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Purim 2015
1. Purim 2015 

פורים בגשר הזיו

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UHF 2-Bay SOLID Triangles - Var RR's
2. UHF 2-Bay SOLID Triangles - Var RR's  (4 Mar 2015)
UHF 2-Bay SOLID Triangles (and Other Shapes) with Various Reflector Rods analyzed using 4nec2
after determining dimensions using nikiml's Python Optimization Scripts.

Several versions were analyzed: SOLID Triangles, SOLID FAT Triangles and SOLID Hexagon with
Optimized (PENNANT) Shape.

a) SOLID Triangles:

b) SOLID FAT Triangles:

c) SOLID Hexagon with Optimized (PENNANT) Shape:
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Ed's Model A Pickup
3. Ed's Model A Pickup 
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4. Yorkies  (3/5/15)
Have boys and girls , boys are $350 girls are $400.
They are up to date on shots and have them wormed
CKC reg. small but not tiny.
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The Walkabout Litter
5. The Walkabout Litter 
We here at Rosethorn Terriers believe that it's important to give back to the world. We want to thank CalVal Rosethorn Lilo for this final phenomenal litter. Rosethorn Justa Romeo in Chrome is stamping his babies with a 'look'.  We are 'all about' the simple treasures and simple pleasures of life. We hold our Rat Terriers in this same esteem.  I am in love with this empathetic and devoted breed and am blessed to have them share their lives and love with me. In respect of this amazing breed, I introduce THE WALKABOUT LITTER.  Born 2-20-15, one boy and three girls all lovely.  Rosethorn Terriers is honored to present JASPER, CRYSTAL, QUARTZ, and OBSIDIAN.  Call 209-743-1664 to reserve your simple treasure.
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Täältä löydät tietoja tulevista pentueistamme.

Kaikki jalostukseen käytettävät koiramme ovat terveystarkastettuja
silmien, polvien ja sydämen osalta, PLL normaali ja koirilla on  
MyDog DNA passi.

Näet koiriemme omista kansioista lisätietoja koiristamme, terveystulokset, sukutaulut sekä kuvia pikkupennusta aina aikuisuuteen asti.

Jos kiinnostuit tulevista pentueista, ota yhteyttä kennel.nudus@gmail.com ja kerro itsestäsi ja perheestäsi, niin sovimme tapaamisen.
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7. Lilo 
Cal Val Rosethorn Lilo.  Lilo was a welcome addition to Rosethorn in 2012.  Lilo is a Cal Val bred dog and is delightful. She is quiet and calm.  Lilo is always sweet and easy going. Lilo is a team player and gets along well with all the animals here. She passes on her great temperament to her pups. Presenting "Lilo".
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8. Gretchen 
Catch Me Cal Val Saving Grace is mother to "The KEYS Litter". She has contributed to our current Rosethorn Terries line and we just and to say. 'Thank you Gretchen' for producing Rosethorn Hans Zolo with my amazing Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun. Zolo has joined the studs here at Rosethorn.  Gretchen is a snuggle bunny.  A very smart girl, and a great mother. Gretchen can be counted on to be the first one in the door after a good run. Her favorite place in winter is cuddled up in front of the woodstove. She likes to tuck herself up against you so your arm is around her. No lack of love from this little girl. Gretchen is an awesome representative of the Rat Terrier Breed.
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The Keys Litter
9. The Keys Litter 
Welcome to the world Ebony and Ivory, born 2-20-2015.  My oh so handsome Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow has fathered a litter of two boys with Catch Me CalVal Saving Grace aka Gretchen. The boys, EBONY and IVORY are black and white bi-color, like their handsome father. I had requests this last year for a pup with a full tail.  Although it is not the standard of the breed currently, I chose to leave Ebony with a full tail and just removed his dewclaws. Ivory has had tail and dew claws done.  The 'KEYS' boys available for $500 are UKC registered . A deposit will hold EBONY or IVORY until they are ready to go home at 8 weeks. 209-743-1664 or rosethornterriers@hotmail.com  to talk about these new Rosethorn Rat Terrier babies. PLL clear of course. Enjoy!!
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Sands Full Speed Ahead
10. Sands Full Speed Ahead  (January 4, 2014)

URO1 CH Sands Full Speed Ahead aka Jiggs

Tan sable/white near blanket back Standard Rat Terrier

PLL Clear by parentage

OFA - Patellas/Cardiac

  • BORN JUNE 7, 2010
  • URO1 Title on August 14, 2011; with scores of 91-92-93
  • UKC Championship at the FLAEDA show, July 20, 2013; under breeder-judge Barbie Trammell.

Our foundation male; CH URO 1 Sands Full Speed Ahead, aka Jiggs; was our lovely introduction to the breed and is a deciding factor for us to stay in it. Our thanks go out to Lisa Sands of Southern Sands Rat Terriers who gave us the opportunity to begin our adventure in this breed; with such a lovely example. To check out her vision; go to her website; Southern Sands Kennels.

We neutered Jiggs shortly after his litter with Misty. He had given us two beautiful litters and we saw no need in the future to use him again. He is retired to being the excellent travel companion he has always been, guardian to his ladies and devoted pet to his boy, Mitchell.

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Morton Soph Boys B-ball vs Washington
11. Morton Soph Boys B-ball vs Washington  (February 27, 2015)
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The ROMANCE litter
12. The ROMANCE litter 
We are falling in love... with the ROMANCE LITTER. This is a first litter for two of our lovely Rat Terriers. Daddy "Rosethorn Just a Romeo in Chrome" and his lovely lady "Rosethorn Truffles Sweet Delight" have given us an exceptional litter of 5 new Rosethorn Rat Terrier babies. One very handsome boy CASANOVA, a black and white bi-color tuxedo. He is simply stunning! Four charming and delightful little princesses. BLING, a pearl and white bi-color piebald, VALENTINE, a deep dark chocolate tuxedo bi-color,  JULIET, a chocolate tri-color piebald, and CAMEO (reserved) a pearl tri-color piebald.  Born on Valentines Day and PLL clear of course. You can reserve your special heart throb with a deposit until they can go home with you at 8 weeks. The ROMANCE Litter are offered for $700.  Call 209-743-1664 or email rosethornterriers@hotmail.com to reserve your new "love of your life". Enjoy!!
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February 2015 Unlimited Color Prints
13. February 2015 Unlimited Color Prints 
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February 2015 Novice Color Prints
14. February 2015 Novice Color Prints 
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February 2015 Unlimited Monochrome Print
15. February 2015 Unlimited Monochrome Print 
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