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Animals and Pets
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1. Nate 
Registered Name: COHills Naughty by Nature

DOB: 12/4/2013                                Color: Black Tri Calico
Weight: 18 pounds                              Ear Carriage: Erect
Height: 15.25 inches                              
Registered UKC and AKC        

Health Clearances:
Health testing as is age appropriate

Breeder: Amanda Hill of Colorado Hills Rat Terriers
Co-Owned and Resides with: Debbie Holmes

Sire:  UKC GrCh URO-2 K2's SoBe an Outlaw at COHills CM RA CD CL1-H CL1-S CGC (Tracey Kallas) Black Tri - CHIC 84103
Dam: UKC GrCh Bur-Way's Wild Ride at COHills CGC STAR (Barbie Trammell) Black Tri Calico - CHIC 83853

*Won one Best Puppy in Show in Paris on April 5, 2014 under Judge John Booth.
*Won one Reserve Best Puppy in Show in Paris on April 5, 2014 under Judge Danny Bussard.
*Earned first leg and 25 points toward his UKC Champion title by winning Best Male on June 13, 2014 under Judge
*Earned second leg and 35 points toward his UKCChampion title by winning Best of Winners on August 2, 2014 under Judge Dan Crutchfield.
*Earned third leg and 35 points toward his UKC Champion title by winning Best Male, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Group 1 on January 24, 2015 under Judge Glenda Breneau. !!!NEW CHAMPION!!!

Current Standings:
Training for Rally obedience.
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JEMS 13.02
2. JEMS 13.02 
Produced by Jason Stevens.
Sire- "Banin" (Sorong type)
Dam- Arfac from Ryan Burke
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The Duke Weenies (Rescues)
3. The Duke Weenies (Rescues)  (01/03/15)


The black and tan Luke is still looking for his forever family.

Here is Faith and her litter. They are our foster litter for Anna and her rescue. Durant Animal Alliance. All questions and adoptions must go through Anna. Today they are 10 weeks old and one day. And so beautiful. You can contact us and we will put you in touch with Anna.

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4. Chorkie   (1/27/15)
This is a Yorkie and Chihuahua mix very cute and affectionate puppy. $250. They have had two sets of shots and been  wormed
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5. Yorkie  (1/27/15)
Have males and females Yorky puppies. They are CKC registered will be small and have some tiny .call for prices. 765-342-6364
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Dogs/Puppies Available
6. Dogs/Puppies Available  (August 15, 2010)

In southern California

Click on the thumbnail to enter the album

This is Raven, he's from the Halloween litter, born October 29, 2014 and is simply an amazing little boy.

I think he'll mature about 13 1/2 - 14 inches, 17 pounds and at this time might be a candidate for the show ring.

Pictures shown were taken January 25, 2015, so he's almost 13 weeks.

1565 Visits
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7. Curly 

Curlys D.O.B. 05/16/12

RPK's Little Stooge comes to us from another friend. Curly is very special and has wiggled her way into her spot right in our hearts.

118 Visits
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<h2>'PR' CH KnD's Makin' Whoopie</h2>

'PR' CH KnD's Makin' Whoopie


Whoopies D.O.B. 03/16/12

Here is Whoopie.. UKC Champion KnD's Makin Whoopie.

She is a Rock daughter,,, and is built like it too. Very obviously has Rock's influence.

She has grown into her body very nicely. She will do us VERY proud.

343 Visits
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Katie & Sooner
9. Katie & Sooner  (January 9, 2015)
While in Galveston and on my cruise for 2 weeks my dogs were in the care of my family at their home. Katie decided it was a good time to come in season and Sooner was more than happy to accommodate her. Had Sooner been PLL clear vs carrier this would have been my ideal cross for Katie. My plans were to show her at premier and breed her in the fall. However...she has given me 9 healthy pups. 6 females and 3 males. Pups WILL be DNA tested for PLL prior to being sold.

UPDATE WEEK 1:  Pups and mom are doing great.  Even the runt has found her way.  Katie is going thru 1 chub (2#) of Texas Tripe Bully Blend Raw food a day and has free access to a high quality dry dog food.  So far she is maintaining weight.  I will more than likely probably have to add 1-2 pounds more raw per week.  1 case of chicken necks in the freezer waiting for the pups to get started on.  I think I am going to have to increase my order!!!!  Will get new pictures this weekend with the help of the grandkids. PLL swabs mailed off.  Went thru www.animalgenetics.us  $20.00 cheaper per test, that is a $180.00 savings. Copies of certificates/results will accompany each dog and results will be posted.  blood samples were recommended and acquired by trimming 1 nail short and getting the sample.  Quite uneventful.
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10. Falcons  (Jan 18, 2015)
A falconer works with two of his birds: a Gyr/Prairie Falcon hybrid and a Sakir/Gyr hybrid.
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Grace X Thor
11. Grace X Thor  (August 5, 2014)
This breeding has taken place 1/16//2015
351 Visits
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Sands' Counting Stars
12. Sands' Counting Stars   (January 21, 2015)
244 Visits
28 Images
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Upcoming Rat Terrier Breedings
13. Upcoming Rat Terrier Breedings 
Our beautiful Girl "Chilli"

AKC CH/UKC GRCH Cal Val IB A Red Chilli Pepper

will be bred on her upcoming heat to the very handsome

"Keyton" Seegmillers Midnight Special

Both are PLL Clears and are Cardiac and Patella checked and normal

We have a waiting list starting, please contact Kimmy @(660)626-6253
55 Visits
4 Images
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14. "Furia" 
Furia is our newest addition to our xolo family.  She is a bronze girl with her blonde Mohawk.
41 Visits
11 Images
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63% GTP Carpondro
15. 63% GTP Carpondro 
Produced by breeding a male 75% GTP Carpondro x female 50% GTP Carpondro
42 Visits
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