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Morton Var Boys Soccer Reg. vs East Peor
1. Morton Var Boys Soccer Reg. vs East Peor  (October 25, 2014)
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The K Litter
2. The K Litter 
This beautiful litter of 5 healthy puppies were welcomed into the world at 5:00 am on 10/23/14. We had 3 beautiful boys and 2 precious girls.We have a beautiful black and tan boy and a black and tan girl. There are 2 beautiful blue and tan and white babies, one male and one female and a precious black and white and tan boy and girl and a black and white boy. Both parents have been tested for cardiac and patellas and are normal and both parents have been Bile acid tested and in the normal/low range. Puppies are on hold unti 8 weeks for breeder evaluations. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of these puppies.Please feel free to call 912-665-5350 if you are interested in any of these babies as well

Sire: Grand Champion Wudnshu Repo Man
Alex is pointed in AKC, has won Best Of Breed AKC and a multiple Best Of Breed winner and has several BIMBS in UKC. He won Best Of Breed at Premier this past June 2014 and is currently the No. 3 American Hairless Terrier in Top 10.

Dam: Champion Bur-Way Shooting For The Stars
Kin is a multiple Best Of Breed Winner and also won Best of Breed at the 2014 Premier show in Kalmazoo Michigan.

Please follow this link to see the pedigree for these puppies. http://pawvillage.com/pedigree/dynprofile.asp?ID=MJL8BVFROY
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Morton Soph Volleyball vs Washington
3. Morton Soph Volleyball vs Washington  (October 23, 2014)
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UHF CM4221HD (Hacked) - No Reflector
4. UHF CM4221HD (Hacked) - No Reflector  (18 Oct 2013)
UHF CM4221HD (Hacked) and NO Reflector analyzed using 4nec2.

CM4221HD measurements per fol. smpowell55 posts:

UHF Raw Gain = 7.4 to 12.2 dBi and SWR (300-ohms) under 2.6.
Hi-VHF Raw Gain = 4.1 to 4.2 dBi and SWR (300-ohms) = 17 to 1.1.
SWR on Ch7-10 degrades Net Gain & EVM (Error Vector Magnitude), but may be adequate for strong stations.
NOTE: As-shipped PCB Balun KILLS VHF.  Above Hi-VHF performance presumes replace with
conventional Transformer (Cylindrical) Balun.

BowLength = 7.9-in, Inner-Inner Bowtie Spacing = 9.84-in, Outer-Inner Bowtie Spacing = 8.46-in,
Tine Separation = 3.94-in.  Feedline Separation = 1.18-in, with 0.8-in at Crossover (2" from Outer Bowtie).
16 Rod Reflectors: 23.6" Long with 1.93" Spacings for Total Height = 30-in.  Separation from Bowties = 4.25-in.

It is presumed that anyone interested enough to view this webpage will
implement the "Hacked Balun" modifications per photo in fol. rabbit73 post
(flip over the Feedlines going into the Balun plus an additional offset):
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Morton Varsity Volleyball vs Washington
5. Morton Varsity Volleyball vs Washington  (October 23, 2014)
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Discovering Juliana Convention 2008
6. Discovering Juliana Convention 2008  (March 2008)
Tampa Florida Discovering Juliana Convention
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Morton Varsity Volleyball vs Canton
7. Morton Varsity Volleyball vs Canton  (October 21, 2014)
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Border Collie Puppies Christmas 2014
8. Border Collie Puppies Christmas 2014  (October 21, 2014)
Litter of 7 born Oct 8th ABCA registration
$700 each. $200 dollar deposit balance due at pick up
4 males
3 females
Located in Pa
Puppies are limited health guaranteed
95 Visits
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Convention 2013
9. Convention 2013  (Oct 2013)
150 Visits
54 Images
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Sanctuary Ranch
10. Sanctuary Ranch 
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123 Images
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wood chipper
11. wood chipper 
Decided it was time to a medium size chipper to smaller jobs around the farms. We need something that will chip up the smaller limbs as we cut and use most everything over 2 inches in diameter. When we clean fencerows and such we'll burn those. When a single tree or large branch falls in a field it will be a lot nicer to chip it and blow it in the fencerow where a bush hog will spread it out. A plus will also be with other cleanups I can simply blow in the back of a truck to save hours of limb dragging or multible  brush loads with the truck.

 I wanted a PTO powered version with a power infeed system. Did some comparing of different ones and decided on a WoodMaxx. It will handle up to 8 inch material, which is more than I need but it's nice to have the option! Should be a strong unit that will last. Here is a  review and how it is working for us.
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12. Londonhome  (2013)
Photos of 37 Adam and Eve Mews, Kensington, London W8 6UJ for rental and inventory purposes
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UHF 21El Curtain Array - NO Refl
13. UHF 21El Curtain Array - NO Refl  (20 Oct 2014)
UHF 21-Element Curtain Array (NO Reflector) analyzed using 4nec2 after RESCALING Wi-Fi version posted by Ross Anderson, W1HBQ.  Also corrected AGT=1.0 after fixing SOURCE Wire Statement error.
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EAB cleanup
14. EAB cleanup 
Here is an album of the clean up project at my place. EAB (European Ash Bore) has or will kill all the ash trees around here. The small woods behind my home was mainly ash so it is devastated. It had also been overgrown with honeysuckle which we had not been taking care of. I will now get rid of the stuff and clean up all the dead ash on the ground. That way I can leave the standing dead till I have room for them here. I will seed grass and when the dead are out I will replant some trees so there is something up there. If I plant now I'm afraid of smashing them when felling what's left.
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Pictures from Sunday, October 19, 2014
15. Pictures from Sunday, October 19, 2014  (October 19, 2014)
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