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Santa Photos
1. Santa Photos  (12/3/22)
Santa visits Ashby Ponds, Ashburn, Va.
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Cinema-8_Family Entertainment Movies
2. Cinema-8_Family Entertainment Movies 





Select your plan: 30 days to 365 days (you're still able to download any of the movies_ you want to see)


                       (theatre quality movies)

      There are over  300 movies to watch; just a few listed below


The Harder They Fall

The Black Phone

Hellraiser 2022

End of the Road

Where The Crawdads Sing

The Tomorrow War

Wrong Turn

Halloween Kills

Halloween Ends





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3. Lee Academy Christmas Play  (Dec 9 2021)
A few shots from before the Christmas play started
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Ritter's Christmas
4. Ritter's Christmas  (Nov 21 2021)
Laura's friend Brooke and family have a new addition to the family and they asked me to shoot Christmas card photos...hes a cute fella and we got some good stuff... thanks Brooke you really got us all in the Christmas Spirit...
to view the photos just left click on the thumbnail that will load the photo, if you want to save the photo to your computer just "right click" and "save as" to save to your computer usually to the DOWNLOADS folder  enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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Laura's Christmas 2021
5. Laura's Christmas 2021 
Laura you ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO.  but just in case click on photo to load it right click to save as to your computer
37 Images
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6. Greek 
Nik and family
40 Images
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7. 2018 Chebanse Santa Claus random photos  (December 8, 2018)
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8. 2018 Chebanse Santa Claus  (December 8, 2018)
Photos from Saturday are being processed now & will be here in this album shortly. Please be patient, they will be posted.
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Tandem Axle Day Cab Tractor for sale
9. Tandem Axle Day Cab Tractor for sale 
35 Images
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Holiday in Gran Canaria
10. Holiday in Gran Canaria  (August 5th 2018)
30 Images
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11. Alley 4th & Market Santa Ana 
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Vilamoura 2018
12. Vilamoura 2018 
Just a few pictures of birds in Portugal.
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France Xmas
13. France Xmas 
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14. Chebanse Santa's Village-2017  (December 9, 2017)
All photos now uploaded. There are both portrait & landscape mode photos with Santa. Following the Santa photos are a few hundred candid photos.

How to download photos from any of my albums:

Browse the photos until you find one you want. Click on that photo and it will open to a larger photo. In the blue-shaded box beneath the larger photo you will see the words “Other sizes”. Choose ORIGINAL size & click on it. It may take a few seconds to load depending on your internet.

You will now see a very large photo, probably bigger than your screen. There are slide bars to move around the photo.You can choose smaller sizes, but first let’s save this ORIGINAL size. So, right click anywhere on that ORIGINAL size photo. You should see some computer choices to make. One of them should say something like “Save Picture As…..”. Click on that choice. It will then allow you to save this hi-resolution photo to wherever you save such things on your computer. This will be a relatively large file of 3-5000+ kb size. Do not save the smaller sizes for print because they’ll have less resolution, better known as “clarity”. You can copy this file to a flash drive, or burn to a cd, or email (assuming your email allows large size files) and take the file to a photo store, or send away to one of the on-line photo printers. If you would like to open & save one of the smaller size photos, that would be fine also, but use the ORIGINAL for reproductions and printing. You may want to crop the photo to get the print area you desire. You can do that on your computer or wherever you have files printed. There is no cost for downloading photos, but you will have to pay to have prints made wherever.

Event photos will remain permanently in the photo album. You can link any one photo or the entire album & send it to family members, friends, or acquaintances. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:
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xmas cards
15. xmas cards  (xmas)
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