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Castaways 2011
The Castaways Sculpture Awards is an annual event held at Rockingham Beach, Western Australia. Many artists participate in this exhibition and visitors are inspired by the ingenious artworks created with recycled materials. Included in the description is an extract from the artist's description of their work, also list of materials used.
Date(s): May 2011. Album by gladysclancy. Photos by Gladys. 1 - 105 of 105 Total. 4060 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Castaways Sculptures on Rockingham Beach

Enlarge photo 2
Free Range
"Chooks are great foragers and the materials used to create these girls, all 100% recycled, reflect this. Each chook has her own personality mirrored in the brightly coloured finish - a great outfit for a day spent scratching around in the sand."

Enlarge photo 3
Free Range
Recycled chicken mesh, wire, aluminium wire, hanging baskets, steel rod, paint.

Enlarge photo 4
Reinforced Peace
"This work considers the notion of reinforcing peace, using the symbolic dove as the vehicle."

Enlarge photo 5
"'burr'- multi-faceted thorn, ouch; 'burrrr' - snow flake, cold, ouch."
Recycled aluminium cutouts, paint.

Enlarge photo 6
In the Clover
"One of a series of sacred geometries."
Steel with faux bronze finish.

Enlarge photo 7
On the Verge of...
"Verge collecting is such an inspiration and the sheer volume of discarded fan! Priceless! Seeing the pile we collected, I shaped them into something fitting for Castaways. An umbrella, with the finishing touch of a bottle top towel."
Used fan casings, old aluminium clothes line, washed up rope, bottle tops, umbrella.

Enlarge photo 8
"These significant 'pods' have become detached from the ocean floor and have found permanence on land unlike the seaweed pods they are modelled on."
Recycled steel, bird wire, ferro cement, styrene foam, polyester scrim, galvanized nails.

Enlarge photo 9
Refuse Man to the Rescue
"In the age of Refuse Man it would be said you are what you eat, drink ...... from"
Steel, aluminium, brick pavers.

Enlarge photo 10
"To embrace the breeze of fresh air."
Aluminium, wire.

Enlarge photo 11
Sea Horse
"Alternate identities for discarded objects are hidden from our view by our absolute indifference to them."

Enlarge photo 12
Sea Horse
Steel, salvaged objects, plough points, discs.

Enlarge photo 13
Tide Lounge
"A place to reflect on the ebb and flow of life. A simple object with a connection to the human form."
Recycled steel rod.

Enlarge photo 14
"How we navigate through life and this uncertain world is fascinating. This stacked recycled metal tower is a reference point, a beacon, a guide, it could be an entry point or exit point, or a place to meet."
Recycled metal.

Enlarge photo 15
First Prize $5000 Alcoa Sculpture Award for sculpture with an aluminium component.

Enlarge photo 16
Dancing to the Waves
"Birds respond to the perpetual rhythm of the ocean."

Enlarge photo 17
Dancing to the Waves
Aluminium powder, resin, hard plaster, cement, pigment, tins, coach bolt.

Enlarge photo 18
Imbalance / Wedged Fish
"The idea of integrating the fish design into metal boxes is to highlight the contrast of organic forms and commercially made structures reflecting environmental effects upon our environment."
Aluminium, recycled metals, copper, steel, wood.

Enlarge photo 19
Bicycle Boogie
"Bicycle Boogie is nearly all recycled aluminium, most of it from bicycles, including the frame, the big wheel at the front, the vane at the back, and the hubs and paddles where the pedals used to be, even the mast holding it up. Now, let there be wind!"
Recycled bicycle parts.

Enlarge photo 20
Bicycle Boogie
Second Prize $3000 Alcoa Sculpture Award for sculpture with an aluminium component.

Enlarge photo 21
Solar Lunar
"From the fist sharp glimmer of sun rays at dawn to the intense warm light at high noon to the cool light of the moon."
Aluminium power line cable, LED light.

Enlarge photo 22
Beach Scene
"Every part of the milk bottle has beauty - the semi-transparent white, and the vibrant coloured caps. The layered image within the bottle changes in the different light of day."

Enlarge photo 23
Beach Scene
Close-up detail of layered image in milk bottle.
Aluminium, plastic, wood, sand.

