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Travel and Vacation
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Luxor to Cairo: Views from the train.
1. Luxor to Cairo: Views from the train.  (Fall, 2011)
The early morning light provided great photography, on our overnight train from Luxor to Cairo.
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II congreso
2. II congreso  (December 11, 2003)
II Congreso turístico cultural - Valle de Ricote
(Murcia) Spain

Muchas fotos son de Dr. Pedro Garcia y Sacrís.
Todas las fotos tienen copyright
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3. Cuba  (02/06/2014)
3 days in Havana and 7 days in Varadero
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Cape Verde
4. Cape Verde  (June 2014)
Ten major islands comprise this island nation off the west coast of Africa.  We sampled four: Fogo, Sao Vicente, Santo Antao and Santiago.
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Rugs - Instyler
5. Rugs - Instyler  
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6. PRADA  (02-2011)
Hello Everyone, Here are some pics of the weirdest thing we saw on our trip back from South Texas

NOTE:  We drove by it, then said to ourselves “was that what I thought I saw” I made a U turn and went back towards the object and as you can see in the pics it is in a remote place. It is located between Marfa and Van Horn, Texas on I-90. Take a look!

Thanks, Ed

PS You know, what the weirdest thing was...My Wife and I survived living in such close proximity to each other for 3 weeks!!!
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Sabang, Philippines
7. Sabang, Philippines 
Dive Trip
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Egypt, Cairo to Aswan
8. Egypt, Cairo to Aswan 
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Luxor, Egypt
9. Luxor, Egypt 
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Nile River
10. Nile River 
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Edfu, Egypt
11. Edfu, Egypt 
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Upper Egypt, Nubia
12. Upper Egypt, Nubia 
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Upper Egypt
13. Upper Egypt  (November, 2011)
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14. Baltimore 
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15. DUNNOTTAR CASTLE  (on the NE coast of scotland)
We only stopped for a short while to photograph this castle.
We were there too late to visit since it was closed.
It is located in one of the most interesting spots as you can see.

If you click on the map below and choose "original size"
you can read about the castle and see what is there too.

CLICK HERE to read more about Dunnottar Castle.

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