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The Family Show Group
16. The Family Show Group  (June 25, 2013)

We in The Family Show Group take pride in showing our dogs and helping each other for the betterment of our breeds in and out of the ring. Dogs are only as good as the breeders they come from So be careful when searching for your next 4 legged baby!!! ;))  My Breeder is Rebecca Willcock, our handlers are Myself &



 Stoney Brook Crew:

Dorothy Dottie Baker

Hailey Gillotti

Stephanie Gillotti

Only the Best for our Dogs






Show Schedule is up on The Family Show Group Site for Members.

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StoneyBRKs N Shaes Fire From Under
17. StoneyBRKs N Shaes Fire From Under       


"Furia" (Means Hells Hound that guard the underworld) 


Sire: GCHB CH Bigstar's Unchained At Hannon Hill {DNA}

Dam: Hermanita Caliete {DNA}

AKC/UKC Registered.

100% Embark Tested  (For Pureness, Health, Color, and the dogs own personal Genetics) 

Cardiac: XC-CA15/22F/P-PI

Patellas: XC-PA11/22F/P-PI

Elbows: XC-EL31F55-P-PI

DM: Clear A

Eyes: Cerf'd

DNA #V802758

Microcipped: Yes


Bronze with Red Blonde Mohawk

Furia is our Bred By Girl, She Took RWB to the 5 point major at our Xolo Nationals at 10 months old for her very first show in 2015 in AKC.

In AKC has been Multiple BOB over specials from the classes, OHG1, BBG4 Sept 2017 BOB Over Specials for 5 Point Major in AKC. 

Finished her UKC Championship in 1 weekend of showing her first time in UKC with BIS, RBIS and 2 Groups 3's for her 4 Major wins with lots of very nice competition.

She finished her AKC Championship at The Xolo Club of America Supported Entry at the Philadelphia Dog Show in PA going WB for a 5 point Major and BOS over the Specials from the Bred By Classes.

Pedigree link below 



 Bred and Loved By Dottie Baker

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Dalpura Canyon 21/03/2020
18. Dalpura Canyon 21/03/2020 
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Grand Canyon at Night 20/03/2020
19. Grand Canyon at Night 20/03/2020 
120 Visits
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Robs Picks for Download
20. Robs Picks for Download 
these photos are available for you FREE USE ONLY, you may pass these on to anyone who you think will enjoy them please dont abuse this offer, i offer these photos for your personal enjoyment.  AT THIS TIME IN OUR LIVES, DURING THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK, i hope these photos will give you some small measure of hope and enjoyment.


to download just click on the thumnail you want to view then when it loads just right click the photo and "save as" to save to your computer.

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Marvel Legends BAF Crimson Dynamo 2020
21. Marvel Legends BAF Crimson Dynamo 2020   (March 2020)
Here is my latest finds on Action Figures.. Marvel Legends BAF Crimson Dynamo Black Widow. Hasbro
133 Visits
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4901 Gen DeGaulle (First NBC)
22. 4901 Gen DeGaulle (First NBC) 
142 Visits
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Meet the Fockers
23. Meet the Fockers  (03/15/20)

Here are the parents as promised. Henry and Annie.

They are both mini's (of course) from mini parents (of course). These babies will be miniature and beautiful.

Do not think they will be 2 pound dogs that run away from mice... KnD does not do that, as most know. These babies will be 10 to 14 pounds on the outside and 300 pounds on the inside (terriers).

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,Email Us

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Serendipity 12/03/2020
24. Serendipity 12/03/2020 
227 Visits
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Nature Hike 123
25. Nature Hike 123  (August 22, 2019)
Central Park
Lewisville, TX
149 Visits
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Nature Hike 122
26. Nature Hike 122  (August 20, 2019)
Central Park
Lewisville, TX
146 Visits
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Marvel Legends BAF Demogoblin Hasbro
27. Marvel Legends BAF Demogoblin Hasbro  (February 2020)
Here is my latest finds on Marvel Legends BAF Demogoblin Hasbro Spiderverse
869 Visits
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Monroe County Visitation 2/3/2020
28. Monroe County Visitation 2/3/2020 
7th District
2300 Visits
76 Images
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OC Haley
29. OC Haley 
1289 Visits
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Wayne County Visitation 2/1/2020
30. Wayne County Visitation 2/1/2020 
7th District
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