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BBM Sumo 大相撲 Card Collection 1997-2022
1. BBM Sumo 大相撲 Card Collection 1997-2022 
This album contains my collection of Japanese-licensed BBM (Baseball Magazine) sumo wrestling cards/sets, starting with BBM's sumo debut, the 1997 "Modern" set, to date. A description appears under the first entry for each year (in the far left column), and notes the number of cards in the set. Sets from 1997-2010 are represented by scans of 14 cards (7 cards for the more recent 2011-date sets) which include ALL active Yokozuna along with some of the other top/most popular rikishi cards of that year.  Also included are special/short printed cards that were randomly inserted in card packs (or "inserts") and were NOT part of the regular set. These insert cards, issued from 1997-2003, are displayed in the rows beneath the regular (or "base") sets they were issued with. The rank assigned in each card's description is the highest the pictured rikishi would achieve in his career, though not necessarily his rank in the card/year shown.
       Cards from 2004 through 2007 are particularly difficult to locate, as BBM sumo card production purportedly dropped significantly during this period--which is often referred to by advanced collectors, such as Ryan Laughton and Paul Fogarty, as the "Black Hole" or "Lost Years/Dead Era" of sumo card collecting. A possible reason for the 2004-07 scarcity is a decline of Japanese interest in the sport following the retirement of mega-popular native son Yokozuna Takanohana in 2003 (after he had two years of frequent kyujo in 2001-02). Also, beginning with the 2004 set, BBM reduced the base set size to 99 cards, and discontinued insert cards--obvious signs of less demand in their Sumo product during that time. The tough 2004 set also features the debut of future Yokozuna Hakuho- the all time record holder for victories and championships- who appears on two cards in the set (#65 & #88)--arguably the 2 most valuable base set sumo cards that BBM has ever produced.
     I have added some approximate current values for sets, insert sets and autographed cards underneath their descriptions. The values assigned are just my best guesses, as there is no price guide for sumo cards at the moment, and reflect my own purchase prices as well as my observations on recent transactions. At the bottom of the page, I have listed my autographed cards, SCM /BBM promo cards, and "other" BBM cards/subsets/inserts, JSA licensed postcards, as well as Heisei Era "Trump" sumo playing card decks, and BBM/NHK-issued Sumo DVDs. If anyone shares this collecting interest, I would heartily recommend the BBM Sumo Card Collectors page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1630250003925942/     or you may contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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Pro Wrestling Trading Card Collection
2. Pro Wrestling Trading Card Collection 
This is my collection of Pro Wrestling
trading card sets ranging from the 50's
thru the present. I have selected the
most valuable, or attractive cards in
a given set to represent it. On a few of the smaller sets, I have included all of the cards in the scan. My top 5 favorites are the 1985 Topps (Test) WWF 3-D, 1986 Carnation, 1984-89 LJN, 1988-2007 Ice Cream and the 2005 Heritage autograph sets. I have included my wrestling autographed inserts at the bottom of the page (my favorites are the extremely limited 2016 Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper autographs released after their untimely deaths the previous year). None are for sale, the values assigned are for my heirs. Email is supplex55@yahoo.com
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Supplex55 Wrestling Territories Album
3. Supplex55 Wrestling Territories Album 
This album contains photos from various regional wrestling territories including the classic Vincent J. McMahon owned World Wide Wrestling Federation. WWWF photos range from 1963 to 1982 when the elder McMahon sold the Northeast based territory to his son Vincent K. McMahon. The WWWF was rebranded as the WWF in 1980. These photos are often called "Arena Promos" as many were sold at live event concession stands, while others were available through Wrestling magazines. Also included are photos from territories where the NWA Champion would defend his title (such as the WCCW, Mid-South, Jim Crockett Promotions, Mid-Atlantic, Memphis and Florida amongst others). Finally, included are promos from the Verne Gagne owned Midwest territory:the AWA. These photos date from the 1950's thru the late 1980's when the NWA was rebranded as the WCW, and the AWA folded. As many of the photos have no identifying logos or copyrights, descriptions contain my best guess of the territory and year the photo was issued in. Vintage Ladies Wrestling/GLOW/POWW section added at end of album, followed by my collection of 1960's and 1970's Boyd Pierce issued 3.5x5" postcard sized photos (possibly over 1000 were produced over this time period). My WWF and WCW promos have their own dedicated albums on this site. Over 50 are signed, including Hogan, Savage, Hennig, Rude, Race, Rhodes, Sensational Sherri and Ventura. My contact info is supplex55@yahoo.com
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Supplex55 WWF Promo Photos:Unnumbered
4. Supplex55 WWF Promo Photos:Unnumbered  
Unnumbered WWF Promotional photos, featuring the WWF logo on the bottom left of the photo, began in 1983 (these do not carry a copyright date) and ran through 1993, with just a handful afterward. This album contains photos largely from the Classic 1980's Era, as b/w WWF promos began to be P-numbered in 1990, with color promos following in 1992. By 1993, almost all WWF promo photos (both Color and B/W) were issued in the P-numbered series until it's demise in 2008. Pre-1989 b/w photos generally have a "newspaper use only" notation at the bottom as that was their intended purpose. Color unnumbered WWF promo photos date from 1984-1992 (with a handful afterward) as by 1992 they had largely been transferred to the P-series. 1984 color promos are 8x10 while the majority of the later color photos are slightly larger at 8.25x11. Color promos, which i list first for each year, were used for promotional purposes such as signings, appearances, correspondences, or were for sale through the WWF Magazine. I have included WWF TV Network/PPV promos for yearbook purposes--at the end of each individual year's listings. Over 100 on this page have been signed--including Hogan, Savage, Undertaker, Piper, Vince McMahon and Ultimate Warrior.  If you have ones from this (my favorite) era available for sale, please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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Supplex55 WWF/WWE Promo Photos:P-Numbers
5. Supplex55 WWF/WWE Promo Photos:P-Numbers 
Old School P-series WWF/WWE promo photos 1990-2008. In 1990 the WWF began numbering their b/w promotional photos with a P-number on the right margin. Very few b/w photos produced after 1989 do not have a P-number. They began including color photos in 1992 and by 1993 virtually all WWF promo photos had a P-number. Discontinued in 2008, the P-Series is the most collected (and valuable) of all wrestling photos-some of the rarer photos of top stars have sold for hundreds of dollars in the past. Over 150 on this page have been signed, including Hogan, Undertaker, Austin, Rock, Flair and Ultimate Warrior. If you have any that I do not have (P001 through P756--I am concentrating on pre-WWE promos), please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com and I will make you an offer.
