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Illegal Animal Seizures
31. Illegal Animal Seizures  (December 1, 2017)
It is becoming more and more apparent that "rescue" groups need more inventory and are "stealing" animals under the guise of animal "cruelty and neglect".

The main problem with this whole scenario is there are no "legal" definitions for "cruelty and neglect" nor is there any clear "regulations" for the care these "seized" animals receive.

Here is the "Companion Animal Protective Care Amendment" to prevent illegal seizures of animals and to protect those animals who are seized.

Best viewed on a computer. Have to open the PDF file to read.
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Tanglewood Awards Party
32. Tanglewood Awards Party  (November 29, 2017)
2017 Bike MS: Tour to Tanglewood Awards Party on November 29, 2017 at the Kernersville Botanical Gardens
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33. Graphics  (2017)

UPDATED > Dec. 1st, 2017 My Digital Cross Stitch Pictures..I have removed all the pixel paintings I had on this album and have added cross stitch paintings done from an app that I found on the apple store (iPad). I started with one app and then found a second which I prefer. It is free for some samples which you complete to earn cash points. There are lots of groupings that you can then purchase with those points.

The opening page has them all shown small. You cannot see the cross stitches that small so will have to click on the first picture to enlarge and then from there you can either click to move one at a time or run as a slide show. On #13 you can see you can also use your own photos to create with. ENJOY and thank you for sharing my latest album.

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34. T205 
T205's For Sale
A great way to start or continue your graded T205 Set!

Selling extras and duplicates from THE ROSWELL GEORGIA FIND

Please consult scans

All cards are pretty accurately graded by SGC.

Last updated December 1, 2017, 2017

NO PayPal...

Open to payment options-
personal check
USPS Money Order

If not sold here, they will go to National where there was a minimal amount of mid grade T205's for sale.


Pick up OK
Located just outside of Columbus, OH

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Boot Key, FL - (P.g. rosacea)
35. Boot Key, FL - (P.g. rosacea) 
Graham Criglow, owner of Strange Cargo, produced a clutch in 2008 and the entire clutch was sold to Byron De Stouet, who raised them up. The parents are wild-caught specimens out of Boot Key, Florida, and the babies are a pure locality strain.
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NDE's listed as D&E in Juliana Reference
36. NDE's listed as D&E in Juliana Reference 
This album shows items identified as D&E in "Juliana Reference" and they are not.  If we had examples of them we also put a real photo of them next to the book photo.
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37. hugger69 
Full details coming .....see hermansclassics.com for info.
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Raleigh Awards Party
38. Raleigh Awards Party  (November 14, 2017)
The 2017 Bike MS: Historic New Bern Ride's Raleigh Awards Party at Sitti
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Brindle and Mickey Litter-DOB: 10-19-17
39. Brindle and Mickey Litter-DOB: 10-19-17 
This litter is has 3 females and 2 males available. They are going to be Miniature size, around 15 lbs full grown. They are also Type A, rat terrier, which means they are long legged. We have a very unique female in this litter, Tiger Lily, who is in my 3rd brindle litter born here. Brindle coloring in RT's is very rare. We are taking deposits on all puppies now. Half down will hold your favorite till they are ready for new homes. They will be ready Dec. 14. Please contact me if you are interested in any of them or have any questions. 417-531-0530
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Country Girl and Rico Litter DOB: 10-26-
40. Country Girl and Rico Litter DOB: 10-26- 
This litter is miniature size, so they will be around 15 lbs full grown. They are papered with UABR. They will be looking for new homes on Dec. 21 just in time for Christmas! There are currently 3 males and 1 female. I am taking deposits now for your favorite to place on hold. Contact me at 417-531-0530. Thanks!
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Half pint and Titan Litter DOB: 11-7-17
41. Half pint and Titan Litter DOB: 11-7-17 
There are 2 males in this litter of puppies. These will be toy size, around 5 lb full grown. They are Type A, long legged RT's. They will be ready for new homes after the new year, Jan. 2. Taking Deposits down now to hold your favorite. Contact me at 417-531-0530
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Glory and Mischief litter DOB: 11-7-17
42. Glory and Mischief litter DOB: 11-7-17 
There were 3 females born in this litter. There are 2 females still available for sale. One cream and one Chocolate. They do come with full AKC registration. They will be ready for new homes after Christmas, on Jan 2. Please contact me at 417-531-0530 for further details. Thanks!
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Available Tri color girl
43. Available Tri color girl 
Ch Dutches Ch Austin

13 week old AKC tri color female

Ready to go
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44. red50pk 
Full details coming....see www.hermansclassics.com for details.
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1948-49 Leaf
45. 1948-49 Leaf 
1949 Leaf – Produced/distributed by Leaf Gum. Co. in Chicago
Sometimes attributed to 1948 due to copyright info on about 2/3 of the cards
Measure 2 3/8" x 2 7/8". Gray cardboard stock. Vitals and biographical info on back
98 cards in set, skip numbered 1-168; two series of 49 cards, second series 15-20x tougher to find
©1948 cards have ads- either team pennants or card album; ©1949 have ad for 5x7" portrait “Big Picture”
3 variations: Hermanski last name misspelled; Peterson black cap/red cap; Aberson long or short sleeve
Horrible quality control results in many off-focus, print marks and missing/different color tints in background, occasional variations in uniform colors/striping; e.g. Joe Gordon blue cap no “C”, Wyrostek no piping
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