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Toronto Chiahuahua Meet ups
1. Toronto Chiahuahua Meet ups  (Oct.2016 -)
These photos were taken at our
Chihuahua Halloween Meet up.
We are trying out a new venue and might be moving to a new home.
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E90-3 American Caramel - Chicago Players
2. E90-3 American Caramel - Chicago Players  (October 4, 2010)
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Jada Savy puppies DOB 10.05.16
3. Jada Savy puppies DOB 10.05.16  (October 8, 2016)
Black tri male - 7 ounces
Black tri female # 1 - 6 ounces
Black tri female # 2 - 6.5 ounces
Blue tri male - 5.75 ounces

My camera was broken 2 days before they were born so I apologize for the quality and lack of early photos.
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Chocolate Bi
Owner: Helen Aiken & Darice Ragan
Home: Chattanooga, TN
AKC & UKC Registered
PLL Clear by Parentage
ROCKY is full of personality and has great stories that Helen shares with me. His latest is friending baby chicks and hens who've taught him to 'scratch' with them. Rocky is a conformation show dog and also a performance dog...and a clown!
SIRE: CH Cal Val's Famous 4RobN Hearts
DAM: Raganrat's Essence of His Grace

442 Visits
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Melrose Landing
5. Melrose Landing 
The house I designed and we built.
Sold in 2013
3050 Visits
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Tiki / Savy Puppies DOB : 04.28.16
6. Tiki / Savy Puppies DOB : 04.28.16  (April 7, 2016)
Male 1 - blk tri two white dots - 8.1 ounces - PLL CLEAR
Male 2 - blk tri two white strips right side - 6.8 ounces - PLL CARRIER
Male 3 - blk tri almost tux - 8.4 ounces - PLL CLEAR
Male 4 - blk tri blaze - 6.2 ounces - PLL CARRIER
Male 5 - blk tri 3 white spots - 7.4 ounces - PLL CLEAR
Female - blk ti almost white - 9.5 ounces - PLL CARRIER

*** tails have been docked and declaws have been removed ***
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Borneo Trio
7. Borneo Trio   (October 3, 2016)
For Sale 1.2 Borneo Trio, Python curtus breitensteini. The male is a 2009 proven breeder and the father of the two 2014 females in this group. The male has a faded side pattern that his daughter is showing also. It should be interesting to put these together. The trio is available for $500.00 plus shipping. A big PLUS = they are all tame and well socialized. I can be reached via email at animalia.today@gmail.com
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8. Miscellaneous  (2016)
Upadted:- Oct. 2

I'm creating an album of this, that, anything and everything to share with you.
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Sou Wester last night
9. Sou Wester last night 
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T A Futrall 1966 Class Reunion 2016
10. T A Futrall 1966 Class Reunion 2016  (Sept 26, 2016)
50th CLASS REUNION!! THIS IS A BIG DEAL GUYS.  Just click on the photo you want to see, to download to your computer just click the box next to the photo you want to download then click "download", be sure to click on the "SHOW ALL" button to show all the different albums on here, our last class reunion is on here as well, so some of you can see if you have AGED at all "ha ha", enjoy the photos it was a good time, you can also add names just click on the add description button
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Morton High Homecoming Pep Rally 2016
11. Morton High Homecoming Pep Rally 2016  (September 22, 2016)
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12. Moonography 
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Special Coro
13. Special Coro 
4312 Visits
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Blevins Superdogs
14. Blevins Superdogs  (January 31, 2016)

The Top producing Wipe Out Zack and Million Dollar Elmoe them and their crosses with WCH Insane Jane # 1 producing dogs of all breeds, WCH X-Junior, WCH Big D becoming one of the top producer his son just won Autumn Oaks 2015, WCH Janet Joplin which was line breed to WCH Pacman 4x, Lipper 12x, Nailer 5x, Sackett Jr. 5x one of the top producer now days and histories, to know more about this dog please call me at 318-847-4940 or send me an email at blevinsglen1@gmail.com

4003 Visits
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ACD Pictures
15. ACD Pictures  (January 17, 2005)
4739 Visits
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