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TOP DOGS - Award Winners owned by others
These are dogs produced by RaganRat Terrier Kennel. We choose to honor them in our Top Dog Hall of Fame for the awards and titles they have achieved.

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CH Raganrat Tanks Cool Hand Luke
1. CH Raganrat Tanks Cool Hand Luke 
Owned by Maude Tank, Michigan.
Service & Therapy Dog.
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RaganRat Pop Idol, CGC, RA NA
2. RaganRat Pop Idol, CGC, RA NA 
Owned by Harriett Browne, Ohio

Pop earned his Rally Novice in November 2009.

Pop will be competing in Rally Obedience and Agility in late 2009.
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RaganRat Sam I Am, CGC, RN, RA, RE
3. RaganRat Sam I Am, CGC, RN, RA, RE 
Agility and Rally dog
Owned by Vickie Roberts, Franklin, TN
Titles: Canine Good Citizen, Novice Rally, Rally Excellent

Sam finished his Rally Excellent title 7/18/09 in Murfreesboro, TN.

Sam finished his Novice Rally title in Huntsville on Sunday. His three scores to title were 100 at Nashville: 99 in Clarksville and 100 in Huntsville. He got firsts with the 100 scores. Sam will move up to Advanced Rally in the fall and probably start agility trials as well.

Sam is now Rally Advanced (RA) March 2009.
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CH RaganRatitatt Joyful Twist, CGC
4. CH RaganRatitatt Joyful Twist, CGC   (TDI CD RE OA OAJ OF)
DOB Sept. 26, 2007
Owned by Harriett Browne

AKC Canine Good Citizen
AKC Rally Excellent

Joy became a certified Therapy Dog on Nov. 23, 2008 with Therapy Dogs International. She is now able go to hospitals, nursing homes etc.

SIRE: GRCH King Pen RB Buzzabout Ratitatt BIMBS RBIMBS CGC
DAM: GRCH RaganRat Brandy UR A Fine Girl
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GRCH RaganRatitatt Absolut Lee Blu
5. GRCH RaganRatitatt Absolut Lee Blu  (BIMBS)

White/blue bi-color female.
DOB September 26, 2007
Owned by Valerie Luchsinger

GRCH Raganratitatt Absolut Lee Blu BIMBS RBIMBS (aka "Abby")
UKC Top Ten 2008 Ranked #7
June 2009 UKC Top Ten Competition (2008 Top Ten Dogs) - Award of Excellence
June 2008 UKC Premier - Award of Merit
June 2008 ARTA National Specialty Show - Honorable Mention
Best in Multi-Breed Show - Ravenna Ohio Show 2 May 16, 2009
Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show - Ohio Show 1 September 7, 2008
Total Dog Award (Conformation and Weight Pull) - Ravenna Ohio Show 1 May 17, 2009

Abby wins Reserve BEST IN MULTIBREED SHOW, Randolph, Ohio, September 2008 under Judge Rowdy Yates.

Abby was awarded an Award of Excellence at the National ARTA Specialty, June 2008 and also an Award of Merit at Premier June 2008. Congrats to Abby!!!

Puppy whelped by GRCH RaganRat Brandy UR A Fine Girl (aka "Brandy") and sired by GRCH King Pen RB Buzzabout Ratitatt, BIMBS, RBIMBS, CGC (aka "Buzzy"), owned by Valerie Luchsinger.

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CH RaganRatitatt Sizzling Faith, RN
6. CH RaganRatitatt Sizzling Faith, RN 
"SIZZLE" Agility Dog
DOB September 26, 2007
Owned by Debbie Smith

SIRE: GRCH King Pen RB Buzzabout Ratitatt BIMBS RBIMBS CGC (aka "Buzzy")
DAM: GRCH RaganRat Brandy UR A Fine Girl
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GRCH RaganRat DareDevil In A Dually
7. GRCH RaganRat DareDevil In A Dually  (BIMBS)

CONGRATULATIONS to the Byerly family, new owners of Dooley!

