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1891 StPetersburg Cavalry School Carbine
1. 1891 StPetersburg Cavalry School Carbine 
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1895 Nagant Revolvers (7.62x38r)
2. 1895 Nagant Revolvers (7.62x38r) 
Specifically on Soviet Nagants, 1917-1960's, illustrated are a 1927, 36, 41, 07/42 MO, 1944, 1945 & special target shooting variant, also there is some info on the Soviet "single action"? Nagants. Also see the Imperial Russian section (more info on the SA/DA Nagants) for 1895-1917 Nagants, & the comparison section for an album comparing all the variants
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1911 Colt Soviet rework (.45cal)
3. 1911 Colt Soviet rework (.45cal) 
During WW1 the Russians purchased a lot of firearms on the world market for their forces one of which was a contract w/Colt for the 1911 Colt .45. These guns were all in the commercial "C" block serial series & were marked in Cryllic characters "English Contract" on the right frame. This particular Colt was reworked by the Soviets w/a dull blue finish, a small batch of these guns were offered on the market a few years ago.
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1925 TK Korovin pistol (6.35)
4. 1925 TK Korovin pistol (6.35) 
This small 6.35cal pistol was designed by Korovin, believe they're known as TK25, they were never an issue weapon in the Soviet military but reportedly were carried by staff officers & were also used by the NKVD. There are 2 grip variations, the plastic type shown in the pics (which is reportedly a later model) & wooden checked grips on the earlier models.
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1930 Tokarev TT30-TT33 (7.62x25Tok)
5. 1930 Tokarev TT30-TT33 (7.62x25Tok) 
Adopted in 1930 & put into serial production in 1932 (thanx to scottB for that info) as the TT30, the 1933,34, & 35 guns were TT30's, main visible difference was a removeable grip strap in the rear frame for the hammer spring, other mechanical differences are described below the pics, in 1936 all the changes were incorporated & the pistol was renamed the TT33. it was in production in the Soviet Union from 1933-1953, was also mfg by China (PRC), Hungary, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia & in N Korea (not an exact copy) as the Type 68
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P08 Luger WW2 capture (9mm)
6. P08 Luger WW2 capture (9mm) 
Pics of a Russian capture P08 Luger.
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1959 Makarov PM Pistol (9x18mak)
7. 1959 Makarov PM Pistol (9x18mak) 
Some detail pics of a 1975 non-import Soviet Mak & a 1987 Soviet Mak that came in with the first group of DDR makarovs out of Germany. For more Makarov pics see the appropriate country for Bulgarian, Chinese, DDR etc, also many other 9mm Mak calibre ComBloc weapons, Hungarian Pa63, R61, Polish P64 & P83 etc.
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1891 M91 Mosins (7.62x54r)
8. 1891 M91 Mosins (7.62x54r) 
The mainstay of the Russian/Soviet military (& many others around the world!), adopted in 1891 & utilized thru the 60's!
Please note: this album is now dedicated to Soviet variants of the Mosin, the early models that were pictured here are now in their own album in the Imperial Russian section.
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1928 Degtyarev DP28 (7.62x54r)
9. 1928 Degtyarev DP28 (7.62x54r) 
The illustrated example is a "dummy" display gun, real DP28 parts assembled on a solid receiver.
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1939  PEM side mount sniper (7.62x54r)
10. 1939  PEM side mount sniper (7.62x54r) 
This is a rare pre-war Mosin-Nagant91/30 PEM side mount sniper rifle, Tula 1939 mfg, rifle is an original sniper, all matching, original bolt & parts, scope/mount & base are original Soviet but not matching to the rifle. A number of these guns & 91/30 PE center line mounted guns that were original snipers w/original bolts came in a few years ago w/no optics or mounts, these were original snipers the Finns had in store & had removed the bases/scopes/mounts, they did not have the base mounting holes filled in & had not been removed from service as snipers & rearsenaled into standard infantry rifles as a lot of guns that are presently available.
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1938-40 SVT38/40 Tokarev (7.62x54r)
11. 1938-40 SVT38/40 Tokarev (7.62x54r) 
The Tokarev family of semi-auto rifles began w/the SVT38 which was mfg into 1940, saw action in the Russo-Finn war, redesign to correct deficiencies resulted in the SVT40 which was produced from 1940-1945. Both rifles were designed w/integral rails for an optical mount/scope & some were used as snipers rifles. illustrated in this album are both models, SVT 38 & SVT 40, including SVT40 variants, early/late & original snipers rifles.
