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Stone Pony Farm Axel
16. Stone Pony Farm Axel   (May 22, 2016)
Standard Rat Terrier
15" Tall
22 #

Axel is a very hard, sturdy dog with tight muscling, erect ear set, a great hard topline, and strong temperament.  With great pedigree lines behind him, we expect he will add these traits to our upcoming litter from Scorch. Axel shares some of these same pedigree lines with our girl Texana.  

Axel is owned by the Pettyjohn's of Stone Pony Farm in Texas.  We are grateful that we were allowed to use Axel in our breeding program.  

Axel is currently in the process of being AKC registered and OFA tested.
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Scorch & Axel
17. Scorch & Axel   (May 22, 2016)
Rat Terriers - Litter due mid-June 2016.

Sire:   Stone Pony Farm Axel
Dam:   KnD's Start the Fire "Scorch"

We expect Standard to small Standard puppies.  
With Scorch being a Mini, this breeding was done to add leg length, bone and muscle, and to generally increase the size in pups.  We feel that Axel, with his hard muscling, strong back and topline will contribute to the overall sturdiness of these pups, creating a more vigorous and "salty" little Rat Terrier.  

See more of the Sire and Dam on their own page of this site.
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Garden 2016
18. Garden 2016 
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May 2016, Unlimited Digital
19. May 2016, Unlimited Digital  (05/19/2016)
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May 2016, Intermediate Digital
20. May 2016, Intermediate Digital  (05/19/2016)
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May 2016,Novice Digital
21. May 2016,Novice Digital  (05/19/2016)
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Philippe Jaroussky Miscellaneous
22. Philippe Jaroussky Miscellaneous 
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Williams Center for the Arts
23. Williams Center for the Arts  (May  8, 2016, 3:00 PM)

Chamber Music Series - Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania

GREEN: Verlaine in Song

Philippe Jaroussky, countertenor

Jerome Ducros, piano

The lighting and size of the auditorium at the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, gives the illusion of intimacy between the artist and the audience. Whoever designed the small theatre paid great attention to the architecture of sound and acoustics. Resonation for both the piano and voice, whether a crescendo or the subtlety of expression in a pianissimos, can be felt with the nuance intended by the performing artist.

The performance of Green: Verlaine in Song was spellbinding and magical. Memorable moments were numerous but when I close my eyes to revisit the performance, I see and hear three moments very special for me. The first, the prelude to my second special favorite, is the Maestros' arrangement and performance of Leo Freere's Colloque Sentimental. The second is Claude Debussy's Suite Bergamasque: Clair de lune for piano. Consecutive placement of the two songs is a stroke of musical genius. My third transportment is the end of the second encore. The ne plus ultra, the soulful pianissimos expressed on the final note of Poldowski's, L’Heure exquise (‘La lune blanche’) is undeniably breathtaking.


The photos in the album are of the first encore only.

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Small projects
24. Small projects 
This is an album of little projects and fixes for problems that arise. Always try to come up with something that will last and will make things easier to do.
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Siempre Amanecer
25. Siempre Amanecer  (17 mayo 2016)
Siempre Amanecer es una institucion  que apoya a niƱos con habilidades diferentes, principalmente con sindrome Autismo, es conocido que el contacto con los animales es muy conveniente , como la equinoterapia, en esta ocasion veremos si la lobomarinoterapia, surte algun efecto positivo
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Rangers FC chamionship promotion
26. Rangers FC chamionship promotion   (5/4/2016)
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Turner's First Card Show
27. Turner's First Card Show 
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Elie and Tiny
28. Elie and Tiny 
Gorge Deckers' Tiny and Decker's Elie had a litter of seven puppies on April 12,2016. 5 males and 2 females. This is a 2nd time cross and will be Elie's final litter. Pups should be 27-35lbs at full maturity, and excellent hunters and family pets. please contact Robert at 54-490-9130.
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29. CARS16 
What a day...great weather! Thanks to all who came to the C.A.R.S. Pork in the Park Cruise In 2016. It was a great day with plenty of Cars, Trucks and Bikes! Our Community enjoy a free B B Q plate sponsored by Top Choice Premium Meats. The Kids had a great time on the Inflatables provided by R & R Inflatables. A sincere thank you to all who came....you make it happen. Special thanks to all our Sponsors!

Hope to see you July 9th, 2016 at the C.A.R.S. Drive & Dive In Cruise In.....FREE Fish Fry and Pool Party!
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Morton Varsity Baseball vs Washington
30. Morton Varsity Baseball vs Washington  (May 16, 2016)
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