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Supplex55 WWE Current Promo Album 2008--
6. Supplex55 WWE Current Promo Album 2008-- 
This Album contains my current WWE issued unnumbered Promotional Photos produced following the end of the P-Series in 2008. Approximately 50 have been signed, including Cena, Bryan, Punk, Reigns, Sting and Hogan. I have largely stopped collecting newer promos due to a lack of interest in the current product.
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Supplex55 WCW Promo Photo Album
7. Supplex55 WCW Promo Photo Album 
This album contains promo photos issued by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) beginning in November 1988, with it's purchase and rebranding by
Ted Turner from Jim Crockett (NWA/Jim Crockett Promotions), until it's purchase by the WWF in 2001. Promos from 1988 generally measure 4x5 and have no identifying text/copyrights.
Promos from 1989-90 (and a few from 1991) do not have a copyright date (some do not even have the WCW logo), as that information does not begin appearing on the photos until 1991. In addition, white background, color 8.5x11 photos were issued by the company in WCW folders from 1989-91 at events like the "Bruise Cruise".  Another oddity is that most promos prior to 1991 were 5x7 or 5x8 rather than the traditional 8x10 size (all on this page are 8x10 unless otherwise noted). While WCW promos do not command the same prices that vintage WWF promos do (there are fewer hardcore collectors), they are every bit as tough to locate-perhaps even more so than the more popular federation. Over 75 of these are signed, including all of the "Big Boys": Hulk, Flair, Savage, Sting, Rude, Vader, Nash etc....
If you have older 1989-1994 WCW-era promos available (I prefer the pre-Hogan/NWO era of WCW), please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com.
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Supplex55 TNA Impact Promo Photo Album
8. Supplex55 TNA Impact Promo Photo Album 
This Album contains TNA/Impact! promo
photos of former WWE/WCW wrestlers as  
well as TNA's Knockouts. Over 30 have been signed, including Angle and Flair.
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Supplex55 ECW Promo Photo Album
9. Supplex55 ECW Promo Photo Album 
This album contains photos of the 1990's
Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion
run by Paul Heyman. 15 have been signed.
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Supplex55 Wrestling Licensed Photo Album
10. Supplex55 Wrestling Licensed Photo Album 
This album contains licensed photos produced by Photo File (and similar companies) that are made available for sale in mass produced quantities through conventional outlets (websites, stores, vendors, etc.). They differ from promo photos as those were printed "in-house" by the issuing Wrestling Organization (in limited amounts, often not available to the public other than through promotional appearances, or live-event promoters). It also contains photos that are produced by Wrestling Organizations (or wrestlers) in conjunction with their various marketing partners. They include photos that advertise wrestling-related products like Toys, Foods, Games, Records, Conventions, Movies and TV Networks. Approximately 25 have been signed, including Savage, Elizabeth, Eddy Guerrero, and Cena.
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4 Sale: WWF promos,programs & autographs
11. 4 Sale: WWF promos,programs & autographs 
Please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
if interested in any promos/magazines in this section.
All are original issues unless noted.
Trade offers considered for promos i may be interested in.
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Wanted: WWE, WWF, TNA & WCW Promos
12. Wanted: WWE, WWF, TNA & WCW Promos 
I will pay absolutely TOP DOLLAR for these (originals only--no copies of any kind) as well as others i am seeking.
please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com if you have something you feel i may be interested in.
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WWF Arena Program Collection 1983-1998
13. WWF Arena Program Collection 1983-1998 
This is my collection of WWF-issued Arena Programs sold at live events throughout the country during the
Classic and New Generation eras of the company (1983-1998). Numbered #101-245, they were issued approximately 1 per month (bi-monthly from 1994 on) and included a paper insert with the wrestling card for that venue it was sold at. The WWF discontinued the unique programs following the 1998 Wrestlemania, and began to just reissue that month's WWF Magazine issue with the insert sheets at venues and PPVs.
At the bottom of the page are my
Pay-per-view programs (Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series) through the end of the WWF in
2002. If you have one of the programs I am missing (listed at the bottom of the page) please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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WWF Magazine Collection 1983-1992
14. WWF Magazine Collection 1983-1992 
Here is my collection of classic WWF Magazines from the First Issue of WWF Victory Magazine (which ran for 2 issues in 1983) to the renaming
of the title as the WWF Magazine. The titles run from the emergence
of Hulk Hogan in 1984 to the close of the Classic WWF era in 1992 with his departure and the rise of the New Generation. Also included are other Classic WWF Publications:WWF Superstars Annuals, Wrestling Spotlight, and WWF Official Biographies.  I have also put up pics of the classic WWF Arena and PPV Programs on a separate Imageevent page--ENJOY!
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1984-89 WWF LJN MOC Figures & Bio Cards
15. 1984-89 WWF LJN MOC Figures & Bio Cards 
This album contains my complete MOC LJN WWF Wrestling Superstars 8" figure collection (missing some color/card/language variations, but have at least one of each of the 64 figures with unique molds, still on its original sealed card/box). Altogether I have 66 of the solo Superstars, the British Bulldogs tag team box and the 2 16" Large Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper dolls.  Also included is my set of 70 WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Bio Cards carefully cut from the backs of the packaging. At the bottom of the page are some of my miscellaneous 1980's wrestling items (LJN, Remco, event-sold etc.)
