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Albacore Comes Home
16. Albacore Comes Home  (May 1985)
This series of photographs shows the initial stages of moving Albacore from the Piscataqua River to its ultimate location in a dry basin alongside the NH Route 1 By-Pass.
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2014 Submarine History Day
17. 2014 Submarine History Day  (20 September 2014)
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Fly Around Body (FAB)
18. Fly Around Body (FAB) 
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Grace X Thor puppies
19. Grace X Thor puppies  (October 3, 2015)
Ch Moreno's Back 2 the Future X Ch Sundial By the Grace

Grace had 7 hairless puppies born in the early hours of September 20, 2015.
There are 3 males, One brindle, one Black/tan trindle and one blue.
There are 4 females, One black/tan, one blue brindle, and 2 blue probably will have tan points.

All puppies are "solids" with some white markings. Thor the sire is a black and tan piebald about 14 1/2 inches and 17 pounds. Grance the dam is a big girl, solid blue/tan 16 inches 25 pounds.
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Upcoming Breeding Plans: Penny & Ace
20. Upcoming Breeding Plans: Penny & Ace  (January 15, 2015)
We are quite giddy in our household about these breeding plans. This will be the first litter for both dogs and they are both Thompson family members.

Penny is a tri-factored sable and she is the sweetest dog on earth. She adores our family and goes with us wherever we go. Her mother is Paradise Valley Millie and her father is Glasgowhill's Secret Service. She has a full white collar and is heavily white-factored. She loves to be brushed and also enjoys playing ball. She learns tricks easily and is very motivated by treats and praise.  

Ace is a tri-factored sable merle. He came to us from Cook's Collie's in Kansas. Ace is my son's first dog of his very own. He and Nate are very close and Ace always wants to please him. Nate has trained him without difficulty and has learned the value of patience. Ace is very devoted to Nate and I know he would protect him if necessary. Ace has the potential to produce all six different collie coat colors in his litters when crossed with Penny and Millie. The color chart for this cross is below.

We currently have one sable or sable merle female reserved in this litter. I will not be accepting anymore deposits at this time.
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September 2015 Unlimited Color Prints
21. September 2015 Unlimited Color Prints 
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September 2015 Novice Color Prints
22. September 2015 Novice Color Prints 
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September 2015 Unlimited Monochrome Prin
23. September 2015 Unlimited Monochrome Prin 
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September2015Novice Monochrome Prints
24. September2015Novice Monochrome Prints 
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Fall Splendor 2015
25. Fall Splendor 2015  (Fall 2015)
This is my 15th annual fall colour album. Today I was fortunate enough to capture a wonderful scene to start this years album. You will have to enlarge the photos (by clicking on them) to be able to read the story.
More photos will follow as the colour begins. Later this month we are taking a trip to the Adirondack Mtns. hoping to see alot of Mother's Nature's art work there.
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2015 Submarine History Day
26. 2015 Submarine History Day  (September 19,2015)
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WWF / WWE Unnumbered Promo Photos
27. WWF / WWE Unnumbered Promo Photos 
This is my entire collection of World Wrestling Federation Unnumbered promo photos.

The WWF did not start to number promo photos until 1990, when the P-Series was born. They started to number Black & White promo photos in 1990, and then in 1992 proceeded to number Colour photos as well. From 1993, almost every WWF promo photo which was released contained a P-Number until 2008, when the P-Series ended.

The World Wrestling Federation released all of their Unnumbered Black & White promo photos in an 8x10 size, and all but a few of their Unnumbered Colour promo photos in an 8.5x11 size.

Please contact me at: perfecthitman@gmail.com if you have any ORIGINAL Unnumbered Promo Photos from 1984-1998 for sale or trade which I do not have.

***** These Promo Photos are NOT FOR SALE at any price. *****
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8th Graders On Computers
28. 8th Graders On Computers  (October 2015)
Working on their World Religions project for Bible.
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Indian Rocks Invitational
29. Indian Rocks Invitational  (October 1, 2015)
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2015 Morton Homecoming Pep Rally
30. 2015 Morton Homecoming Pep Rally  (October 1, 2015)
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