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1. Cars 
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2. Storm 
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3. conveyor 
This is an album of the build up for a wood conveyor. Bought the conveyor itself from a Kmart that was going out of business. I want to use it to make loading and unloading a little easier. Want to put some other features into it that will make it more versatile to use it for more things too so here we go!
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4. 71vette  (Photos taken 3-24-2015)
Please see www.hermansclassics.com for video and info! Call for details 606-878-5839.
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<h2>CH 'PR' KnD's On A Summer Breeze

CH 'PR' KnD's On A Summer Breeze  
Please meet Mariah. Her D.O.B. is 8/10/2008. She is a white black and tan piebald pattern and ticking.

Mariha has shown in the puppy class and she did have fun..she and I both truly enjoyed it together. Keep your eye on her. We think she will do great in the ring. She is out going and assertive not shy about anything. She expects everyone to look at her because she thinks that "after all ..they did come to see me didn't they?"..lol

She has a fun mischievous spirit about her that shines.. giving her that special something that is hard to put your finger on but is there none the less.
She has mom wrapped around her little paw.

Mariah is one year old now. She has had a 1 year hip xray, her patellas and cardiac checked by our vet. All are normal. We are currently awaiting to send her patella and cardiac froms into OFA when we have had 5 dogs in total checked to send in together. At the age of 2 she can be OFA certified for her hips and at that time she will also be certified for LCP and elbow dysplasia.

She is 3 now. She has had her hips x-rayed. The vet gave us the go ahead and we are waiting for a few more to get the kennels rate.

'PR' KnD's On A Summer Breeze
HIPS2 Years Of Age
ELBOWS2 Years Of Age
LCP2 Years Of Age

3776 Visits
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Seegmillers All The Right Bones
6. Seegmillers All The Right Bones  (BONES)
Bones is a rare bird, how I love his sweet demeanor and loyalty.  He is one that ads size along with super short hair coat and the lovely piebald red sable and white.  

Superb hunt drive for just about any type of prey whether it be large or small game.  He has a tight muscle, thick bone and that beautiful head!!!  I really love this boy he represents so much and is part of our future.

Heart & Patella Normal
Breeder K Seegmiller
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2009 Bolivian Amarali Pair
7. 2009 Bolivian Amarali Pair   (March 25, 2015)
2009 Bolivian Boa constrictor amarali Pair. This pair has something special going on. They both have RED eyes and have RED coming up their bellies and on their side medallions. This pair is priced at $1200.00 plus shipping. I am selling these as a pair and prefer not to split them up. Stunning and in perfect health. I can be reached via email animalia.today@gmail.com
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Douglas DC-7 (A - C)
8. Douglas DC-7 (A - C)  (December 17, 2002)
Airline and airport issued postcards of the Douglas DC-7 (Airlines A through C)
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9. NEW FREQUENCY  (March 21, 2015)
It was great seeing New Frequency at the Wild Horse Pass Casino Saturday night.  They had the dance floor packed all night!  Be sure to follow them on Facebook!
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2013 Bolivian amarali
10. 2013 Bolivian amarali   (March 24, 2015)
2013 ♀ Bolivian Boa constrictor amarali available for sale . I can be reached via email animalia.today@gmail.com
39 Visits
9 Images
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2012 Hog Island Boa
11. 2012 Hog Island Boa   (March 24, 2015)
This holdback 2012 pair of Hog Island boas is available for $600.00 plus shipping. I can be reached at animalia.today@gmail.com
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Rolex (ish;)
12. Rolex (ish;) 
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13. KUMBIA KINGS ALL STARZ  (March 21,2015)
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 Maize  X Parker
14. Maize  X Parker  (November 13, 2014)
Maize is a pearl sable fem about 13 lbs ....

Will be a first time mom...

Parker is a chlt tri male at 10 lbs ..

 Puppies will be PLL Clear, UKCI & AKC registered...

 Possibly for a June litter..
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Gun and Clips
15. Gun and Clips 
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