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2014 Sugar Bumblebee Female $450
1. 2014 Sugar Bumblebee Female $450 
Eating frozen thawed rat fuzzies.
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<h2>CH 'PR' KnD's On A Summer Breeze

CH 'PR' KnD's On A Summer Breeze  
Please meet Mariah. Her D.O.B. is 8/10/2008. She is a white black and tan piebald pattern and ticking.

Mariha has shown in the puppy class and she did have fun..she and I both truly enjoyed it together. Keep your eye on her. We think she will do great in the ring. She is out going and assertive not shy about anything. She expects everyone to look at her because she thinks that "after all ..they did come to see me didn't they?"..lol

She has a fun mischievous spirit about her that shines.. giving her that special something that is hard to put your finger on but is there none the less.
She has mom wrapped around her little paw.

Mariah is one year old now. She has had a 1 year hip xray, her patellas and cardiac checked by our vet. All are normal. We are currently awaiting to send her patella and cardiac froms into OFA when we have had 5 dogs in total checked to send in together. At the age of 2 she can be OFA certified for her hips and at that time she will also be certified for LCP and elbow dysplasia.

She is 3 now. She has had her hips x-rayed. The vet gave us the go ahead and we are waiting for a few more to get the kennels rate.

'PR' KnD's On A Summer Breeze
HIPS2 Years Of Age
ELBOWS2 Years Of Age
LCP2 Years Of Age

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Seegmillers All The Right Bones
3. Seegmillers All The Right Bones  (BONES)
Bones is a rare bird, how I love his sweet demeanor and loyalty.  He is one that ads size along with super short hair coat and the lovely piebald red sable and white.  

Superb hunt drive for just about any type of prey whether it be large or small game.  He has a tight muscle, thick bone and that beautiful head!!!  I really love this boy he represents so much and is part of our future.

Heart & Patella Normal
Breeder K Seegmiller
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2009 Bolivian Amarali Pair
4. 2009 Bolivian Amarali Pair   (March 25, 2015)
2009 Bolivian Boa constrictor amarali Pair. This pair has something special going on. They both have RED eyes and have RED coming up their bellies and on their side medallions. This pair is priced at $1200.00 plus shipping. I am selling these as a pair and prefer not to split them up. Stunning and in perfect health. I can be reached via email animalia.today@gmail.com
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2013 Bolivian amarali
5. 2013 Bolivian amarali   (March 24, 2015)
2013 ♀ Bolivian Boa constrictor amarali available for sale . I can be reached via email animalia.today@gmail.com
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2012 Hog Island Boa
6. 2012 Hog Island Boa   (March 24, 2015)
This holdback 2012 pair of Hog Island boas is available for $600.00 plus shipping. I can be reached at animalia.today@gmail.com
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Gr CH 'PR' WudNshu Kalon's Fast Lane
7. Gr CH 'PR' WudNshu Kalon's Fast Lane 
"Dylan Pickles" was Kalon's first AHT and he has never disappointed.  He completed his Championship and Grand Championship in short order. He has an outstanding pedigree, super sweet temperament and we've received numerous wonderful comments about him in his short show career (even from a noted AKC terrier judge who stated that Dylan was one of the best moving terriers he's ever seen).  

Dylan is the son of Gr CH Kidd K's High Speed Chase x WudNshu's Carmen Get It (bred by Teri Murphy).  Thanks Teri for this wonderful boy!

Eyes, Heart & Patellas checked Clear.
PLL tested Clear.
DM tested Clear.


* Please Note:  Dylan had a complete health check (including his heart) done by his breeder, Teri Murphy before he came to me.  I have had him checked three (3) times over the last few years and each time he passed with flying colors.  There is NOTHING wrong with Dylan's heart, nor that of his offspring.  Anything to the contrary is a malicious rumor.


We again THANK Teri Murphy for entrusting us with this exceptional AHT.  Dylan is a sound, healthy, quality AHT with a wonderful temperament that makes him a true joy to live with and own.

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2013 & 2014 Argentine Boas
8. 2013 & 2014 Argentine Boas   (March 23, 2015)
Argentine Boa constrictor occidentalis (Bco)
I have two litters available from the same pairing. First litter was produced in 2013, and the second in 2014. These animals have begun to go through their natural color change. I can be reached via email animalia.today@gmail.com
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The NATM Litter (Rat Terriers)
9. The NATM Litter (Rat Terriers) 

AKC UKC Rat Terrier Puppies for Show & Agility.

This VIDEO Features Octavius and Rexy.

This litter is PLL CLEAR by Parentage.
This litter is AKC and UKC registered.
TWO MALE puppies available to approved homes. Contact Mrs. Ragan @ 865-856-0508 or email raganratters@yahoo.com
The litter theme is inspired by the movie, Night At The Museum (NATM). The movie is about the magic that occurs at night, inside New York City's American Museum of Natural History, when artifacts come to life. The puppies' names are in honor of characters in the movie.

