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Holiday litter @ 7 1/2 weeks
16. Holiday litter @ 7 1/2 weeks 
Stacking pix.
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Stacking pix @ 5 1/2 weeks
17. Stacking pix @ 5 1/2 weeks 
Silent Night litter (Ziva x Cowboy)
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ANH Senate Princess Leia
18. ANH Senate Princess Leia  (March 16, 2007)
This is my Princess Leia Version 4.  My first 3 were sold because I was not totally happy with the end result (size, fabric choices, etc).

Jet Set Poly from Joann.com - $2.79/yd at 10 Yards
Leather for Belt - $15 (enough for 4 belts though)
Aluminum Sheeting for belt plates - free
Buttons for belt plates - $0.50 each at 7 buttons
Snaps for Belt - appx $0.50 each at 4 snaps
Total Cost -$50 approximately

Jet Set Poly from Joann.com

Leia Belt Tutorial from Jedi-Academy

My poor attempt at how I made this dress
I made the dress without any commercial patterns since it's easy enough.

I laid out 9 yards of fabric double folded on itself (4 layers) and then folded it in half from neck to floor hem (so that the right and left sides would be mirrored).  

I then drew out the shape of the dress and sleeve.  I pinned all the layers together so there wouldn't be any shifting when I was cutting, and then cut it out.  

I then opened it all up, pinned the two really long layers together (NOT at the neck though - you need this open to turn the dress right-side out), and sewed all the edges.  

The dress was then turned right-side out through the neck opening, and the seams were ironed flat.

I then laid out the dress folding it along the top of the sleeves (so there wouldn't be any seams on the top of the dress) so the sides and floor hem matched up.  I then pinned it in place leaving the slits on the sides open and sewed it together.

The collar was easy, it was made as long as my neck is around (12.5"), and about 7" high, fodl the collar in half length-wise and sew the ends (short sides) shut.  Turn this right-side out and iron flat.

The 'hood' was made about 16" wide and 36" long.  I did a rolled hem along the long edges before sewing it to the dress.  
I then gathered the short ends to about 4" in length and sewed them in place along the edges (to keep the gathers from moving while sewing it to the dress).

I stay-stitched the edge of the neckline on the dress and then layered the dress, hood, and collar in place.  These were pinned and then sewn.

For the gathers in the front of the dress I used a smocking stitch to keep them in place.  These are hidden under the belt while the dress is worn.

EDIT: Version 4 of the dress.  The top and bottom sections have a waist seam because my arms are too long to use the fabric selvage edge to edge.
There is elastic sewn to the waist to give instant gathers, this is all hidden at the natural waist by the belt.  This version fits so much better than the old one.  The sleeves are finally long enough and the hem is at the perfect length after blousing the waist over the belt a little.

The belt was made using the Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy tutorial (see link above).
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Rachael Ray
19. Rachael Ray 
Proud to have 'PR' Rock-E Rachael Ray @ Rosethorn joining our beautiful ladies. 'PR' stands for purple ribbon bred which is 5 generations of UKC registered dogs in her pedigree. She is now double registered with the AKC. Rachael is full sister to Grand-Champion Rock-E Cal Val Guy Smiley and both are out of Grand Champion Rock-E-Hill Bella Mia. Father to Rachel is USR UFR GRCH King Pen's Oz Over thee Rainbow. Thank you Anita Culp for breeding this very nice girl who now has a permanent home with Rosethorn Terriers.  Rachael is one tough little dog.  She makes it her job to keep any wild animal intruders off the 5acres, and lets me know if people are coming down the lane. Rachael is intelligent, obedient and loyal.  Welcome to Rosethorn Terriers Rachael Ray.
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The Orchard
20. The Orchard  (Take the camera for a walk ...)
My name is Heinz and I moved in here mid January. I am a photographer and took my camera for a walk around 'The Orchard' complex shooting a few pictures here and there, porches, doors, exterior of windows, plantings, and various decorations offered to the observant eye.

When you click on a photo a larger version opens up, or you can select the slide show and it lets you wander through the complex one picture at a time.

I invite you to take the walk with me through the pictures I shot on February 25, 2015 shown here. If I captured something of yours, or merely something you like, you are free to download it. If you need a high resolution digital copy or prints leave a message here or contact me through the E-mail address below.

If you would like to improve your skills of taking photos, or photo editing let me know at:


we can work something out privately or through the Activities Director if sufficient interest justifies it.
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production stills
21. production stills  (March 19, 2007)
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23. Pelts 
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BBQ Grill and Smoker
24. BBQ Grill and Smoker 
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Beetle Art
25. Beetle Art 
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Gyno Tools
26. Gyno Tools 
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Gun Cabinets
27. Gun Cabinets 
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28. Guns 
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29. VALENTINE'S DANCE WITH RELENTE  (February 14, 2015)
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The NATM Litter (Rat Terriers)
30. The NATM Litter (Rat Terriers) 
Puppies may leave at eight weeks old beginning March 1.
This litter is PLL CLEAR by Parentage.
This litter is AKC and UKC registered.
Show/breeding and companion puppies available to approved homes. Contact Mrs. Ragan @ 865-856-0508 or email raganratters@yahoo.com
The litter theme is inspired by the movie, Night At The Museum (NATM), released in December 2014. The movie is about the magic that occurs at night, inside New York City's American Museum of Natural History, when artifacts come to life. The puppies' names are in honor of characters in the movie.

What is a Museum? A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary.
SIRE: CH Cal Val's Famous 4RobN Hearts (Bugsy)
DAM: Cruzin 2Raganrat 2Rock D Stage (Reba)
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