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Animals and Pets
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1. Title  (Comstock park mi)
Koko is a very sweet chihuahua/ rat terrier mix ! Female about 11 pounds and is housebroken and a total lap dog!
42 Visits
6 Images
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2. Lincoln  (Alexandria, VA)
Lincoln is an adorable, spunky young 3 year old rat terrier mix who loves to be near humans and other dogs.

For more info or to apply to adopt, please go https://NewRattitude.org
76 Visits
9 Images
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3. Parker 
230 Visits
12 Images
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4. Latte  (Knoxville, TN)
Latte is a lively pup that loves to play fetch and jump around. She is 10lbs and approximately 1 year old. " For more info or to apply to adopt, please go https://NewRattitude.org ."
256 Visits
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TBOY'S Album
5. TBOY'S Album  (TBoy)
366 Visits
3 Images
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6. Thomas  (Jacksonville, Florida)
Thomas is an adorable rat terrier mix who is looking for someone/family to love and snuggle with. He is a young boy who loves everyone he meets including children and other dogs. " For more info or to apply to adopt, please go https://NewRattitude.org ."
546 Visits
14 Images
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7. Ruby 
385 Visits
2 Images
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8. Abby  (Alexandria, VA)
488 Visits
9 Images
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2021 Onyx DH-Honduran T+/RDR-BEA Litter
9. 2021 Onyx DH-Honduran T+/RDR-BEA Litter 
Breeding was Honduran T+ Onyx 66% het TypeII Anery X RDR-BEA.

These boas are all 100% double-het Honduran T+ and RDR-BEA, and will make the Honduran T+ version of a Phantom/Specter boa!  With the Onyx gene also in the mix there are LOTS of new morph combos just waiting to happen!

Onyx boas are extremely rare in U.S. collections, and these are from Onyx stock imported straight from our friend Freek Nuyt in Holland, the originator of the Onyx morph, bred to an RDR-BEA that was produced by our friend Mike Weitzman at Basically Boas.

Even for those we have identified as 'not Onyx' there is at least a possibility that they are low-expression Onyx boas, and so you could get lucky with any of them!

No lone females available.  Females available only with a male, with lone male and pair pricing as follows:

Onyx - Onyx............................$3,000
Onyx - Possible Onyx................$2,250
Onyx - Not Onyx......................$1,950
Possible Onyx - Possible Onyx....$1,650
Possible Onyx - Not Onyx..........$1,400
Not Onyx - Not Onyx................$1,100
Lone Male Onyx.......................$1,500
Lone Male Possible Onyx..............$750
Lone Male Not Onyx....................$450
425 Visits
32 Images
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10. Echo  (July 20, 2022)
AKC GCH UKC GCH Sundial Echo of Paradox

Thor X Lace
198 Visits
11 Images
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11. Broma  (July 20, 2022)
Broma is a spay coated carrier. She will go only to the best of homes.
199 Visits
5 Images
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12. Myka  (July 20, 2022)
Myra is a female hairless, now spay and available to the right home.
205 Visits
2 Images
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13. Madyx  (July 20, 2022)
WMK Resting Wytch Face

Baynx x Pita

DON 11/14/2022
0 Visits
0 Images
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14. Poppy  (Bham/AL)
Poppy has spent most of her life in a crate. Since coming to stay with us, she is quickly getting into the swing of things. She is in high hopes of finding her furever home before her 2nd birthday in late September.

For more information or to apply to adopt, please go to
625 Visits
4 Images
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15. Buddy 
683 Visits
15 Images
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