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Portugal  holiday 2013
1. Portugal  holiday 2013 
late holiday in Portugal
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New York City
2. New York City  (March 2010)
Kingwood High School Choir takes the Big Apple by storm during their recent trip to New York City during Spring Break 2010.
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3. 024 NB Water Dam  (July 16)
Glen Falls is between Edmundston and Fredricton. We stopped to see the mighty falls we had been reading about along the way. What a disappointment to find out they close off the water fall during the summer months to divert the water through the hydro generator.
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4. 023 New Brunswick  (July 15-23)
These are general and miscellaneous pictures that were taken in New Brunswick. The attractions and special places we went too are each in a album of their own following this one.
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5. Canada Day  
July 1st was Canada's 146th birthday. We went to one of the many celebrations of the day. This album is nothing in particular just a few candid shots of things you might have seen had you been there with us..:-)
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6. Honeymoon City  (April 26 - 29)
We chose to go to Niagara Falls to celebrate our 50th as it holds many happy memories for each of us. I was born and raised in the west end of Toronto. (70 miles to NF). As a family we went to the falls many times for a Sunday drive. We would go across the border for dinner. We always went to Walgreens where we three kids were allowed to buy a few chocolate bars that were not available in Canada at the time. When John came to Canada it is one of the first tourist attractions he was taken too. When Bill, our son, was born it was the very first trip he went on. He was about 3 months old. My brother, sister and I along with our families gave a gift of a week end trip to our parents for their 25th. We went on a day trip to Niagara Falls for our 10th Anniversary. I could go on and on here but you are only allowed so much description space..LOL
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7. Sousse  (2012/13)
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Santa at Chamber 2012
8. Santa at Chamber 2012  (Dec 20th 2012)
Santa at the Chamber open house on Dec 20th 2012.  To download the photos just click on the thumbnail you want to view that will load a good sized version of the photo, at the bottom of that window you will see "original image", that will load the full size version of the photo THEY ARE BIG FILES, then just "right click" and then "save image as" to save to your computer then put them on a thumbdrive and take them to walmart to get prints or you can get them from this site or got to www.mpix.com and upload and get prints from there  
enjoy the photos

Mr Rob
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Hunting Beach Surf - Xmas 2012
9. Hunting Beach Surf - Xmas 2012  (25 Dec 2012)
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10. christmas daycare 2012  (12/23/2012)
Santa visit.
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China's Venice
11. China's Venice  (2004-2005)
The Sound of Music Asia company traveling Asia until April 2005 had a day trip to Suzhou & Zhouzhuag, China. Suzhou, about 1 1/2 hours outside of Shanghai, is known for its fabulous array of gardens going back ot the Qing dynasty.  Zhouzhuang is an ancient water town best seen by gondola.  Join Adriana, "Brigitta", as she tours these cities.
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12. Disneyworld   (2007)
Macey, Adriana and Mom spend a week during Christmas time at Disneyworld.
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13. 2012 TREE DECORATING  (11-28-12)
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Halloween at the Library
14. Halloween at the Library 
Miss T reading halloween tales at the Marianna Public Library
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Veterans Day 2012
15. Veterans Day 2012 
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