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Animals and Pets
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1. Rocky  (Moncks Corner, SC)
8 Visits
14 Images
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Ziggy Bop
2. Ziggy Bop  (Lacombe, LA)
Ziggy is 1-year-old Type B or Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier. For more information or to apply to adopt, visit http://www.NewRattitude.org
20 Visits
10 Images
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3. Katie 
Katie is an Irish Marked Rat Terrier. She is 15.5 inches and 22 lbs. She loves to show and earned her AKC Champion in 4 show weekends.
Katie loves to be wherever I am and is always looking for ways to please me.
0 Visits
16 Images
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4. Solo 
Solo came to Bahroo Rat Terriers from Vermont. He is a Red/White Sable, 16” tall and 25 lbs. He is currently a AKC/UKC Champion.
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18 Images
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5. Wave 
Wave is a Chocolate Tri, she is 15 inches tall and weighs 21 lbs. Wave loves adventure and cuddling on the couch. She has performance titles in Precision Coursing in UKC and FastCat in AKC.
0 Visits
12 Images
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6. Spud 
441 Visits
3 Images
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Jelly Bean
7. Jelly Bean  (04 May 2021)
Thought you might like to see the photos, some came out OK. She is SO active she's hard to capture. I like some of them. Hope you do too.
109 Visits
16 Images
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8. Beans  (Sharpsburg, GA)
Beans is a very active and friendly 1 year old who loves other dogs and to play.
49 Visits
12 Images
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9. Vesper  (Springfield, IL)
Meet the amazing Vesper, 3.5 years old, athletic, smart, and super handsome! A little tornado of crazy energy with a flip side of loves and snuggles. For more information or to apply to adopt, visit http://www.NewRattitude.org
232 Visits
30 Images
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Garden Misc
10. Garden Misc 
My garden through the years
0 Visits
43 Images
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RAVE IVAN puppies DOB : 04.10.21
11. RAVE IVAN puppies DOB : 04.10.21  (April 11, 2021)
143 Visits
73 Images
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12. Cassie  (April 5, 2021)
Champion Timberlane Casino @ Cohill's
A Major and Peg puppy.  
Owned by Amanda Hill, who took a gamble and is doing a wonderful job of titling her.   Cassie deserved her own page.  
DOB:  September 6, 2019
125 Visits
2 Images
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13. Chewy  (Knoxville, TN)
Chewy is a 9 year old beautiful red merle rat terrier. He loves to snuggle and play with fuzzy toys. He is housebroken and knows sit, down and rollover. For more info or to apply to adopt, please go https://NewRattitude.org .
149 Visits
9 Images
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14. Andy  (New Berlin, WI)
Andy is silly, spunky, friendly, and super playful! For more information or to apply to adopt, visit http://www.NewRattitude.org
271 Visits
25 Images
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15. Benny  (New Berlin, WI)
Benny is a shy dog who strongly prefers women and is frightened of children. He is great with other dogs, loves to play fetch, and is very sweet with his foster mom.
136 Visits
0 Images
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