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RaganRat TOP DOGs in Performance Sports
RaganRat bred Rat Terriers who have soared to the TOP of their Game in
Performance Sports events.

I am so Incredibly PROUD of my Dogs and their owners. Owners dedicate their lives to the Dog and Dog Sports. Many owners train their dogs for hours, days and years; not to mention the travel and money spent to  compete. And sometimes reaping the rewards are HIGH! I am so honored each person selected a dog from me and took their RaganRat to the TOP.

There are FIVE (5) RaganRatters in the AKC TopDog MACH Agility 2020 list! Wow!! Shelby Rae, owned by Melissa Liebhardt, is THE NUMBER ONE RAT TERRIER IN THE US for MACH Agility!!! Next, Zumba, owned by Jennifer Masterson, is the NUMBER TWO Rat Terrier in the US for Agility!! At #11 is Xtra, #12 is Caper and at #19 is “Q”, all RaganRat Terriers owned by Harriett Browne and myself. Huge accolades to Harriett for training and handling all the dogs to performance success!

In RALLY, Rocky, owned by Helen Aiken and myself, is THE NUMBER ONE RAT TERRIER IN THE US for Rally 2020!!! Rocky is listed as #1 Rat Terrier in Rally for the second year in a row. He was invited to the Nationals for the 5th year in a row. Helen gets all the credit for taking Rocky to the Top!!! His proper name is: RACH Raganrat Rocky Top BN RM3 RAE4 FDC CA CGC TKE. And not to be out performed is RaganRat Rosalind Full of Grace, aka Rosie. She is also on the AKC TopDog Rally list ranking at number 11! Congratulations Helen!!! I am really, really proud of you.

CongRATulations to the owners of all the dogs! My goodness, what HIGH accomplishments each of these women have achieved!!

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"ROCKY" got his Rally RACH today! Rocky is now RACH Raganrat Rocky Top BN RM3 RAE4 FDC CA CGC TKE Pretty impressive isn't it? He's a joy to show. Loves doing Rally and always gathers a fan club anywhere we go. It was so fun being back at a show even though it was Covid Awkward.

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owned by Delaney Johnson

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#1 AKC MACH Agilty 2020
Shelby Rae

Enlarge photo 23

#2 AKC MACH Agilty 2020

Enlarge photo 24

#11 AKC MACH Agilty 2020

Enlarge photo 25

#12 AKC MACH Agilty 2020

Enlarge photo 26

#19 AKC MACH Agilty 2020

Enlarge photo 27

AKC MACH Agilty Top Dogs 2020

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AKC RACH Rally Top Dogs 2020

Enlarge photo 29

#1 AKC RACH Rally Top Dogs 2020

Enlarge photo 30

#11 AKC RACH Rally Top Dogs 2020

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Enlarge photo 32

Raganrat Wild Gypsy Rose, “Shelby Rae” finished in fifth place in the finals at the AKC Agility Invitational!!! She also received an award for being the 4th highest placing terrier after two rounds. I’m so proud of this crazy girl! Thank you, Darice, for such an amazing teammate!

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#22 - Senior Class Big Air
owned by B. Smith

Enlarge photo 35

Stetson ranked #24 in AKC FastCat 2019

Enlarge photo 36

Keyno Lure Coursing @ Premier 2010
Richmond, IN

Enlarge photo 37

Keyno age here 1 year 8 months
(Keyno and I share the same Birthday...of course I'm much older LOL)

Enlarge photo 38

CH RaganRat's Key Signature, CA

Enlarge photo 39

KEYNO - FIRST UKC Rat Terrier to title with a CA (Coursing Aptitude) in Lure Coursing.

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"Holy smokes! Look at that..."
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