Enlarge photo 24
"This work is driven by my concern about the rapid demise of our old growth forests and other aspects of our natural environment. I fear that unless there is immediate intervention and far more responsible planning and urban development, sometime soon the seasons as we know them will have disappeared, and the only spring my grandchildren will know will be the type of material used in my sculpture."
Recycled metals.

Enlarge photo 25
Not Waving, Drowning
"Sometimes I find myself drowning in a sea of thoughts and I wonder - who would know. To save my home and family from drowning in art projects, all the components of this sculpture are reused or recycled. The dinghy goes back to my Dad, the cans to recycling, the unfired paper clay to be reconstituted and used again, the sand to the sandpit, the wood, wire and mesh returned to REmida Creative Reuse Centre for more creative uses."

Enlarge photo 26
Not Waving, Drowning
Aluminium dinghy, aluminium cans, acrylic paint, recycled paper clay, reused wood, wire, mesh.

Enlarge photo 27
"These microscopic plankton, many of which are photosynthetic, manufacture their own food using the energy from sunlight and provide food for other organisms. As primary producers, they are an important part of the aquatic food chain. Some species are also able to produce their own light source through bioluminescence."
Aluminium wire, mesh, plastic bottles, buoy and solar light.

Enlarge photo 28
Which Way to the Shoalwater Islands?
"I am, every now and again, able to view the beautiful Hippocampus Augustus (Western Australian seahorse) in an aquarium and love the gentle slow motion as they move over objects. The fact they frequent Cockburn Sound and the Shoalwater Islands fascinated me, and made me aware of their fragility with our use of the area."

Enlarge photo 29
Which Way to the Shoalwater Islands?
Metal frame covered with copper.

Enlarge photo 30
Which Way to the Shoalwater Islands?
Close up detail of Seahorse.

Enlarge photo 31
Drawing the Line
"This work relates to the possible effects of over-fishing on global fish stocks. The brutal, mechanized extraction and processing of fish juxtaposes the fragility of the food chain."

Enlarge photo 32
Drawing the Line
Tuna can lids, aluminium pipe, wire and mesh.

Enlarge photo 33
Drawing the Line
$3000 City of Rockingham Sculpture Award for recycled sculpture.

Enlarge photo 34
Flood Tarp
"Studying the emotions of success, loss and our relationship with natural disasters."
Plastic bags, aluminium foil, pickets, tent pegs.

Enlarge photo 35
Birth of Venus
"Mermaids hold mystery in the seas the world over."
Metal including aluminium, wood, glass, bicycle frame, anchor, glass louvres.

Enlarge photo 36
Fish Called Wonder
"I find my inspiration from otherwise-discarded metal parts, and bring new life and meaning to them."
Recycled metal.

Enlarge photo 37
Angry Planet
"This work represents the hurt and anger the planet feels towards people."

Enlarge photo 38
Angry Planet

Enlarge photo 39
Angry Planet
Close-up detail of sculpture.

Enlarge photo 40
Bird's Eye View
"Viewing art from different perspectives."
Aluminium sheet, wire, screen.

Enlarge photo 41
Bird's Eye View
A real Seagull has a bird's eye view of the sculpture.

Enlarge photo 42
Beach Dogs
"Dogs just love time at the beach, playing and taking their owners for a walk."

Enlarge photo 43
Beach Dogs
Brick, aluminium, wood.

Enlarge photo 44
Beach Dogs
Close-up of playful dog sculpture.

Enlarge photo 45
Council Warning for Dogs
Sadly, the Council does not welcome real Dogs on this Beach!

Enlarge photo 46
"Bringing awareness to the damage done by oil spills into our oceans."

Enlarge photo 47
Recycled drum, resin, board, ceramic, paint.

Enlarge photo 48
$3000 Evermore Heights
Sustainable Living Award.

Enlarge photo 49
Chase Dog
"The dog is terrified. Strange creatures cling to its tail. Is this a dream?"

Enlarge photo 50
Chase Dog (base of sculpture)
Recycled steel rod, copper wire, latex, aluminium (plate rod and mesh), cold cast aluminium, solar powered LED lighting, rubber pipe, seed pods.

Enlarge photo 51
A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican
"This work is made of recycled aluminium cans and plastic bags. This is an important component of the work itself, talking about the effects of our actions on the environment."
Recycled aluminium cans, recycled plastic bags with steel armatures.

