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NY, Paraguay, Miami & Bahamas
1. NY, Paraguay, Miami & Bahamas 
6 Visits
119 Images
Linked Album
1969 Victoria Chocolat Vedettes (large)
2. 1969 Victoria Chocolat Vedettes (large) 
This is a set of 44 large cards issued by Victoria Chocolat.  These cards could have been issued in 1966, 1967 or 1968.  If anybody has information on the specific date of issue, please let me know.
204 Visits
47 Images
Linked Album
1984 Coles Supermarket Rock Blocks
3. 1984 Coles Supermarket Rock Blocks 
This is an Australian pop music card set.  It contains the first card of Madonna.
58 Visits
13 Images
Linked Album
1958 Sweden “Jazzbilder” Set
4. 1958 Sweden “Jazzbilder” Set 
100 Visits
29 Images
Linked Album
5. Football 
82 Visits
13 Images
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6. Baseball 
183 Visits
35 Images
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7. Hockey 
40 Visits
2 Images
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8. Basketball 
49 Visits
6 Images
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Caarved Dragonfly
9. Caarved Dragonfly 
31 Visits
5 Images
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Model House Options
10. Model House Options 
16 Visits
15 Images
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Eye of my camera 2015
11. Eye of my camera 2015  (Jan - Dec. 2015)

A New Year a new album. This album will be this, that, anything and everything that happens to come along in the year 2015.

1-25 Winter stroll at Lake Ontario. We have had very little snow but as you will see we have been in the deep freeze.  Cool

188 Visits
26 Images
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HHC 32nd IBCT - BDOC Chalk 1
12. HHC 32nd IBCT - BDOC Chalk 1 
60 Visits
333 Images
Linked Album
1973 Monty Pop Star Stickers Set
13. 1973 Monty Pop Star Stickers Set 
These stickers were issued in wax packs that contained both round and small rectangle or trapazoid shaped stickers of the pop stars from the era.  Since Mouth and McNeal are in this set and they burst into the music scene with their only hit in 1972, I think 1973 is the most likely date for the set.   I am missing stickers for this set and am not aware of a complete checklist.
286 Visits
97 Images
Linked Album
1973 Monty Pop Star Stickers
14. 1973 Monty Pop Star Stickers 
This set was issued by Monty Gum in 1973.  The set could have been issued in 1972 or 1974.  However, 1973 seems to be the most likely year.
144 Visits
96 Images
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1972 Monty Top Pop Cards
15. 1972 Monty Top Pop Cards 
This set was issued Monty Gum probably between 1971 and 1973.  If anybody has information about the actual release date or extra cards, please let me know.
17 Visits
98 Images
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