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1. 66azteccon 
Please see www.hermansclassics.com for full details or Phone 606-521-4156.
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Suzie's AVAILABLE pups
2. Suzie's AVAILABLE pups 
We have two boys available from Suzie's litter.
AKC reg., Champion sired
Email: ramirezbullterriers@gmail.com
Call/Text: 913.406.8346
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1959 Maple Leaf Gum Film and Pop Cards
3. 1959 Maple Leaf Gum Film and Pop Cards 
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JMSxL 15-3
4. JMSxL 15-3 
Shy Girl x Lucian.
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2015 Spinnerblast Female $250
5. 2015 Spinnerblast Female $250 
Pastel Spider Pinstripe.
Hatch date 10/16/2015.
Eating frozen thawed rats or mice.
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2015 Sugar Lemonblast(PARADOX) Male $400
6. 2015 Sugar Lemonblast(PARADOX) Male $400 
Sugar Pastel Pinstripe PARADOX.
Hatch date 6/30/2015.
Eating frozen thawed rats or mice.
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2015 Pastel Lesser Female $250
7. 2015 Pastel Lesser Female $250 
Hatch date 7/20/2015.
Eating frozen thawed rats or mice.
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1962 Sweden Filmstar "CA" set
8. 1962 Sweden Filmstar "CA" set 
Missing cards 1-10 and 161-170.
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pictures of equipment ironmartonline.com
9. pictures of equipment ironmartonline.com  (May 20th 2016)
all of these pictures are owned by ironmartonline.com taken by Jay Trevorrow
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Stone Pony Farm Axel
10. Stone Pony Farm Axel   (May 22, 2016)
Standard Rat Terrier
15" Tall
22 #

Axel is a very hard, sturdy dog with tight muscling, erect ear set, a great hard topline, and strong temperament.  With great pedigree lines behind him, we expect he will add these traits to our upcoming litter from Scorch. Axel shares some of these same pedigree lines with our girl Texana.  

Axel is owned by the Pettyjohn's of Stone Pony Farm in Texas.  We are grateful that we were allowed to use Axel in our breeding program.  

Axel is currently in the process of being AKC registered and OFA tested.
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Scorch & Axel
11. Scorch & Axel   (May 22, 2016)
Rat Terriers - Litter due mid-June 2016.

Sire:   Stone Pony Farm Axel
Dam:   KnD's Start the Fire "Scorch"

We expect Standard to small Standard puppies.  
With Scorch being a Mini, this breeding was done to add leg length, bone and muscle, and to generally increase the size in pups.  We feel that Axel, with his hard muscling, strong back and topline will contribute to the overall sturdiness of these pups, creating a more vigorous and "salty" little Rat Terrier.  

See more of the Sire and Dam on their own page of this site.
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Garden 2016
12. Garden 2016 
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May 2016, Unlimited Digital
13. May 2016, Unlimited Digital  (05/19/2016)
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May 2016, Intermediate Digital
14. May 2016, Intermediate Digital  (05/19/2016)
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May 2016,Novice Digital
15. May 2016,Novice Digital  (05/19/2016)
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