Enlarge photo 52
Sea Dancer
"I find movement in the ocean fascinating and mesmerising, in all its moods. We can be at its mercy and have to follow the rhythm of its dance."

Enlarge photo 53
Sea Dancer
Polystyrene foam, caulking glue, metal, polypipe, cement.

Enlarge photo 54
Sea Dancer

Enlarge photo 55
From Little Things Beautiful Things Still Can Grow
"I went to a remote island and was astounded by the amount of waste washed up on the shore. Plastic bottles, cans and shoes were very high up on the list of rubbish. Unfortunately we live in a very disposable world and 'out of sight, out of mind' is a saying we adopt too readily."

Enlarge photo 56
From Little Things Beautiful Things Still Can Grow
"We need to recycle, reuse and rethink what happens to our rubbish."

Enlarge photo 57
From Little Things Beautiful Things Still Can Grow
Clay, aluminium, plastic, copper, wood.

Enlarge photo 58
Flight of Shadows
"You see the shadows move across the ground, looking up. The awe never fades."

Enlarge photo 59
Flight of Shadows
Acrylic, aluminium.

Enlarge photo 60
Flight of Shadows
Shadow cast on the sand.

Enlarge photo 61
Bloom 1 (blu:m) A large swarm of jellyfish.
Bloom 2 (blu:m) To bear flowers; to blossom.
Hanging baskets, plastic milk bottles, ring pulls, aluminium cans.

Enlarge photo 62
Winner: $3000 International Power Mitsui Sculpture Award for innovation in recycled sculpture.

Enlarge photo 63
$3000 International Power Mitsui Sculpture Award for innovation in recycled sculpture.

Enlarge photo 64
It's Always Been Hot
"The waste of new, unused material in the head-long rush of the mining boom can leave people scratching their heads."

Enlarge photo 65
It's Always Been Hot
Scrap air-conditioning wiring, etc, steel, aluminium pipe, rubber hose, cloth, sledge hammer, rock.

Enlarge photo 66
"Morph is inspired by the thrombolites which exist only 3kms away at Lake Richmond. The work is a playful configuration of the thrombolite form and is made using recycled lint from the drycleaners. The form, texture and sound of Morph evokes a sense of the prehistoric, the fantastical and the slightly absurd."
Cotton pulp, mixed media including aluminium.

Enlarge photo 67
When Mother Nature Fights Back!
"The megalodon is a prehistoric shark once the largest predator of our sea. Its dorsal fin cuts through the surface of the sand like a knife, symbolising danger, terror, power and strength. It marks a moment in time, documenting the natural disasters of the world; floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires and storms recorded in newspapers at the beginning of 2011."

Enlarge photo 68
When Mother Nature Fights Back!
Recycled wood, cardboard, newspaper, aluminium.

Enlarge photo 69
"This work was constructed combining old farming machinery with new stainless steel. The materials represent 'old times' where things were simple, basic and a little rusty and 'new times' where everything seems to be modern, shiny and sleek."

Enlarge photo 70
JACK "Of All Trades"
"This work depicts the workers of WA and the harsh environments they work in."

Enlarge photo 71
JACK "Of All Trades"
Steel car, truck, machinery parts.

Enlarge photo 72
Red Dwarf Star with Exoplanets
"Earth-like exoplanets orbiting distant stars like Gliese 581, a red dwarf star only 20.3 light years from earth. The spiral depression in the central sphere in which the red dwarf star sits represents the curvature of space time by the mass of the star. The orbiting planets are connected by aluminium spiral arms which depict the balanced forces of gravity and centrifugal force as they hold the planet in its orbital trajectory. The shadows cast by the sculpture make orbits on the ground as our sun transverses the sky."
Aluminium, polystyrene, papier-mache, Bondcrete, resin.

Enlarge photo 73
Journeys End
"I love to work with clay, a recycled material, an enjoyment over 30 years."
Recycled clay, shredded newspaper, perlite; fired using forestry waste.

Enlarge photo 74
Man and His Dog
"I have tried to allow the materials rather than the concept to guide me in making this sculpture. In doing so, opposites of fragility and strength, the mundane and the beautiful, have emerged."
Aluminium cans.

Enlarge photo 75
Man and His Dog
Close-up detail of insert.

