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Top Quality Rat Terriers in Tennessee

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Q wins National Best of Breed
 Rat Terrier National Best of Breed
 Show & Performance Prospects
Service Animals and Working Companions
                American Kennel Club (AKC) & United Kennel Club (UKC) 
 Contact raganratters@yahoo.com  865-856-0508 (EST)
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RaganRat Terriers Do It All RaganRat Terriers - Live, Love, Learn

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SHOW Puppies, PERFORMANCE Puppies, COMPANION Puppies - Our Dogs Do It All
If you have interest in a puppy, please email raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508.  

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JUDGE'S EDUCATION on the Rat Terrier
2. JUDGE'S EDUCATION on the Rat Terrier 
Rat Terrier Breed Standards and understanding Structure and Movement in the breed. Powerpoints for AKC and UKC Judges with illustrations.
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Rat Terrier ADULTS for Adoption
3. Rat Terrier ADULTS for Adoption 


An APPLICATION must be filled out to Adopt one of our dogs. I require an interview and a Personality Match with any canine I offer for adoption with the humans (wanting to adopt) . I'm looking for the best possible homes for these dogs. Please read each Bio under each dog. If you think an older dog offered here would work well in your family dynamic, please contact me at 865-856-0508. 

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Rat Terrier FEMALES

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Rat Terrier MALES

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American Hairless Terriers
6. American Hairless Terriers 


Meet the American Hairless Terriers of RaganrAHT here.


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NuVet Vitamins
7. NuVet Vitamins 

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Planned Litters
8. Planned Litters  

SHOW Puppies, PERFORMANCE Puppies, COMPANION Puppies - Our Dogs Do It All

Watch for Fall 2019 Puppies!

Breeder reserves right of First Pick Show puppies from ANY litter.

PUPPY APPLICATION  must be submitted for consideration. Email raganratters@yahoo.com and we will send you an Application or contact us 865-856-0508.

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Rat Terrier Media
10. Rat Terrier Media 
Here is information available about the Rat Terrier breed, and where RaganRat Kennel, or one of our home-bred dogs, was involved.

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Past Puppies
11. Past Puppies 
Here you will find puppies of the past and photos from puppyhood to adulthood.

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Treasured Pets
12. Treasured Pets 
Album of Altered Pets and More

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Rat Terrier Health Issues
14. Rat Terrier Health Issues 

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TOP DOGS - Award Winners owned by others
15. TOP DOGS - Award Winners owned by others 
These are dogs produced by RaganRat Terrier Kennel. We choose to honor them in our Top Dog Hall of Fame for the awards and titles they have achieved.

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Professional Photos @ Ijams Nature Ctr
16. Professional Photos @ Ijams Nature Ctr 
WE ARE THRILLED that Keyno has appeared appeared in the Rat Terrier calender by Browntrout since 2011 and been on the cover twice (2013, 2016). Congratulations to Close Encounters on beautiful photos!

Professional photographer Jeannie Harrison of Close Encounters of the Furry Kind was in Knoxville for a three day professional photo shoot. Two of our dogs and one we co-own, were invited to attend the "Beautiful Dogs" campaign. Jeannie operates a stock photo agency in Deep Gap, NC. Her work has been regularly published in a number of magazines including Dog Fancy, Dogs for Kids, Popular Dogs, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, Dog World, AKC Gazette and Just Labs magazines. CEFK also works with a number of calendar companies. To read more about Close Encounters of the Furry Kind visit www.cefkphotos.com

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Great Smoky Mountain Dog Club
17. Great Smoky Mountain Dog Club 

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN DOG CLUB (GSMDC) is a UKC-affiliated multi-breed kennel club located in the Great Smoky Mountain region. GSMDC was organized in 2003 and held its' first conformation shows in 2005. Every April and October, GSMDC hosts conformation shows. Sometimes the club offers performance events, too.

The Great Smoky Mountain Dog Club's purpose is to educate the public about dog breeds, host dog sporting events, and invite fanciers to east Tennessee for various competitions. We welcome all who support the standards and contribute to the success of the GSMDC and the United Kennel Club: breeders, fanciers, and handlers who wish to exhibit purebred dogs in the spirit of Good Sportsmanship.  

HOW TO ENTER: Below you will find an entry form. Download, fill out, email to gsmdc2005@gmail.com

** Per UKC rules, an Entry Form received without Payment is an Invalid Entry. **

***Entry Form MUST PRINT OUT in Landscape (long ways 11x8.5)...Printed Portrait (8.5x11) will NOT be accepted as it prints too small.

NO PHOTOS of entry forms will be accepted.

Email your UKC Entry Form
and Pay via PayPal @ Gsmdc2005@gmail.com and ADD 3.8% (percent) to Total. 

***Any fees charged to GSMDC are passed on to entrant.

HOW TO PRE-PAY: PAY for Entries via PAYPAL to GSMDC2005@GMAIL.COM and ADD 3.8% (percent) to total. ***Any fees charged to GSMDC are passed on to entrant

NEXT SHOW: APRIL 19, 20, 21, 2019


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Vilonia Arkansas Tornado
18. Vilonia Arkansas Tornado  (Hit April 27, 2014)
Photos taken by Darice Ragan in Vilonia Arkansas.
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Rustic and unique Cedar Birdhouses make perfect gifts for any special occasion.

Place your ORDER by contacting artist Darice Ragan at raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508. 

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20. DAYS GONE BY  (May 5, 2017)
Photography is another hobby of mine. My friend Michelle Perkins Blackmore took me for a backroad ride to an old farm. I selected some of my favorite shots. I wonder about the families who lived, worked and built their lives there. It was an enjoyable day.
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Close Encounters of the Furry Kind
Great Smoky Mtn. Dog Club - Knoxville, TN

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