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Old High School Baseball Team Photo
16. Old High School Baseball Team Photo 
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Model Assembly Instructions
17. Model Assembly Instructions 
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Clyde 2014
18. Clyde 2014 
Popped down having seen a lot of work going and did my nosey.
Passing by every other day, curiosity got the better of me and when I saw all the tress getting chopped down, I was livid!
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2014 Prom
19. 2014 Prom  (April 12th, 2014)
At the St. Pete Yacht Club
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20. Favorite Wrestlers #15:Terry Funk 
This is a listing of my top 25 all-time favorite wrestlers as illustrated by yearly promotional photos that document their careers.
#15 Terry Funk. The man who invented hardcore wrestling with his wild brawling style, Funk entertained millions over 4 decades inside the ring. A former NWA Champion in the 1970's, he had memorable feuds with the Jerry Lawler, Junk Yard Dog, and Ric Flair in various promotions in the 1980's and helped the rise of ECW in the 1990's. Funny, menacing and profane all at the same time in his promos, he should be on the list of every wrestling fan's favorites.
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21. Favorite Wrestlers #14:Mr. Perfect 
This is a listing of my top 25 all-time favorite wrestlers as illustrated by yearly promotional photos that document their careers.
#14 Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig. Supremely gifted in the ring, Hennig was graced with unparalleled athleticism. A former AWA Champion and 2-time Intercontinental Champion, a back injury robbed wrestling fans of seeing him in the ring for several years, but in his prime he was perhaps the greatest "bumper" ever, and possessed one of the best standing drop kicks. His matches with Bret Hart were pro wrestling at its very zenith as an art form.
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22. Berry  
Rock-E-Hill CalVal Wild Berry - named after our local wild growing black berries.  Berry is quite the character.  When she is happy she actually has a little smile that she gives you. She is super smart, extra loving, and in our world extra-special. Berry is a black and tan tuxedo out of Grand-Champion Cal Val Li'l Mr. Big and Champion Rock-E-Hill Tara. Berry is a standard size at 15in and 20 lbs.
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23. Pictorials 
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metro zoo 2014
24. metro zoo 2014 
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south of the james 2014
25. south of the james 2014 
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26. 20140412 COC clan war 
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In a Relief & Appointment ceremony at Camp Pendleton, CA, on 3 April 2014, Sergeant Major Christopher R. Reed, USMC, of 1/1 (1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division) was relieved by Sergeant Major Chuong T. Nguyen, USMC.

These images begin just prior to the Pre-Parade concert by 1st Marine Division Band, with the Marines & Sailors of 1/1 forming off the parade deck awaiting Adjutant's Call.

The images of the ceremony are presented in the order of the Sequence of Events as shown in Frame # 12.
The passing of the NCO sword symbolizes the relief and appointment when the outgoing Sergeant Major surrenders the sword to the Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Lance Jackola, USMC,  who in turn delivers the sword to the new Sergeant Major.

For smaller images, select Medium or Large options at bottom of the photo.  Photos in the album may be saved/printed for personal use.  If used in a publication, credit: Photo by B.B. Yarborough.  Always save the enlarged image for best resolution.

To contact the photographer for questions or assistance, CLICK HERE
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1980 Chris Craft Scorpion
28. 1980 Chris Craft Scorpion  (April 11, 2014)
for sale on ebay
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29. Bizzy 
CH 'PR' King Pen Bizzy Body
PLL Clear
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The Easter Litter, Julep/GRCH Trooper
30. The Easter Litter, Julep/GRCH Trooper  (March 9, 20214)

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We're in southern California, east San Diego County

We are really excited about this litter and know that this pairing is going to produce some really fantastic puppies.  Julep is very strong on all counts, we're hoping that Trooper will widen her head a bit and shorten her nose. She's got a lovely topline and great angles, not to mention she's a super mover.  We're hoping for puppies that are about 13" and 14-15 pounds, there will be black bi and black tri.

Trooper and Julep have dispositions and temperament to write home about, he's nurturing, loyal, cuddly, sweet and loves everybody. They're both "sleep on top of you kinda dogs", can't get enough love, can't express enough either. She's adorable, with the fastest moving tail in our pack, her prey drive beats all, the sweetest vicious little killer you can imagine.

Our puppies are AKC and UKC registered, tails docked and dewclaws removed at 3 days of age. They are microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed age appropriate.

We expect a small litter, one female reserved, girls picks will be on hold until evaluations.

Please check out Trooper and Julep's individual albums for more info.

Easter theme names that should be really cute for these babies:

Jelly Bean

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