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Arts and Crafts
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UHF 2x2-Bay (H4) with Building Reflector
16. UHF 2x2-Bay (H4) with Building Reflector  (21 Jul 2014)
UHF 2x2-Bay Bowtie (H4) with Building used as a Reflector analyzed using 4nec2.  Separation from side of Building was assumed to be 4.5-inches.
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Hi-VHF Circular Loop + Reflector
17. Hi-VHF Circular Loop + Reflector  (15 July 2009)
Hi-VHF Circular Loop with either Loop or Screen Reflector analyzed using 4nec2.

a) With Loop Reflector, Net Gain was 8 dBi on Ch7, dropping to 6 dBi on Ch13 with excellent SWR, except for small increase on Ch7.

Adding Loop Reflector increased Net Gain by 2-4 dB (less at high freqs) with more than 8.7 dB F/B (and F/R) using

Optimum Diameter=22-in for Half-Inch Copper Tubing.  Best F/B (and F/R) is on Ch8-10.

Optimum Diameter=21.5-in for Quarter Inch Copper Tubing (QICT) was nearly as good, with more than 7.3 dB F/B (and F/R).
Smaller Circular Loop Element sizes not analyzed since a Square Loop (Quagi) would be easier to construct.

Loop Reflector dimensions are optimized for full Hi-VHF Band coverage.
Rescaling to optimize Ch7 will have only minor-moderate impact to Ch13 F/B, F/R and SWR.
However, rescaling to optimize Ch11-13 will degrade F/B, F/R and especially SWR on CH7-10.

b) EDIT (16 Sep 2009): Added analysis of alternative Hi-VHF Loop with 28x34-in Screen Reflector.

c) EDIT (5 Oct 2013): Added analysis of alternative Hi-VHF Loop with 40x40-in Screen Reflector to improve F/B & F/R Ratios.

d) EDIT (15 Jul 2014): Added Circular Polarization analysis of alternative Hi-VHF Loop with 28x34-in Screen Reflector.
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Compare Loops
18. Compare Loops  (16 Jul 2014)
Charts Comparing Loop Performance.
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UHF Quad-Trapezoid-Loop
19. UHF Quad-Trapezoid-Loop  (11 Jul 2014)
UHF Quad-Trapezoid-Loop Antenna analyzed using 4nec2, formed by adding outer parts
of Chireix 2-Square to an Hourglass-Loop.  All dimensions determined using nikiml's
Optimization Scripts.

Two versions analyzed: Quad-Trap (NO Reflector) and Quad-Trap (15 RR).

a) Quad-Trapezoid-Loop (NO Refl):

UHF Raw Gain = 6.7 to 8.4 to 7.8 dBi and SWR (300-ohms) under 1.8.

b) Quad-Trapezoid-Loop + 15 Reflector Rods:

UHF Raw Gain = 10.1 to 11.8 dBi, F/B & F/R Ratio Min =19.2 dB and SWR (300-ohms) under 2.7.

Note the VERY WIDE BANDWIDTH, 60-degrees ALL across the UHF Band and the VERY DEEP
49+ dB Notch directly to the Rear.
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V-Stack UHF Hourglass-Loop + 15RR
20. V-Stack UHF Hourglass-Loop + 15RR  (11 Jul 2014)
V-Stack UHF Hourglass-Loop + 15RR
UHF Vertically Stacked Hourglass-Loops with 15 Reflector Rods  analyzed using 4nec2
where nikiml's Python Optimization Scripts were used to Optimize dimensions of the
HVH (Hollands Vertical Harness) and  Separation between Hourglass-Loops.
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Gabriella Remes Canadian Original Art
21. Gabriella Remes Canadian Original Art   (July 8, 2014)
Hello my Name is Gabriella Remes. I am a Canadian Local Artist and Paint for my Living. Up for Sale are these Painting of Different Scenes. My Favorites items
to Paint are Birds and Flowers. If there is anything you
like email me at gabriellaremes@yahoo.com.
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22. Paintings 

I love to paint and create. I like painting animals and people and themed pieces. I use Acrylics, wax pencil, Guache, Graphite and sometimes Oils.


If you are interested in purchasing any of my art please contact me for details... call 979-943-8400

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23. Rob & Pamela 6-14 
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Castaways 2014
24. Castaways 2014  (May 2014)
Castaways Sculpture Awards is an annual art competition that has been running since 2008. Castaways melds the theme of recycling and environment awareness with the creative re-use of materials and innovative sculpture. Each May, more than 50 sculptures grace the Rockingham foreshore creating opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their artworks, together with creative entries from local schools.  More than 15,000 visitors attend the exhibition each year, delighting in the innovative use of recycled materials.
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25. Homebrewing  (ongoing)
Equipment etc
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2014 - Have I Got News For You
26. 2014 - Have I Got News For You  (April 4-6, 2014)
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Office Chair Options
27. Office Chair Options 
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Focal Point 2013 - 2014
28. Focal Point 2013 - 2014 
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