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1910 Sepia pc796
16. 1910 Sepia pc796  (April 23, 2017)
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Loudon One with Ashby Ponds
17. Loudon One with Ashby Ponds  (4/22/17)
Ashby Ponds Retirement community event at Loudoun One in Ashburn, Va.
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1888 n28 Complete set
18. 1888 n28 Complete set  (April 23, 2017)
1888 n28 Allen and Ginter complete set of 10 baseball players in Gd/Vg.
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1889 - 1915 Miscellaneous
19. 1889 - 1915 Miscellaneous  (April 23, 2017)
Single cards from the deadball era that do not belong in a set.
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GR CH 3bF Double Dog Dare Ya
20. GR CH 3bF Double Dog Dare Ya  (aka Annie -Miniature Size)

Rest in Peace

Annie (Antie Em) 

Color: Chocolate Sable

Sex: Female 
Variety: Miniature

Sire CH K2's Dangerous Outlaw of RWF
 Dam Salty Dogs Poseidon Kidd
 UKC Registered/AKC FSS 3 generation Registered
Resides at 3bF 

Health Testing





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2017 Victoria Regional
21. 2017 Victoria Regional  (April 17-23, 2017)
Photos taken for the Daily Bulletin of the 2017 Victoria Regional Bridge Tournament, held April 17-23 at the Victoria Conference Centre in downtown Victoria.
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Male Schipperke puppies!
22. Male Schipperke puppies! 
This folder contains our male schipperke puppies we currently have available.
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12 Images
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Female Schipperke puppies!
23. Female Schipperke puppies! 
These are our Female puppies we currently have available.
25 Visits
11 Images
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24. 1967wc 
Full details see www.hermansclassics.com.....Phone 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156
236 Visits
42 Images
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Jimi Hendrix cards
25. Jimi Hendrix cards 
26 Visits
44 Images
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Bob Dylan cards
26. Bob Dylan cards 
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Red Bull Air Race 2017
27. Red Bull Air Race 2017  (Appril 15-16, 2017)
This is an event for long lenses, you can see the vantage point where I am shooting from. Check the distance between the camera and the airplanes across the bay or all the way up to Petco park.

I have cropped all the pictures for level and background aesthetics. There are pictures that appear twice, "wide" crop and tight crop.

My first upload is very comprehensive and, as time permits, I will thin it out, but as a slide-show you can sit behind the computer or better yet TV and just let it scroll by. Sorry this program does not have sound in the background.
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260 Images
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California litter, Chevelle & Churchill
28. California litter, Chevelle & Churchill   (March 16, 2017)

This is a very exciting litter, a repeat breeding of "The Independence Day Litter", exceptional puppies, born on March 16, 2017, a culmination of our outstanding foundation dogs.

"PORSCHE" - 100% Fire Mountain
"TROOPER" - Sands' Kennels in Georgia, Lisa has contributed many years of breeding fine dogs
"GABBY" - Mill's breeding, one of the foundation kennels of this breed, still showing up in pedigrees today
"TURBO" - Companion Kennels, Washington state, the "Turn" line, developed by Susan Turner, years of the finest Rat Terriers, found in many modern dogs

Sire: AKC Grand Champion Wild Oak's Anson St. Church "Churchill"
Black Bi, 14 l/2" 18 pounds

Dam: Wild Oak's Kiss me Quick "Chevelle"
Black tri, 14" 18 pounds

All our dogs are PLL clear by parentage

Chevelle has one AKC major and points, we've decided to retire her from the show ring, she, like her mother, really doesn't like to show at all.

These puppies, like the litter before them, will be structurally sound, beautiful, brave, healthy with prey drive plus. Their temperaments are superb, their family members have incredible temperaments, WAY smart, loving, affectionate and loyal.

Puppy 1, male, black bi "Bishop"
Puppy 2, male, black bi "Aptos"
Puppy 3, female, black tri "Shasta" heading to Missouri with Rebecca Breining
Puppy 4, male, blue tri "Dublin"
Puppy 5, male black tri "Chico"

Weights   2 weeks    3 weeks    4 weeks

Bishop    1.56 lbs   1.84 lbs      2.36  
Aptos     1.13 lbs   2.30 lbs      2.97
Shasta    1.32 lbs   2.25 lbs      2.88
Dublin    1.20 lbs   1.98 lbs      2.56
Chico     1.56 lbs   2.60 lbs      3.30

You can see more pics regarding the parents and family in their albums

This litter, and all subsequent litters, will be dedicated to the memory of Gabby, our sweetheart angel dog. You left way too soon Gabbers, we had a lot of life to be lived together, RIP we love and miss you every day. Your joy, love and spirit lives on in your daughter Chevelle, she reminds us so much of you.

These are your grandchildren Gabby and they are beautiful, just like you.

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30. 55tw 
Please see www.hermansclassics.com for details.
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