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1990-94 WWF Hasbro & WCW Galoob Figures
16. 1990-94 WWF Hasbro & WCW Galoob Figures 
Here is my collection of 1990's WWF Hasbro and WCW Galoob figures (all Mint on the Card).  I bought these back in the day, and though some of the plastic bubbles have yellowed a bit with age,  both collections are complete save for variations and European and sendaway exclusive figures...
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 1951-52 Parkhurst NHL Hockey Set
17. 1951-52 Parkhurst NHL Hockey Set 
This album contains my set of 1951-52 Parkhurst Hockey cards. I acquired the set at the 1985 National Sports Collector's Convention in Anaheim at the Disneyland Hotel from the original owner (a collector from Montreal). As I recall, I paid about 550.00 for the set and could not have been happier. Notably, the set features the first cards of Rocket Richard and Gordie Howe. I would grade it as about EX (with some better and a few worse, though none less than VG).
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1952-53 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
18. 1952-53 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
I also purchased this set at the same time as my 1951-52 Parkie set from the gentleman from Montreal at the Anaheim National Sports Collectors Convention in 1985. It is in a bit lesser condition due to being stored in a Parkhurst Album and would grade about VG or maybe a bit better. Some are autographed by players who visited the Forum and signed for the original owner. Set features the Rookie Card of Tim Horton.
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1953-54 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
19. 1953-54 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
Hall of Famers Jean Beliveau and Gump Worsley made their debut in the 53-54 Parkie set. My set runs about EX with many better (including the aforementioned Rookie cards).
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1954-55 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
20. 1954-55 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
The main rookie in 1954-55 Parkhurst Hockey is Johnny Bower, whose name is incorrectly spelled on the back. Since this was never corrected, there is no added value to the error. In the action subset, several cards of Jacques Plante are featured, which predate his official rookie card by one year. My set runs a solid Ex+ with many better.
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1955-56 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
21. 1955-56 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
The 1955-56 Parkhurst Hockey set was cut to 79 cards and only features players from the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. Old-time Greats from both teams are included in the set. The key rookie in the set is Jacque Plante, even though he had already appeared on several action cards the previous year. Oddly, his photo features a rink background (other cards feature just a white background), is vertically oriented and is missing a team logo. My set grades at an average of Ex with a few VG and few a grade or two higher.
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1957-58 Parkhurst  NHL Hockey set
22. 1957-58 Parkhurst  NHL Hockey set 
I purchased this set in the mid-80's from the same gentleman from Montreal that I bought the 1951-52 Parkhurst set from. He (as a kid) was able to obtain a few autographs from the players when he attended games at the Forum. The set is unusual in that both the Leafs and Habs cards are numbered separately 1-25, rather than collectively 1-50. The set also features the rookie cards of Hall of Famers Frank Mahovlich and Henri Richard. This set is also a return to hockey cards after a one-year layoff from Parkhurst, supposedly to assess the hockey card market. The U.S. NHL teams would be featured on Topps Hockey cards only for the rest of the decade. I would grade this set about EX/MT on average with a few higher, and none lower than EX.
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1958-59 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
23. 1958-59 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
This Set grades a solid Ex to EX/MT.
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1959-60 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
24. 1959-60 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
This set grades a solid Ex to EX/MT and features Punch Imlach's first card.
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1960-61 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
25. 1960-61 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
I purchased this set as well from the former 1950's Canadiens season ticket holder who was able to have 15 of the cards signed--several of them Hall of Famers. The set also features the return of the Red Wings to the Parkhurst brand as well as the final card of Maurice Richard. I would grade this set a solid EX/MT with just a handful EX.
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1961-62 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
26. 1961-62 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
There are 51 cards in the complete 1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey set. The checklist is broken down among three of the NHL's teams: the Toronto Maple Leafs appear on cards 1 through 18, the Detroit Red Wings are on cards 19 through 34 and the Montreal Canadiens take up the rest of the set. Unlike previous Parkhurst sets, there are no coaches, action cards or specialty subsets. Parkhurst again re-uses many of the photos from the previous year.
The only notable rookie in 1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey is Dave Keon. My set is a solid NM.
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1962-63 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
27. 1962-63 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
While the 62-63 set has an inspired design, it once again re-uses photos from previous sets. There are 18 cards for each of the 3 Teams (Toronto, Montreal and Detroit) featured with each team's star having two cards (Mahovlich, Geoffrion and Howe). There are also two unnumbered cards:one card is a checklist, which is referred to as a Tally card. The other is a Zip card, which was a contest entry for one of 20 bicycles. These are quite rare and are (along with the 2 Howe cards) the most valuable in the set. My set grades about EX/MT with a few better (NM+) and a few which would grade EX.
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1963-64 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set
28. 1963-64 Parkhurst NHL Hockey set 
For its final set, 1963-64 Parkhurst featured one of the most beautiful designs ever on a hockey card set. The Gordie Howe card is considered one of the most iconic cards ever produced. There was an emphasis given to the two Canadian teams, with two cards for nearly every player.
The fronts featured a player picture superimposed against a team-specific background design. Detroit Red Wings were shown with an American flag in the background, regardless of that player's actual birth nation. Toronto Maple Leafs were placed in front on the Red Ensign that served as the national flag at the time. Montreal Canadiens weren't given any flag, instead they had parallel bars as a background.
Key rookies in the 99-card set include Cesare Maniago, Red Berenson, Alex Faulkner, John Ferguson and Jacques LaPerriere. My set grades about Ex/MT with a few NM and a few EX.
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1954-55 Topps NHL Hockey set
29. 1954-55 Topps NHL Hockey set 
I bought this set in the mid-80's from "Mr. Mint" Alan Rosen and could not have dreamed of finding one in better condition (due to the colored bottom borders, the 1954-55 Topps set is particularly tough to find in high grade). I would grade this set as Ex/Mt or better. This would be Topps' first Hockey set and featured only the 4 American teams as the 1954-55 Parkhurst set housed the 2 Canadian teams that year (and for the rest of the decade). Topps would return to hockey cards in 1957-58 after skipping the next two seasons.
