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Here and There

This folder is designed for small albums displaying photos taken during short trips to places of interest, things that I have seen and other odds and ends that I would like to share. 

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Cottesloe Sculpture By the Sea 2015
1. Cottesloe Sculpture By the Sea 2015  (March 2015)

The 11th annual Sculpture by the Sea was held on Cottesloe Beach in March 2015. This is the world's largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition that is free to the public. With an estimated annual attendance of 215,000 people each year, this massively popular event captures the creativity of over 70 local, interstate and international artists every year, featuring all kinds of conversation-starting and thought-provoking sculptures. These images bring you some of the entries that I was able to capture in fleeting seconds between the crowds of admirers blocking the view.

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Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea 2014
2. Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea 2014  (20 March 2014)
The 10th Annual Sculpture by the Sea returned to Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Over 70 local, interstate and international artists  transformed Perth's most popular beach into a stunning sculpture park overlooking the Indian Ocean with some of the most glorious sunsets of any major city in the world. Enjoy the exhibits that I managed to photograph on a beautiful sunny day.
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Cottesloe Sculpture By The Sea
3. Cottesloe Sculpture By The Sea  (21 March 2013)
Crowds flocked to Cottesloe Beach for the 9th annual Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe exhibition featuring 71 sculptures from artists across WA, Australia and eleven different countries. An estimated 210,000 people visited the exhibition throughout the three weeks. In the Alcoa Education Program, more than 2,400 school students participated in workshops, focus tours and artist talks. This album displays some of the exhibits with their given titles and additional information when known, also some scenes from Cottesloe Beach.
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Canon SX50HS
4. Canon SX50HS  (December 2012)
When I accidentally discovered a camera with a 50 x Zoom, I acted on impulse and treated myself to the luxury of a new camera. It is always nice to have new "toys" to play with, and this album contains a variety of the "first shots", starting with images taken in my backyard. Then I took it up to Kings Park at noon on a day of gusty winds, not ideal conditions, but the only time I had available and I was pleased with the results obtained while I am experimenting with it. Camera was hand-held for all shots.
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Waroona Dam
5. Waroona Dam  (07 October 2012)
Visit Waroona Dam which was built on the Drakes Brook, with construction completed in 1966. The reservoir known as Lake Navarino covers an area of 145 hectares with its primary use being irrigation. It is also used extensively for recreational activities such as water skiing and freshwater fishing. The surrounding forest provides beautiful displays of wildflowers in season. Bush walking is a popular pastime for many visitors and part of the old Bibbulmun Track is still in existence and has been reopened for public use as part of the Munda Biddi Trail.  Dogs on leash allowed.
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HMB Endeavour
6. HMB Endeavour  (20 October 2011)
The magnificent replica of Captain James Cook's ship, HMB Endeavour, returned home to Fremantle to promote the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships during her voyage of circumnavigation of Australia. The ship is built to the exact specifications of Captain James Cook's original which sailed on Australian waters 230 years ago, and will provide dramatic contrast to the modern fibre glass and carbon fibre Olympic class boats of the current Sailing World Championships. The Australian Frigate HMAS Darwin was also at Fremantle Wharf that day.
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Birds in Queens Gardens
7. Birds in Queens Gardens  (May 2011)
The original site of Queens Gardens was used by colonists for duck hunting and horse racing. However it was soon discovered that the clay deposits on the site were suitable for brick making. By the mid 1800's the site had become a brickworks where the clay was mined and then used for the production of bricks. Around the 1890's brick extraction became difficult and the pits and kilns were abandoned. In 1894 a decision was made to have the abandoned reserve developed into public gardens. The brick kilns were removed and the clay pits were transformed into the beautiful ponds you see today.  The site was renamed East Perth Park and then changed once more to Queens Gardens in honour of Queen Victoria. Today the gardens attract an abundance of bird life such as Black Swans and other local Water Birds.
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8. Naragebup 

Located on 1.7 ha at Point Peron and founded in 1996, Naragebup was the first purpose-built environment centre in Western Australia. A not-for-profit organisation run by the community, for the community, Naragebup’s mission is ‘To provide constructive, integrated and educational programmes which promote the benefits of managing the environment to sustain quality of life.’ The innovative Enviro-tech building was constructed as a community project with state of the art technology based on environmentally sound principles. The surrounding fauna gardens provide learning centres dedicated to promoting the protection and enhancement of our natural environment. Visitors can see organic vegetable gardens, low water use gardens, fauna friendly gardens, Nyoongar culture and bushtucker walk trail, while learning about sustainability,  conservation and recycling.

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9. Armadale 
The City of Armadale is a growing regional centre south-east of Perth, where this modern city centre is nestled amongst scenic parks, undulating hills and picturesque valleys. A recent visit to Armadale produced these photos of the features I discovered while there.
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City Outback Adventure
10. City Outback Adventure  (14 July 2010)
The Outback came to the City when Syd “The Stockman” Davey brought his variety show to the heart of Perth to give the urban children an understanding of life in the outback. This variety show uses real horses, sheep, and sheepdogs for demonstrations, together with songs, poetry and colloquial expressions as Syd teaches about the outback and our bush heritage. An entertaining show for all the family.
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Alpacas and Indians
11. Alpacas and Indians  (21 April 2010)

Join me for a day’s outing to visit the Rivermist Alpaca Farm near Toodyay.  See the Alpacas being hand fed before traveling on to Clackline where we enjoyed a delicious lunch at AvonBrook Wines and Lone Wolf Gift Shop which specializes in American Indian memorabilia.

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Queen Mary 2
12. Queen Mary 2  (14 March 2010)
History was made on Sunday 14 March 2010 when the majestic passenger liner Queen Mary 2 sailed into Fremantle Harbour. Spectators watched entranced as the skipper turned the 345 m-long vessel in a 420 m-wide mooring area at the Passenger Terminal. Reaching 62 metres above the water line, the 345 m-long Queen Mary 2 can carry up to 2620 guests and 1253 crew. Tens of thousands turned out to line Fremantle Harbour and wave farewell as she steamed away about 5:30 pm on her third world voyage. Another attraction of the day was the Sail Training Tall Ship Leeuwin II, a 3 masted barquentine, 1850’s style rig.  Construction: Steel hull, teak deck. Dimensions: Overall Length 55 m, Length on deck 40 m, Beam 9 m, Draught depth 3.4 m, Height of main mast 33 m. Displacement: 344 tones. Sails: 16 sails overall, over 810 sq m. Accommodation: 15 crew, 40 trainees. Built at Henderson, Western Australia. Enjoy my photos from a day out at Fremantle.
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