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West Langtry, TX
1. West Langtry, TX  (10/2/15)
DOB: 9/1/15
Lee Abbott stock from animals he collected in the late 90's.

************MALES will be sold with the purchase of a female.
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Ukranian Institute
2. Ukranian Institute  (August 26, 2015)
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Brazilian BCC
3. Brazilian BCC  (10/2/15)
A beautiful litter of Brazilian boas (Boa c. constrictor) was born on 9/2/15. The progenies are the product from pairing a Lemke/Dyer (Dam) x Lemke/Evans/Rentfro (Sire). For those "Peak Freak" fans out there. Enjoy!
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These are the newest additions to my WWF Promo Photo Collection.

Every time I buy new promo photos and receive them in the mail, I will upload them to the site and put them in this folder.
I will include the date of when I received them in the folder title as well, so you know when I last bought new promos and updated the site!
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WWF / WWE P-Series Promo Photos
5. WWF / WWE P-Series Promo Photos 
This is my entire collection of the World Wrestling Federation P-Numbered Promo Photos.

The P-Series was released in 1990, when the WWF started to number the majority of their promo photos, by printing a "P-number" down the right hand side of the promo. Starting the series off exclusively with Black & White promo photos in 1990, they proceeded to also put a "P-Number" on Colour photos in 1992. From 1993, almost every promo photo released by the WWF had a "P-Number".

The P-Numbered Series of promo photos was discontinued in 2008 by WWE.
Natalya Neidhart's P-1201 was the last promo photo in the series.

Please contact me at: perfecthitman@gmail.com if you have any ORIGINAL P-Series Promo Photos from P-001 to P-300 for sale or trade which I do not have.

***** These Promo Photos are NOT FOR SALE at any price. *****
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1980 "Heroes of the Blues" cards
6. 1980 "Heroes of the Blues" cards 
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1969 Vlinder Music/Film Series D cards
7. 1969 Vlinder Music/Film Series D cards 
These matchbox labels were issued over the following two years:  

D1-D80:  1969

D81-D120:  1970
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WWF / WWE Unnumbered Promo Photos
8. WWF / WWE Unnumbered Promo Photos 
This is my entire collection of World Wrestling Federation Unnumbered promo photos.

The WWF did not start to number promo photos until 1990, when the P-Series was born. They started to number Black & White promo photos in 1990, and then in 1992 proceeded to number Colour photos as well. From 1993, almost every WWF promo photo which was released contained a P-Number until 2008, when the P-Series ended.

The World Wrestling Federation released all of their Unnumbered Black & White promo photos in an 8x10 size, and all but a few of their Unnumbered Colour promo photos in an 8.5x11 size.

Please contact me at: perfecthitman@gmail.com if you have any ORIGINAL Unnumbered Promo Photos from 1984-1998 for sale or trade which I do not have.

***** These Promo Photos are NOT FOR SALE at any price. *****
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9. LOS GARCIA BROTHERS  (September 25, 2015)
It was a great show last Friday night at the Am. Legion Post 2 in Tempe!  J&R Ormsby Entertainment brought in Los Garcia Brothers all the way from Texas!  
Opening up the night was local group, Los Sociales, who immediately got everybody on the dance floor!
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Pumpkin for dogs
10. Pumpkin for dogs  (Sept 27 2015)
It has long been known that pumpkin is very healthy for our dogs. It is wonderful to give to them if they have a tummy upset or can be fed periodically as an added goodness to their diets.
In this album I show you how I puree pumpkin for my Chihuahua rather than use canned pumpkin which was made who knows when and contains who knows what.
I have one ingredient - "Pie Pumpkin"
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JB Day Info
11. JB Day Info  (September 13, 2015)
Some interesting reading and facts about JB Day
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2015 DH & TH BWC Bloods
12. 2015 DH & TH BWC Bloods 
Hypo Blood X BWC (Boawoman Caramel)

$2500 DH Pair.
$3000 DH/TH Pair.
$3500 TH Pair.
+ Shipping.

(No lone females available at this time.)
1790 Visits
44 Images
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2015 O.T Hypo Leopards and Leopards
13. 2015 O.T Hypo Leopards and Leopards  
Leopard X OrangeTail Hypo 100% Het Leopard.

Unrelated Parents making for great stock.  

Females only sold with males, any mix and match of your choice.
3749 Visits
40 Images
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Hook Bookmarks
14. Hook Bookmarks  (May 18, 2015)
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2015 DH & TH RDR VPI
15. 2015 DH & TH RDR VPI  
VPI T+ Sunglow X RDR Black Eye Anery

$3000 DH Pair.
$3500 1.0 DH/ 0.1 TH Pair.
$5000 1.0 DH / 0.2 DH Trio.
$5500 1.0 DH / 0.1 DH/ 0.1 TH Trio.
$6000 1.0 DH / 0.2 TH Trio.  
+ Shipping.

(No lone females available at this time.)
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