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1957-58 Topps NHL Hockey set
30. 1957-58 Topps NHL Hockey set 
Topps returned to Hockey after a three year hiatus with a set of 66 cards featuring the four U.S. based teams (Parkhurst distributed the two Canadian teams). This set is highlighted by the Rookie Cards of Hall of Famers John Bucyk, Norm Ullman, Glenn Hall and Pierre Pilote. My set is a solid Ex, approaching Ex/Mt.
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1958-59 Topps NHL Hockey set
31. 1958-59 Topps NHL Hockey set 
A solid EX/MT set which includes one of the most valuable Hockey cards of all time--the Bobby Hull rookie card (#66).
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1959-60 Topps NHL Hockey set
32. 1959-60 Topps NHL Hockey set 
1959-60 Topps Hockey is limited to just the four U.S. Teams: the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers. Scattered throughout the set are six action cards. Featured are the second Bobby Hull card and Gordie Howe's last Topps card until 1964-65 (He and the Red Wings would move to the Parkhurst brand for the next 4 years). My set is a solid EX/MT to NM with the usual top to bottom centering issues for this year.
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1960-61 Topps NHL Hockey set
33. 1960-61 Topps NHL Hockey set 
1960-61 Topps Hockey has players from the Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and Boston Bruins, as well as 26 cards of "All Time Greats" from the sport's past. The "All Time Greats" cards were added to the set to make up for the loss of the Detroit Red Wings to their Canadian rival Parkhurst's 1960-61 hockey set (which already featured the Leafs and Canadiens). This set's key Rookie card is Stan Mikita. My set grades from EX/MT to NM (with a few better and a few worse).
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1961-62 Topps NHL Hockey set
34. 1961-62 Topps NHL Hockey set 
1961-62 Topps Hockey are broken up among three teams, with each team getting its own section of the set. The Boston Bruins have cards #1-22, the Chicago Blackhawks are on cards #23-44 and the New York Rangers appear on cards #45-65. The last card of the set is a checklist, which is the first time one was included in a Topps hockey set.
Key cards are the Rookies of Rangers greats Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert (along with the unmarked checklist). My Set grades a solid NM (with one less at EX).
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1962-63 Topps NHL Hockey set
35. 1962-63 Topps NHL Hockey set 
Beautiful set grades at least NM for this condition sensitive set---No key rookies for the 1962-63 Topps set.
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1963-64 Topps NHL Hockey set
36. 1963-64 Topps NHL Hockey set 
Notable rookies in 1963-64 Topps Hockey include Ed Johnston, Gilles Villemure and Ed Westfall. Legendary goalie Jacques Plante also appears on his first Topps card, after being traded from the Canadiens to the Rangers.
Solid EX/MT (or better) set.
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1964-65 Topps NHL Hockey set
37. 1964-65 Topps NHL Hockey set 
The "Tall Boys" Hockey set is my personal favorite of all time. Raw set grades about Ex/Mt (some better) with only #59 grading VG. There are 11 challenging short-printed cards in each of the 1rst Series (1-55) and the tougher 2nd Series (56-110).
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1965-66 Topps NHL Hockey set
38. 1965-66 Topps NHL Hockey set 
Cards 122-128 feature team pictures (and Gordie Howe 600 Goals card) and may have been included as a last-minute addition because they are not included on the second checklist card and are considered to be short prints.
Notable rookies include Phil Esposito, Dennis Hull, Gerry Cheevers, Yvan Cournoyer, Ed Giacomin, Paul Henderson and Ken Hodge. My set grades EX/MT with centering an issue on several cards (not uncommon for this issue).
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1966-67 Topps NHL Hockey set
39. 1966-67 Topps NHL Hockey set 
Using a similar Design to the 1966 Topps AFL Football design, the 1966-67 Topps NHL set's key card is the rookie card of Bobby Orr, one of the iconic cards of the hockey collecting hobby. Other notable rookies are Emile Francis, Harry Sinden and Peter Mahovlich. My set runs about EX/MT, with the Orr card in a little lesser shape at about VG/EX to EX.
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1967-68 Topps NHL Hockey set
40. 1967-68 Topps NHL Hockey set 
My 1967-68 is a solid NM or better with Key rookies Jacques Lemaire, Derek Sanderson, Glen Sather and Rogatien (Rogie) Vachon all in superior condition. The set also includes Bobby Orr's 2nd card along with 2 other Orr specialty cards.
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1968-69 O Pee Chee Hockey set
41. 1968-69 O Pee Chee Hockey set 
1968-69 O-Pee-Chee Hockey saw the company issue its own separate set in Canada, rather than producing and distributing their cards under the Topps name. From this point forward, the sets would be differentiated between the two countries with O-Pee-Chee's being larger and having more subset and specialty cards than the Topps version (though many player photos were identical). Also, because they were printed in Canada, the backs would be written in two languages while Topps' cards would carry English-only text. The rookie card of Bernie Parent appears in this set. Set grades about EX/MT with the usual problematic centering issues for this set(particularly in the first series--#1-132).Second series cards (#133-216)boasted a bonus All-Star Pushout 22 card insert set (sometimes referred to as a Puck Sticker). A card paying tribute to Gordie Howe's 700th goal is also included in the puck sticker set.
I have included my Puck Sticker set after the Regular issue set below. I also have the complete 1968-69 Topps NHL Hockey set in Near Mint condition and have included a scan of the Topps Bobby Orr to represent that set.
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1969-70 O Pee Chee Hockey set
42. 1969-70 O Pee Chee Hockey set 
My 1969-70 O Pee Chee set is a tale of two Series---Series 1 is about EX with many better and a few worse, while Series 2 is a solid NM. Five of my series 1 cards (Beliveau, Orr, Gilbert, Parent and Berenson) have their stamps attached on the reverse. In addition I have both insert sets displayed at the bottom of the page--the 4 in 1 cards, and the Player Stamps. The only notable rookies in the set are Tony Esposito and Serge Savard. I also have the complete 1969-70 Topps NHL Hockey set in Near Mint condition and have included a scan of the Topps Bobby Orr at the bottom of the page to represent that set.
