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Rat Terrier Media
Here is information available about the Rat Terrier breed, and where Darice Ragan or RaganRat Kennel, or one of our home-bred dogs, was involved.

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Enlarge photo 1
December 2021
Showsight - Rat Terrier Digital Magazine
Article by Darice Ragan & Ken Jones

Enlarge photo 2
October 27, 2021
Showsight Express
Q&A by Darice Ragan

Enlarge photo 3
This is our August 2021 Showsight Magazine ad. We’ll also appear in the Rat Terrier digital magazine coming out soon. It was important to me to honor my RaganRat Terrier owners for all they do with these dogs in performance sports, conformation competitions and show their other unique capabilities. Whether your dog made the ad or not, I want to Thank you ALL for honoring my kennel and promoting the Rat Terrier breed. ❤️ These dogs really can do it all… 🐾🦴🐾🦴🐾

Enlarge PDF 4
PDF Canadian Kennel Club Newsletter with Kate & Becky

Enlarge PDF 5
PDF Sheldon in online article announcing the AHT breed going AKC full status as of 1/1/2016

Enlarge photo 6
2016 Rat Terrier calendar
Our boy Keyno on the cover.

Enlarge photo 7
3 year old Darice holding a Terrier puppy.

Enlarge PDF 8
PDF The Canine Chronicle
Rat Terriers @ Westminster 2014

Enlarge PDF 9
PDF The Daily Times
About Darice Ragan and Dinger's trip to Westminster and more.

Enlarge PDF 10
PDF The New York Times
about Rat Terriers at Westminster
with Darice, Harriett and Frank.

Enlarge photo 11
Our "Bailey" (GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy)was hired to model for Petsafe products.

Enlarge photo 12
Rat Terrier Breed Profile
Page 82

Enlarge photo 13
The litter shown was sired by one of RaganRat's home-bred boys.
(photo by Diane Lewis)

Enlarge photo 14
Litter shown sired by a RaganRat home-bred boy, GRCH RaganRat BluBoy.
(photo by Diane Lewis)

Enlarge photo 15

Enlarge photo 16
RaganRat Terrier Kennel is proud to be a part of the NEW Rat Terriers magabook, out July 2006.

Enlarge photo 17
Special thanks to writers Susan McCullough and Farrell R. Clancy for including us in the articles “The Rattie Resume” and “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe”.

Enlarge photo 18
Keyno on Cover of 2013 Rat Terrier Calendar (Brown Trout)

Keyno has appeared in Brown Trout Calendars for several years.

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