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1943 Sphagin PPsh43 (7.62x25Tok)
12. 1943 Sphagin PPsh43 (7.62x25Tok) 
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1944 PU Mosin Sniper (7.62x54r)
13. 1944 PU Mosin Sniper (7.62x54r) 
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Sniper Rifles 1934-1994 (7.62x54r)
14. Sniper Rifles 1934-1994 (7.62x54r) 
The Soviet Union has always been a leader in the utilization of trained marksmen in their armed forces, they began a dedicated program in the 20's to develope equipment & tactics & they have actually been using what we today term "designated marksmen" since the 30's! The major difference between their system & that of the West is that the Soviets issued scope equipped rifles to every infantry squad & integrated their tactical use into all facets of Soviet infantry operations since the beginning. This album shows the major Soviet sniper rifles issued from the 30's thru the dissolution of the the Soviet Union in the 90's.
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TOZ series (.22cal)
15. TOZ series (.22cal) 
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1945 SKS Siminov (7.62x39)
16. 1945 SKS Siminov (7.62x39) 
The SKS was developed late in WW2 & introduced on a trial in the closing stages of that war. After the war the Soviets were developing the AK47 & they put the SKS into production in 1949 as a back-up to the AK. It didn't see wide-spread use by the Soviets but eventually equipped & was mfg by many of the ComBloc countries including China, N Viet Nam, N Korea, Romania, East Germany & even Albania! The Soviet guns went thru a series of modifications, the original 1949 guns were mfg w/a spike bayonet similiar to the original 1945 trials guns, in 1950 they switched to common blade style, they were mfg in the Soviet Union from 1949-1956/57.
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1947 Kalashnikov Type3 AK47 (7.62x39)
17. 1947 Kalashnikov Type3 AK47 (7.62x39) 
The AK47 was originally a rifle w/a stamped center receiver fixed to a front & rear milled trunion, this was the TypeI in production app. 1947-1950, problems w/the stamping & riveting led to a full milled receiver TypeII (close in appearance to the TypeIII but many detail differences) app. 1949-1955, the final milled receiver variant the TypeIII (pictured in this album) was mfg app. 1953-1960 & was the main production variant of the original AK47 series. The rifle in the pics is based on a pre-ban Chinese mfg Poly-Tech legend & is believed to have been made on Soviet machinery, the rear sights on these rifles even has the Soviet Crylic battlefield setting mark on the rear sight. It's an exact duplicate of a Soviet TypeIII except for the markings, this rifle is fitted w/an original Soviet laminate TypeIII furniture set.
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1956 RPD Degtyarev (7.62x39)
18. 1956 RPD Degtyarev (7.62x39)  (NEW 11/15/2014)
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1959 AKMS Kalashnikov (7.62x39)
19. 1959 AKMS Kalashnikov (7.62x39) 
In 1959 the Soviets adopted a stamped receiver variant of the AK47, the AKM, the folding stock version was designated AKMS. The rifle shown in the album is a pre-ban Hungarian SA85 w/Soviet wood & grip.
NOTE: additions will be made showing different mags, bayonets, furniture, muzzle devices etc as time permits.
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1964 SVD Dragunov (7.62x54r)
20. 1964 SVD Dragunov (7.62x54r) 
The Soviet SVD is one of the most collectible military rifles out there, very few are in the US, probably less than 1000, there are some commercial variants, all Russian mfg, the California Armory guns, & the Tiger which is most numerous (although still rare), the CA guns & Tigers are not C&R eligible, the KBI & early military are. In this album are examples of an "early" SVD, 1983 Ishevsk, 1 of the KBI later production, & an early Chinese Type79/85 SVD, also shown are accessories, scopes, & Night Vision scopes used w/them, all the guns, scopes etc are described & pictured individually & then collectively to make direct photo comparisons possible.
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1978 AKS74UN (5.45x39)
21. 1978 AKS74UN (5.45x39) 
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RPG7 Rocket Launcher
22. RPG7 Rocket Launcher 
This is the "infamous" RPG7, an anti-tank infantry weapon. This particular piece is completely inert, it has a large hole torch cut in the body, the firing pin hole has been drilled out & a pin welded in place to deform it, luckily once the handguards etc are in place it displays well.
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