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1970-71 O Pee Chee Hockey set
43. 1970-71 O Pee Chee Hockey set 
My 1970-71 O Pee Chee set 1rst Series grades about EX/MT, with the 2nd Series about NM. I also have the Deckle Edge insert set of 48 (with 16 of them signed) and the Sticker/Stamps insert set of 33. Notable rookies in 1970-71 O-Pee-Chee Hockey include Bobby Clarke, Gilbert Perreault, Brad Park, Guy Lapointe, Darryl Sittler and Wayne Cashman. Finally i also have an NM set of the 1970-71 Topps NHL Hockey set of 132, represented by a scan of the Bobby Orr Card.
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1971-72 O Pee Chee Hockey set
44. 1971-72 O Pee Chee Hockey set 
Key 1971-72 O-Pee-Chee Hockey rookie cards feature Ken Dryden, Guy Lafleur and Marcel Dionne. My set grades EX/MT for the 1rst series and NM for the 2nd series. I have included a scan of the Gordie Howe card (which does not appear in the OPC set) to represent my NM 1971-72 Topps NHL Hockey set as well (along with the Topps Booklet insert set represented by Bobby Orr).
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1972-73 O Pee Chee Hockey set
45. 1972-73 O Pee Chee Hockey set 
The 1972-73 O Pee Chee NHL/WHA Hockey set's first series runs from cards 1 through 110 and the second includes 111 through 209. Each of these series is relatively plentiful, while series three contains cards 210 through 289 and is slightly scarcer.  The fourth series runs from cards 290 through 340 featuring players from the newly-formed WHA and was printed in much smaller quantities than the rest of the set. Checklist #334 has two variations--one showing the final late additions to the WHA and the other only noting their inclusion w/o their names listed. My set runs a solid Ex/MT with most NM. I have included the two insert sets at the bottom of the page--Team Canada and NHL Player Crests. Finally, a scan of Bobby Orr's Topps card represents my NM Topps NHL Hockey set from the same year.
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1973 Hockey Card Sets to date
46. 1973 Hockey Card Sets to date 
Here are the remainder of my more recent WHA/NHL trading card sets dating from 1973-74 forward. I have posted 7 scans of the top cards from my older 1973-74 to 1988-89 Topps/O Pee Chee sets. My vintage Hockey sets (dating back to 1951-52 Parkhurst through 1972-73) each have their own page with complete scans of all cards in each set.  None are for sale, but it is my hope that other collectors will enjoy the peek at my collection.
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NHL Team Issue Postcard/SGA card sets
47. NHL Team Issue Postcard/SGA card sets   
This is my collection of various team issued (SGA-Stadium give away) card and postcard sets. Largely composed of teams I have enjoyed
watching over the years--particularly my childhood favorite Boston Bruins, home state Ducks (and Sharks & Kings) and the great Oilers, Canadiens, Avalanche and Penguins Dynasties. I find these tough regional sets so much more interesting than the sets produced for large scale distribution (in Canada and the USA). If you have any I may need please email me at supplex55@yahoo.com
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1948 Bowman/Leaf NFL Football set(s)
48. 1948 Bowman/Leaf NFL Football set(s) 
The 1948 Bowman Football card set consists of 108 total cards measuring 2-1/16 by 2-1/2 inches. The product boasts key rookie cards of multiple Hall of Fame players, including Steve Van Buren (#7), Sammy Baugh (#22), Bulldog Turner (#36), Pete Pihos (#63) and Sid Luckman (#107). It was printed on three 36-card printing sheets. The cards were printed by every third number, where sheet one had cards #1, 4, 7, 10, and so on. Sheet two featured cards #2, 5, 8, 11, and sheet three has all the cards divisible by three (#3,6,9,12). The cards from the third sheet are the rarest, with the second sheet being slightly harder to complete than the first. My raw set is a solid Ex+ with a few better and a few VG.
  Included after the 1948 Bowman set is my raw 1948 Leaf Football First Series #1-49 in VG/Ex condition on average.
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1950 Bowman NFL Football set
49. 1950 Bowman NFL Football set 
Bowman decided not to issue a football set in 1949 as part of an agreement that allowed Leaf to have a monopoly on the market before leaving. As a result, they took over in 1950 as the dominant company when it came to featuring stars of the gridiron.
Otto Graham, Y.A. Tittle, Lou Groza, Tony Canadeo, Elroy Crazylegs Hirsch, Joe Perry and Marion Motley are some of the big-name players showing up on their first cards in this attractive and popular set. My raw set would grade about VG with some a grade or two higher.
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1951 Bowman NFL Football set
50. 1951 Bowman NFL Football set   
Featuring key rookie cards for Tom Landry and Norm Van Brocklin, as well as Emlen Tunnell and Ernie Stautner, the 1951 Bowman Football set is a gorgeous work of art.  My set grades about EX+ with many grading several grades higher and a handful in VG condition.
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1952 Bowman (Small) NFL Football set
51. 1952 Bowman (Small) NFL Football set     
The 1952 Bowman Small set (cards are 2 1/16" by 3 1/8") is identical to the large set (2½" by 3¾") with the exception of size.  The 1952 Bowman Small Football Card set also does not have the expensive short-printed cards, contained in the Large set, making it much more affordable to complete.
The Rookie Cards from this set include #14 Paul Brown, #16 Frank Gifford, #23 Gino Marchetti, #29 Hugh McElhenny, #48 George Halas, #85 Andy Robustelli, #127 Ollie Matson and #140 Yale Lary.  My raw Small set is about VG/EX with many in the EX range. I have included my 23 1952 Large singles at the bottom of the page.  I had picked them up in a vain attempt to try a complete that set as well many years ago.
