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wood chipper
1. wood chipper 
Decided it was time to a medium size chipper to smaller jobs around the farms. We need something that will chip up the smaller limbs as we cut and use most everything over 2 inches in diameter. When we clean fencerows and such we'll burn those. When a single tree or large branch falls in a field it will be a lot nicer to chip it and blow it in the fencerow where a bush hog will spread it out. A plus will also be with other cleanups I can simply blow in the back of a truck to save hours of limb dragging or multible  brush loads with the truck.

 I wanted a PTO powered version with a power infeed system. Did some comparing of different ones and decided on a WoodMaxx. It will handle up to 8 inch material, which is more than I need but it's nice to have the option! Should be a strong unit that will last. Here is a  review and how it is working for us.
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EAB cleanup
2. EAB cleanup 
Here is an album of the clean up project at my place. EAB (European Ash Bore) has or will kill all the ash trees around here. The small woods behind my home was mainly ash so it is devastated. It had also been overgrown with honeysuckle which we had not been taking care of. I will now get rid of the stuff and clean up all the dead ash on the ground. That way I can leave the standing dead till I have room for them here. I will seed grass and when the dead are out I will replant some trees so there is something up there. If I plant now I'm afraid of smashing them when felling what's left.
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Wood Cart
3. Wood Cart 
Here's an album on how I rebuilt my little woodcart to stand up to the weight it hauls. Put about a 1/4 of a cord on it at a time  so it can be around 1000 lbs.
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Wood Gathering, hauling and such
4. Wood Gathering, hauling and such 
This is just a place to store pics of the wood gathering. Whether it be cutting, splitting, chipping, hauling ,loading, oddities or what have you.
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Storm Lake-2014
5. Storm Lake-2014  (Sept 04, 2014)
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((RETIRED)) CH "PR" MillCreeks Maxie
6. ((RETIRED)) CH "PR" MillCreeks Maxie 
Black/White/Tan- Piebald
14 inches tall, 20 pounds

We have 1 son (CH BRTK's Breaking Our Own Rule- Turk) & 2 daughters (BRTK's Ain't She Sweet- Amber & BRTK's Sweet Revenge- Reva) of hers to carry on the bloodlines. Maxie is due to be spayed at the end of the month. She will continue to live her life out her as a loved pet. Maxie has out produced herself in each of the 4 litters she has had for us.

Sire: Sunset Acres Captain

Dam: Fariss Amber Pearl of Mill Creek
14 inches 19 pounds

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7. AM. LEGION POST 41'S BENEFIT DANCE  (October 5, 2014)
Pics from Nifty 50's and the Benny Banda Band are also included.
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Casa de Citas
8. Casa de Citas 
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5 Images
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Restaurante Marta
9. Restaurante Marta 
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Departamento Lujo 1 y 2
10. Departamento Lujo 1 y 2 
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15 Images
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Casa Sofia Roja
11. Casa Sofia Roja 
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Calles Marta
12. Calles Marta 
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19 Images
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Parque Sucio ITR
13. Parque Sucio ITR 
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Muelle Rosarito
14. Muelle Rosarito 
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Motel de paso
15. Motel de paso 
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