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New England Westinghouse Mosin Nagant
16. New England Westinghouse Mosin Nagant  (February 27, 2017)
This is a Russian Mosin Nagant M91 rifle, manufactured in the United States by New England Westinghouse in Chicopee Falls, MA.  It was made for the Russians during WWI as they suffered a shortage of firearms. This particular rifle was probably made in the last week of production in the first half of 1918.  All New England Westinghouse Mosin Nagants are marked 1915 on the receiver, regardless of the year of actual manufacture.  New England Westinghouse is, or was,  directly related to the same Westinghouse that made toasters, tv's, blenders, etc.  

After the Russian Czar lost power, the subsequent powers defaulted on the contract after accepting only a limited number of the contracted rifles. This left Westinghouse in a financial predicament. The U.S. government stepped in and purchased the remaining rifles and (I believe) 200,000 more as yet built rifles.  The rifles the U.S. acquired came to be known as the "surcharge" rifles.

The Russians claimed they defaulted on the contract because the rifles were sub standard.   However, at the time of default, the Russians negotiated with the U.S. to allow their 86 inspectors to remain on site and continue inspecting the rifles still being built, as well as to continue having the rifles marked with Russian inspection marks and nomenclature, in case they wanted to buy the rifles at a later date.  

This particular rifle was one of the last 20,000 built and carries both Russian and American inspector marks and cartouches.  The U.S. and Russians agreed, that whatever party ended up owning the rifles, that party would reimburse the other party for the cost of their inspectors remaining on site and participating in the inspection process.  (This was in the event the Russians were able to procure the remaining rifles at a later date.)

This particular rifle stayed in the U.S. and never saw Government or Military service life. It was unissued, dipped in cosmoline, and sent to storage.  The rifle was subsequently sold as military surplus in the early 1920's for the sum of $3.00, exactly one tenth of the cost of production.  

When I acquired the rifle on February 3, 2017, it was still laden in 97 year old cosmoline.  You can still see residual cosmoline on some of the parts in some of the pictures.  This is a numbers matching 100% original and correct Westinghouse Mosin Nagant.  Prior to my acquiring the rifle, it had never been disassembled. The overall condition of the rifle is outstanding! It has  very few minor handling flaws, probably from storage and previous owners showing the rifle to friends.  It is the best example of a New England Westinghouse Mosin Nagant I have ever seen in person and one of the three best I have ever seen in a pictorial display.

I had been looking for a Westinghouse MN for over ten years.

It was a great find, on a great day, and well worth the wait.
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17. Walt_Mauser's Westinghouse Mosin Nagant  (February 3, 2017)
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House redo, garage & furnace house
18. House redo, garage & furnace house 
This is an album of redoing the house and heating system install, adding an attached garage and building a furnace house to put the wood and stove in. Lots of tile and groundwork had to be done so follow along.
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1989 Panini Smash Hits Collection
19. 1989 Panini Smash Hits Collection 
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1990 Panini Smash Hits Collection
20. 1990 Panini Smash Hits Collection 
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Here is our FULL 2016 INVENTORY!

Come buy some BOAS!!!!!!
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1958 Madison Recording Stars
22. 1958 Madison Recording Stars 
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Victorian/Satanic imagery
23. Victorian/Satanic imagery 
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24. Rust Creek linked map photos 
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40 Gallon Reef
25. 40 Gallon Reef   (September 25, 2003)
Tank start date: Winter of 2006
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Building the Shop
26. Building the Shop 
This is an album of the building of my shop and doing the fence and driveway. Follow along on process.
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27. MICHELE THOMAS D & E COLLECTION   (August 4, 2006)
Over the years Michele Thomas, a proud member of Jewel Collect and Jewelry Ring has amassed this wonderful collection of Juliana and D & E Jewelry. Nancy Gambil's book on Juliana Jewelry utilized Michele's personal photos of her personal collection. These are all confirmed as Juliana by owner of original D & E Jewelry.

Michele - thanks my good friend!

(this is only an upload storage as a working product while I incorporate the photos onto my website which in the future can be utilized as a resource section and display for Michelle's vast collection that took years to accumulate.  Her jewelry photos will be turned into a powerpoint presentation for the 2007 VFCJ Cruise.

Currently this Image Event is only for Michelle, Joy and myself at this time for review and transfer.
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1988 Panini Smash Hits Stickers (pop)
28. 1988 Panini Smash Hits Stickers (pop) 
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1987 Panini Smash Hits
29. 1987 Panini Smash Hits 
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Murder Weapons
30. Murder Weapons 
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