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High School Reunion

A Reunion was held at Northam, Western Australia, on 24 March 2010 to commemorate the milestone of 60 years since the First Year Classes of 1950 enrolled as students at Northam Senior High School.  There were approximately 180 First Year students and we were divided into five classes, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D & 1E, each with approx 36 students.  About 65 of these ex-students made the nostalgic trip back to Northam for the reunion, and for many, it was the first time they had made the return journey.  Sincere appreciation is extended to the Principal, Staff and Students for their welcoming hospitality in allowing us to return to the school to marvel at the changes that have taken place over the years.  We were all impressed by the marvelous new Courtyard which has replaced the old asphalt quadrangle, and surprised to see the extended side Wings and addition of a fourth two-storey Wing to complete the quadrangle.  Special thanks to the Year 12 Prefects for their informative guided tour which allowed us to view the many new buildings housing Manual Arts, Library, Computer Rooms, Science Rooms, Phys Ed, Canteen, etc.  The delicious morning tea served by the students was enjoyed by all, and we really appreciate the opportunity to return to Northam Senior High School for this reunion.

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Enlarge photo 1
An early start for the trip to Northam
Perth skyline from overhead bridge at East Perth Railway Station.

Enlarge photo 2
The Indian Pacific at East Perth Station
This is only half the train stretching into the distance, and there is equally as much behind me.

Enlarge photo 3
Wedge Tailed Eagle symbol of the Indian Pacific
The Indian Pacific runs twice weekly in both directions between Perth, Adelaide and Sydney, a journey of 4352 kilometres from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Enlarge photo 4
The green AvonLink is dwarfed by the Indian Pacific

Enlarge photo 5
The AvonLink waiting for passengers to Northam
The AvonLink is a long-distance commuter train travelling 120 kms between Perth and Northam, with some services extending to Merredin.

Enlarge photo 6
Northam Senior High School
Officially opened in 1921, the buiding will celebrate its 90th Birthday next year. The Prefects wait on the steps to greet us.

Enlarge photo 7
Northam Senior High School
The stately school buildings in a lovely garden setting at Northam. Only 96 kms east of Perth, Northam is a progressive Regional Centre servicing the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

Enlarge photo 8
Gathering for the 60th Reunion
We are in our 70's now!
It is 60 years since we became students here, and this is the first time most of us have returned to the High School.

Enlarge photo 9
Arched Entrance is new to me
I remember green wrought iron gates in the 1950's.

Enlarge photo 10
Northam Senior High School
Lush green lawns and well maintained gardens surround this historic building which was the first Senior High School to be built outside the Metropolitan area.

Enlarge photo 11
The new magnificent Courtyard and Shade Area
It was such a surprise to find that both side wings had been extended and a fourth wing built to completely enclose the quadrangle.

Enlarge photo 12
Gathering in the Courtyard
The side wings of the school have now doubled in length.

Enlarge photo 13
One of my old Classrooms used in 1950
The ground floor verandahs have been cemented and the airconditioners overhead cool the classrooms.

Enlarge photo 14
Modern Classroom Furniture
The wooden desks and chairs of the 1950's have been replaced by Laminex topped tables and colourful plastic chairs. Wooden floors have been carpeted. Ceiling Fans and Airconditioning are a luxury we never had.

Enlarge photo 15
Electric Water Cooler replaces the Old Fountain
In 1950, the Water Fountain was a round cement tank in the quadrangle with about 12 taps around the circumference, and a moat type drain to catch the drips. Large enamel mugs were chained to the taps and we all drank from the same mugs.

Enlarge photo 16
View from eastern side of Main Building
Native gardens, seating and shade areas.

Enlarge photo 17
View from Main Building to Manual Arts Centre

Enlarge photo 18
Garden area on eastern side of Main Building

Enlarge photo 19
Rows of Lockers on Ground Floor
Surely these must be the same ones that were here in 1950.

Enlarge photo 20
A friendly Prefect to guide us around the school
Students looked smart and cool in neat sensible uniforms. Boys and Girls wear Polo Shirts in red, gold, black, green or white with school crest. Girls wear black skirt, dress shorts or trousers, and Boys wear black trousers or shorts. Closed in shoes are required. We had to wear navy blue skirts (below the knee) and white blouses (that needed to be starched and ironed).

Enlarge photo 21
Home Economics Building
It was called "Domestic Science" in 1950 and we were taught Cooking, Sewing and Laundry in this building.  The wooden pine benchtops have been replaced with laminex, wood stoves have been replaced with gas, and menus modernised. In the laundry many of us recall using boiling water to make starch and hope it didn't go lumpy, then spending an hour to painstakingly iron a handkerchief.

Enlarge photo 22
Old School Hall has been relocated
This Hall used to be in the old quadrangle which is now the lovely courtyard. The cream door on the left leads to what was the office of the Headmistress.

