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Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a self governing Australian Territory situated in the South Pacific approximately 1456 kms ESE of Brisbane. Of Volcanic origin, this Island is about 8 km long by 5 km wide and features a range of dramatic landscapes, including the subtropical and viney hardwood forests of the Park and Botanic Garden, the green rolling plains of the Kingston settlement, spectacular coastal cliffs and skylines dominated by majestic Norfolk Island pines. Norfolk Island is rich in History and Culture from Captain Cook's discovery in 1774 to todays modern times. Historic attractions include museums, the penal settlement and the culture arising from the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives, who settled on Norfolk after the mutiny of the HMS Bounty. Hopefully, my photos will entice you to spend your holidays on this beautiful island.

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1. Arrival  (June 2008)

Follow my journey from Perth in Western Australia to my holiday destination on the beautiful Norfolk Island and share my first glimpses of island life. Taken in June 2008, more albums showing the scenic beauty, history, flora, and culture will follow soon.

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2. Orientation  (June 2008)

An orientation tour is a must for every visitor to Norfolk Island! Enjoy the scenic views of historic Kingston, see and hear about the famous convict buildings, beautiful beaches and golf course, visit the renowned Melanesian Chapel, the rugged Cascade Bay, and enjoy afternoon tea in the garden of an historic island home built by Fletcher Quintal - descendant of 'Bounty' mutineers Fletcher Christian & Matthew Quintal. Join this tour for a general overview of Norfolk Island, then the Kingston area will be covered in-depth in following albums.

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Botanic Gardens
3. Botanic Gardens  (June 2008)

Prior to European settlement Norfolk Island was almost entirely covered by rainforest. Norfolk Island is the home of the majestic Norfolk Island Pine and some 40 other endemic plants. These are a source of considerable interest to scientists and botanists in that they can be found nowhere else occurring naturally. From a cultural point of view some of the plants used in weaving plaiting broom-making and other craft activities can be seen in the Botanic Gardens.

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Kingston #1
4. Kingston #1  (June 2008)

Kingston is the township founded on Norfolk Island by the First Settlers in 1788. It was subsequently the main township during the Second Settlement as a penal institution for convicts from 1825 to 1855, and the Third Settlement which began in 1856 when the entire population of Pitcairn Island was transported from their homeland to begin a new life on Norfolk Island. Today the area is fully utilised by Norfolk Island's inhabitants and visitors. The restored Georgian buildings are used in many ways for museums, administrative and other purposes, while outdoor areas provide open spaces for sporting interests, picnic grounds, etc. These photos show a little of what Historic Kingston has to offer.

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Kingston #2
5. Kingston #2  (June 2008)

Continuing the photographic tour of Kingston from the previous album, we commence at the eastern end of Quality Row where cattle are grazing contentedly outside the Golf Club House which was formerly the Stipendiary Magistrate's Quarters, then walk through the historic Kingston Cemetery where headstones reveal the resting place of high officers and humble convicts, ruthless insurgents and their victims, Pitcairn patriarchs and strangers, who all now lie in serene surroundings near Cemetery Bay. Hear the story of Bloody Bridge before watching the Sunset over Norfolk Island.

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Culla and Co
6. Culla and Co  (June 2008)

Join Culla and his Clydesdales, Ricky, Zac and Sam, and let them take you 'clip, clop' where cars can't go on the 'Steeles Point Carousel Horse and Carriage Tour' to see Norfolk's countryside at a leisurely pace. Culla, who is a true local identity descended from the Buffett clan, started Culla & Co in 1986 and entertains his passengers with tales of Island life.

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Burnt Pine
7. Burnt Pine  (June 2008)
Centrally located on the Island, Burnt Pine is the commercial and main shopping centre of Norfolk Island. The businesses and good variety of shops cater for the needs of the 1,800 residents and visitors to the Island can enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience. The currency used on Norfolk Island is Australian Dollars.
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Coffee Plantation
8. Coffee Plantation  (June 2008)

Join an Eco-tour of Norfolk Island's newest export industry and see the Arabica Coffee Plantation which grows herbicide-free in a picturesque location where it is suited to Island climatic conditions. Then visit the fully operational Processing Unit, Coffee Roastery and the product sales area of this award winning local product.

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Sunrise Walk
9. Sunrise Walk  (June 2008)

Travel to Kingston for an early morning walk to Hunters Point to watch the Sunrise on the Historic Windmill Ruins, then take a circular route along Cemetery Bay to Quality Row, pass Government House and walk across Government Reserve, before enjoying a hearty breakfast at the Parish Centre. The original plan was for a Bushwalk and a Barbeque Breakfast on the Clifftop, but schedule had to be changed due to heavy rain overnight.

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Gardens #1
10. Gardens #1  (June 2008)

The lovely gardens of Norfolk Island can be viewed on Pinetrees Garden Tour where visitors are taken to a variety of private gardens and nurserys to see different types of gardens. Plants and plant material cannot be imported into the Island, so new varieties can only be introduced by Certified Seed or Tissue Culture. This album features the gardens and shadehouse of Parkland Estate, and the nursery and hydroponic plantings of Pacifica Garden Nursery. Other gardens visited will be featured in the next album.

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Gardens #2
11. Gardens #2  (June 2008)

Visit two more of the lovely gardens of Norfolk Island, enjoy the beauty of Camelot Gardens which was formerly a cow paddock prior to 2001 and is now a peaceful garden sanctuary for the enjoyment of all who visit. Then travel to the private garden of Ria Howells to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and plants before taking a wilderness walk in the natural bushland setting at the end of the garden.

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Gardens #3
12. Gardens #3  (June 2008)

Stroll through the shady sub-tropical gardens of the historical Music Valley on Norfolk Island. This property is the 12 acre Land Grant which was given to convict Jacob Bellett upon the completion of his sentence, and is now known as Music Valley. The ruins of a stone cottage are believed to be the remains of the home of Jacob Bellett. This interesting sub-tropical garden completes our tour of gardens on Norfolk Island.

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13. Scenic  (June 2008)

Join the Pinetree's Tin-a-aii Tour to view many of the beautiful eye-catching places on Norfolk Island. Commence with extensive views over the Island from the summit of Mt Pitt, followed by panoramic vistas from Iwii Paradise on Cascade Road, travel to the end of the road for clifftop views over Cascade Bay, then return to sea level to see the rusted remains of the Old Whaling Station near the Cascade Pier. Walk past grazing cattle to see the beautiful Cascade Waterfall, visit Ball Bay and Cemetery Bay, then Kingston Pier, with several stops in between to see things of interest. Enjoy the scenery.

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14. Culture  (June 2008)

Experience the culture of the Norfolk Islanders as they share their language, customs and skills with the tourists. See craft demonstrations of weaving and woodturning, then enjoy the food and entertainment that is offered to visitors who are warmly welcomed to the Island.

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Heading Home
15. Heading Home  (June 2008)

My wonderful holiday on Norfolk Island quickly came to an end and all too soon it was time for the return to Perth, via Brisbane. Norfolk Island is a beautiful destination where friendly people welcome visitors and I hope to be able to return one day. This homeward journey is the final album in the series covering my holiday on Norfolk Island and I thank all those viewers who have followed my travels through my photos.

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