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Sports and Hobbies
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Transformers Generations Walgreen Exclu.
1. Transformers Generations Walgreen Exclu.  (April 2019)
Here is my latest finds on Transformers Generations Walgreens Exclusive 2019 by Hasbro.
57 Visits
4 Images
Linked Album
NCS vs Wesley Chapel
2. NCS vs Wesley Chapel  (April 12, 2019)
2841 Visits
395 Images
Linked Album
NCS vs largo
3. NCS vs largo  (April 12, 2019)
4902 Visits
471 Images
Linked Album
NS Baseball vs Shorecrest
4. NS Baseball vs Shorecrest  (April 11, 2019)
6989 Visits
705 Images
Linked Album
Disney Pixar Cars Fireball Beach Racers
5. Disney Pixar Cars Fireball Beach Racers  (April 2019)
Here is the newest Disney Pixar Cars Fireball Beach Racers Die-Cast Cars 2019 by Mattel.
208 Visits
4 Images
Linked Album
Justice League Unlimited 3.75" Mattel
6. Justice League Unlimited 3.75" Mattel  (April 2019)
Here is my latest finds on Justice League Unlimited Action Figures 3.75" by Mattel Toys. 2005
237 Visits
7 Images
Linked Album
Keswick Invitational
7. Keswick Invitational  (April 5, 2019)
2914 Visits
625 Images
Linked Album
Top Thirteen
8. Top Thirteen 
1626 Visits
13 Images
Linked Album
Marvel Legends BAF Thanos  Avengers
9. Marvel Legends BAF Thanos  Avengers  (April 2019)
Here is my latest finds on Marvel Legends 2019 Hasbro
BAF Thanos Action Figures.
187 Visits
9 Images
Linked Album
Canadian Movie Cup Toppers Figures
10. Canadian Movie Cup Toppers Figures  (April 2019)
Here are my Movie finds on Canadian Cup Toppers of Variety of Movie Characters.
229 Visits
14 Images
Linked Album
Supplex55 BBM Sumo Card Collection 1997-
11. Supplex55 BBM Sumo Card Collection 1997- 
Below is my latest hobby/passion--collecting Japanese based BBM (Baseball Magazine) Sumo cards and sets from 1997 to date.  I am currently trying for complete sets from 2008 forward, and attempting to assemble the top Yokozuna and Ozeki cards (around 6 or so per year) from 1997-2007. If anyone shares this collecting interest, I would heartily recommend the BBM Sumo Card Collectors page on Facebook. Likewise, if you have extras or BBM Sumo cards you are wishing to sell/trade please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
2943 Visits
223 Images
Linked Album
Turkey Hunting Super Slam Journey
12. Turkey Hunting Super Slam Journey 
To achieve the "Super Slam" one must harvest a turkey in all of the United States.  Note that Alaska is not included because it does not have a huntable population of wild turkeys.

This album documents my journey to achieve a Super Slam.
707 Visits
18 Images
Linked Album
NCS vs Shorecrest
13. NCS vs Shorecrest  (March 18, 2019)
14061 Visits
946 Images
Linked Album
NEC PC-6001
14. NEC PC-6001  (03/07/2019)
I usually don't do this but this game is so obscure I've decided to hunt down whatever images I could get my hands on.

If you own high-resolution scans of the game or better quality images please get in touch with me, as I'd love to host it here.
324 Visits
10 Images
Linked Album
Jurassic World 2 Action Figures 2018
15. Jurassic World 2 Action Figures 2018  (March 2019)
Here is my finds on Jurassic World 2 Movie Action Figures 2018
408 Visits
10 Images
Linked Album
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