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1953 Bowman NFL Football set
52. 1953 Bowman NFL Football set 
Overall, there are about eight times as many 1953 Bowman baseball cards available as there are football, and what survives is quite rare in high grade. In addition, there are 24 cards that are listed as short prints, including cards of Emlen Tunnell, Lou Groza and Frank Gifford. My raw set is a solid Ex/Mt, with many better, and a handful about Ex.
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1954 Bowman NFL Football set
53. 1954 Bowman NFL Football set 
After cutting back on the size of its 1953 set, Bowman increased its 1954 set to 128 cards. The set was broken down over four 32-card printing sheets with the short-printed third sheet, containing cards 65-96, proving much tougher to locate than the rest of the set. The big rookies in the set include George Blanda and Doug Atkins. My raw set likely would grade an average of Ex+.
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1955 Bowman NFL Football set
54. 1955 Bowman NFL Football set 
The 1955 Bowman Football Card Set includes 160 vintage size cards, with the high numbered cards (65-160) slightly more difficult to find. These were the last sports cards issued by the Bowman Gum Co. before being purchased by Topps, and was the largest of the eight sets produced by the company. The most valuable card is of #152 Tom Landry. Cards #161-163 are custom cards of Otto Graham and John Unitas who did not have cards in the regular set. My raw set would grade Ex/Mt on average with a few better.
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1956 Topps NFL Football set
55. 1956 Topps NFL Football set 
1956 Topps Football is the company's first officially licensed NFL trading card product. This came as a result of the acquisition of their long-time competitor Bowman. This inaugural release was the start of an annual issue of Topps NFL football cards that continues today. It was printed in a single series of 120, though all the players (and team cards) from the Washington Redskins and Chicago Cardinals were short-printed, and are considered scarce as they were printed in much smaller quantities than other cards in the set. There is also an unnumbered checklist, as well as 5 contest cards that were included in packs (I have the checklist card). I also added 3 customs of Otto Graham, Bart Starr and John Unitas at the bottom of the page. My raw set would grade about Ex/Mt to Nm.
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1957 Topps NFL Football set
56. 1957 Topps NFL Football set 
The 1957 Topps Football card set is incredibly popular with collectors due to the fact that it is loaded with stars and rookies of future Hall of Fame players. Of the 154 total cards, 31 of the players on the checklist have been inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Key 1957 Topps Football rookie cards are Bart Starr (#119), Johnny Unitas (#138) and Paul Hornung (#151). Other major players appearing for the first time include Dick "Night Train" Lane (#85), Tommy McDonald (#124), Raymond Berry (#94) and Earl Morrall (#104). Missing from the set are a handful of future Hall of Famers, most notably Len Dawson and Jim Brown (though I have included a custom card of Brown at the bottom of the page). Printed in two separate series, the first contains 88 cards, with the second series having 66. It is said that 22 cards in the second series were double-printed to fill out the printing page, one of those cards, number 138, is the rookie card of Johnny Unitas. Generally, high-number cards are a little harder to find than low numbers and, therefore, command a slight premium. My raw set would grade about Ex/MT or so.
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1958 Topps NFL Football set
57. 1958 Topps NFL Football set 
The 1958 Topps Football card set's major claim to fame is the rookie card of the legendary Jim Brown (#62). My 132 card gorgeous raw set would grade at least NM.
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1959 Bazooka/1969 Eskimo Pie AFL FB Sets
58. 1959 Bazooka/1969 Eskimo Pie AFL FB Sets 
One of the rarest and most beautiful Football sets ever produced, the 1959 Bazooka set took me almost 20 years to build. There is a Conerly variation which shows him as a Baltimore Colt as well, but I am happy to call this one complete without it. Most agree that the Tracy and Groza (the last one i picked up to complete my set) cards are the toughest to find. Also included is my near set (12/15) of the rare 1969 Eskimo Pie AFL cards.
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1959 Topps NFL Football set
59. 1959 Topps NFL Football set 
The 1959 Topps Football set was printed in two, 88-card series. In a change from the usual series format, cards from the first series are slightly more scarce and more valuable than cards from the second as the result of being printed in a smaller quantity.  The backs of the cards have a scratch-off trivia question that has part of the answer image visible. Card backs that have had been subjected to the edge of a coin are, obviously, less valuable than those that haven't. My raw set would grade at least Ex/Mt on average.
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1960 Topps NFL Football set
60. 1960 Topps NFL Football set 
The 1960 Topps Football card set has no scarce cards as all were printed in equal amounts. Also, the card stock holds up well, making it easier to build a set in EX or better.
It was issued as a single series despite the checklists calling them the first and second series. The only rookie card of note is that of Forrest Gregg (#56). However, what the set lacks in rookie cards it makes up for in star appeal with hobby heavyweights like Jim Brown (#23), Bart Starr (#51) and Johnny Unitas (#1) anchoring the set. Other future Hall of Fame players in the set include Paul Hornung (#54), Frank Gifford (#74), Bobby Layne (#93) and Y.A. Tittle (#113). The set also has the distinction of being the first to showcase cards of the Dallas Cowboys. My raw set grades about Ex+, with many in Ex/Mt or better.
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1961 Topps NFL/AFL Football set
61. 1961 Topps NFL/AFL Football set 
1961 Topps Football was released in two series. NFL teams comprised card numbers 1-132, while AFL players were printed in the second series with card numbers 133-197. The AFL players are slightly more difficult to find and star players do command a slight premium, particularly card #166, belonging to Jack Kemp.The set also contains key rookies of Don Maynard (#150), Jim Otto (#182), Tom Flores (#186), John Brodie (#59) and Henry Jordan (#45). Other rookies include Boyd Dowler (#43), Johnny Robinson (#139), Art Powell (#151) and Lionel Taylor (#190). Common condition issues impacting the 1961 Topps Football card set include chipping on the blue-border on the back of the cards, as well as bleed-through to the fronts of cards stored next to them in stacks/boxes. My raw set would grade Ex/MT on average with a few better.
