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Arts and Crafts
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1. Thor Lace litter  (March 9, 2017)
CH Moreno's Back 2 The Future X Sundial Leather N Lace
718 Visits
0 Images
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Krager Rd
2. Krager Rd 
928 Visits
123 Images
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Haley Drive
3. Haley Drive 
765 Visits
24 Images
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Fairmont Ranch - driveway
4. Fairmont Ranch - driveway 
828 Visits
45 Images
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5. OMG Wardrobe fittings  (Dec. 10, 2016)
First fittings
294 Visits
0 Images
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Vintage Barkcloth Style Names
6. Vintage Barkcloth Style Names  (October 3, 2003)
There are so many beautiful patterns of vintage barkcloth: roses, feather plumes, scrolls, tropicals and Eames atomic. I decided to start cataloging the many beautiful patterns I find along with their Design names. This is a work in progress, so I'll be adding new pics as I discover them.
All pictures on this website have been taken by Sherry Duda and are the property of Sherry Duda. Pics are not to be reproduced without permission.
38802 Visits
532 Images
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7. Experiences with Steam Mops 
110 Visits
0 Images
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8. Graphics  (Throughout 2016)
UPDATED - Aug. 30th, 2016
My Graphics 2016.
Thank you for sharing with me.
(Be sure to enlarge, by clicking on the thumbnail to see a larger version)
21127 Visits
4 Images
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Ohana series 2016
9. Ohana series 2016 
12051 Visits
34 Images
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Mana series 2016
10. Mana series 2016 
10809 Visits
6 Images
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11. 2016 
Included here are Digital Extra pages produced by Mr. Beckett in 2016. In addition to design, Mr. Beckett tracks and supervises production of Tech Extra and Travel Extra.
18306 Visits
174 Images
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12. cards 
Home made cards, personalised candles and other home made nick knacks.
11709 Visits
0 Images
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Vintage Jools Take 2
13. Vintage Jools Take 2 
6137 Visits
66 Images
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14. Performing arts center 
5 Visits
0 Images
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15. Country drive 4 
6 Visits
0 Images
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