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Australian Sky

Australia is noted for its true blue sky which is an indication of the clean pure air above, however nature also paints our sky in may colours during Sunrise and Sunset, while the endless cloud formations make ever-changing features overhead.  This folder is devoted to the many aspects of the Australian Sky which I have photographed.

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Outback Sky
1. Outback Sky 

The Australian Outback is noted for its stunning Sunrises and Sunsets, together with the clear blue sky and ever-changing cloud formations. Hope you enjoy this collection of images from the Outback Sky.

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2. Skyscapes 

Scenes from the sky above, including Sunrise, Sunset, Cloud, Moon and Rainbow images. All colours are natural and not enhanced!

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Painted Sky
3. Painted Sky 

It is magical to watch the sky being painted by an ever-changing palette of colours as the sun goes down. I hope you enjoy this album of sunset sequences as seen from my home in Western Australia.

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Clouds Naturally
4. Clouds Naturally 

Clouds come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours and formations to display the artwork of nature. These photos of the cloud formations above my home in Western Australia are all natural just as nature intended and not digitally enhanced or manipulated.

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