Enlarge photo 76
IMG 6304

Enlarge photo 77
IMG 6305

Enlarge photo 78
The Bridge in Space in Time
"The pure excitement of combining recycled aluminium with a forty-year-old jarrah beam and infusing pit fired clay balls creates a sculpture I feel balances and compliments these mediums."

Enlarge photo 79
The Bridge in Space in Time
Wood, clay, recycled aluminium.

Enlarge photo 80
Free Range
"Chooks are great foragers and the materials used to create these girls, all 100% recycled, reflect this. Each chook has her own personality mirrored in the brightly coloured finish - a great outfit for a day spent scratching around in the sand."

Enlarge photo 81
Free Range
Recycled chicken mesh, wire, aluminium wire, hanging baskets, steel rod, paint.

Enlarge photo 82
Motorcycle / Recycled
"Discarded objects sit very quietly in dark corners waiting patiently to be re-animated... into a less noisy world."

Enlarge photo 83
Motorcycle / Recycled
Aluminium motorbike parts.

Enlarge photo 84
Motorcycle / Recycled
Detail of head.
WINNER: People's Choice Prize.

Enlarge photo 85
Motorcycle / Recycled
Bird's eye view.
WINNER: People's Choice Prize.

Enlarge photo 86
Subterranean Rider
"This sculpture grew from a pile of scrap which spoke to me of its development. As I added pieces the final result came into focus. Its character implied a nature not of this earth, more a mysterious underground realm. The name came to mind when I looked at the finished piece."
Steel, galvanised, paint.

Enlarge photo 87
The Fish
"The jaws of this fish are an old rusted vice with lived on my trailer for 20 years, most of the time, rusted solid. Would I throw it away? No, not this frugal son of a Latvian! I tumbled it about in my hands until I saw a fish and gave life to more than the vice. This fish became living scrap geometry."
Steel, galvanised, paint.

Enlarge photo 88
Monitor Lizard
"The monitor lizard was once rarely seen and then only in grey scale and areas of great affluence. Then, a Genetic Aberration caused it to evolve into the 4 colour sub-species known today. They have become so widespread during Bulk Rubbish Collection that it is not uncommon to see at least 2 or 3 basking on street verges. In fact there was a recent sighting of a family of five. They have reached plague proportions, especially now they are plastic coated!"

Enlarge photo 89
Monitor Lizard
Computer monitors (screen only), discarded chipboard/roofing timber,metal olive containers, plastic milk cartons, plastic yoghurt containers, aluminium cans, sheet metal off cuts, reo bar off cuts.

Enlarge photo 90
Leeglo Land
"Use of old Lego to make this utopian city of the future with ways to survive on renewable energy such as solar and wind power, combining old and new technologies and ways of thinking. City charges during the day and at night it lights up and glows."

Enlarge photo 91
Growing Together
Comet Bay Primary School.
Castaways Schools Competition.

Enlarge photo 92
Growing Together
Materials used:
Recycled plastic drink bottles, plastic lids, wire coathangers and MDF board.

Enlarge photo 93
Growing Together
This is the first year that has included a Castaways Schools Competition.

Enlarge photo 94
Washed Up
Endeavour Primary Schools.
Castaways Schools Competition 2011.

Enlarge photo 95
Washed Up
Materials used:
Mixed recycled materials, plastic bottles, old car piece, op shop bits, bottle tops, old tin chest, lids, found old objects.

Enlarge photo 96
Washed Up
Close-up view of Treasure Chest.

Enlarge photo 97
The Octopus' Garden
Malibu School.
Castaways School Competition 2011.

Enlarge photo 98
The Octopus' Garden
Materials used:
Cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminium, cotton, leather.

Enlarge photo 99
The Octopus' Garden
Castaways Schools Competition.

Enlarge photo 100
Recycle Your Imagination
Settlers Primary Schools.
Castaways Schools Competition 2011.

Enlarge photo 101
Recycle Your Imagination
Materials used:
Papier-mache, recycled plastic materials.

Enlarge photo 102
Recycle Your Imagination

Enlarge photo 103
Hung Out to Dry
Tranby College.
Castaways Schools Competition 2011.

Enlarge photo 104
Hung Out to Dry
Materials used:
Papier-mache over thick card tubes, plastic wrap.

Enlarge photo 105
Hung Out to Dry
Close up of Dog playing with the washing.

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