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1961-1964 Kahn's Weiners FB card sets
62. 1961-1964 Kahn's Weiners FB card sets 
This gallery contains scans of my Kahn's Weiners Football sets.  I obtained the 1961-1964 sets from Larry Fritsch in 1980 for $400-500 per set. Larry had put together uncirculated sets with cards that were not pulled from the Kahn's meat packaging (and, therefore, did not have the stains and creases found on many vintage Kahn's issues). As the company was based in the mid-west, the Browns and Steelers  are heavily represented- particularly in the earlier sets. Though I do not have the first two sets that Kahn's issued in 1959 and 1960, I was able to find the Jim Brown from 1959 and Willie Davis from 1960 to serve as "type" cards for each.
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1961 Lake To Lake Green Bay Packers set
63. 1961 Lake To Lake Green Bay Packers set 
1961 Lake to Lake Packers cards were distributed with products from Wisconsin's Lake to Lake Dairy. There are 36 cards in the set: 16 that are plentiful, and 20 short prints that are difficult to find. Estimates are the the common cards outnumber the difficult ones about 10 to 1. The Lake to Lake set includes several pre-rookie cards of Hall of Fame players, including Ray Nitschke. My set grades about EX/MT and was acquired in 1980 from long-time collector John Spalding who had given up on finding two missing cards (#1,36), which i was able to locate much later. Amazingly, 12 of the 36 players featured in the set are now members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame!
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1962 Topps NFL Football set
64. 1962 Topps NFL Football set 
After one year of featuring players from both the NFL and the upstart AFL, Topps returned to the practice of featuring only NFL players. The key rookies in the set are Ernie Davis (#36), Fran Tarkenton (#90) and Mike Ditka (#17). Other rookies include, Roman Gabriel (#88), Alex Hawkins (#3), Don Perkins (#41), Fuzzy Thurston (#69), Tommy Mason (#94), Billy Kilmer (#151) and Norm Snead (#164). A number of the cards were short-printed throughout the set. It is estimated that between 70 and 88 cards in total are short-prints. As a result, assembling the set, in any condition, can be a challenge. Some of the bigger names falling into the short-printed category are Hall of Famers, Raymond Berry (#5), Bart Starr (#63), Paul Hornung (#64). The black borders of the 1962 Topps Football cards are susceptible to chipping and centering is also a common problem with the set. My raw set is in a solid Ex/Mt or better.
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1962 Post Cereal NFL Football set
65. 1962 Post Cereal NFL Football set 
I obtained this set from Larry Fritsch in 1980 (minus 5 cards) as this was a second high grade set he had personally assembled at the same time as his own set. I believe i paid about $400 or so for it (the guide had it for $125 at the time)--but I knew I would never again find such a beautiful (near) set of this classic food issue. In case you are wondering, it was lacking 2 SP's out of the 5 missing cards--#139 and 193. Notable rookies in the set include Fran Tarkenton and Mike Ditka. Bob Lilly,Gene Hickerson, Larry Wilson and Jim Johnson have cards that pre-date their first Topps or Philadelphia cards. The 40-some short printed cards are extremely challenging in any grade, and a few tough ones (#74,93 and 110)can bring very large sums. I have included my 1960 Post Cereal NFL large cards at the bottom of the page.
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1963 Topps NFL Football set
66. 1963 Topps NFL Football set 
The set features the rookie cards of legendary greats Ray Nitschke (#96), Deacon Jones (#44) and Bob Lilly (#82). 5 entire teams are short-printed: the Browns, Cowboys, Giants, Steelers and Redskins, with a total of 75 short-prints in the set. Certain cards, particularly those found on the left-hand side of the printing sheet, are also prone to centering issues as a result of being mis-cut. My raw set grades about Ex/Mt.
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1964 Philadelphia NFL Football set
67. 1964 Philadelphia NFL Football set 
Beginning with 1964, Philadelphia began a four-year string of simple, yet sublime, NFL sets, each containing 198 cards. This set contains key rookie cards of Herb Adderley, Merlin Olsen, John Mackey and Coaches Vince Lombardi and Don Shula. My raw set grades about Ex/Mt or better.
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1965 Philadelphia NFL Football set
68. 1965 Philadelphia NFL Football set 
The 1965 Philadelphia set is the second of four football card sets produced by the Philadelphia Gum Company in the mid-1960s. The set marks the debut release of cards for six future Hall of Fame players; Paul Warfield (#41), Mel Renfro (#53), Dick LeBeau (#64), Carl Eller (#105), Paul Krause (#189) and Charley Taylor (#195). My raw set would grade EX/Mt or better.
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1966 Philadelphia NFL Football set
69. 1966 Philadelphia NFL Football set 
This was the third of what would be four sets produced by the Philadelphia Gum Company, with a pair of Bears featured on the big rookie cards that year — Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus! Cowboys speedster Bob Hayes and his teammate, linebacker Chuck Howley, also make their cardboard debuts, while Jim Brown makes his final appearance as an active player in this set. My raw set grades at least Ex/Mt with many better.
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1967 Philadelphia NFL Football set
70. 1967 Philadelphia NFL Football set 
The 1967 Philadelphia football set was the company’s final season of featuring players from the NFL. Key rookies include current Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson (No. 8), when he played for the Atlanta Falcons. Others are Tommy Nobis (No. 7), Leroy Kelly (No. 43), Lee Roy Jordan (No. 54), Dan Reeves (No. 58), and Jackie Smith (No. 165). My set grades much as the other 3 Philadelphia Football issues---about Ex/MT with some better.
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1960 Fleer AFL Football set
71. 1960 Fleer AFL Football set 
1960 was the first year of the American Football League, and the Fleer Gum Company jumped into the business of making football cards the same year. Thus began a four-year run of featuring AFL players on Fleer cards. One of the problems collectors find with the 1960 Fleer set is the fact that so many cards are found off-centered.
