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It was a great night of Conjunto music at the Casino Del Sol's Conjunto Showcase!  
Los Morales Boys, Impozzible, Groupo Anaya, Flavio Longoria, Dwayne Verheyden, all put on terrific performances!  
Many thanks to Boni Mauricio for the shoutout!  It's always good to see you!
Enjoy the pics!
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1970 Camaro! 350 Engine, Auto!
2. 1970 Camaro! 350 Engine, Auto!   (Photos taken 11-23-2015)
Southern car just driven in 10 hours!

NICE 1970 Camaro! 350 Engine, Auto Trans, PS, PDB!

Beautiful Atomic Orange exterior paint with Black Z Stripes! Nice paint want clean detalied Interior! Auto Console! Great sounding Stereo System!

Great undercarriage and trunk pan!

Nice tires and Wheels! Car has new Bumpers and Grill!

Great sounding Flowmaster Exhaust, just drove this car home 10 hours on Interstate, runs and drives great! Fly in and drive this one home!
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Past Litters
3. Past Litters  (November 19, 2015)
This album is devoted to showing our collies in their happy homes. We always love to hear how our puppies are doing and how they're flourishing in your family. Here are some quotes from some Paradise Collie owners.

*Ryley is very vocal; low growls and barks to communicate.  Smart but willful but is very attached to me.  Like a shadow.  I think she would have been a good service dog!

*He loves to play all day and go to the beach to dig and run!! I am very happy with Sacks!

*Cookie is really good. She grows so fast (almost 40lbs)and her fur is shining. She loves to stay with us all the time. She is so smart and knows how to "sit, down, shake, high five" , even "stay and leave it" and curb waiting. We all love her more and more everyday. Thank you for sending this angel to us.

*We call them Sofie and Sam (you had named them Kira and Patrick).  We love them so much it is amazing.  They are sweet, loving and very energetic.  I walk them twice a day and they still have lots of energy to play. We have taken some puppy training classes together and they are both very smart and eager to please.
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Mark X Raven
4. Mark X Raven  (November 22, 2015)
Sundial On Your Mark X Cal-Val One of
These Dayz
This is a coated American Hairless
Terrier X Rat Terrier cross----
Note this is a "legal" outcross. They will be able to be registered as AHTs.
Puppies due early
December 2015
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Males We've Bred To
5. Males We've Bred To  (November 22, 2015)
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6. Ibis 
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7. Flowers   (November 22, 2015)
Beautiful flowers around our pond.
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8. Hawks 
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9. Pelicans 
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10. Egrets 
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Tour CIBAS a Islas Palomino
11. Tour CIBAS a Islas Palomino  (October 22, 2004)
En esta oportunidad, les mostramos las fotos tomadas por nuestros amigos Gerry Wolfe y Orlando Espinoza, en el tour organizado por el Centro Internacional de Buceo y Actividades Subacuáticas CIBAS, a Islas Palomino. Estas son un grupo de Islas que se encuentran a mas o menos 01 hora al noroeste de La Punta en la Provincia del Callao, en Lima - Perú. Este es el hogar de una inmensa comunidad de lobos marinos, muy amigables por cierto, tanto en la superficie para los que queremos tomar fotos y observar sus piruetas en un maravilloso y gratuito espectáculo, como también para los que deseamos compartir con ellos, su compañía y juegos en las profundidades de su hogar. Un excelente anfitrión junto con los lobos, fue nuestro amigo Eduardo Bucher, viejo Lobo Marino (por la experiencia, no por la edad), quien junto a Segundo, aguerrido Infante de Marina, su partner en la nave, se encargaron de atendernos y transportarnos a este paradisiaco lugar, a traves de extrañas formaciones rocosas que invitan a la exploración e islas como San Lorenzo, El Frontón, etc. Si desean saber más de el pueden visitar su web: www.maradentroexcursiones.com
Sigan con nosotros en un recorrido fotográfico por esta extraordinaria comunidad de Lobos Marinos.
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12. Gulls 
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13. Herons 
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Seegmillers Romancing The Dark
14. Seegmillers Romancing The Dark 
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Female Two
15. Female Two  (11/21/15)

Here is Female Two.

One of Three Choccy full coat pattern girls.

She is available to the right home.

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,Email Us

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