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College of the Canyons
1. College of the Canyons  (July 30, 2014)
4 Visits
25 Images
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John Burroughs High School Stadium
2. John Burroughs High School Stadium  (August 1, 2014)
8 Visits
27 Images
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Cerritos College Stadium
3. Cerritos College Stadium  (August 1, 2014)
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UKC GRAND CH K2'S Bad Boy Holiday
4. UKC GRAND CH K2'S Bad Boy Holiday  (March 7, 2011)
callname : DOC (male)

Color: Black and white with tan
Weight: 17 lbs              Ear carriage : erect
Height: 13-14 inches     DNA tested - PLL !CLEAR!(CBP)

Health clearances :  (click on logo for official OFA page)
DNA tested - PLL !CLEAR!

Breeder : Tracey Kallas and Devan Kallas (K2 Rat Terriers)

Honors :
    * 05/25/14 : AKC - BOB - (Pat Trotter) # 2 - 3 pts
    * 05/24/14 : AKC - BOB - (Terry Stacy) # 1 - 3 pts
    * 05/23/14 : AKC - RWD - (Jacqueline L Stacy)
    * 11/16/13 : #1 - UKC - BOB - Group 2 (Rebekah Anthony)
    * 11/16/13 : #1 - UKC - BOB - Group 1 (Mary King)
    * 09/22/13 : AKC - RWD - (Sue Goldberg)
    * 09/08/13 : AKC - RWD - (Clay Coady)
    * 05/13/12 : #2 - UKC - BOB - Group 1 (Rick Gann)  
    * 05/13/12 : #1 - UKC - BOB - Group 2 (JD McNutt)
    * 05/12/12 : #2 - UKC - CH (Felicity Trammell)  
    * 05/12/12 : #1 - UKC - CH (Barbara Trammell) 5 of 5 NEW GRAND CHAMPION!
    * 04/15/12 : #2 - UKC - CH (Loraine Tayeb) 4 of 5
    * 04/15/12 : #1 - UKC - BOB - Group 2 (Alan Kreneck) 3 of 5
    * 04/14/12 : #1 - UKC - CH (Judy Lehman) 2 of 5
    * 03/11/12 : #1 - UKC - BOB - Group 1 (Valarie Piltz) 1 of 5
    * 03/10/12 : #2 - UKC - CH (2 CH Gary Galloway)  
    * 03/10/12 : #1 - UKC - CH (2 CH Sonja Orstrom)
    * 02/19/12 : cardiac and patella normal submitted to OFA
    * 12/04/11 : #2 - UKC - Reserve CH (Nina Marie Sherrer)
    * 10/01/11 : #2 - UKC - BOW (Stuart Lynn) NEW CHAMPION!
    * 07/17/11 : CERFd
    * 07/17/11 : #2 - UKC - BOW (Deb Deean) 2 of 3 (35pts)
    * 07/17/11 : #1 - UKC - BM (no comp Nina Marie Sherrer) (25pts)   
    * 07/16/11 : #2 - UKC - BOW (Julie Hatlas-Pepper) 1st of 3 (35pts)
    * 07/16/11 : #1 - UKC - BM (no comp Nancy Eilk) (25pts)          
    * 06/16/11 : UKC PREMIER 2011 - BEST NOVICE PUPPY ARTA SPECIALTY (Gene Reynolds)
    * 05/11/11 : (4months old) broke his right rear tibia at the growth plate (jumping/falling off the couch) and had to have surgery to repair
ALL photos are protected by copyright 2014.
1354 Visits
115 Images
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***Available*** Male Rat Terrier Puppy
5. ***Available*** Male Rat Terrier Puppy  (July 30, 2014)
Wags is ready to go anytime. He is current on his puppy vaccinations and is a sweet and enthusiastic little man. He would be the ideal farm 'greeter' dog or family security dog. He loves children, shows lots of affection, enjoys playing with toys, and is treat and praise driven. :)

As the name suggests, he's always wagging his happy full tail!! :)
16 Visits
3 Images
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LA Memorial Coliseum
6. LA Memorial Coliseum  (July 29, 2014)
12 Visits
41 Images
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East LA College
7. East LA College  (July 29, 2014)
5 Visits
26 Images
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8. BRTK's YES! She Is All That- AVAILABLE 

