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Wildflower Festivals

The Annual Wildflower Festival at King's Park in Perth, is a colourful display of many of the unique wildflowers for which Western Australia is world famous.

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Kings Park Festival 2014
1. Kings Park Festival 2014  (Sep / Oct 2014)
Spectacular Wildflowers created a colourful display at the recent Kings Park Festival. This album will be completed with Titles and Descriptions as time permits, meanwhile, enjoy the photos now and return later to see if the wildflowers have been named.
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Kings Park Festival 2013
2. Kings Park Festival 2013  (September 2013)

Stroll through Kings Park to enjoy an amazing display of Western Australia's colourful and unique Wildflowers. Kings Park has much to offer, as well as such a diverse array of flora, many local birds enjoy the nectar in the bushland habitat of the park, and visitors can enjoy expansive views of the City of Perth.

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Kings Park Festival 2012
3. Kings Park Festival 2012 
The annual Kings Park Festival is a magnificent display of the unique Wildflowers of Western Australia. Enjoy the variety, colour and beauty captured in these Wildflower images, as well as wildlife and a few scenes of interest that captured my attention as I enjoyed walking the many pathways in Kings Park. 
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Kings Park Festival 2011
4. Kings Park Festival 2011 
There are more than 12,000 species of wildflowers in Western Australia. Over 60% of these species are found nowhere else in the world. Each year they bring a spectacle of colour and scent that needs to be experienced to be believed. Enjoy this selection of wildflower photos taken at the Kings Park Festival during September 2011.
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Kings Park Festival 2010
5. Kings Park Festival 2010 

Enjoy the spectacular variety, colour and beauty of Western Australia’s unique Wildflowers at the annual Kings Park Festival which is celebrated throughout September. In spite of a very dry winter, these Wildflowers have created a wonderful display for visitors.

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Kings Park Festival 2009
6. Kings Park Festival 2009 

The annual Kings Park Festival held over the month of September includes spectacular displays of Western Australian Wildflowers in bloom. In addition to the well-known favourites such as Splendid Everlastings, Kangaroo Paws, Grevilleas, Banksias, Swan River Daisies, Leschenaultia, etc., this year I have also included many unique varieties which may not be so familiar. Celebrate Spring as you view these magnificent wildflowers on display at Kings Park Festival.

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Kings Park Festival 2008
7. Kings Park Festival 2008 

Wildflowers of Western Australia, including Everlastings, Kangaroo Paw, Boronia, Sturt's Desert Pea, Wattle, Featherflower, Qualup Bell, Eremophila, Geraldton Wax, Verticordia, Grevillea, Hakea, and many other species, make a colourful display at the 2008 Kings Park Festival. Of special interest is the 750 year-old Giant Boab (Adansonia gregorii) which was recently transported over 3,200 kms from the Kimberley Region as a gift from the Indigenous Gija people to the people of Western Australia. 'Gija Jumulu' is a majestic tree which will hopefully adjust to its new location and live for many more years.

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Kings Park Festival 2007
8. Kings Park Festival 2007 
Perth's annual Wildflower Festival is now known as the Kings Park Festival and is celebrated throughout September.  A colourful display of many of Western Australia's unique wildflowers is enjoyed by thousands of visitors.  This album brings some of these wonderful wildflowers to your screen.
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Wildflower Festival 2006
9. Wildflower Festival 2006 

"From the Bush to the Backyard" was the theme of the 2006 Wildflower Festival at Kings Park and featured Western Australian Wildflowers suitable for growing in the home garden.

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Wildflower Festival 2005
10. Wildflower Festival 2005 

Western Australia is noted for its magnificent display of Wildflowers and the large collection shown here was enjoyed by the visitors to the 2005 Wildflower Festival.

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Wildflower Festival 2004
11. Wildflower Festival 2004 

Colourful photos of the large variety of unique Wildflowers from the vast areas of Western Australia displayed together in the 2004 Wildflower Festival at King's Park.