Dooley is a water-hound as you can see from his pictures. He's a small standard Tri-color Rat Terrier with tipped ears. Another RaganRat Terrier with superb temperament!

Dooley finished his Grand Champion title in Archer, FL, April 21, 2007, at the age of 9 months. Also won 3 BOB's, GRP 4, GRP 1 and Best In Multi-Breed Show !!!

PREMIER 2007 - Dooley was awarded Award Of Excellence at the ARTA Nat'l Specialty.

TOP TEN - Dooley ranks #9 in the nation for 2007.

Sire: GRCH RaganRatZ Legend of Zorro (retired)
Dam: RaganRat Savannah Summer (retired)
Grandsire: GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy, BIMBS

1143 Visits
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GRCH RaganRat Best Kept Secret, CGC
8. GRCH RaganRat Best Kept Secret, CGC  (2007)
Owned by Andrea Werner.
Rumor is a black and white bi, miniature Rat Terrier with tons of rAttitude. We look forward to seeing Rumor and Andrea in the show ring!

Hollywood FL/Sept/2007 - Rumor completed her Grand Champion title! Thank you Andrea!!!

Rumor passed her CGC, Canine Good Citizen,  test with flying colors on Sept. 16, 2007!

NEW CHAMPION - Rumor completed her CH title in Lakeland FL, July 2007!

Sire: GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
Dam: Maxwells Letsay Grace RaganRat
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9. UFCH USRCH GRCH RaganRat Buster  (BIMBS)
Son of UKC GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy.
Owned by Frank & Melisande Rogers of New York.

USR = United Steeplechase Racer
UFR = United Flat Racer
CH  = Champion
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URO1CH Raganrat Lola Ann David HDK, AG1
10. URO1CH Raganrat Lola Ann David HDK, AG1 
Lola- Agility titled UAGI, July 2008

Lola is one gorgeous chocolate - tan with white Rat Terrier! This girl has the courage and spunk to say the least. We are proud that Rebekah adopted her into her heart and home. Owned by Rebekah Anthony.

NEW CHAMPION - Lola earned her CH title in Denton, TX, July 2007.

Sire: GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
Dam: CH Rpk L'Oreal Paris de RaganRat
2081 Visits
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CH RaganRat's Wrinkle in Time, CGC
11. CH RaganRat's Wrinkle in Time, CGC 
Delorean is now a Good Canine Citizen (CGC). Owned/trained/handled and loved by Ashley Reardon. DeLorean is a miniature blue fawn (pearl) Rat Terrier.

Named for the book "Wrinkle in Time", Ashley's favorite. A story of time travel. While here at my kennel, this boy was called DeLorean, and how fitting, so Ashley kept the call-name.
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GRCH RaganRat Bluboy
12. GRCH RaganRat Bluboy  (January 5, 2004)
GRCH RaganRat Bluboy sired by GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy.

NEWS FLASH *** NEW CHAMPION *** finished at the Premier, Kalamazoo, MI at 9 months old.

NEWS FLASH *** Blu wins Reserve BEST IN SHOW, Mtn. City, TN at only 8 1/2 months old!
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GRCH Tanaga Baileys Tru Obsession
13. GRCH Tanaga Baileys Tru Obsession  (February 26, 2005)
Obie stormed the showring and Championed at 6 months of age! He is sired by GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy. Dam is GRCH Tanaga Mr X's Tuff Tinker, owned by Robin Lutwinas. Bailey and Tinker have been honored in the UKC Top Ten standings. We know Obie has a bright future, too!

CONGRATS TO ROBIN AND OBIE - Obie finished as the #3 Rat Terrier in UKC Top Ten for 2005 and #6 Top Ten 2006!
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GRCH Mistyvalley Ragan Cactus Jack
14. GRCH Mistyvalley Ragan Cactus Jack  (June 27, 2005)
Another fine example of one of GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy's progeny. Jack caputured a very prestigious win at the UKC Premier, winning the CH class 6/17/05. This is where the cream of the crop from all over the US gather to compete.