Miniature (12 inches - 17 pounds)

Sire: Ch Rosethorn Mighty Black Jack
Dam: BRTK Jewel

670 Visits
88 Images
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Las Vegas Rock Veneer coming off 7.2014
9. Las Vegas Rock Veneer coming off 7.2014 
24 Visits
15 Images
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Towbe's Adventurers 2014
10. Towbe's Adventurers 2014  (Jan 19 2014 -)
UPDATED:- July 23rd
Scenes and things that caught my eye while out and about.
Jan 19th Bluffers Park
March 30th Bruce's Mill- Maple Syrup festival
May 30th Woofstock
July 5th - Col. Danforth Trail
July 9 th 1st Nations Trail
July 12th - Lakeview Park Oshawa
July 14 th - The Accident
July 19 th - Ajax Park Kite flying
July 20th - Highland Creek Erosion Ctrl area
July 21st - Pumphouse Wildlife Reserve

1051 Visits
143 Images
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2014 Boa Litters
11. 2014 Boa Litters 
Here is where you will find pics of some of our litters from this 2014 season.
842 Visits
37 Images
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12. T206  (December 27, 2013)
310 Visits
148 Images
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Miscellaneous Pictures
13. Miscellaneous Pictures 
Just Pics of this and that.
458 Visits
22 Images
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Cow Country Lorie Darlin'
14. Cow Country Lorie Darlin'  
Cow Country Lorie Darlin'Please meet our latest addition to the Animal House, Cow Country Lorie Darlin'. Lorie is an English Jack Russel Terrier, a Shorty Jack. She was born on 5/2/13 and was bred by my good friend Tina Whitfield of Cow Country Shorty Jacks in Throckmoroton Texas. Lorie will be a broken coat and is a black tri. She should be about 9 to 9.5 inches and 9 to 12 pounds. After loosing our Molly this year, the last thing we wanted was another dog. But then the house became too quiet. Molly was our Alpha dog and up until her death, she was always so full of life. After a few days, I broke down and just couldn't take it anymore. My search began for that dog that could fill our house with the excitment that only a Terrier can bring. During my search, I found Tina. After throughly going over her website many times, I finally made that call to tell her our story about Molly. We know there will never be another Molly,but we also knew in our hearts that only a JRT would be able to take her place. After listening to my story describing our Molly, Tina put me on one of her upcoming litter list. So the wait begins for our baby to be born. While waiting on that litter to be whelped, I was watching her updated weekly litter pictures of her other puppies. I saw this one puppy every week, but that week was different, I knew, that was "OUR PUPPY"!:) I couldn't get on the phone fast enough to call Tina and find out if she was still available. She was and yes, we could have her. There was something about her that said,"Here I am, I have been waiting for you". I had originally wanted a smooth coat and a red/white. But when that right dog comes along, it doesn't matter what the coat type is or what color it is, you just know that is the one. She is everything we dreamed she would be and then some. I can never thank Tina enough for breeding such an amazing dog. We are thrilled beyond words that she is finally home and she is truly ours. We look forward to many happy years together with lots of stories to share. Our house truly feels like home again.:)
383 Visits
110 Images
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Our Cats
15. Our Cats  (June 9 2013)
Hi-Mee was born on September 4th of 2007.I have always loved his Mother who resides at my Vets Office.It was love at first sight for me.I have dreamed of owning(or being owned by)a Siamese every since I was a little girl.This cat is so dear to me.He is the best cat I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.He is loved and cherished daily.He is a true blessing and comfort in my life.

Update-Hi-Mee has bi-laterial Grade 4 and Grade 2 Patellas.Here is the link to his OFA Report

He had surgery on 2/3/09 and 2/13/09.Hi-Mee is neutered and microchipped.

Meet our sweet girl,Jezebel.She was born around the first week of October 2010.Jezebel is a precious little stray kitten that Hubby and I fell in love with so here she will stay.Jezebel is named after the 1938 Warner Bros. Film Jezebel which features Bette Davis as Jezebel.Our Jezebel has Bette Davis eyes.Jezebel is spayed and microchipped.

*Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash.
That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with a cat it would improve man,
but it would deteriorate the cat.*
Mark Twain (1835-1910)
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