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Our Adults
31. Our Adults 
Our Adults. We started with Rat Terriers in 2004 and have strived to achieve good breeding lines with no health issues. We have kept back the best of the best for our breeding program.
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Our CaliRats Family
32. Our CaliRats Family   (CaliRats Family Reunion 2016)
We are Family bound together for the LOVE of our Rat Terriers.

This is an annual event we sponsor for our CaliRats Families to meet and greet with their relatives and enjoy share family fun loving stories..

This years event is scheduled for Oct 2017 harvest festival style with apple bobbing pumpkin carving goodie bags for 2 & 4 legged kids...lots of BBQ good food and FUN.
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AVRTC April 2007
33. AVRTC April 2007  (April 30, 2007)
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Kariline and Floyd Babies
34. Kariline and Floyd Babies 
Kariline and Floyd Babies

Born: 6/27/17

Boy: 1 - 6.7 oz
Girls: 3
brindle girl -6.5oz
darker choc piebald -6.5 oz
lighter choc piebald -6.9 oz

Wudnshu Hakuna Matata "Timon" OR Wudnshu Wish Upon a Star "Walt"
Wudnshu Let It Go "Elsa"
Wudnshu You Can Fly "Wendy"
Wudnshu Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo "Cindy"
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Guillermo's RD400 videos
35. Guillermo's RD400 videos 
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Bluebird Lake/Ouzel Falls Hike
36. Bluebird Lake/Ouzel Falls Hike  (18 July, 2017)
Another super early morning outing from 18 July, 2017 is documented this time around.  The hike, which was yet again filled with spectacular and humbling views of extraordinary scenery, was of the Bluebird Lake Trail in extreme southeast Rocky Mountain National Park, and covered more than 14 miles round trip while ascending somewhere close to 3500 total vertical feet.  These totals are inflated to some extent, as I was compelled to double back about a mile for a couple of shots of a lily pad filled lake I had passed due to the threat of a storm.  With the threat over, I was able to capture a couple of my favorite shots.  The trail crossed several stunning water features including three lakes and four waterfalls while crossing the North Saint Vrain, Cody, and Ouzel Creeks.  This created ample opportunity for me to practice my long exposures of streams to produce the “fuzzy, moving water” effect.  Please take a peek through and I hope to hear some of your thoughts and feedback in the comments or guestbook section.  Have fun, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ “the_mogul_skier”.  Thanks!
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WWF/WWE P-Numbered Promo photos
37. WWF/WWE P-Numbered Promo photos  (July 27, 2017)
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Carved Badge
38. Carved Badge 
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box with hidden compartments
39. box with hidden compartments 
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wooden items
40. wooden items 
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41. Masks 
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Mohawk Lake Hike
42. Mohawk Lake Hike  (10 July, 2017)
In hopes of both further experimentation with early morning, longer, low light exposures, as well as increasing my chances to see more wildlife, this trek once again began at the predawn hour of 5 am.  The hike would ascend the Mohawk Lake Trail to lower and upper Mohawk Lake, Continental Falls, as well as several other unnamed high alpine lakes and meadows, and would span more than 12 miles, 10 hours, and close to 4000 total vertical feet.  The weather was spectacular with absolutely no morning breeze allowing for some stunning reflective shots, but unfortunately with no wildlife to be seen.  The lakes, streams, waterfalls, and forests encountered during the adventure are both spectacular and centering, and I am blessed to be able to immerse myself in my beloved Rocky Mountains.  I was mostly pleased with the overall results, and have found that water with direct sunlight can be tricky to say the least.  I have placed the images in chronological order and I hope you enjoy your visit and look at the Mohawk Lake Trail system.  I always love to get any feedback you might have, and don’t forget to check out my posts on Instagram by following “the_mogul_skier”.  Thanks and Enjoy!
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Mariah/Trigger Puppies
43. Mariah/Trigger Puppies  (Born June 11, 2017)
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44. Graphics  (2017)

UPDATED - July 23rd  My Colouring 2017. I have removed all previous graphics as I am trying out colouring as a hobby. I will share what I am doing in this album. All work has been created on my iPad. Quality will improve as time goes on (I hope). I am learning more and more with each picture. The app I am using is Color therapy from the Apple store. Thank you so much everyone for the tremendous support that has been shown for my albums.

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45. SaraSpecialShare  (August 23, 2005)
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