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Travel and Vacation
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Boothbay, Maine
1. Boothbay, Maine 
7 Visits
137 Images
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Bar Harbor, Maine
2. Bar Harbor, Maine  (August, 2015)
14 Visits
70 Images
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Camden, Maine
3. Camden, Maine  (August, 2015)
19 Visits
77 Images
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Kennebunkport, Maine
4. Kennebunkport, Maine 
17 Visits
43 Images
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Portland, Maine
5. Portland, Maine 
22 Visits
28 Images
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Portland, Maine
6. Portland, Maine 
22 Visits
28 Images
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Ocean Grove NJ 2006
7. Ocean Grove NJ 2006  (May 8, 2006)
Photos of the sea shore and areas around Ocean Grove, NJ.
775 Visits
12 Images
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A walk on the John Muir Trail
8. A walk on the John Muir Trail  (2015)
Made the opportunity to walk the John Muir Trail.  It leads from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney in the Sierra Nevada, crossing the most stunning scenery between 8- to 13,000'.

Many pictures included here are for the benefit of those I met on the trail who didn't have the luxury of toting a heavy camera, and their contribution to an exceptional experience!
341 Visits
187 Images
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Political & Social PhotoShop Humor
9. Political & Social PhotoShop Humor  (Whenever)
Images I have messed with for my blog:


NOTE: Contains Some "R" Rated Material

Email me if you like at: americanjarhead@gmail.com
13843 Visits
334 Images
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Lake Garda
10. Lake Garda  (24/06/015 - 01/07/2015)
Holiday to Lake Garda
491 Visits
79 Images
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11. Kelpies  (1-7-15)
Day out at the Helix in Falkirk to see the kelpies.

A Mythical horse with a mystical tale.
360 Visits
49 Images
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Italy/France/Monaco 2015
12. Italy/France/Monaco 2015  (5/11-5/25/2015)
Lori and I took the trip of a lifetime, here's some pics.
57 Visits
265 Images
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Cusco Peru
13. Cusco Peru 
Mary and I paid a return visit, after 40 years, to the Cusco area visiting the archaeological sites and walking the Inca Trail.
707 Visits
178 Images
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Helena, Arkansas
14. Helena, Arkansas 
85 Visits
247 Images
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Maui 2015
15. Maui 2015 
181 Visits
43 Images
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