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1. Weapons 
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Gun Cabinets
2. Gun Cabinets 
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Wood lifter
3. Wood lifter 
A family friend gave me this jack and decided to use it to make a log lifter for the stove. Normally not a big deal as if I can pick it up, I'll burn it. This year I'm going to have shoulder surgery and be one armed through most of the heating season so I needed to come up with something before then. I had loaded the furnace house prior to all this and have 15 cord in there. Didn't want to bother family and friends to load so this is why I'm doing this. Don't want to modify the jack that it can't be put back and used normally so we'll see what we can come up with.
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Pasadena Ice
4. Pasadena Ice  (December 4, 2016)
Not Cleared. Film Friendly
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Fence spinner
5. Fence spinner 
Here is the build of the making of a wire spinner. It can be used to wind up other things as well but I have high tensile wire fence. When you build it or repair you need something that will allow you to unspool the wire. I never cared for the ones they sell so lets get to making it.
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Litters Planned for 2017
6. Litters Planned for 2017 
!!! We usually have 1-3 litters a years, an average of 8-10 puppies!!!!  Since we don't often have puppies, they are spoken for pretty quickly once they are born.  We encourage any serious puppy homes to make a reservation ASAP.  We are currently taking reservations for puppies from these litters - please CLICK HERE to email us at d2trk@msn.com if you are interested.  Thanx!

NO photos may be copied / used without the written permission of K2 Rat Terriers - Thank you. ALL photos are protected by copyright 2016.
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7. banner 
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Sugarmill - De Leon Springs
8. Sugarmill - De Leon Springs  (November 20, 2016)
Even though if was pretty chilly this morning that didn't stop several from making the ride to the Sugarmill for an 11:30 breakfast. Thanks for the great ride Bob & Sandy.
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Cosala Sinaloan Milksnake-L.t. sinaloae
9. Cosala Sinaloan Milksnake-L.t. sinaloae  (11/16/16)
Here is a nice group of Cosala Sinaloan Milksnakes born on 10/7/16. The adults were produced by Dave Niles from DNS reptiles in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Sinaloans from this blood line maintain their bright red coloration that Cosala's are famous for.

Method of Payment: Paypal
(legacyreptiles@gmail.com), money orders and credit cards.

Price range from $125.00 - $200.00 (shipping not included).

****Females available with the purchase of a male.

*****Serious inquiries...... NO TRADES PLEASE.

Any question feel free to email us at legacyreptiles@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook (Joel Diaz and/or Legacy Reptiles Fan page).

Joel Diaz, CVT and Dr. Orlando Diaz
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1965 A&BC Beatles B&W Series 2 cards
10. 1965 A&BC Beatles B&W Series 2 cards 
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$200ea. + Actual Shipping Gallery.
11. $200ea. + Actual Shipping Gallery.   
Everything here is ONLY $200 EA. + actual shipping.  Send zip code for quote.
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12. CdnFall2016  (October 2016)
"UPDATED" Oct.30th (album complete)
Every year I have created a fall splendor album.
This will be this years taken with my new camera.
This album is best watched as a slide show. Click on first photo and then when show opens set speed on top right then click the go arrow. or click one by one as you choose.
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13. Videos  (2016-2017)
UPDATED:- Nov. 15 - Zoomies and Toronto Zoo.

This page is to share videos I hope to be making. I have a new camera and video program. I am hoping to learn more and more as I go along.
Please share and enjoy.
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Tiki Doc Puppies x 2 - DOB : 11.11.16
14. Tiki Doc Puppies x 2 - DOB : 11.11.16  (November 11, 2016)
Chocolate tri male #1 : 4.5 ounces
Chocolate tri male # 2 : 5.75 ounces
Chocolate tri male # 3 : 6.75 ounces (BREEDER HOLD)
Chocolate tri female # 1 : 6 ounces (ON HOLD FOR R / CZECH)
Black tri female # 2 : 5.25 ounces
Chocolate Tri female # 3 : 5.5 ounces
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RD Head Machining
15. RD Head Machining 
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