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April 2016, Unlimited Digital
1. April 2016, Unlimited Digital  (04/21/2016)
22 Visits
6 Images
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April 2016, Intermediate Digital
2. April 2016, Intermediate Digital  (04/21/2016)
10 Visits
6 Images
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April 2016, Novice Digital
3. April 2016, Novice Digital  (04/21/2016)
10 Visits
12 Images
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Mason Park - for graveyard or woods
4. Mason Park - for graveyard or woods 
10500 Mason Ave,
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Checking avail.
Short move from Bank.
12 Visits
51 Images
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Alley Behind Cheetahs
5. Alley Behind Cheetahs 
11 Visits
24 Images
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Avenue Six Studios
6. Avenue Six Studios 
7900 Haskell avenue
Van Nuys, California 91406
2nd hold behind all week, but different productions have those 1st holds.
5 Visits
186 Images
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Alleys near Woodland Hills Bank
7. Alleys near Woodland Hills Bank 
Short move, no alleys right next to bank.
Exact locations indicated in images and notes.
8 Visits
117 Images
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Central City Stages
8. Central City Stages 
20932 Osborn Street
​Canoga Park, CA  91304
(310) 295-7751
Contact: Marguerite Lliteras
2nd hold behind a soft hold.
Some images are file images, due to filming on stages today.
5 Visits
64 Images
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The Greased Light'n Litter
9. The Greased Light'n Litter 
Born April 13, 2016 Rosethorn Terriers is proud to present The GREASED LIGHT'N Litter. Ch. Rosethorn Almighty Shogun is the father and Rachel Ray is the oh so happy mother of nine. Say hello to the five handsome boys THUNDERHILL, DAYTONA, CHUCKWALLA, TALLADEGA, and POCONO - and the four beautiful girls HEARTLAND, MEADOWDALE, NOLA, and SEBRING. These puppies are double registered UKC/AKC and of course PLL clear. The GREASED LIGHT'N Litter are $1000. A $250 deposit will reserve your choice until they are ready to go home with you on June 8th, 2016. Call 209-743-1664 to talk about these lovely Rosethorn Rat Terrier babies.  Enjoy!
117 Visits
43 Images
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MS Walk 2016
10. MS Walk 2016   (April 24, 2016)
Images by NakeshiaRenee.com
18 Visits
14 Images
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Morton Varsity Girls Soccer vs Pekin
11. Morton Varsity Girls Soccer vs Pekin  (April 19,  2016)
15 Visits
20 Images
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12. "Stitch"  (April 23, 2016)
This is our girl out of the last breeding of "Bosco" to "Sabo" and both are now neutered and spayed. I have very high hopes for this girl. If you would like to see her puppy pictures so the the link for the Ohana Litter. Then click on her link, she is a very nice Chocolate female with lots possibility. Now that I am healing a bit I am hoping to start showing her in June. Both her parents are tested and come from very nice blood lines. With Bosco being number four for producing working dogs and her mom coming from the King Pen lines. Keep watching for updates on this girl!!
40 Visits
4 Images
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Puppies in group pictures together
13. Puppies in group pictures together  (April 23, 2016)
This album has and will have as they grow pictures of the pups playing together, having fun and sleeping together after a long day. These first ones and the first 24 hours of there lives.
23 Visits
22 Images
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Blue Tri Female
14. Blue Tri Female  (April 23, 2016)
This is my favorite little girl right now I love her markings. She is such a sweetie and very active as well. Made picture taking very hard to do:) She was born last at 7:17 pm on April 19, 2016. She is on Breeder HOLD for now. Excited to see how she grows.
27 Visits
22 Images
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Blue Tri Male
15. Blue Tri Male  (April 23, 2016)
This is the only male with the coloring like his mom. He has more white then the other boys. He is a good size boy and very strong and moves around a lot. He has a really neat blue pattern across his back and sides. Come back and watch this baby grow.
21 Visits
18 Images
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