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2015 ARTA Nationals
1. 2015 ARTA Nationals 

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Premier 2014
2. Premier 2014 
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jazz competed in AHT Top Ten, AHT National Specialty and Premier conformation. Jett won the AHT ALT National Breed and a Group 1 to go into the ALT Best in Show. Jett also made 3 successful Dock Splashes toward his dock diving title. Bling won Best Novice Puppy in the Rat Terrier Summer Specialty. Pup (Duchess) showed beautifully during the week under owner-handler-my friend Michelle. Mr. Q won the Rat Terrier Specialty!
(photos by Meta French, Richard Hunter, Michelle Blackmore, Darice Ragan)

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Westminster 2014
3. Westminster 2014 
RaganRat was proud to be part of the 2014 inaugural Westminster dog show allowing Rat Terriers to participate. The breed was recognized as full AKC status in June 2013. One of our dogs, AKC GRAND CHAMPION UAGI URO2 GRCH RaganRat's Quintessential Q CM RN NA NAJ, aka Q, was a top 5 AKC dog invited to compete at Westminster. Another dog we own, Ratituee Grand Slam I Am, aka Dinger, was allowed to participate per AKC/WKC rules of having won a major toward his Champion title. It was my goal to complete Dinger's Champion title at Westminster and we did!

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Premier 2012
4. Premier 2012 
UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, Michigan, June 14-17, 2012

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5. PREMIER 2009 
PREMIER is the largest UKC show of the year. We participated in the ARTA National Specialty Show, Dock Diving, Terrier Racing.

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Westminster 2009
6. Westminster 2009 

I always wanted to attend the Westminster dog show in Madison Square Garden. It came as a wonderful surprise when I WON the opportunity to go, through DOGFESSIONS, an online contest for dogs and their people. My daughter and I left Feb. 8 from Knoxville, TN, and flew into Newark. The following days were fast-paced. New York City is an interesting city to experience...especially for a couple of country girls. We pounded the asphalt trails, rode the subways, heard many different languages, tasted different cuisines...and basically learned how big city folk live. We enjoyed our stay...however, it was nice to get home to the farm and hear the "quiet"... and a few crickets.

Special thanks to Nikki Moustaki of Dogfessions for such a wonderful prize package! Thanks to David Frei for the Westminster tickets and The Muse for their wonderful hospitality!

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Perry GA - Sept. 2010
7. Perry GA - Sept. 2010 
Fun photos of dogs at the Perry dog show.
You can add a description to your dog.
Please credit photographers if you use a photo.
Photos by Darice Ragan and Elsie Killen.

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