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Ashby Rocks
1. Ashby Rocks  (4/20/24)
Rock performance at Ashby Ponds.
11 Images
Linked Album
India Tours by Anna Mancini
2. India Tours by Anna Mancini 
Photos taken or collected by Anna Mancini during India Tours
43 Images
Linked Album
Solar Eclipse
3. Solar Eclipse 
99 Images
Linked Album
Nirmala House in Sant'Angelo Romano
4. Nirmala House in Sant'Angelo Romano  (March 14, 2024)
42 Images
Linked Album
School Trips
5. School Trips  (March 14, 2024)
4 Images
Linked Album
Oratory Contest
6. Oratory Contest  (March 2 2024)
Constitutional Speech Contest
14 Images
Linked Album
Lincoln Pilgramage 2024
7. Lincoln Pilgramage 2024  (2/12/2024)
82 Images
Linked Album
Lincoln Pilgrimage - Tomb and Luncheon
8. Lincoln Pilgrimage - Tomb and Luncheon  (2/12/24)
18 Images
Linked Album
Pictures w/ Nat'l SAL Commander JR Hall
9. Pictures w/ Nat'l SAL Commander JR Hall  (2/11/24)
48 Images
Linked Album
2024 SAL Membership Caravan
10. 2024 SAL Membership Caravan  (1/13/24 - 1/14/24)
51 Images
Linked Album
Covenant of Peace ministry in 2024
11. Covenant of Peace ministry in 2024  (Since December 2023)
Covenant of peace 2024 - ministry to orphans, widows and refugees for the glory of the Lord and for spreading the Gospel.
God gave us a new, unique possibility to serve and to proclaim the Gospel to many people in different places and unto the ends of the earth. Whatever God does, abideth forever. Let our mutual labor bring much fruit for the glory of the Lord. Thanks to everyone who prays, labors and supports.
67 Images
Linked Album
Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention 2023
12. Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention 2023  (Oct 9-16th)
550 Images
Linked Album
Commander Vozar's Homecoming Celebration
13. Commander Vozar's Homecoming Celebration  (September 30th 2023)
43 Images
Linked Album
Detachment Fall DEC (9/30/23)
14. Detachment Fall DEC (9/30/23)  (September 30th 2023)
Detachment of Illinois Fall DEC at Genoa, IL.
63 Images
Linked Album
Commander's Homecoming
15. Commander's Homecoming  (16 September 2023)
Random snapshots during the Commander's Homecoming
66 Images
Linked Album
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