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Morton Varsity Boys B-ball vs Pekin
1. Morton Varsity Boys B-ball vs Pekin  (December 19, 2014)
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The Fairy Tails
2. The Fairy Tails 
All Puppies are now SOLD. But please contact me if you have interest in a Rat Terrier. I have a 2015 litter coming. Contact me at raganratters@yahoo.com or Call 865-856-0508 (EST). Located in east Tennessee.

A Fairy is a supernatural creature believed to be imbued with magical powers. Some people call them elementals or nature spirits. Most kids grow up listening to stories filled with magical beings. Fairy names evoke a feeling of magic and enchantment. After all, Fairies are the stuff of legends and dreams. Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature. ~ Lynn Holland

The Fairy Tails litter was born September 13 2014. Parents are health tested and cleared for cardiac, patellas and Primary lens luxation (PLL). Puppies are PLL Clear by Parentage. If you have interest in a show/breeding Rat Terrier or simply a Pet, please call 865-856-0508 / email raganratters@yahoo.com

Sire: CH Cal Val's Famous 4RobN Hearts, aka Bugsy

Dam: Raganrat Essence of his Grace, aka Gracie

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1964 Topps Beatles Diary
3. 1964 Topps Beatles Diary 
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Various Shit
4. Various Shit  (December 18, 2014)
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Maricopa Arizona was the place to be this past Friday night.  Harrah's Ak- Chin Casino hosted Tejano music's AJ Castillo as they celebrated their Annual Ak-Chin Indian Community Masik Tas.
Many thanks to Della White and Robert Miguel for the hospitality .  Also to The Valenzuelas, Sergio, Leroy, Daniel, Stevie Ray, Della, Sally and of course Eddie for a fun night hanging out and celebrating my birthday with me. Much love to all of you! I had a blast!
Enjoy the pics!
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Morton Var. Wrestling vs Peoria/Galesbur
6. Morton Var. Wrestling vs Peoria/Galesbur  (December 16, 2014)
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2015 LOD Calendar
7. 2015 LOD Calendar  (2015)
Official selections for the Lincolns of Distinction 2015 Calendar
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Sunday School Program 2014
8. Sunday School Program 2014  (December 14, 2014)
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Sunday School Program Set-Up
9. Sunday School Program Set-Up  (December 13, 2014)
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Pictures from Ladies Christmas Party
10. Pictures from Ladies Christmas Party  (December 11, 2014)
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Hi-VHF Hourglass Loop
11. Hi-VHF Hourglass Loop  (30 Nov 2012)
Hi-VHF Hourglass Loop analyzed using 4nec2 after finding "best" dimensions using nikiml's Optimization
Scripts.  Based on UHF Hourglass Loop posted by oneolddude in www.digitalhome.ca forum:
1/4-in O.D. Elements and Reflector Rods.

NO Reflector Rods (Optimized H=41.75-in, W=34.5-in & Feedpoint Gap=2.5-in):
Ch7-13 Raw Gain = 5.3-6.1 with Excellent SWR under 1.6 (using Quarter-inch Copper Tubing).
Provides about 4 dBi Raw Gain on Ch2-6 and FM Band, but SWR is excessive.
Also provides some Raw Gain with acceptable SWR in UHF Band, but only over mid-band frequencies.

Charts assume Quarter-Inch-Copper, e.g. Tubing or RG-59 braid shield (no need to strip insulation).
Much smaller size AWG12 wire has NO effect on Gain and only increases SWR to 2.0,
so feel free to use even smaller wire sizes.

Add 15 Reflector Rods (Optimized Width, Rod-Rod Separation & Separation from Hourglass):
Ch7-13 Raw Gain = 9.7-10.05 dBi with SWR under 3.1 (using Quarter-inch Copper Tubing).  
Reflector Total Height = 68-in x Width = 56.5-in.
Excellent Front/Rear (hemisphere) Ratio = 32-34 dB with Front/Back (toward 270-deg) = 20 dB.
Provides some Raw Gain on Ch2-6 and FM Band, but directed to the REAR and SWR is excessive.
Not suitable for UHF Band: poor SWR & Gain toward Diagonals.

With 15-RR, provides Gain nearly as much as Winegard YA-1713, except sidelobe nulls moved
to sides and consistently EXCELLENT F/B and F/R Ratios.

EDIT (4Jun2013): Added Hourglass with 11 Reflector Rods and with 7 Reflector Rods to illustrate
how much reduction to expect in Gain and F/R Ratio.  Also note that Reflector Height and Width are
significantly smaller.

EDIT (6Jun2013): Added Comparison Chart showing improvement in Raw Gain & F/R Ratio with more RRs.

EDIT (14Dec2014): Added 5RR and 3RR versions.
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October 2014
12. October 2014 
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December 13, 2014
13. December 13, 2014 
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Morton Soph. Boys B-ball vs Dunlap
14. Morton Soph. Boys B-ball vs Dunlap  (December 13, 2014)
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Morton Varsity Boys B-ball vs Dunlap
15. Morton Varsity Boys B-ball vs Dunlap  (December 13, 2014)
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