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Beverley is a classic country town located 130 kms east of Perth on the Avon River. Founded in 1838, Beverley is one of Western Australia's oldest settlements. This album brings you samples of Beverley's interesting architecture, with examples ranging from the colonial period of the late 1880s to the 1930s Art Deco style and an example of a late 1960s geodesic dome. A feature of Vincent Street is the Vampire Jet No. A79-638 at the entrance to the Aeronautical Museum which is a tribute to the aviators of Western Australia. Historical highpoints of aviation in this State are told in photographs and stories as well as displaying models of various fighting aircraft and modern passenger planes. This album concludes with rural and forest scenes captured through the bus window on the homeward journey when I couldn't resist capturing the passing scenes.

Date(s): May 2008. Album by gladysclancy. Photos by Gladys. 1 - 57 of 57 Total. 11225 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Beverley Aeronautical Museum
Situated in the centre of town, this museum is a tribute to the aviators of Western Australia. Historical highpoints of aviation in this State are told in photographs and stories.

Enlarge photo 2
Vampire Jet No A79-638
At the entrance is this Vampire Jet No A79-638 which was a two-seat trainer. Australia built almost two hundred of this type of aircraft.

Enlarge photo 3
Aeronautical Museum Display

Enlarge photo 4
Aeronautical Museum Display

Enlarge photo 5
Aeronautical Museum Display

Enlarge photo 6
Aeronautical Museum Display
Passenger Plane.

Enlarge photo 7
Aeronautical Museum Display
Passenger Plane.

Enlarge photo 8
Aeronautical Museum Display
Model Aeroplanes including BAE Harrier GR3 (Jump Jet), Sopwith F1 Camel, and Junkers JU88.

Enlarge photo 9
Aeronautical Museum Display
Model Aeroplanes including DH89 Dragon Rapide, DH2 De Havilland, and Hawker Fury 1.

Enlarge photo 10
Aeronautical Museum Display
Model Aeroplanes including Tiger Moth (Training Aircraft) and Aichi D3 A1 Val.

Enlarge photo 11
De Havilland Vampire A79-651

Enlarge photo 12
De Havilland Vampire A79-651
This Aircraft is on display in Hunt Road, Beverley, and was the first delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force in September 1959.

Enlarge photo 13
The Tragedy of the "Amana"
The DC4 "Skymaster" of Australian National Airways was the first aircraft to be able to fly Adelaide to Perth non-stop.
This DC4 named "Amana" was lost on 26 June 1950.

Enlarge photo 14
"Amana" Memorial
The "Amana" nose wheel which is a memorial to those who died in the Skymaster DC4 crash in 1950.

Enlarge photo 15
The "Amana" Memorial Beverley
The "Amana" Memorial is the remains of a landing leg recovered from the crash site. The names of the passengers who died are engraved on a plate mounted at the front of the Memorial.

Enlarge photo 16
"Amana" Memorial
Another view of the "Amana" nose wheel which is a memorial to those who died in the Skymaster DC4 crash in 1950.

Enlarge photo 17
Vampire Jet No A79-638

Enlarge photo 18
Beverley Post Office
Built in 1910 at the cost of £1870, this elegant building still houses the Post Office on the ground floor and accommodation on the first floor.

Enlarge photo 19
Beverley Post Office
Built in 1910.

Enlarge photo 20
Bank Building
This substantial and elegant building was erected in 1917 for the National Bank. Later it became the Australasian Bank and is currently the ANZ Bank.

Enlarge photo 21
Hotel Beverley
Built in 1886 as the "Railway Hotel", the facade was remodelled in 1938 in the Art Deco style. However, you will still find details of the 1880s style in the hallway and dining room.

Enlarge photo 22
CWA Building
The Country Womens Association building dates from 1936 and is a typical example of the Western Australian architecture at that time.

Enlarge photo 23
Child Health Centre
The Child Health Centre is another classic example of the Art Deco style of the 1930s and is still being used for its original purpose.

Enlarge photo 24
Old Fire Station
This Art Deco building was used as the Fire Station until recently. Note the interesting door and elegant motif above the doorway.

Enlarge photo 25
Beverley Town Hall
The Beverley Town Hall was built in 1938, designed in the Art Deco style by Perth architect W.G. Bennett and still used for many functions.

Enlarge photo 26
Pioneer's Stone Cottage

Enlarge photo 27
Pioneer's Stone Cottage

Enlarge photo 28
Geodesic Dome
Modern and innovative architecture.

Enlarge photo 29
Geodesic Dome
Built in 1968 after a fire destroyed the old Barnsley Motors Garage, this is a rare example in Western Australia of the innovative architecture of American Buckminster Fuller.

Enlarge photo 30
Magnificent Tree is a feature of this Street

Enlarge photo 31
Pincushion Hakea (Hakea laurina)
A new flower unfurls on this tree beside the footpath.

Enlarge photo 32
Pincushion Hakea (Hakea laurina)

Enlarge photo 33
Agricultural Land
Homeward bound through the farmlands of the wheatbelt where the crop has just been sown in this paddock.

Enlarge photo 34
Eucalypts line the Driveway to this Farm.

Enlarge photo 35
Green Pastures

Enlarge photo 36
Rocky Outcrops in the Green Paddocks

Enlarge photo 37
York Gum by the Fenceline
Farmhouse in the distance.

Enlarge photo 38
Paddock of Sheep and New Born Lambs

Enlarge photo 39
Vegetation on Road Verge

Enlarge photo 40
Roadside cutting showing Sub-soil

Enlarge photo 41
More Crop has been sown in this Paddock

Enlarge photo 42
Waiting for the Crop to Germinate

Enlarge photo 43
Sheep graze in late afternoon shadows

Enlarge photo 44
CBH Bulk Storage behind Trees
After harvesting their crop the farmers deliver the wheat to these CBH Wheat Bins where it is held until distributed to buyers.

Enlarge photo 45
CBH Grain Silos behind Trees
CBH also stores harvested Grain in these Silos.

Enlarge photo 46
Natural Woodland Vegetation

Enlarge photo 47
Golden Trunks of York Gums
The late afternoon sun highlights the golden glow of the trunks of these lovely York Gums.

Enlarge photo 48
Roadside puddle and young Eucalypts

Enlarge photo 49
At the T-Junction

Enlarge photo 50

Enlarge photo 51
Agricultural Land

Enlarge photo 52
Green Pastures

Enlarge photo 53
Rural Scene
The last of the agricultural land before entering the State Forest Reserve.

Enlarge photo 54
Entering the State Forest Reserve
As we cross over the Darling Scarp, areas have been set aside for state forests, parks and recreation purposes.

Enlarge photo 55
State Forest Reserve
State forests protect biodiversity and provide habitat for Western Australia's unique flora and fauna. Bushland areas have unique value in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and acting to reduce the greenhouse effect.

Enlarge photo 56
State Forest Reserve
Forest areas and other reserves are strategically placed as water catchment areas.

Enlarge photo 57
State Forest Reserve
Significant areas of Perth have been set aside for parks, recreation reserves and state forests and the proportion per person is being maintained at a high level.

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