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1. MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE  (5/27/16 - 5/30/16)
Here is our 3 Day Memorial Day Weekend Sale Gallery!  Everything in this gallery will be on sale until midnight Monday,5/30/16.
>>>>>> We are now offering 30 day payment plans on our sale prices of $400 or more w/ 25% non-refundable deposit down. <<<<<<< . Due to the great discounts, if you choose to use PayPal please add 3.1% to the total. You will see two prices, the SALE price, and then the Sale Price + a USPMO Discount Price. This means to get that USPMO price you will have to send payment in the form of a United States Postal Money Order. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!
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Woofy Wear by Wendy™
2. Woofy Wear by Wendy™ 
~ UPDATED: July 2007 ~


Simplicity Pattern Company/New York is now producing Wendy's patterns for Wendy. Woofy Wear by Wendy™ is now available in Simplicity Patterns #3939 and #3667.  Click here to order Woofy Wear by Wendy™ at the Simplicity website.

Visit the offical Woofy Wear by Wendy™ Site.

Woofy Wear by Wendy™ is a delightfully simple line of dog clothing specifically made for smaller dogs, snugger in fit, yet easily altered to accommodate most smaller build dogs.A popular feature on the 4 legger/full body outfit is the omission of the hind leg seams which can sometimes cause irritation and chafing in the groin area.  Woofy Wear by Wendy™ is designed for ease of “elimination” without soiling, available in sizes 6” to 16” (spinal measurement) and for dogs weighing between 2 and 16 pounds.   Instructions for resizing  Woofy Wear by Wendy™ patterns for larger build dogs can be found at Sew It.

Those of you sewing Woofy Wear by Wendy™ for profit MUST identify it as such including the Woofy Wear by Wendy™ name and trademark symbol.

Due to allergies, Wendy Simon is proudly “owned” by three delightful little American Hairless Terriers (AHT).  After getting her first AHT, Wendy quickly discovered that clothing would be a must for him in the frigid winters of Wisconsin and the dog days of summer when air-conditioners run day and night.  Wendy began buying clothing at various pet supply stores, only to find that they had very limited selections.  Outfits were expensive, fit poorly and did not provide the warmth and functionality desired and/or needed.

Next, Wendy literally bought every pattern from every company that offered a dog pattern, including those found online. The majority of patterns needed considerable reconstruction and altering; more time and work than Wendy was willing to spend.  Most of the patterns were more complicated than they needed to be and were cut too generously for small to medium sized dogs.  More times than not, Wendy’s little AHT soiled his outfit during elimination, stepped a leg or two out of it or ended up with the outfit around his neck or leg, posing  a potentially dangerous situation.

Out of sheer frustration Wendy began designing and sewing her own simplified patterns.  For fun, she shared pictures of her little AHT in his Woofy Wear by Wendy™ on several popular online dog/message boards.  This led to requests for Woofy Wear by Wendy™outfits and patterns………thus the humble beginnings of Woofy Wear by Wendy™(1998).

The Woofy Wear by Wendy™ and Woofy Wear™ names are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We own all rights to and of the registration to our trademark as documented on the principal register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in all classes. All Woofy Wear patterns are protected under the U.S. copyright laws.  

Without the express written permission of Woofy Wear by Wendy™, Woofy Wear™, or the copyright holder, the patterns and trademark may not be used, distributed, modified, published, transmitted, transferred, sold or reproduced.
BARK AVENUE               (With Cuffs)
EDDIE BOWSER           (Without Cuffs)
YUPPY PUPPY                  (T-SHIRT)

-bless all who enter here-

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1959 Maple Leaf Gum Film and Pop Cards
3. 1959 Maple Leaf Gum Film and Pop Cards 
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1962 Sweden Filmstar "CA" set
4. 1962 Sweden Filmstar "CA" set 
Missing cards 1-10 and 161-170.
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280 Images
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pictures of equipment ironmartonline.com
5. pictures of equipment ironmartonline.com  (May 20th 2016)
all of these pictures are owned by ironmartonline.com taken by Jay Trevorrow
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1105 Images
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Philippe Jaroussky Miscellaneous
6. Philippe Jaroussky Miscellaneous 
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Small projects
7. Small projects 
This is an album of little projects and fixes for problems that arise. Always try to come up with something that will last and will make things easier to do.
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8. Siempre Amanecer  (17 mayo 2016)
El Instituto Siempre Amanecer, tiene a su cargo la enseñanza especial para niños con habilidades diferentes, algunos de ellos con el sindrome Autismo, existe la equinoterapia que tiene buenos resultados en el tratamiento de ciertos sindromes, en este paseo lo haran con lobos marinos, esperamos que el resultado sea positivo
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Turner's First Card Show
9. Turner's First Card Show 
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10. Graphics  (Throughout 2016)
UPDATED - May 17th, 2016
My Graphics 2016.
Thank you for sharing with me.
(Be sure to enlarge, by clicking on the thumbnail to see a larger version)
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Colonel Barkley B Yarborough
11. Colonel Barkley B Yarborough 


Very sad news... My dad, Barkley B. Yarborough, "Colonel BB" to many, a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps passed away recently.

These are select images from his Marine Corps days which began in 1943.

Dad began life in Texas on May 18, 1925 and left us after a hell of a run on July 14, 2015.  We all miss him and he was admired and respected by all who meet him.

I've put in captions as best I could. If you notice something is obviously incorrect, please leave a comment... You can leave comments on any photo once you click on it and are encouraged to do so.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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12. Mt View UPDATED 
dirt area avail.
proper cemetery areas are not avail till after other crew finishes filming i.e. not cleared.
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Swarovski numbers and their meanings
13. Swarovski numbers and their meanings 
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Mason Park - for graveyard or woods
14. Mason Park - for graveyard or woods 
10500 Mason Ave,
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Checking avail.
Short move from Bank.
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Alley Behind Cheetahs
15. Alley Behind Cheetahs 
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