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Grand Victorian Niagara on the Lake
1. Grand Victorian Niagara on the Lake 
"Grand Victorian" Niagara on the Lake as possible Inn location.
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Towbe's Adventures plus
2. Towbe's Adventures plus   (2017)
UPDATED:- Jan. 17, 2017
This album will contain photos and videos of Towbe's out and abouts throughout the year.
The first is a video which is explained in the first text frame. If it plays to fast for you, pause the video until you finish reading and then restart.
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Birdy X Ace Breeding Plans 2017
3. Birdy X Ace Breeding Plans 2017  (December 14, 2017)
Ace and Birdy will be having their first litter in May of 2017. This litter has the potential to produce sables, sable merles, black tris, and blue merles. These puppies will be normal-eyed and all puppies will be normal/normal for CEA, PRA, and CN. Please check out our albums for pictures of Ace and Birdy, their pedigrees, as well as their genetic testing results. If you would like to secure a choice for a puppy in this upcoming litter, please email or call me today. We will plan the breeding only if we have deposits for this litter. I will accept four deposits on this upcoming litter.
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Jessica & Alfred's Wedding
4. Jessica & Alfred's Wedding  (February 18, 2017)

Congratulations Jessica & Alfred! Share in the joy of a very special day for the gorgeous bride Jessica and her handsome groom Alfred. All photos may be downloaded... just click on the small photo and then "right click" on the large photo to save it to your computer for posting or printing. May Jessica and Alfred be blessed with a life time of happiness, health, success and joy! Gary & Pierre Silva www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Victorian/Satanic imagery
5. Victorian/Satanic imagery 
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6. Graveyard 
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Creepy Basement dressing
7. Creepy Basement dressing 
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8. Knives 
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The ECOS Litter
9. The ECOS Litter 
Born 12-9-2016 In honor of the American Rat Terrier I have once again left a litter of puppies with tails and dewclaws ...... boy are they cute! The question is, "To dock or not to dock?" Introducing the ECOS Litter.  River 'the girl' 'has already been chosen by a great guy Bud Wheeler. He is an American Rat Terrier lover! Congratulations Bud! There are three beautiful boys still available - just ask Rosethorn Pinot Noir and daddy Rosethorn HiRoll'n Kandy Twist. UKC registered and offered for $800. Rosethorn Terriers proudly presents The ECOS Litter. Call me to talk about these "Just the way GOD made them puppies."
ENJOY!  Candace Drake 209-743-1664
P.S. In honor of Susan Mulligan of my NWShowgroup who had an epiphany about docking and shared it with me.
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Top 100 Most Difficult T205 Cards
10. Top 100 Most Difficult T205 Cards 
Top 100 Most Difficult T205 Cards
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Chris Roberts RD350
11. Chris Roberts RD350 
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Morton Var Boys B0ball vs Pekin
12. Morton Var Boys B0ball vs Pekin  (February 11, 2017)
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Morton Var Girls B-ball vs Washington
13. Morton Var Girls B-ball vs Washington  (February 10, 2017)
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Rust Creek linked map photos
14. Rust Creek linked map photos 
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15. 69pf 
Spring time Cruiser! 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 - 4 Spd! $24,900.00

Just in and ready to Cruise.....NICE 1969 Pontiac Firebird! 400 Engine, 4 Spd Trans, Power Steering, PB, 12 Bolt Posi.

NICE Red exterior paint with black vinyl top! Very clean detailed comfort weave interior / deluxe door panels!

Body, Floors and Trunk are all nice! Trim looks great as do the bumpers! Super clean clear glass on this car!

Car runs and drives great!! Nice sounding Flowmaster Exhaust! Very seldom see a car this nice priced at $24,900.00. Fly in and dry this car home....offered at $24,900.00. Ph 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
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