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WWF Miscellaneous Wrestling Press Photos
1. WWF Miscellaneous Wrestling Press Photos 
This is my collection of miscellaneous wrestling photos which were taken/used by newspaper, music, television and press companies.

Most of these photos were NOT directly released by the World Wrestling Federation. Most of the press photo action shots will have newspaper/press stamps, notes and dates on the back of the photographs.

This collection includes:
--WWF Superstars Of Wrestling Ice Cream Bars Promo Photos which were given away as part of a promotion. Set of 12 released.
--Promotional photos which were used to promote TV Shows/Specials on NBC, USA Network and other various channels.
--Promotional photos which were used to promote WWF House Shows.
--Action photos taken by press photographers at LIVE WWF events.

Please contact me at: perfecthitman@gmail.com if you have any ORIGINAL Wrestling Live Event/Press/TV/Film/Video Game photos for sale which I do not have.

***** These Promo Photos are NOT FOR SALE at any price. *****
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WWF / WWE P-Numbered Promo Photos
2. WWF / WWE P-Numbered Promo Photos 
This is my entire collection of the World Wrestling Federation P-Numbered Promo Photos.

The P-Series was released in 1990, when the WWF started to number the majority of their promo photos, by printing a "P-number" down the right hand side of the promo. The P-Series ended in 2008.

Some P-Series facts:

-Some promos received a test run of a very small quantity and were later cancelled before being put into full production. Promos which never seen full release include:
P-474 Chyna, P-720 Undertaker with Sara and P-821 Rowdy Roddy Piper.
-All P-Series promos are 8x10 in size with the exception of only a handful of colour promos, which were made in a bigger 8.5x11 size; including:P-81 Crush, P-90 Macho Man Randy Savage and P-95 Bret "Hitman" Hart.
-Many promos from 1996 and 1997 have two logo variants: WWF block logo and WWF scratch/Attitude logo.
-Many promos from 2000 and 2001 have three logo variants: WWF logo (the hardest to find), WWE logo and no logo.
-The last promo to contain a WWF Logo was P-756 The Godfather.
-All promos from P-757 onwards only contained the WWE logo.
-The last promo in the series was P-1201 Natalya Neidhart.

Please contact me at: perfecthitman@gmail.com if you have any ORIGINAL P-Series Promo Photos from P-001 to P-400 for sale or trade which I do not have.

***** These Promo Photos are NOT FOR SALE at any price. *****
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WWF Unnumbered Wrestling Promo Photos
3. WWF Unnumbered Wrestling Promo Photos 
This is my entire collection of World Wrestling Federation Unnumbered promo photos.

From around 1983, the World Wrestling Federation released unnumbered promotional photos with the unmistakable white border and text, for autograph signings and to be given away at LIVE events as well as through the WWF Fan Club.

The colour photos which were released were, bar a few exceptions, all released in an 8.5 x 11 inch size. These were used up until 1993 when they were phased out in favour of the colour P-Numbered promo photos.

The black and white promo photos were released in an 8 x 10 inch size. Up until 1989, the majority of them have "FOR NEWSPAPER USE ONLY" printed on the bottom, as this was the primary use of the photos. This stopped after 1989 and from 1990 these photos were also phased out when the P-Series promos launched, with only a handful being released up until 1993.

Please contact me at: perfecthitman@gmail.com if you have any ORIGINAL Unnumbered Promo Photos from 1984-1998 for sale or trade which I do not have.

***** These Promo Photos are NOT FOR SALE at any price. *****
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4. Miscellaneous  (2016)
Just adding some photos / videos on here as they do not fit, the subject, in any of the other albums.. :-)
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Morton High Homecoming Pep Rally 2016
5. Morton High Homecoming Pep Rally 2016  (September 22, 2016)
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6. Moonography 
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Special Coro
7. Special Coro 
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Blevins Superdogs
8. Blevins Superdogs  (January 31, 2016)

The Top producing Wipe Out Zack and Million Dollar Elmoe them and their crosses with WCH Insane Jane # 1 producing dogs of all breeds, WCH X-Junior, WCH Big D becoming one of the top producer his son just won Autumn Oaks 2015, WCH Janet Joplin which was line breed to WCH Pacman 4x, Lipper 12x, Nailer 5x, Sackett Jr. 5x one of the top producer now days and histories, to know more about this dog please call me at 318-847-4940 or send me an email at blevinsglen1@gmail.com

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ACD Pictures
9. ACD Pictures  (January 17, 2005)
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Motocycle Riding Pictures
10. Motocycle Riding Pictures  (12/2008)
These are mostly pictures of Bill Ian and Aaron's motorcycle trips.  They have friends that come from all over the place like Montana, Minnesota, Georgia, Canada, California. They are usually big trips, and both Ian and Aaron usually also go, along with several of there friends, too.  It's great that they can all hang together!
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MALE TERRIER PUPPY AVAILABLE NOW !!! Handsome and Sweet puppy available. Duke is a sweet, adorable puppy and should be about 14 inches tall as an adult and weigh approx. 15 pounds. He is smart and already retrieving. He has been started on outdoor potty training and is also LITTER BOX TRAINED. He has all vaccines and dewormings for his age. If you have interest in The Duke, please fill out our Puppy Application then give us a call 865-856-0508.

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Classifieds for sale
13. Classifieds for sale  (07-02-2015)
VAC Case parts and complete tractors (5) for sale (as is; where is). I have started and driven all except the red one but the guy I bought it from said that he had it running (used some parts from this one to build another one BUT I've collected what was missing and those parts go with the tractor). Come get everything shown here for FREE! I will store for up to 12 months; then you lose all right to the aforementioned tractors and parts. Email me at: skipjack@montrose.net for more info. Everything shown in 'Classifieds' is located near Montrose, Colorado, 81401. -NOTE: DUE TO A TOTAL LACK OF INTEREST THESE PARTS & TRACTORS ARE SOON TO BE SCRAPPED ! ! ! !  Revised on 10-09-2015
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2HOT2HANDLE at The Coach House
14. 2HOT2HANDLE at The Coach House  (19 August 2016)


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Asphalt Outlaws trophy
15. Asphalt Outlaws trophy 
Went to a Car show that was put on by a local club. Super nice people and one of the better shows I have ever attended. I ended up winning best of show and the rule is that if you win that award, the next year you have to make the trophy for the next years show. No real rules but they want it to be made by the winner and incorporate the vehicle theme. Here is the build of what I did.
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