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1969 Pop Stars (Germany)
1. 1969 Pop Stars (Germany) 
This is a German set issued in 1969.  This set was issued in cello packs.  Some examples of the cellos are included in the gallery.  The set includes various actors, actresses and musicians.
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1962 - 1965 Valex Postcards
2. 1962 - 1965 Valex Postcards 
This is a set of 100 RPPCs made by Valex.  John Vale was a photographer in Blackpool, England.  He would take pictures of the performers traveling through Blackpool.  He created postcards, 5x7 photos and 8x11 photos.  Here are some of my items including a Beatles poster and unopened pack.  I am always interested in buying more images.
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1972 Hitmakers
3. 1972 Hitmakers 
This set is comprised of two series.  The first series was issued in 1972.  There are 36 cards in the first series.  They are numbered 1 through 36.  They were issued in 18 card rack packs.  Below, I have scans of the first series issues in 1972 and 2 rack packs from the 1972 set.  In addition, I have scans of six cards from the second series.  The second series was made in 1974/75.  However, it appears that the second series was never released in any form other than a possible test release.  If anybody has 2nd series cards, please let me know.
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1959 Nu Cards Rock & Roll
4. 1959 Nu Cards Rock & Roll 
In 1959, these exhibit sized cards were issued depicting the music stars of the day.  This same company issued a set of western movie stars.  The scans show each of the cards in the set, a complete cello box and some graded cards that I have added to the set.
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1965 A&BC Rolling Stones (extras)
5. 1965 A&BC Rolling Stones (extras) 
I have built three sets over the years.  I sold one set and still have two remaining.  These cards are some extras that I have accumulated.
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1965 A&BC Rolling Stones (set #2)
6. 1965 A&BC Rolling Stones (set #2) 
This is an extra set that I have accumulated over the years.
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1965 A&BC Rolling Stones
7. 1965 A&BC Rolling Stones 
This is a 40 card set of the Rolling Stones that was issued in the United Kingdom in 1965. A&BC tried to duplicate the success of its Beatles cards issued in 1964 and 1965.  However, the set did not achieve the same success and the production was limited.
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1957 Topps Hit Stars
8. 1957 Topps Hit Stars 
This is a classic set showcasing the various musicians and actors/actresses of the day.  There are 62 musician cards and 26 actor/actress cards.  A mystery to me is what happened to the 11 unreleased actor/actress cards.  On the back of the actor/actress cards, it says there were 37 actor/actress cards in the set but only 26 were issued.
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Morton Var. Girls Basketball vs Chatham
9. Morton Var. Girls Basketball vs Chatham  (November 24, 2014)
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Rosethorn Like a Charm
10. Rosethorn Like a Charm 
We simply call her Charm, and charming is what she is. Charm is the mother of ROSETHORN CHARM'N Z ALMIGHTY. Z just won his second major win and is on his way to becoming Rosethorn Terriers first AKC CHAMPION. I have repeated the breeding for her litter this year which were born 11/23/14. Stay tuned to meet THE ECLIPSE LITTER. Charm is a classic tri-color piebald and is standard size at 15 in. tall and 21 lbs. In addition to her  sweet nature and easy going temperament, Charm is extremely athletic.  She can and does jump up and do back flips off her kennel wall, people she loves, and when she is just jumping for joy.  Charm is a daughter of Call Me Walk'n on Water. She has all his beauty and wonderful qualities. I intend to compete her in agility in the future so stay tuned for the further adventures of 'Charm".
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Rosethorn Hans Zolo
11. Rosethorn Hans Zolo 
Proud to introduce Rosethorn Hans Zolo, son of Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun, and grand-son of Champion Bruce All Mighty.  Zolo is AKC/UKC registered and is a extremely handsome blue tri-color tuxedo.  He has all the zest and vigor of the Rosethorn Terriers line of Rat Terriers.  Hans Zolo is extremely out going and confident.  He is super athletic and a happy boy.  Say hello to Hans Zolo standing at stud here at Rosethorn Rat Terriers. PLL clear of course. Stud fee is currently $400. We are excited about his first breeding with Rosethorn Like a Charm. Can't wait!! 209-743-1664
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Rat Terriers in past history
12. Rat Terriers in past history 
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StoneyBrooks IB Lady Godiva
13. StoneyBrooks IB Lady Godiva  (March 16, 2014)
Too young for Health Tests
Chocolate & White Tri Tuxedo
Bite: Scissor
Ears: Errect

Owned and Loved by: Miss Olivia Pike
Bred and Co-Owned By: Dorothy Baker
(Breeder Of Merit)

This Puppy is owned and loved by a very experienced young junior handler named Olivia Pike.  She has been raised around dogs her whole life and has more knowledge and common sense than most adults I know.  She is doing an outstanding job with this puppy and we could not have asked for a better home.  Watch for this upcoming young lady in the show rings:)))
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Paradise Valley Lucky Penny
14. Paradise Valley Lucky Penny  (November 23, 2014)
Date of birth: July 28, 2014
Sire: Glasgowhill's Secret Service
Dam: Paradise Valley Millie
Owners: The Thompson Family

Penny is the perfect addition to our family! She is kind and patient and loves the kids. She is absolutely beautiful and loves to play. Penny's complete devotion to our family is very comforting. She goes EVERYWHERE with the kids. She's easy to train and wants to please. We couldn't ask for a better family companion.
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15. Posters 
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