SIRE: CH Cal Val's Famous 4RobN Hearts (Bugsy)
DAM: Cruzin 2Raganrat 2Rock D Stage (Reba)
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Little Parrotlet
10. Little Parrotlet  (March 21, 2015)
Little female two month old parrotlet. Hand tame. Angel's breeder does a fantastic job with all her birds.
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11. Darby's   (March 18, 2015)
Dowden's Pepper - Sire;
Timberlane Darby - Dam

UKCI Registered Rat Terriers
Whelped: February 23, 2015

2 Males, 4 Females
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Grace puppies
12. Grace puppies  (March 17, 2015)
Grace whelped her puppies on St Patricks day.
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13. BRTK's Jewel (RETIRED)  (18th of May 2009)

She is a black/tan/white,
NBT (natural bob tail), Tuxedo pattern coat, Miniature.
She is weighing in at about 17 lbs  & stands 12 inches at the shoulders.
Date of birth- March 16th, 2005
Jewel is the ONLY dog left from the combining of these two bloodlines in the Rat Terrier Breed producing pups!!  We are VERY lucky to be carrying on these bloodlines. She loves to hunt and will track the gophers, field mice and rats here around the 20 acres of farm, ranch & old growth forest land we live on. Jewel is a very large boned miniature for a female Some would call her a doggy b*tch (which means she is built more like a male than a refined female). She passes her drive & temperament along to her off spring.  Jewel carries the colors of black-tri, Red (Tan) sables & white. She has a very nice top line, her tail set is place just were it needs to be, nice angulation in her rear assumable, the true Fire Mountain shaped head & the smaller ears which the is also know in the FM lines. We could go on & on about the wonderful things she has to offer the breed.  
Jewels Sire is:
RTK's Black Lightening of SWK
aka Neo
Neo is a black/white/tan, NBT, tuxedo pattern.
He is just one of the very few last  Rushing Winds Flash Lightening (aka Flash) lines available for breeding.
Neo sire is: Rushing Winds Flash Lightening, Red Sable & White- Tuxedo- Standard
Neo dam is: Larmon's I'm Zoe Blessed, Black & White- Tuxedo- Standard

Jewels Dam is:
Fire Mtn's Hope of SWK
Hope is a black/white/tan
miniature that weighs is at 15 lbs and stands 11 inches at the shoulders
Hope's sire is: Fire Mtn's Midnight Cowboy, Black/white/tan
Hope's dam is: Birch's Becky, black/white/tan

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14. RosethornCupidsArrow 
Rosethorn Cupid's Arrow now 3 years old has proven himself to be an asset to the breeding program here at Rosethorn Terriers. This lovely dog has a kind and confident nature. At his very first show he was handled by a very special little 8 years old girl in a learning class for children. Arrow rose to the occasion. He put aside his own 'first show jitters', to do everything asked of him by his young handler. He never balked or was unkind. Arrow has a heart of gold which he passes on to his offspring. Arrow is a 'Call Me Angelina's Holy Roller' son sired by UKC GRCH Rock-E CalVal Guy Smiley.  Arrow is father to Rosethorn Justa Romeo in Chrome who is growing into a prized stud here at Rosethorn Terriers following in his exceptional fathers' footsteps.  Arrow is not only extremely handsome in his black and white bi-color coat, with excellent conformation, he is also the fastest dog here followed closely by Champion Sidney.  Arrow has a lovely kind personality.  He is one of my favorite snugglers and is with out exception always a gentleman.  Available as stud to approved PLL clear bitches $400 fee.
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15. THE DELITE LITTER  (2-25-2015)
It been a busy February here at Rosethorn. We are blessed this spring with our truly wonderful litters. Its' been almost two years since Rachel and Ch.Shogun parented the amazing BOSSES litter - so when Rachel Ray delivered 9 superb puppies on 2/25/2015 we just had to call them the DELITE Litter.  UKC Champion Rosethorn Almighty Shogun "daddy" is proud as punch. With a big smile we present the four boys and five girls, all doing very well under the watchful eye and loving care of their mom Rachel. The 4 *boys are *CHUCKLE - a blue tuxedo   *CHEER - a matching blue tuxedo with half white muzzle    *GRIN - a blue tri piebald  and  *HURRAH - a black tri piebald.  The 5 *girls are  *SMILE - a black tri tuxedo with a blaze   *GIGGLE(held w/deposit) a black tri piebald   *TICKLE - a blue tuxedo   *WINK - a black tuxedo  and  *DIMPLE - a blue tri piebald. A deposit will hold your delightful new family member until they are ready to go home at 8 weeks. Call 209-743-1664 to talk about these happy babies. Come on up, you'll be glad you did. We love to show off our family of Rosethorn Rat Terriers and I am always happy answer questions about the American Rat Terrier Breed. See you soon.  Enjoy!
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