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Sands' Better Off Red of K2
1. Sands' Better Off Red of K2  (March 11, 2014)
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The Easter Litter, Julep/GRCH Trooper
2. The Easter Litter, Julep/GRCH Trooper  (March 9, 2014)

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We're in southern California, east San Diego County

They're here!!  Saturday evening, beginning at 5:00, Julep starting having her babies.  Since it's her first litter she was very confused as to what was happening to her! It didn't take long for her to figure out that those weird little wet things causing her an unimaginable amount of physical pain were BABIES!!

We are really excited about this litter and know that this pairing is going to produce some really fantastic puppies.  Julep is very strong on all counts, we're hoping that Trooper will widen her head a bit and shorten her nose. She's got a lovely topline and great angles, not to mention she's a super mover.  We're hoping for puppies that are about 13" and 14-15 pounds, there will be black bi and black tri.

Trooper and Julep have dispositions and temperament to write home about, he's nurturing, loyal, cuddly, sweet and loves everybody. They're both "sleep on top of you kinda dogs", can't get enough love, can't express enough either. She's adorable, with the fastest moving tail in our pack, her prey drive beats all, the sweetest vicious little killer you can imagine.

Our puppies are AKC and UKC registered, tails docked and dewclaws removed at 3 days of age. They are microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed age appropriate.

Please check out Trooper and Julep's individual albums for more info.

Easter theme names that should be really cute for these babies:

1st born, 5:10 pm, female, "Bunny" SOLD to Sanders/Christenfeld family,
                    Escondido, CA
2nd born, 6:20 pm, male, "Jelly Bean"
3rd born, 6:28 pm, male, "Rejoice"
4th born, 7:50 pm, male, "Angel"

They are all black bi's, black and white, and are very striking in color and markings.

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3. Orange  (4/22/2014)
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1921 Harl Maggert Game Used Bat
4. 1921 Harl Maggert Game Used Bat  (February 15, 2014)
Harl Maggert is not as well known as some of the Chicago Black Sox stars as he confined his transgressions to the minor leagues, where he had a long and productive career.

Born in Cromwell, Indiana in 1883, Harl Maggert began his professional baseball career with the Fort Wayne, Class C team in 1906. Noted for his speed in the outfield, Maggert had enough power in his bat to move up to the Class B, Wheeling team of the Central League the following year (1907). The Pittsburgh Pirates would pick him up later that year however; was turned back to Wheeling after going hitless in six at bats for the Bucs.

In mid-1908, Maggert was shipped East to Springfield of the Connecticut State League, where he hit .313. He was batting .307 for the Ponies in 1909 when Springfield sold him for $1,500 to Oakland of the Pacific Coast League . . . at the top of the minor league ladder.

With the Oaks in 1910, he led the PCL with 58 stolen bases. After batting .314 with eight home runs in 1911, the Oaks sold Maggert to the Philadelphia Athletics for the 1912 season. He played the full year with the A's, batting .256 and filling in as a fourth outfielder.

Maggert was returned to the PCL for 1913 and spent the next five years with the Los Angeles Angels. His last year with the Angels (1917) was turbulent. Manager Frank Chance fined and suspended Maggert for beating up the club trainer. On July 28, at Sacramento, he fought with umpire Red Held, whom accused him of betting on the game. Held's accusations prompted an investigation by the league, whom cleared him, however; was subsequently blacklisted by organized baseball in 1920 for fixing ballgames during the pennant race of 1919.
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5. 5500 
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TNA Impact Wrestling - Concord, NC
6. TNA Impact Wrestling - Concord, NC  (April 18, 2014)

Cabarrus Arena - Concord, NC
TNA House Show Results:
Singles MatchMr. Anderson def Zema Ion.
Knockouts Championship Match  - Madison Rayne (c) def Gail Kim.
Street FightGunner def James Storm.
2 Out Of 3 Falls Match - Samoa Joe def Magnus by 2 falls to 1.
TNA Tag Team Championship Match - The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)
def The Bro-Mans (Robbie E & Jessie Godderz) (c) (w/Zema Ion) via DQ.
Tables Match - Bully Ray & Willow def Bobby Roode &
Ethan Carter III (w/Rockstar Spud)

Click Here for the TNA Website

Click Here for the Cabarrus Arena Website




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1909 Obaks
7. 1909 Obaks 
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Transformers: Age of Extinction
8. Transformers: Age of Extinction 

Transformers 4

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3rd Battalion 8th Marines 3/8/M
9. 3rd Battalion 8th Marines 3/8/M  (October 29, 2005)
Members of the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, M (Weapons) Company, date unknown, probably prior to WWII...
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11. Porc_Ceram_CUPS_SAUCERS 
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Porc_Ceram_Glas FLATWARE dishes
12. Porc_Ceram_Glas FLATWARE dishes 
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Roberta Peach
13. Roberta Peach 
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Clyde 2014
14. Clyde 2014 
Popped down having seen a lot of work going and did my nosey.
Passing by every other day, curiosity got the better of me and when I saw all the tress getting chopped down, I was livid!
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15. Berry  
Rock-E-Hill CalVal Wild Berry - named after our local wild growing black berries.  Berry is quite the character.  When she is happy she actually has a little smile that she gives you. She is super smart, extra loving, and in our world extra-special. Berry is a black and tan tuxedo out of Grand-Champion Cal Val Li'l Mr. Big and Champion Rock-E-Hill Tara. Berry is a standard size at 15in and 20 lbs.
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