. Many of the present day Andalusian (Spanish) horses in Australia trace back to Bodeguero and those first mares. El Caballo Resort was established in 1974 and the Dancing Horses were enjoyed by all who saw them. After many years absence, the Spanish Dancing Stallions have now returned to entertain with their amazing movements. Here are some scenes from the show which was performed under difficult conditions in rain and mud.

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Yellagonga Regional Park
11. Yellagonga Regional Park  (October 2008)

Located 20 kms north of Perth, the 1,400 hectare Yellagonga Regional Park features lakes and wetlands including Lake Joondalup. The area was an important camping area for local Nyoongar Aboriginal people and is named in honour of Yellagonga who was the leader of the Mooro clan of Nyoongar people who inhabited the region at the time of European settlement. Yellagonga Regional Park protects an important chain of wetlands and surrounding bushland of Banksia and Eucalypt woodland with many species of Western Australian Wildflowers. The diversity of these habitats supports a wide variety of wildlife. Nestled between the cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo, the park runs north-south and provides a number of excellent picnicking locations and walking trails.

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Serpentine Dam
12. Serpentine Dam  (May 2005)

A visit to scenic Serpentine Dam provides plenty of Sunshine and Fresh Air, mixed with a closeness to nature in the Australian Bush. This is one of many beautiful picnic spots near Perth in Western Australia.

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Moore River
13. Moore River  (November 2008)

The Moore River Estuary is one of the most pristine, yet fragile estuarine environments in the south west of Western Australia. Regionally significant for its riverine Tuart vegetation (Eucalyptus gomphocephala), the estuary is also significant for its recreational values to local West Australians and tourists. The Moore River Estuary's unspoilt, tranquil, undeveloped natural environment is the major reason hundreds of thousands of people visit Guilderton at the mouth of the Estuary each year.  Over the past decade, the Estuary has been subject to enormous development pressure, while so far the dedicated effort by the local community has protected the Moore River Estuary from negative agricultural and urban development practices. The Guilderton Community Association is an advocate of Ecologically Sustainable Development, and in this respect, the Moore River Estuary is ideally suited for planning and development of Ecotourism which is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

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Perth Zoo
14. Perth Zoo 

Perth Zoo began operations in October 1898 and now features magnificent gardens spread over 19 hecares and is home to around 1800 amimals representing 230 different exotic and Australian species. Perth Zoo is a leading conservation agency with successful breeding programs for threatened exotic and native animal species. These photos were taken during visits between 2003-2008.

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Perth Zoo #2
15. Perth Zoo #2 
Just minutes from the city, the award-winning Perth Zoo is home to around 1,300 native and exotic animals from over 230 species, as well as world famous breeding programs for critically endangered species. This growing collection of animal and bird photos has been taken during recent visits to this interesting and well-maintained Zoo. New Images added August 2010, January, April and July 2011.
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Kwinana Grain Terminal
16. Kwinana Grain Terminal  (March 2009)

The Kwinana Grain Terminal is Western Australia's primary grain export facility, shipping more than half of the state's export grain and with a total storage capacity of more than one million tonnes.  Enjoy the beautiful views from the top of this landmark building and visit the Granary Museum to see the evolution of modern grain handling methods used by Co-operative Bulk Handling. Complete the tour with a visit to Kwinana Beach where the wreck of the 'SS Kwinana' has been cut-down and filled to form a jetty and see the mosaic representation of a Noongar Fish Trap in adjoining Wells Park, Kwinana.

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17. Lancelin  (April 2009)

Lancelin, north of Perth Western Australia, is a small tourist and fishing town with a permanent population of about 650 people which swells to about 2,500 during holiday periods. Holiday activities include surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, fishing, sandboarding and 4-wheel driving on the famous white sand dunes.  Although initially a holiday and camping place during the 1940's, it has now become an important base utilised by the crayfish or lobster industry. Dolphins regularly appear in Lancelin Bay to entertain visitors with their acrobatic displays. The offshore islands are conservation reserves where the inhabitants include colonies of sea lions.

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The Bell Tower
18. The Bell Tower  (June 2011)
The landmark towering glass spire of The Bell Tower, which was opened in 2000 as Western Australia’s Millennium project, is home to the Swan Bells. The Bell Tower is one of the largest musical instruments on earth and was custom built to house the historically significant bells of Saint Martin in the Fields Church, the parish church of Buckingham Palace in Trafalgar Square, London. These bells date back to before the 14th century!  As one of Western Australia's unique attractions, The Bell Tower offers tourists fascinating displays on these famous bells and the ancient art of bell ringing, as well as stunning 360 degree views of Perth city skyline and the Swan River from the sixth floor open air observation deck.  The Bell Tower is the only place in the world where you can view bell ringing in action or where you can even have a go at bell ringing yourself in one of their interactive demonstrations.  Located where the City of Perth meets the Swan River in Barrack Square, just a short five minute stroll from the city of Perth.
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Wheel Of Perth
19. Wheel Of Perth  (02 May 2009 & 24 May 2010)

The 'Wheel of Perth' is located on the Perth foreshore near Barrack Square and opened on 7th January 2009. Passengers are lifted to a height of 50 metres to experience spectacular views of Perth City and the Swan River. Enjoy the Ride! Sadly the "Wheel of Perth" closed on 2 May 2010 and the Perth skyline will never be the same again. The reason for the closure is the commencement of work on the controversial Perth waterfront redevelopment plans with a $250 million price tag as revealed by Premier Colin Barnett and Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi. Fortunately, I have memories of an enjoyable ride and an album of photos to treasure.

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Cottesloe Sculpture By The Sea
20. Cottesloe Sculpture By The Sea  (17 March 2011)
The 2011 "Sculpture by the Sea" was staged at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia. The exhibition was featured from the sea wall all the way along the sand towards North Cottesloe and on the surrounding grassed areas creating a beautiful sculpture park. Smaller exhibits were displayed indoors at the Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club. Because I was having a "free day out", the $10 asking price for a Catalogue was not within my budget. Therefore, I have not added given titles to the sculptures so the viewer can use their own imagination and interpretation. Interspersed between the photos of the sculptures are scenes of interest taken as I walked around the Cottesloe area.
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City Angles
21. City Angles 

Look up skywards to see these City Angles as captured by my camera while walking the streets of Perth where the architectural styles have altered vastly over the years.

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City Laneways
22. City Laneways  (February 2012)
Laneways are often the forgotten spaces in a city that fall into disrepair. The City Of Perth has embarked on a long term plan to revitalise the City's laneways with designs aimed to enhance the urban fabric of the spaces and to celebrate each laneway's distinctive environment. Most of these photos were taken in Grand Lane where improvements include new wall mounted light, several murals including a large piece occupying 99 metres of the City Central building, a new pavement surface, free WiFi, lightbox exhibition spaces, and LED lighting to the end of the laneway. Apart from Wolf Lane, other images are from laneways which I have been unable to identify.
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Tree-top Walk in Kings Park
23. Tree-top Walk in Kings Park  (August 2003)

Walk in the treetops along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway in Kings Park. The Walkway reaches a maximum height of 16m at the apex and extends 620m through the Botanic Garden. Elevated section is 222m long, including the 52m glass arched bridge.

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