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Travel and Vacation
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Lake Garda
1. Lake Garda  (24/06/015 - 01/07/2015)
Holiday to Lake Garda
203 Visits
79 Images
Linked Album
2. Kelpies  (1-7-15)
Day out at the Helix in Falkirk to see the kelpies.

A Mythical horse with a mystical tale.
197 Visits
49 Images
Linked Album
Italy/France/Monaco 2015
3. Italy/France/Monaco 2015  (5/11-5/25/2015)
Lori and I took the trip of a lifetime, here's some pics.
33 Visits
265 Images
Linked Album
Cusco Peru
4. Cusco Peru 
Mary and I paid a return visit, after 40 years, to the Cusco area visiting the archaeological sites and walking the Inca Trail.
582 Visits
178 Images
Linked Album
Helena, Arkansas
5. Helena, Arkansas 
68 Visits
247 Images
Linked Album
Maui 2015
6. Maui 2015 
121 Visits
43 Images
Linked Album
Florida  2013 w/ Nicholsons
7. Florida  2013 w/ Nicholsons 
264 Visits
448 Images
Linked Album
Hong Kong
8. Hong Kong  (December 2014)
196 Visits
18 Images
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9. Vietnam  (December 2014)
225 Visits
111 Images
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Paris, France
10. Paris, France  (August, 2005)
I hope to add some photos to this folder, but most of my photos of Paris (and Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and half of a summer in Europe) were lost when a computer was stolen, as we were leaving to catch our International flight home. The lesson learned...always back up your photos.
228 Visits
14 Images
Linked Album
11. Egypt  (December 2 - 6, 2014)
Crystal, Vincent, Sherif, Chris, Daniel, and Victoria visited Cairo and Luxor, Egypt.
278 Visits
96 Images
Linked Album
Red Sea Snorkel Pics
12. Red Sea Snorkel Pics  (25/10/14 - 01/11/14)
Week in Sharm El Sheik staying at Royal Albatros Moderna
407 Visits
85 Images
Linked Album
13. Londonhome  (2013)
Photos of 37 Adam and Eve Mews, Kensington, London W8 6UJ for rental and inventory purposes
527 Visits
32 Images
Linked Album
Polynesian Cultural Center
14. Polynesian Cultural Center  (October 2014)
217 Visits
54 Images
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Laie Hawaii in October 2014
15. Laie Hawaii in October 2014 
192 Visits
82 Images
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