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James E Fulks Change of Command week
1. James E Fulks Change of Command week 
26 Images
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2. family 
all content copyright:
theresa a. mahoney 2024
75 Images
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NCS vs St. Pete High
3. NCS vs St. Pete High 
Fall Football Pre-Season Classic
965 Images
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Clements Reunion
4. Clements Reunion  (November 2, 2019)
Clements family reunion, Jonesboro Arkansas Community of Christ.
14 Images
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Andrea and Jacqueline
5. Andrea and Jacqueline 
The pictures of Jacqueline were 1961

The pictures of Andrea were 1964
11 Images
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Antonino Guillermo
6. Antonino Guillermo  (3/4/2015)

Antonino:Worthy of Praise / Of Value
Guillermo:Strong-Willed Warrior /  Resolute Protector

Born: 3/4/2015
Wt.7lbs. 7oz.
20" Long

Tiny fingers and tiny toes
Big bright eyes and a cute little nose;
A precious gift from up above,
Sent to many to cherish and love.

Please leave your well-wishes and congratulations in the Guestbook below!

54 Images
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Juanita's 100th Birthday
7. Juanita's 100th Birthday 
My friend Miss Pat Audirsch's Mom had her 100th Birthday Celebration and these are the photos they had taken...to view a photo just left click on the thumbnail make a note of the photo name i.e. img 301, that is how you will order prints from this site . View all the photos making notes of printsk then com back out to the home page and click at the top on "order prints and products" to go to the print process pages
216 Images
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Smith and Franke families
8. Smith and Franke families 
Relatives on both sides of the family
7 Images
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Erik and Joanne Smith
9. Erik and Joanne Smith  (1971-3)
I found a box of negatives from this period and am at work digitizing the photos.
14 Images
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Old Berntsen/Bartle photos
10. Old Berntsen/Bartle photos  (April 3, 2006)
101 Images
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Miss Pat's Family
11. Miss Pat's Family  (May 13 2021)
Miss Pat Audirsch's Family, 5 generations, Her Mom is 100!!!
30 Images
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Rodrigo Otazu Jewelry
12. Rodrigo Otazu Jewelry 
Rodrigo Otazu Jewelry
33 Images
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Lexi's Imaginary Friend
13. Lexi's Imaginary Friend  (July, 2011)
We meet Lexi and her imaginary friend, Dana.
11 Images
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14. Hatcher Pass - August 2020  (Aug 7 - 9)
Kee, Poppy and I went van camping to Hatcher Pass.  We had a fantastic time.
0 Images
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Christmas at Christopher Whitehead Farms
15. Christmas at Christopher Whitehead Farms 
just click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to view it will load, to download that photo to your computer when it loads just "right click" on the photo and then "save to your computer" enjoy ya'll
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