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Michele & Thomas's Wedding
1. Michele & Thomas's Wedding  (Sunday, August 2, 2015)

Congratulations Michele & Thomas! The happy couple invite you to share in the joy of their wedding day. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge and you may "right click" to download images from the larger photo size. May Michele and Thomas' marriage be blessed with happiness, love, good health and joy. All my best... Gary Silva http://silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Jenna and Jason's Wedding
2. Jenna and Jason's Wedding  (Saturday, July 25, 2015)

Congratulations Jenna & Jason!!! On a glorious day in Malibu the beyond beautiful Jenna said "I Do" to her handsome groom, Jason. They invite you to join in the joy, love, romance and fun of their wedding day! All photos are "right click" downloadable and to make prints click on the thumbnail and download the photo from its original size. Be sure to sign the guestbook located at the bottom left corner of the homepage. May Jenna & Jason be blessed with happiness, joy, health, fun and prosperity! The Silvas http://silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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3. Murphy  (August 1, 2015)
Carolyn & Steven Murphy Wedding at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park
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Lauren & Johnny's Wedding
4. Lauren & Johnny's Wedding  (September 20, 2014)

CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN & JOHNNY!!! The gorgeous bride, Lauren, and her handsome groom, Johnny, invite you to join in the love and joy of their spectacular wedding day at the Steve McQueen Ranch. All photos are downloadable... click thumbnail to enlarge and "right click" on the larger image to "save as" to your computer. To make a print choose "original" size below the image. May Lauren & Johnny share a lifetime of love, joy, happiness, health, adventure and prosperity!!! All our best... Pierre & Gary Silva     www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Jessica & Hector's Wedding
5. Jessica & Hector's Wedding  (September 12, 2014)

Congratulations Jessica and Hector! The beautiful bride, Jessica, and her handsome groom, Hector, invite you to share in the joy and love of their wedding day. All photos may be downloaded. Click on the small image to enlarge and "right click" on the image. If you'd like a larger file for a print, select "original" under the photo. May Jessica and Hector be blessed with a lifetime of love, joy, health, happiness and prosperity. Pierre & Gary Silva www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Lori and Chris
6. Lori and Chris  (8/2/2014)
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7. Wedding  (August 2, 2014)
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Kayla and Corey's Wedding
8. Kayla and Corey's Wedding  (Saturday, June 21, 2014)
Welcome to Kayla and Corey's Online Wedding Photo Album.  The happy couple invite you to join in the joy of their wedding day... the beautiful bride, Kayla, and her handsome groom, Corey.  All images can be downloaded...click small image to enlarge, right click large image and select "save image as".  May Kayla and Corey have a lifetime of love, happiness, joy, prosperity and health!!!!  Pierre & Gary Silva
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Kristi and Aaron's Wedding
9. Kristi and Aaron's Wedding  (June 14, 2014)

CONGRATULATIONS KRISTI & AARON!!! The happy couple invite you to share in the joy and love of their wedding day. The gorgeous bride, Kristi, and her handsome groom, Aaron, radiated love and happiness on the beautiful Camarillo day they exchanged their vows. All images are downloadable...click to enlarge the small image and right click on the larger image to download. If you would like a larger image for a print select "original size" under the large image. May Kristi and Aaron be blessed with a lifetime of love, happiness, health, prosperity and joy. All our best... Gary & Pierre Silva   www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Kadie & Evan's Wedding
10. Kadie & Evan's Wedding  (June 6, 2014)

Congratulations Kadie & Evan!!! It could not have been a more perfect wedding day for the beautiful bride, Kadie, and her dashing groom, Evan. Enjoy the joy, beauty and fun of their perfect day with their wedding photos. Please sign the "guestbook" at the bottom of the page and you can download any photo... just click on the small image to enlarge it, choose "original" size if you want to make a print or just right click and download. May Kadie and Evan enjoy a lifetime of love, happiness, joy, health and prosperity!!! All our best... Gary & Pierre Silva www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Megan and Jonathan's Wedding
11. Megan and Jonathan's Wedding  (May 24, 2014)

Congratulations Megan and Jonathan!!! The happy couple invite you to enjoy the joy, happiness and beauty of their wedding day. Please be sure to sign the guest book that you'll find at the bottom, left corner of the homepage. All photos are downloadable.. click on the thumbnail to enlarge, choose original size and then right click to download. May Megan and Jonathan be blessed with happiness, health, prosperity and joy! Gary & Pierre Silva www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Suzy Cookies and Cakes
12. Suzy Cookies and Cakes  (May 23, 2014)
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Christine and Nick's Wedding
13. Christine and Nick's Wedding  (April 13, 2014)

Congratulations Christine & Nick!!! The happy couple invite you to share in the joy of their wedding on a glorious day with Christine, the beautiful and radiant bride, and her dashing groom, Nick. Please sign the guestbook located at the bottom, left corner of the home page. All photos are downloaded via a "right click." Click on the small image to get an enlargement and select the "original" size choice for a larger file... especially for printing. May Christine & Nick enjoy a lifetime of happiness, love, joy, success and health!!! Gary & Pierre Silva http://www.silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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Jack and Sherye Cook Wedding
14. Jack and Sherye Cook Wedding  (January 11, 2014)
We had a wonderful weekend attending Jack and Sherye Cook's wedding:  Friday's "rehearsal" meet-up was held at the Sanibel Harbor Marriott, drinks at the pool bar overlooking the harbor, and dinner at Lighthouse Restaurant just down the road. Saturday morning Steve and Kathy Shimp showed up with their fantastic 50' sportfishing boat, and cruised us all to Cabbage Key, about 1 1/2 hours away at Pine Island Sound. We checked into our rustic cabins and rooms, rested a little while, and attended the  beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony overlooking the harbor, just before sunset. Afterwards came snacks, drinks, and another fantastic dinner, with toasts and short speeches, and much love all around. Sunday morning we loaded back onto the Shimps' amazing boat, and enjoyed fellowship, beverages, dolphins, and other fun all the way back to Sanibel. An amazing set of events, to formally begin a happy marriage for Jack and Sherye. Here are various pictures taken by the lucky folks who were there, so we will always be able to remember this storybook beginning.
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15. apr 

Alison Martin & Paul Rowland   October 5, 2013

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