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16. AmishOK  (09/12/2015)
The Annual Amish School Consignment Auction in Clarita, Oklahoma on September 12, 2015.
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Caitlin & Michael's wedding reception
17. Caitlin & Michael's wedding reception  (9-5-15)
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Salmonfest 2015
18. Salmonfest 2015 
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07-22-15 Variety Poker
19. 07-22-15 Variety Poker  (July 22, 2015)
All Photos by Debbie Braasch.
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Sad Cowboy House
20. Sad Cowboy House 
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21. Deep River Muster 
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Yukon Island - Ole! Planning Retreat
22. Yukon Island - Ole! Planning Retreat 
These pictures capture the experience well - long term planning in a most pleasant setting.
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LAPD Golf 2015
23. LAPD Golf 2015  (June 20, 2015)
All Photos by Debbie Braasch.
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24. Adriana  
Adriana  in Hello Dolly in 2010.  Adriana and Kyler in Kingwood High School's, The Sound of Music, 2011.
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Sky Tower Evacuation
25. Sky Tower Evacuation  (6/11/15)
Supervisors asked me to take part in the annual evacuation test with the San Diego Fire Department. One of the elements is lowering, in this case volunteer, victims to the ground.

A late decision to limit the number of victims, perhaps to open the Sky Tower earlier to guests, to their chagrin it excluded the photographers from rapelling, or in actuality being lowered to the ground by the firemen.

In order for the firemen to gain access they had to climb a ladder inside the tube to the top lugging all they deem necessary to accomplish the evacuation with them all the way to the top. It is a heavy load.

From the top the firemen rapel down to the capsule with all their gear entering through s hatch. Now they prepare all the equipment, fasten the pulleys and safety gear to secure places in the capsule while others put victims into the harness that securely holds them to lower them with ropes.

The volunteers had consented to be victims and subject themselves to what is to most an intimidating exit from a place where your feet touch the floor of the capsule, to dangling from great heigth on a rope.

The briefing from the upper level includes rapelling, like walking down backwards for the distance of the lower level capsule from where you are just being securely lowered in your harness.

As I said, chagrined that I had to spend more than four hours in the capsule without the opportunity to take pictures during the decent left me with taking these pictures. Of course in the relatively tight space, the firemen needed to be near the doors and I had to shoot from angles that were accessible to me without obstructing anyone or anything.

Shooting without a flash against the bright outdoors made some editing necessary.
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26. 1/1 MARINES CHANGE OF COMMAND  (5 June 2015)
On 5 June 2015 at Camp Horno, on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base, in a Change of Command ceremony for 1/1 (1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division) Lieutenant Colonel Lance A. Jackola relinquished command of the battalion to Lieutenant Colonel Steven M. Sutey.

On the LZ (Landing Zone) above Camp Horno the Photographs begin with arrival of guests, Marines of the battalion waiting on roadside for orders to take their position on the parade deck, and a concert by the 1st Marine Division Band prior to the beginning of the ceremony.  

Photographs follow the sequence of events in image # 20, beginning with formation of the battalion staff and the Invocation by the Battalion Chaplain.

The passing of the Battalion's battle colors, delivered by Battalion Sergeant Major C. T. Nguyen (now Regimental SgtMajor, 5th Marines)  to the outgoing Commanding Officer, and in turn presented to the new Commander, symbolizes the formal transfer of command.

Immediately following the passing of colors, Lieutenant Colonel Jackola was ordered called front & center where the was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

After image 102, Marines and guests greet and offer congratulations prior to leaving for the reception.

Click "Start Slideshow" to view all enlarged images automatically.  To see a single enlargement, double left click the thumbnail.  To save/print, right click the enlarged original size for highest resolution.

Permission is granted to save/copy/print images for personal use.  If used in a publication, credit: Photos by B.B. Yarborough.  High resolution enlargements, ready for printing, will be provided free of charge to Marines and Sailors on request.  Most images can be enlarged to 40 inches wide. To contact the photographer for questions or assistance, CLICK HERE

Videos shot by my son, Dirk, offer movement and sound for the "Sound Off" march & counter march, the "Pass In Review," and the closing of the program with the traditional playing of "Waltzing Matilda", "Anchors Away" and "The Marine Hymn."   Click the "full screen" option at lower right of each video for best view.

Click HERE for all 13 videos on YouTube

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Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home Parade
27. Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home Parade  (June 13 2015)
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Bailey's Sweet 16 Party!!!
28. Bailey's Sweet 16 Party!!!  (Saturday, May 30, 2015)

Happy 16th Birthday Bailey!!! Bailey invites you to share in the fun of her big birthday bash. All photo's are "right click downloadable" so have fun!!! Gary & Pierre Silva http://silvaandsilvaphotography.com

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C.A.R.S. 2015
29. C.A.R.S. 2015   (Photos taken May , 2015)
Hope you enjoy the photos taken at the May 2015 C.A.R.S Pork in the Park Cruise In. A special thank you to all our Sponsors for providing this free Community Event.   The C.A.R.S Team
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30. Pic's By DJ Gabe Romero 
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