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For Sale/Trade
1. For Sale/Trade 
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2. D-Cards 
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3. E-Cards 
Candy cards basically ran from 1902 (E107) thru 1932 (E286), though one 19th century set has been categorized as an "E" set (E223).

Despite the run of years, most of the "E" card issues fall into two brief periods. The first conincided with the tobacco era (1909-1915) and second was the 1920's (1920-1927).
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4. Uploads 
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5. T-Cards 
The tobacco era of baseball cards only consisted of seven years, 1909-1915. The only baseball set covered that falls out of this range is the third type of Coupon (T213) which was issued in 1919.

Tobacco insert cards virtually ceased thereafter with the only "T" listings to follow coming in the 1950's with Redman Tobacco cards.
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Vintage MEGO Super Heroes Marvel DC
6. Vintage MEGO Super Heroes Marvel DC  (July 2019)
Here are my latest find on Vintage Mego Action Figures
Super Heroes from DC and Marvel Comics and more.
11 Visits
26 Images
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Memorial & Buildings
7. Memorial & Buildings  (January 6, 2019)
Great Hanging Memorial & Buildings
Gainesville, TX
28 Visits
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Fort Richardson
8. Fort Richardson  (November 1, 2018)
Jacksboro, TX

Old army fort that I believe was shut down in 1867.  I was glad to see my Native American brothers decorating the wall.  Those people are my heroes.  Rest in power Kicking Bird.
30 Visits
75 Images
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Denton County Courthouse
9. Denton County Courthouse  (October 31, 2018)
Denton, TX

Denton is named after some jackass who came all the way from up North to fuck with the Native Americans who had every right to live in the area.  Fortunately they took his ass out.
51 Visits
26 Images
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18 Images
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Star Wars Episode 1 Action Figures
11. Star Wars Episode 1 Action Figures  (June 2019)
Here is my collection of Star Wars Episode 1 Action Figures 3 3/4" by Hasbro.
237 Visits
34 Images
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Star Wars Attack of the Clones Figures
12. Star Wars Attack of the Clones Figures  (June 2019)
Here is my collection of Star Wars Attack of the
Clones Action Figures by Hasbro.
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The Great Hanging Memorial
13. The Great Hanging Memorial  (September 2, 2018)
Gainesville, TX

Apparently in 1862 some folks didn't want to fight in the Civil War which was their right.  So they got hung by people who wanted to mastermind them.
64 Visits
9 Images
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C*H*I*P*S* Action Figures By Mego Toys
14. C*H*I*P*S* Action Figures By Mego Toys  (June 2019)
Here is my latest finds on Chips Action Figures.
140 Visits
5 Images
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Old Town Buildings 2
15. Old Town Buildings 2  (August 30, 2018)
Lewisville, TX

Dates back to 1950s.  Original Huffines car dealership.
53 Visits
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