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Grang Cayman 2015
1. Grang Cayman 2015  (May 16, 2015)
12 Visits
146 Images
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2. orcam  (Photos taken 5-25-2015)
See details at www.hermansclassics.com for full info. 606-878-5839 or Cell 606-521-4156.
46 Visits
54 Images
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1967 Heather Country Music Set
3. 1967 Heather Country Music Set 
5 Visits
58 Images
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KISS Cassettes
4. KISS Cassettes  (May 8, 2015)
Here is my KISS cassettes.
23 Visits
276 Images
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1985 Wonder Bread Rock and Pop Music
5. 1985 Wonder Bread Rock and Pop Music 
13 Visits
17 Images
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2015 High School Graduation
6. 2015 High School Graduation 
21 Visits
706 Images
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Cusco Peru
7. Cusco Peru 
Mary and I paid a return visit, after 40 years, to the Cusco area visiting the archaeological sites and walking the Inca Trail.
23 Visits
182 Images
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1980-Pop Festival Stickers Album
8. 1980-Pop Festival Stickers Album  (May 10, 2015)
Pop Festival Stickers Album 1980-Belgium
15 Visits
26 Images
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KISS Buttons/Badges
9. KISS Buttons/Badges  (May 22, 2015)
Here is my KISS Buttons/Badges.
14 Visits
79 Images
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10. Storks  (2015)
I have been watching a live camera which is focused on a Stork nest in Poland. I cannot read the literature but we can see from the screen captures I have how storks hatch &
the parents raise their young. (I hope)
114 Visits
34 Images
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2015 Athletic Awards
11. 2015 Athletic Awards 
16 Visits
121 Images
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Upcoming Breedings
12. Upcoming Breedings 
Call for upcoming Breedings

These beautiful puppys are a friend of mines and are available to pet homes please contact (267) 888-0803.  These pups are very well socialized and are just gorgeous!!!
23 Visits
3 Images
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male One
13. male One  (05/21/15)

Here is Uno.,.... Male One.... he is NICE.

He hit the scales at 21.4 ounces at three weeks of age. I think he is beautiful. I hope you enjoy him and agree.

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,Email Us

55 Visits
9 Images
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Male Two
14. Male Two  (05/21/15)

here is Male Two,,, a very nice young man.

He is 17.8 ounces and three weeks old in these pics. A handsome dude.

Please love him with us.

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,Email Us

50 Visits
8 Images
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Male Three
15. Male Three  (05/21/15)

Here is little Male Three,,,, the small one.

He is just 14.2 ounces at 3 weeks,, a little beauty.

Enjoy him with us please.

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,Email Us

42 Visits
6 Images
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