Enlarge photo 23
Many changes inside the Hall
The hall is used for Theatre productions and the former Stage Area has been partitioned off to form dressing rooms. Carpet covers the polished wooden floors that we danced on at School Socials. The Heaters and Airconditioners reminded us how we used to freeze in winter and melt in summer in the hall.

Enlarge photo 24
Arched Beams support the Ceiling
Lighting equipment has been added for theatrical productions.

Enlarge photo 25
The Fourth and newest Wing
Believe this extension may have been added in the 1980's.

Enlarge photo 26
View into the Courtyard through Fourth Wing
The old tennis courts may have been under here.

Enlarge photo 27
Library Building
This is another newer addition extending beyond the fourth wing of the main building.

Enlarge photo 28
Inside the modern Library

Enlarge photo 29
One of several Computer Rooms
Two of our group have found something of interest on the back wall.

Enlarge photo 30
Then and Now!
Tom Bellas, 1950-54, PH D ORG CHEM (ENG), beside his photo in the Hall of Fame.

Enlarge photo 31
Formerly the Caretaker's Residence
Currently used for the "Follow the Dream" program that aims to increase the number of Indigenous students completing year 12 and going on to University.

Enlarge photo 32
Biology room in the Science Wing
Knowledgeable prefect guide has the audience engrossed. Our Science rooms used to be upstairs in the original school building.

Enlarge photo 33
Our Guide explains the Preserved Specimens

Enlarge photo 34
Mural on the Phys Ed wing
Many Hands, Joins Nations.

Enlarge photo 35
Another colourful Mural
Holding Hands Helps.  
Healing Hands.

Enlarge photo 36
School Canteen
No Canteen in our day.

Enlarge photo 37
Manual Arts Centre, Woodwork room
The old Manual Arts Centre of the 1950's has been replaced with a new building on the eastern side of the school.

Enlarge photo 38
Woodwork room through the Window

Enlarge photo 39
Metal Work room through the Window

Enlarge photo 40
Metal Work room through the Window

Enlarge photo 41
View to the Sports Fields

Enlarge photo 42
Upstairs Balcony in main building
Wooden floorboards still remain here.

Enlarge photo 43
The magnificent new Courtyard
Viewed from the upstairs balcony.

Enlarge photo 44
Upstairs Lockers
Relics from the past...

Enlarge photo 45
Art Room
These students had just finished some very creative designs featuring Shells.

Enlarge photo 46
Arts and Crafts displayed on Walls

Enlarge photo 47
Another view of the Courtyard
In 1950, this was an asphalt quadrangle with the old School Hall located towards the Main School Entrance.

Enlarge photo 48
The School Crest on Fourth Wing
The colours on this crest are in a different sequence from the front of the school and school shirts which appear as Red, Gold, Green.
The Motto is "Achievement".

Enlarge photo 49
Old Uniform Blazer and Pullover
Sorry about the unavoidable reflections, but the framed Flannel Blazer and Woollen Pullover are reminders of the Uniform we wore in the 1950's.

Enlarge photo 50
Display in the Foyer
Honour Boards, Shields, Trophies, Certificates, etc.

Enlarge photo 51
Display in the Foyer
Shields, Trophies, Photos, etc.

Enlarge photo 52
In Sun and Shadow
School garden viewed from the front steps.

Enlarge photo 53
Time is up already
The Bus is ready to take us to the Northam Tavern for lunch.

Enlarge photo 54
Last look back at Northam Senior High School
A sincere thankyou to the Principal, Staff and Students, for their hospitality and delightful morning tea. An extra thankyou to the Prefects who kindly gave us a memorable guided tour.

Enlarge photo 55
Luncheon scenes from Northam Tavern 1

Enlarge photo 56
Luncheon scenes from Northam Tavern 2

Enlarge photo 57
Luncheon scenes from Northam Tavern 3

Enlarge photo 58
Luncheon scenes from Northam Tavern 4

Enlarge photo 59
Luncheon scenes from Northam Tavern 5

Enlarge photo 60
Luncheon scenes from Northam Tavern 6

Enlarge photo 61
Cutting the Cake!
Organiser Bev Hebiton and teacher from the 1950's, Paul Latham.

Enlarge photo 62
Reunion Cake made by Bev
Thankyou to Bev, Edna and Leon for organising the Northam Senior High School 60th Reunion, 1950-2010.

Enlarge photo 63
Waiting at Northam Station for AvonLink

Enlarge photo 64
Northam Station Plaque
This Plaque was unveiled by the Premier of Western Australia Hon Sir Charles Court KCMG, OBE, MLA, on May 18th 1979 to commemorate the launching of the Kwinana - Koolyanobbing Railway Rehabilitation Project.

Enlarge photo 65
Here comes the Train!
Returning to Perth on the AvonLink after an interesting and successful reunion.

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