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Fall Splendor 2015
1. Fall Splendor 2015  (Fall 2015)
UPDATED: - Oct. 9th
This is my 15th annual fall colour album. Today I was fortunate enough to capture a wonderful scene to start this years album. You will have to enlarge the photos (by clicking on them) to be able to read the story.
More photos will follow as the colour begins. Later this month we are taking a trip to the Adirondack Mtns. hoping to see alot of Mother's Nature's art work there.
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NCS vs Shorecrest
2. NCS vs Shorecrest  (October 8, 2015)
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UHF 6-Bay Bowtie with VDAR
3. UHF 6-Bay Bowtie with VDAR  (29 Sep 2015)
UHF Vertical Free-Form 6-Bay Bowtie (FF6) with Variable Double Angle Reflector (VDAR) Analyzed using 4nec2.

Two versions are analyzed, with only minor differences between them:

a) FF6 (all 19 Variables Searched for Optimum) with Variable Double Angled Reflector (VDAR) (60"Hx36"W)

UHF = 15.0 to 16.4 to 16.0 to 17.0 dBi, F/B & F/R Ratio Min = 15.2 dB and SWR (300-ohms) Under 1.7.
Hi-VHF Raw Gain = 9.1 to 8.0 dBi, F/B & F/R Ratio Min = 14.1 dB and SWR (300-ohms) = 17 to 13 is Excessive.

b) One-Half of Separately Optimized Horiz-Stack 2xFF6's each with VDAR (60"Hx36"W).

UHF Raw Gain = 14.7 to 16.7 to 16.3 to 16.8 dBi, F/B & F/R Ratio Min = 16 dB and SWR (300-ohms) Under 1.7.
Hi-VHF Raw Gain = 10.1 to 8.4 dBi, F/B & F/R Ratio Min = 15.4 dB and SWR (300-ohms) = 5.6 to 16.2 to 14.0
is Excessive.
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2m Stick Vertical Dipole
4. 2m Stick Vertical Dipole  (8 Oct 2015)
2-meter Stick Vertical Dipole analyzed using 4nec2.

Raw Gain = 2.05 to 2.13 to 2.22 dBi and SWR (300-ohms) Under 1.44 at 145 MHz
and Under 2.0 from 141 to 150 MHz.

Vertically Polarized Antenna with True OMNI-Directional Response and
minimal Response to Horizontally Polarized signals.

True OMNI, RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarization) = LHCP (Left Hand Circular
Polarization), so no suppression of Multipath Reflections.
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Surface Water on Mars 2000-2004
5. Surface Water on Mars 2000-2004  (October 17, 2003)
At the time the original Surface Water on Mars was first posted on Imageevent ( March 2000)  the idea that there might be flowing water on the surface of Mars was considered by most scientists to be a ludicrous idea and quite impossible.  Mars was viewed as a dusty, red, desolate, dry and barren planet.  The possibility of current surface water or life seemed very remote.  New discoveries have been made about Mars since then and there may soon be official confirmation of what I believe I discovered in the Mars images over 15 years ago; namely flowing water on the surface of Mars.
Added May 6 2015:  There are now reports of water currently flowing on the Martian surface!  See article at link:   FLOWING WATER ON MARS
Well...Finally!  On Monday September 28 2915 NASA definitively confirmed  the existence of current surface water on Mars.  What NASA finally confirmed was known by a hand full of independent Mars researchers for over 15 years.  I suspect NASA has known for a long time that there is water flowing on the Martian surface, it has taken them a long time to make their information public.  I believe they are still keeping secret the existence of artificial structures on Mars, past intelligent life and possibly current intelligent life.  How long until the public is fully informed?
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2015 Reunion
6. 2015 Reunion  (September 24-27 2015)
Photos courtesy of John Gandiello
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FM Vertical Stick Dipole
7. FM Vertical Stick Dipole  (21 Jan 2015)
FM Vertical Stick Dipole analyzed using 4nec2 after adjust Length for "best fit" of SWR across the FM Band.
For HICT (Half-Inch Copper Tubing, actually O.D. = 0.569-in), Optimum Overall Length = 57.4-in.

Since Antenna Pattern is a Low-Gain Omni, 75-ohm Coax can be connected DIRECTLY to Center Feedpoint,
eliminating any Loss in a 1:1 Balun, with minimal Common Mode Current impact on the Antenna Pattern
(as expected in High-Gain Yagi's).

Response to RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarization) is the same as for LHCP (Left Hand Circular Polarization)
signals, so there is no suppression of Multipath Reflections.  [Most Reflections reverse Handedness.]
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El Salvador Boa constrictor imperator
8. El Salvador Boa constrictor imperator   (October 7, 2015)
This 1.3 group is a Pure El Salvadorian treasure. All of the group is het for blood and one of the girls is a genetic visual Pattern less.
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9. UKC CH. RAT TIME'S TOOBEE BLUE @ AA  (04/13/07)
**** Blue is now retired from the breeding world, he has served AdamsAcres well and we will be pursuing more fun events to compete in. I have kept a few of his daughters here so his legacy will live on. ***
This album is dedicated to my first "exceptional" Rat Terrier. A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Jason of RatTime Kennels in Kansas City.
17.5" 23lbs
Standard, Male
Blue Calico w/White

RAT-PA171/16M/P-PI PATELLA Dec 27 2004 16 NORMAL
RAT-123F31M-PI HIPS Mar 30 2006 31 FAIR
RAT-EL62M31-PI ELBOW Mar 30 2006 31 NORMAL
RAT-CA136/31M/P-PI CARDIAC Apr 27 2006 31 NORMAL
CHIC #31213
SIRE: Boman's Lucky
DAM: LarMon's I'm Zoe Blessed @ RTK

***WARNING*** The last 3 pictures of the album are of Blue and a gopher kill...not for the squeamish.
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Pictures from Weekend 9/2-9/4
10. Pictures from Weekend 9/2-9/4  (9/2-9/4/2015)
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UHF Grey-Hoverman Quasi-Omni - nikiml
11. UHF Grey-Hoverman Quasi-Omni - nikiml  (21 Oct 2014)
UHF Grey-Hoverman Quasi-Omni, 4nec2 file Optimized by nikiml.
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West Langtry, TX
12. West Langtry, TX  (10/2/15)
DOB: 9/1/15
Lee Abbott stock from animals he collected in the late 90's.

************MALES will be sold with the purchase of a female.
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Bill & Dawn Puppies 2015
13. Bill & Dawn Puppies 2015  (October 5, 2015)
Born on Fri September 25, 2015

We have 2 male & 3 female picks available. Serious inquiries only to: carmetafrench@gmail.com
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Ukranian Institute
14. Ukranian Institute  (August 26, 2015)
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Mustang Invitational
15. Mustang Invitational  (october 2, 2015)
Friday's games
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