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Soccer balls
1. Soccer balls 
12 Visits
2 Images
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Tool box
2. Tool box 
18 Visits
2 Images
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Straight Razor
3. Straight Razor  
53 Visits
2 Images
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Mead Hanger/Office
4. Mead Hanger/Office 
37 Visits
3 Images
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4th of July 2014
5. 4th of July 2014  (July 4, 2014)
Fireworks by Grucci at Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, SC
264 Visits
52 Images
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Corfu 2014
6. Corfu 2014  (Holiday)
Holiday in orfu for a week 9th of May 2014 to 16th of May 2014
815 Visits
120 Images
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Portugal  holiday 2013
7. Portugal  holiday 2013 
late holiday in Portugal
722 Visits
54 Images
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New York City
8. New York City  (March 2010)
Kingwood High School Choir takes the Big Apple by storm during their recent trip to New York City during Spring Break 2010.
256 Visits
45 Images
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9. Sousse  (2012/13)
653 Visits
78 Images
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Santa at Chamber 2012
10. Santa at Chamber 2012  (Dec 20th 2012)
Santa at the Chamber open house on Dec 20th 2012.  To download the photos just click on the thumbnail you want to view that will load a good sized version of the photo, at the bottom of that window you will see "original image", that will load the full size version of the photo THEY ARE BIG FILES, then just "right click" and then "save image as" to save to your computer then put them on a thumbdrive and take them to walmart to get prints or you can get them from this site or got to www.mpix.com and upload and get prints from there  
enjoy the photos

Mr Rob
3928 Visits
77 Images
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Hunting Beach Surf - Xmas 2012
11. Hunting Beach Surf - Xmas 2012  (25 Dec 2012)
476 Visits
18 Images
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12. christmas daycare 2012  (12/23/2012)
Santa visit.
3854 Visits
0 Images
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China's Venice
13. China's Venice  (2004-2005)
The Sound of Music Asia company traveling Asia until April 2005 had a day trip to Suzhou & Zhouzhuag, China. Suzhou, about 1 1/2 hours outside of Shanghai, is known for its fabulous array of gardens going back ot the Qing dynasty.  Zhouzhuang is an ancient water town best seen by gondola.  Join Adriana, "Brigitta", as she tours these cities.
14833 Visits
83 Images
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14. Disneyworld   (2007)
Macey, Adriana and Mom spend a week during Christmas time at Disneyworld.
5728 Visits
144 Images
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15. 2012 TREE DECORATING  (11-28-12)
1524 Visits
0 Images
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