Sire: GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
Dam: CH Lady Pepper @ MistyValley
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CH RaganRat Las Vegas Golden Boy
15. CH RaganRat Las Vegas Golden Boy  (November 16, 2004)
Lives in Florida with Tamara Ply. Sammy is a tri-chocolate standard Rat Terrier. Tamara Championed Sammy at the Perry GA show May 7, 2006.

Sire: GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
Dam: Maxwells Letsay Grace RaganRat
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GRCH Tanaga Bailey Diamond Rio
16. GRCH Tanaga Bailey Diamond Rio   (June 27, 2005)
Hello Darice, Daddy Bailey and Grand Pa Petie,

I am suppose to tell you something. Everyone says that it is important.

Today I got my champagne (Championship)? I thought that was something to drink and I did not get any ! I got it in two weekends. I just thought they were weekend vacations. I got points. I don't know why I even had to leave home cause Mom points at me when I am naughty ( I am not naughty alot).

I don't know too much about this stuff. I think I got the same as Obie and Marquee. I think it is genetic or catchy. My sisters Robin and Colie trieded to explain it to me but it does not sink in. I am not dumb, I am just happy to be with Aunt Robin, my "family" and my Mom. This makes the shows fun. Then I like to visit everyone too. Right now, I am content to play with my sisters, cats,and kong. I also like to hunt like my Daddy Bailey. Sometimes my cat Kermit gets mouses and stuff and I take them.

Aunt Robin and I think I may be able to become a Grand. I think I am quite a grand guy already. Well I think that is enough for now. I am usually a quiet guy but Aunt Robin and Mom said this was important and to tell you.

Love and pats to all, Ch.Tanaga Bailey Diamond Rio (Diamond)

P.S. Pardon my gramaticals this is the first time I wrote a compuppa letter.
1617 Visits
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GRCH Spursnspokes Smoky Mtn Ranger
17. GRCH Spursnspokes Smoky Mtn Ranger 
Ranger is retired and now lives in WA state. Ranger is 13.5" and weighs 15 lbs.
RAT-PA402/24M/P-NOPI OFA Patellas Excellent.

I had the honor of meeting Dogfolk Enterprises book author Pat Hastings in Oregon when she evaluated Ranger's litter. Structurally sound enough to do what we will ask of him in his lifetime, Ranger was her #1 pick.

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RaganRat Jubilation
18. RaganRat Jubilation 
DOB 11-16-2009

Owned by Lauren Suon and Darice Ragan. Jube lives with Lauren and her husband in Virginia. Jube is a chocolate and white (Bi) standard Rat Terrier. He stands 15 3/4" and is a solid boy. UKC and AKC registered. His sire is Bronze and dam is Grace,(retired). Jube and Keyno are brothers.
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RaganRat Holy Moses Hawkin Dog
19. RaganRat Holy Moses Hawkin Dog 
Hunting Dog, Falconry
Owned by the Besosa Family

The pics are Mo in hunting gear. When Brent  breaks out the collar and blazer Mo freaks out to get into it! Mo started his formal basic obedience training and he is a quick learner. Mo is being trained to hunt with a red-tail Hawk.  Brent reports that Mo is getting really good at using his nose and if they don't make the squirrel tail drag somewhat challenging he will wind it and be at the tree in seconds ... "he chases anything that moves, he should be an outstanding hunter and just what we were looking for in our man, hawk, dog team!"

Brent plans to spend lots of time in the field this upcoming fall as they will have two Redtails to hunt with.
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RaganRat Unchained Melody
20. RaganRat Unchained Melody 
Abby is a chocolate tri Irish marked standard Rat Terrier. She is a sister to our Keyno. Abby lives in Florida with the Rucks family.
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