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Arts and Crafts
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16. furniture  (october 2013)
repairs to my furniture and new furniture built by me from 100 year old wood from the collapsed barn on my farm.
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20131014 ITRI Flora
17. 20131014 ITRI Flora 
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201361007 ITRI Flora
18. 201361007 ITRI Flora 
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20130930 Flora
19. 20130930 Flora 
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20. 20130920WaterDrops 
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20130916 ITRI Flora
21. 20130916 ITRI Flora 
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20130909ITRI Flora
22. 20130909ITRI Flora 
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Custome Dolls
23. Custome Dolls 
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25. Smith Little Torch and Regulators 
This is the set up for Oxygen and Acetlyene to solder, anneal, and cast metals and jewelry.  This has been used for one year, and I've purchased another set up more for larger vessels and procedures.  This set is in excellent working condition, all you need are the two tanks.
Smith The Little Torch with Sapphires Made In The USA Welds fuses materials as thin as .001 in. up to 16 gauge. Brazes Joins Steel, Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold Solders for soft or hard Silver Soldering. Heats and Softens or Melts Metals, Glass, even Ceramics. Includes Exclusive Sapphire Tips the 3 Smallest tips 1-3 have synthetic sapphire orifices for improved flame characteristics and control. Makes a thread-thin flame up to 6300° F. Works in tiny places. UL Approved. PinPoint Welding at 6300° F Synthetic sapphire jewel in the 3 smallest tip sizes produce a thread-thin flame so small it can fuse a .002-in copper wire in a side a cigarette filter recess without scorching the paper! Wether you are in the first stages of learning your craft, or have mastered it with more limited tools, "The Little Torch" will open a new world of possibilities for you. You can use "The Little Torch" with oxygen and any one of the commonly available industrial fuel gases: Acetylene, Hydrogen, Propane, Propylene, MPS and many others. (The smallest 2 tips should be used only with Oxy-Acetylene or Oxy-Hydrogen). Industries: Dental Labs Jewelers GoldSmiths SilverSmiths Metal Sculptures Jewelry Making Home Repair Electronics Crafting and Much More.
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26. Meet The Parents 

CH "PR" BRTK Breaking Our Own Rule
Blue & Tan with White (Tuxedo)
Standard 22 pounds/15 inches
OFA'ed for Cardiac, Patella's & PLL tested CLEAR


CH BRTK Hanna-Ful of Hope
White/Chocolate/Tan- Calico
Standard 14 inches/20 pounds
OFA'ed tested for Cardiac, Patellas & PLL Cleared By Parentage!

This litter is PLL CLEAR!!!
Also this is a UKC Purple Ribbon litter!!! All pups will have the following prefix "PR" BRTK

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Birdhouses for Sale
27. Birdhouses for Sale 
Place an Order by contacting the artist at raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508
If you were a BIRD, would you live HERE? If you would, please   and share it with friends. Thank you!

*Size Measurements are always in INCHES.
*House sizes and bird door sizes are approximate and close (-/+).
*Shipping and handling are NOT included in prices, unless specified.
High winds and a tornado blew trees down on our property during Spring storms of 2011 and 2012. Rather than push the downed trees to a burn pile, I began to repurpose the beautiful red cedar wood into bird houses. My eco-friendly homes mimic a natural habitat and blend well into any garden or make a conversation piece in your home. If placed outside, the house should attract nesting birds and also provide shelter for birds during inclement weather.

After I rip the wood, the wood shapes and wood grains inspire me. My first impression of what I see is the basis for most designs. Examples are the fronts of the 3 churches and the heart with the bird (see below). I never use house blueprints. My birdhouses are genuinely unique; no two are the same. They could be similar, but never the same.

The houses are well built, sturdy and covered in clear polyurethane to maintain the red color. Without the poly, the wood will turn gray with time. The houses are constructed with finish nails, caulk, glue, mosses, metals, river rock, tiles, glasses and many eclectic elements. They are ventilated and care has been taken so baby chicks don’t get wet from roof leaks. The houses are easy to hang.

Cedar is highly resistant to decay and attack by insects, including termites. Cedar is said to be a natural insect repellent (fleas/ticks), therefore, I use the cedar shavings from the cut wood in my yard. Red cedar has a distinctive scent; the birdhouse interiors are very aromatic. The silver-brown bark is used on several of my bird house roofs. The bark may peel off in thin strips. The birds may use pieces of bark and some of the mosses in nest construction.

Eastern Red Cedar has thin, golden to white sapwood, while the heart of the wood is red to deep reddish-brown. The sapwood may be in stripes, alternating with stripes of the red heartwood. You’ll find a lot of RED coloration in the majority of my creations. All birdhouses are handmade in eastern Tennessee / USA near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. If you like one of the houses marked “SOLD”, I’ll be happy to make something similar for you.

Email me at raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508. Shipping is not included in the price. Email for S&H. I may be able to personally deliver a house if I happen to be traveling in your area. Payment Options: Cash, Money Order, Personal Check, Paypal to raganratters@yahoo.com . More to come: BUTTERFLY HOUSES ~ SQUIRREL BOXES ~ TOAD HOUSES ~ BAT HOUSES ~ PET ITEMS
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28. FSP  (Sunday 30 June 2013)
Farnham Sculpture Park ~ Surrey in England.

A small selection from the many hundreds of sculptures in differing styles and materials, displayed in natural woodland, a few miles from the town.

Open to the public on payment of a modest entrance fee.  Most of the pieces displayed are available to purchase (at exorbitant prices!)

To view the album:  Click on the first image to enlarge it, then next to proceed to the next one and so on, or click 'Slideshow' for a timed presentation.

For the nerds:
Camera ~ NIKON D800
Lens ~ Nikon Nikkor f4 AF-S 24/120.
Most photographs were taken at f4.  ISO 200~800.
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Infant Girls Crochet Items For Sale
29. Infant Girls Crochet Items For Sale 
I have caps, booties, dresses, sweaters available.
I will be adding more as I finish them.
Please email me for prices.... Thank you!
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new 2013
30. new 2013 
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