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Ice Lounge Photos by Royal Nation Promot
16. Ice Lounge Photos by Royal Nation Promot 
7324 Visits
4 Images
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Happy birthday Joe Bravo
17. Happy birthday Joe Bravo 
7380 Visits
24 Images
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The Latin Breed @ VFW Post 76th
18. The Latin Breed @ VFW Post 76th 
6080 Visits
12 Images
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Cowboy Dance Hall Blow Out Jam SATX
19. Cowboy Dance Hall Blow Out Jam SATX 
5497 Visits
6 Images
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Final Cut Band at Traders Village
20. Final Cut Band at Traders Village 
2865 Visits
11 Images
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Orange Parade 2014
21. Orange Parade 2014 
July 12th celebration parade in Glasgow 2014
1391 Visits
208 Images
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22. AJ & SERGIO CASTILLO  (June 27 & 28, 2014)
517 Visits
104 Images
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Final Cut Band, Happy birthday Oscar& Jo
23. Final Cut Band, Happy birthday Oscar& Jo  (June 27, 2014)
Ringside Sports presents Final Cut Band.
Happy birthday John Pacheco and Oscar Navariz
84 Visits
16 Images
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'Covenant of Peace' summer camps
24. 'Covenant of Peace' summer camps  (Summer 2014)
God has blessed 'Covenant of peace' camps to be conducted in the new villages on the North of the Russian Far East. Many children have been hearing the Gospel news for the first time and decided to be following Christ. Thank you for your prayers and your participation in my ministry.
138 Visits
269 Images
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LaHonda Fair 2014
25. LaHonda Fair 2014 
101 Visits
30 Images
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2014 Penticton Regional Photos
26. 2014 Penticton Regional Photos  (June 9-15, 2014)

Photos taken by McBruce (and possibly others) at the 2014 Penticton Regional Bridge Tournament. These are the cropped versions that appeared in the Daily Bulletin. It may be later in the week before I can find time to upload these, with 128 board sets and 6 Daily Bulletins to produce.

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Daily Bulletins: Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Wrap-Up

Online Results from FastResults

FastResults shows hand records, double dummy tricks, results listed in order of N-S score, for each hand. You will find all sorts of other neat features as you discover the site. For example, to get your results in a popup window, click the number to the left of your name in the list of pairs. If you have an e-mail address listed with the ACBL, FastResults will send you an e-mail whenever new material involving you is posted!

District 19 Web Page

140 Visits
67 Images
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27. Vases 
66 Visits
7 Images
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Host Tables
28. Host Tables 
61 Visits
19 Images
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Boys & Girls Club Charity Poker 2014
29. Boys & Girls Club Charity Poker 2014  (April 24, 2014)
All Photos by Debbie Braasch.
61 Visits
70 Images
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06-07-14 Tower Cancer Poker
30. 06-07-14 Tower Cancer Poker  (June 7, 2014)
All Photos by Debbie Braasch.
116 Visits
216 Images
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