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Animals and Pets
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Illegal "rescues"
1. Illegal "rescues" 
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Rat Terrier Puppies born March 14, 2017. This litter is being offered to Pet and/or Performance Homes. Pick of Puppy will be in order of Deposit received to Approved Homes. Puppies will have age-appropriate vaccines and dewormings before leaving. Puppies will be started on house manners via litter box training. Visitors welcome by appointment.

* PUPPY APPLICATION must be submitted for consideration. 

* Pet puppies are sold on a Spay/Neuter Agreement.

If you have interest in a puppy, please email raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508 (EST/TN)

Parents: Paisley x Bugsy

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Rock and Katie Puppies
3. Rock and Katie Puppies  (Born March 1st 2017)
Rock and Katie had 4 girls and 2 boys.  
They should all be standard size.

Will be UTD on Shots, dewormed, and have vet exam prior to going to their new homes. Tails and dewclaws done.  Both Sire & dam are PLL clear, so the puppies will be clear.
Our dogs are great with kids, love the water, and just doing everything that we do.  They are attentive watchdogs and a great all around pet.
There are two females and one male available.
Call or email to reserve yours now.
530-205-5755  Diane
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Our Munchkin Queen: Scooter
4. Our Munchkin Queen: Scooter  (March 10, 2017)
Scooter is currently our one and only munchkin. She is my daughter's cat and has become an irreplaceable part of the family. Scooter is a Persian munchkin with beautiful blue eyes. She has medium length hair and seal tips with white tips on her toes. She is beautiful!!

Scooter's personality is very unique. She isn't a social butterfly who comes out and rubs on the legs of strangers. She is very social within our family and loves to play with and cuddle with those in our family. If we have a visitor, she typically stays out of sight unless they are a regular visitor and then she comes to say "HI". Scooter loves our collies and even cuddles with them and attacks their tails when they stroll by. She sits on her hind end and looks out the window or "visits" with the canaries. She is smart and sweet and learns tricks very easily for Life's Abundance cat treats.
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Our Male: Gurt
5. Our Male: Gurt  (March 10, 2017)
Our pride and joy is the king of the ranch, Gurt. Gurt is our handsome ginger manx gentleman. He rules the roost and has the coolest personality of any cat I've ever owned. He is mellow, sweet, and playful when he's not napping in strange positions or snuggling with the kids.

Gurt is a long-haired ginger tabby manx. He is very smart and very gentle with our kids. Be loves his belly and chin scratched and even loves to be brushed. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and sits next to the door and meows whenever he wants outside. He has the loudest, roughest purr ever!! He is comical to have around and no matter what he is doing, he's making us laugh.
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The Outlander Litter
6. The Outlander Litter 
Born on February 1,2017 we welcome The Outlander Litter.  Momma Rosethorn You Can Call Me Queen Bee who we call Royal is  over the moon in love with her 5 girls and 2 boys. Daddy is our new superstar Shamus McGee.  Say hello to the 2 boys DIESEL and BUSTER POSEY(held w/deposit for Dennis Schlief) and the 5 girls MARSALI, RUAIDH, BREE, LEANNAN and CLAIRE. AKC registered, PLL clear, 2 year genetic health guarantee, up to date on shots and worming. Available for $1000 - a $300 deposit will hold your beautiful Rosethorn baby until they can go home with you on March 29,2017
Call 209-743-1664
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Female Puppies!
7. Female Puppies! 
Here are our Female Puppies we currently have available.
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Female Shiba puppies!
8. Female Shiba puppies! 
We currently have these female puppies for sale. Check out these cuties!
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Decker's Dakota
9. Decker's Dakota 
Dakota is the result of a collaborated breeding effort between ourselves and Mr. Ellis Decker. We bred his female, Decker's Willow to our Rueger of Oaker Mountian. Together they created a beautiful litter. Dakota has the sweetest temperament just like her sire, and beautiful blk/wht/tan markings like her dam. We are looking forward to seeing this sweetheart grow and contribute to this wonderful breed.

Sire - Oaker Mountian's Rueger
Dam - Decker's Willow
DOB: 09/29/2016
Weight - 18lbs @ 5 months
Registries - NRTR, DHTR, UKC (pending)
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NWD's Coco
10. NWD's Coco 
Coco comes to us from North West Decker's  (Pam and Mike Clemons). Coco is a bi-color apricot, full of muscle, grit, and happiness. She is a very energetic girl with a heart to love and be loved.

Sire - NWD's Jax are Wild
Dam - Clan Clark's Electra @ NWD's
DOB - 08/13/2016
Weight - 20lbs @ 6 months
Registries - AKC, UKC (pending) NRTR (pending)
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Adult Dogs For Sale
11. Adult Dogs For Sale 
In this album you will find adult dogs that we are looking to rehome.
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Willow x Achilles
12. Willow x Achilles 
Willow and Achilles are planned to be bred early March. This cross should produce some outstanding and wickedly smart pups. These pups would be great for a hunting home or homes with lots of activity and room to run. If you are interested in a pup please contact Robert at 541-490-9130 or Kara at 541-490-9129.
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Trixie x Rueger Litter
13. Trixie x Rueger Litter 
Oswayo's Trixie and Oaker Mountian's Rueger had four beautiful pups born on 02/09/2017. Three males and one female. I expect the female to mature 25-30lbs and the males 30-35lbs. If you are interested please contact Robert at 541-490-9130.

Female Pick - Lani
Male 1st Pick - John
Male 2nd Pick - Available
Male 3rd Pick - Available
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14. Trixie x Rueger Litter 
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15. Female Puppies! 
These are the females puppies we have available.
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