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Travel and Vacation
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1. Michigan  (August 2023)
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Kentucky Filming Locations Look-book
2. Kentucky Filming Locations Look-book 
162 Images
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2008 Baltic Trip -- Saab
3. 2008 Baltic Trip -- Saab 
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4. MS Choir  (January 24, 2022)
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Carmen Phelps Class Reunion 71 -72
5. Carmen Phelps Class Reunion 71 -72  (Sepot 24 -25 2021)
Autumn on the Square is BACK!!!  Welcome everyone who joined us for the 151 Anniversary of Marianna.  Missed the 150th last year what with COVID and all prayers for all who lost or has someone touched by COVID which is ALL OF US.

To view the photos click on the thumbnail of the photo you want to view it will click over to that photo, to view the next photo in line just use the right arrow movement key > and then back <. ENJOY the photos sure had a good time visiting with old friends and made a LOT OF NEW ONES... The photos will go up over the next couple of weeks so be sure to keep checking back...you may leave names and descriptions in the photo PLEASE BE NICE!!! To save photos to your computer just "right click" (right mouse button) and then "save as" to save the file to your computer... USUALLY to the DOWNLOADS folder then go retrieve and view them all over again... BE AWARE IF YOU SAVE THE "ORIGINAL SIZE IMAGES" they will be large but you can get LARGE prints from them ENJOY Rob Walker Sept 24 2021 God Bless America
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6. BOULDER 2008  (August 2008)
This was when I took Donna to where she left her heart years ago. It was her 50th birthday, she was gobsmacked to see the mountains on that first evening. It was dark but you could still see the layers of mountains in the night sky. The next morning was the splender of a dream come true. I made sure our room would have a striking mountain panorama. Coupled with a tidy delivery of a vase full of daisies made it memorable. Enjoy the photos.
159 Images
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7. Yucatan  (April 2001)
We began and ended our five day journey through the Mexican State of Yucatan in the colonial city of Merida.

From Merida we headed south (in our VW Beetle rental car) to drink in the majestic Mayan ruins at Uxmal.  Using the Villas Arquelogicas at Uxmal as our base, we wandered on a day-long excursion through the nearby low-lying Puuc hills - exploring the ruins at Kabah, Sayil and Labna, only pausing long enough for a traditional Yucatan-style lunch in the town of Ticul.

The next day we set our sights on the gulf coast town of Celestun.  Flamingos, mangrove forests and shimmering white sand beaches beckoned.  After a morning boat tour of the flamingo-laden lagoon outside of Celestun, we drove a few miles north to the idyllic eco-resort (so aptly named "Eco Paraiso") for a well-earned rest.  But soon we were hurtling ourselves back into the urban hum of Merida and then, preparing ourselves for the following day's flight home.

This trip was too brief.  But it could serve anyone as a perfect introduction to Mexico for a visitor who wants to avoid the mega-resorts and experience the culture, history and beauty of this fascinating area.
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8. New Zealand  (2015.06.15 – 2015.07.04)
New Zealand is a beautiful country and everybody we met there was warm and friendly.
And unlike my previous "promises," I'm currently on a roll—I fully expect that I really will be adding more photos to this album in the coming weeks and months.
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Katrina 1
9. Katrina 1 
182 Images
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10. Massai Mara 
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European River Cruise
11. European River Cruise 
26 Images
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Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia
12. Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia  (June 2019)
54 Images
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13. Kenya_Great Wildeebeast Migration  (July 2019)
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14. Kenya, Africa_Nairobi  (July 2019)
This folder contains images shot while traveling to several locations in  and around Nairobi, Maasai Mara, and several wildlife parks in Kenya.
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15. Vacation 2017- C Nat'l Park to Vernon  (Aug 30, 2017)
Leaving Canyonlands Nat'l Park heading Vernon, UT
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