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Wildflower Festival 2003
12. Wildflower Festival 2003 

A colourful display of Wildflowers in a bushland setting, plus displays of Carnivorous Plants and Dendrobium Orchids at King's Park in 2003.

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Kings Park in December
13. Kings Park in December  (December 2010)
A dazzling display of Kangaroo Paws greet the visitors to Kings Park in December. On this visit I was fortunate to add to my wildflower collection with species of Verticordias, Eremophilas, Banksias, Mallees and the critically endangered Ghost Wattle in the conservation section of Kings Park, many of which I had not previously photographed. Irrespective of the time of the year, there are always Wildflowers to be found in the park.
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Kings Park in September
14. Kings Park in September  (September 2010)

In addition to a colourful display of Western Australian Wildflowers, these September photos from Kings Park feature the antics of a Juvenile Red Wattlebird who has not yet learnt to fear the camera, also a return visit to see the progress of re-growth in the Law Walk area which was devastated by Bushfire 20 months ago.

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Kings Park in August
15. Kings Park in August  (14 August 2010, 05 August 2011)
Kings Park is coming alive with splashes of colour as the Western Australian Wildflowers burst into bloom as spring approaches. An August stroll through the park captures some of these beautiful wildflowers, and also memorials of interest along the path. New additions taken 5th August 2011 now added from image number 80 onwards.
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Kings Park in June
16. Kings Park in June  (25 June 2010)
A walk with the camera in Kings Park on a chilly June morning brings an album of West Australian Wildflowers from Roe Gardens, images of Perth and the Swan River from the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, also the activity of Birdlife in the Trees. 
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Kings Park in May
17. Kings Park in May  (24 May 2010)

Seasonal Western Australian Wildflowers and scenic views of Perth City on the Swan River add to the enjoyment of a walk in Kings Park Botanic Gardens on a sunny day in May.

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Kings Park in March
18. Kings Park in March  (March 2011)
A colourful display of seasonal Western Australian Wildflowers greets the visitor to Kings Park in March. Even after the long hot dry summer, these unique wildflowers still manage to delight the viewer with their colour, form and beauty. Enjoy this selection of species as you wander through the park.
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Kings Park in January
19. Kings Park in January  (21 January 2010)

A return to Law Walk in Kings Park to see the regeneration and re-growth of the natural bush in the 12 months since the devastating bushfire of January 2009. View the Swan River from Law Walk and enjoy trees and wildflowers in areas that were not affected by the bushfire.

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20. Naturescape  (September 2012)
Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park is a place for children to connect with nature and learn to appreciate the unique Western Australian environment.
It is a place to explore, climb rocks and ropes, wade through creeks, build cubbies and get dirty. This area is not a playground or picnic area. It has been designed to retain as much of its natural bush setting as possible. Great care has been taken to provide children with a real ‘bush’ experience in the middle of the city of Perth.
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Synergy Parkland
21. Synergy Parkland  (21 September 2010)

Synergy Parkland, located at the western end of Kings Park, is home to a new Backyard Botanicals garden, where the ‘grow-me-at-home’ garden demonstrates how easy it is to grow Western Australian native plants. The new garden showcases native plants that are hardy, water-wise and beautiful, attract native birds and are all readily available from local native plant nurseries. Synergy Parkland also has spacious venues for family gatherings, BBQ facilities and children’s playgrounds.

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Weeds and Invasive Species
22. Weeds and Invasive Species 

When walking in the bush, many people think that every pretty flower they see is a true native wildflower. Unfortunately, this is far from correct and many of the 'pretty flowers' that can now be seen in bushland areas are Weeds and Introduced Species, many of which have escaped from domestic gardens. This album has been created to develop awareness of the spread of these weeds and introduced species, which in many cases, are displacing our own unique and often endangered Western Australian Wildflowers. For a start we must all take responsibility to protect our unique flora and it is the responsibility of every home gardener to never dump garden waste on vacant land or bushland.

Titles and descriptions have been added where possible and eventually I hope to identify and add more information to other images.

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