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Digital Artwork

Artwork created on the computer using various tools and techniques to turn my photos into digital artwork.

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Amazing Circles
1. Amazing Circles 

Amazing Circles created using tools provided by Dumpr and my own photos of West Australian Wildflowers, Garden Flowers and other subjects.

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Pencil Sketches
2. Pencil Sketches 

A 'new look' for a selection of photos converted to Pencil Sketches using the tools provided by Dumpr. Additional images added December 2010.

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Rubik's Cubes
3. Rubik's Cubes 

These Rubik's Cubes were fun to make using the online tools from Dumpr. Enjoy browsing through the various designs.

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4. Creations 

On-line photo creations using tools provided by Dumpr to produce various effects including Easter Egg Decorations, Art Gallery effects of Museumr, Christmas Decorations, Lomography, and Recursive effects.  These were fun to make as time permitted. New additions for April 2010 include the use of Super Mousepad, Jigsaw Puzzles and Celebrity Paparazzi tools.

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Digital Art
5. Digital Art 

It is fun to play with photos and endless digital creations can be made by applying various methods, filters and effects. This is a sample of my digital creations.

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6. Effects 

Many different effects can be achieved from the one original photo using the tools provided in Microsoft Digital Image Suite. Here I have demonstrated the use of the 'Fill with Colour or Texture' and 'Change Hue' effects. New images added displaying various effects including Colourpencil, Chrome, Mosaic, Watercolour, Diffuse Glow, Emboss and Sepia. Please enlarge for best viewing.

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