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Traders Village with Top Shelf
16. Traders Village with Top Shelf 
located at 410 and Old Pearsall Rd. San Antonio Texas.
Live Entertainment Sat and sun
199 Visits
25 Images
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Artie V @ The Cadillac
17. Artie V @ The Cadillac 
Valentine's Dance
342 Visits
41 Images
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John Hernandez and Top-Shelf
18. John Hernandez and Top-Shelf 
It's another BLEU FRIDAY at Fountain Bleu at 9926 San Pedro behind the Jim's restaurant. You looking for a Fun place to Dance with Great Music, Atmosphere and Entertainment? Then this is the place, with TOP SHELF performing with Edna Rodarte Herrera and Emilio Guerrero putting it out there along with Special Guest Performances. If you have not been there, then come and experience it for your self. You will not be disappointed. Doors open at 7 p.m. With $2 domestics and $3 imports and wines til 8 p.m. It is also BYOB with setups, sodas and food available. Only $7 cover all night. It will definitely be a Great Night for All. For table reservations call 680 - 7000. Come out and give LIVE MUSIC the SUPPORT IT DESERVES.
339 Visits
56 Images
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Hamilton Loomes @ Willie's
19. Hamilton Loomes @ Willie's 
Sitting in Lisa Marie Sharp and Anthony Hernandez, this is a must see dine in.
115 Visits
64 Images
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Danny Casanova Benefit #1
20. Danny Casanova Benefit #1 
it was held at the Royal Palace Ballroom in San Antonio Texas.
214 Visits
438 Images
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Savannah Votion @ Frio Bar
21. Savannah Votion @ Frio Bar 
194 Visits
25 Images
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John Hernandez & Top Shelf
22. John Hernandez & Top Shelf 
Now performing Every Friday for Bleu Friday at Fountain Bleu Ballroom on San Pedro, Featuring the Beautifully talented Vocalist Edna Rodarte.
207 Visits
57 Images
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23. Iguanas/Lizards 
140 Visits
7 Images
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Lobotomy Items
24. Lobotomy Items 
I found the perfect set but they're really expensive $175 for the hammer and Co - do you think we could get away with renting some of the other items I've found as the would work too equally menacing. It's $30 ish to rent $175 to buy ... let me know thanks.
128 Visits
4 Images
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Tea Cups/Pots
25. Tea Cups/Pots 
129 Visits
15 Images
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26. Globes 
60 Visits
6 Images
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John Hernandez @ Fountain Bleu
27. John Hernandez @ Fountain Bleu 
in San Antonio Texas, Every Friday Night LIVE Music with Buffet and Full Bar
72 Visits
46 Images
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Jorge Alejandro Y La Paz
28. Jorge Alejandro Y La Paz 
@ The Frio Bar AKA The Old Cattlemen's in San Antonio Texas
125 Visits
19 Images
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Dog Skulls
29. Dog Skulls 
162 Visits
3 Images
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30. Guns 
146 Visits
2 Images
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