The key card in the set is Jack Kemp's rookie card. Other important first-timers include Ron Mix, Billy Cannon, Paul Maguire and coaches Sid Gillman and Hank Stram. My raw set would grade Ex/MT with the usual rough cut and centering issues on many cards.
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1961 Fleer  AFL/NFL Football set
72. 1961 Fleer  AFL/NFL Football set 
The 1961 Fleer Football set consisted of 220 cards, but was released in two series. Cards #1-132 featured players from the NFL, while cards #133-220 included AFL stars. The rookie cards issued in 1961 Fleer included Hall of Famers Jim Otto and Don Maynard. John Brodie, Tom Flores, and Don Meredith also have rookie cards in this issue. My raw set would grade between Ex/Mt and NM/Mt for the vast majority of the cards.
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1962 Fleer AFL Football set
73. 1962 Fleer AFL Football set 
For 1962, Fleer returned to featuring only players from the AFL after a year where both leagues were included in its set. At the same time, the company cut back to a smaller set size of 88 cards and scaled back its production. The 88 cards were issued in a single series and are plagued with centering issues, which makes collecting them frustrating for condition-conscious collectors.
Key rookies include Billy Shaw, Fred Williamson, Gino Cappeletti, Ernie Ladd and Charlie Hennigan. My raw set has the afore-mentioned "centering issues" rife throughout, and can be considered about Ex+ as a result.
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1963 Fleer AFL Football set
74. 1963 Fleer AFL Football set 
This set boasts the cardboard debuts of three Hall of Fame players – Nick Buoniconti, Len Dawson and Lance Alworth. There are two documented, short-printed player cards, #6 Charles Long and #64 Bob Dougherty, as well as an unnumbered checklist, which is typically the most difficult card to find in nice condition. This is the last of the 4 Fleer AFL football sets, as Topps would produce them for the remainder of the league's existence. My raw set would grade (mostly) NM.
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1964 Topps AFL Football set
75. 1964 Topps AFL Football set 
1964 Topps Football was the first in a four-year run where the company lost the rights to produce licensed NFL trading cards to their rival company, Philadelphia Gum. Undaunted, the company secured the rights to manufacture trading cards of players from the upstart AFL after Fleer stopped making sports cards following its final Football card release in 1963.   The 1964 Topps Football card set is plagued by mis-cuts and poor centering. Finding cards absent of these flaws can be a challenge and do command a premium. Additionally, 88 of the 176 card set are single printed, with the rest double printed, making set building more challenging. My raw set is a solid NM+ or better, with many having the afore-mentioned poor centering, or mis-cut. The Joe Namath pre-rookie card is custom made by Retrocards and available from their site.
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1965 Topps AFL Football set
76. 1965 Topps AFL Football set 
My raw set of one of the most iconic Football sets Topps ever produced:The 1965 AFL "Tall Boys". Set grades about Ex/Mt (or better) with the usual centering issues on many of the cards and is highlighted by Joe Namath's Rookie Card (#122). In addition to the Namath, other Hall of Fame rookies include Willie Brown (#46) and Fred Biletnikoff (#133). I bought my set at a card show in Sacramento in 1980 for $50.
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1966 Topps AFL Football set
77. 1966 Topps AFL Football set 
Due to the brown borders, the cards show edge and corner wear very easily. As a result, cards from the set are hard to find in top condition. As always, the checklists are tougher to find unmarked, but the Funny Rings checklist (#15) can be nearly impossible to find in any condition because many kids in 1966 simply tossed it away. My raw set grades about Ex to Ex/Mt for most.
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1967 Topps AFL Football set
78. 1967 Topps AFL Football set 
The set is anchored by veterans and future Hall of Fame players, including Joe Namath (#98), Jack Kemp (#24), Len Dawson (#61), Fred Biletnikoff (#106), and Lance Alworth (#123). Unfortunately, there are no noteworthy rookie cards in the set other than Wahoo McDaniel (#82). Despite not achieving great success on the gridiron, McDaniel did gain fame as a professional wrestler. My set--the last AFL-only set--would grade at about Nm/Mt.
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1968 Topps AFL/NFL Football set
79. 1968 Topps AFL/NFL Football set 
The 1968 Topps Football card set was the first release in seven years to include players from both the AFL and NFL. It would be the first of 21 consecutive years in which Topps was the exclusive licensee for professional football cards. To accommodate the additional players, the set was expanded to 219 cards. It was printed in two series: the first series includes cards #1-131, while the second series is comprised of cards #132-219. My set grades about NM to Ex/Mt with some better and a few about EX.
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1969 Topps AFL/NFL Football set
80. 1969 Topps AFL/NFL Football set 
One of the most colorful sets ever produced by Topps--the full-bleed 1rst series (#1-132) especially--just "pops" (2nd series cards #133-263 added a white border and the color backgrounds are a bit "muted" compared to the initial series)! This was also the first sports set I ever collected, as I bought a 2nd Series box in late 1969 and traded with a neighbor to complete the 1rst series I had missed. It would be the last Topps Football card release before the merger of the AFL and NFL, and  interestingly, Topps seemed to favor the NFL over the younger AFL: NFL teams generally had 12 cards, while AFL teams averaged about 8 per team. My raw set would grade at least NM on the vast majority of the cards.
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Supplex55 NFL Football sets: 1970-date
81. Supplex55 NFL Football sets: 1970-date 
Here is my collection of modern football sets (beginning with the NFL/AFL merger in 1970). I chose six cards from each set to represent
the average condition and notable players and rookies from the 1970-1988 Topps Football issues. Post-1988 sets are represented by a single scan of a key card(s) from that particular issue.          This album also contains my miscellaneous Football sets from the 60's to date; including team issues, regional, food issues, advertising cards, post 1970 Topps insert sets as well as other national, non-Topps, issues beginning with 1989.
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1980's SHOWTIME Los Angeles Lakers
82. 1980's SHOWTIME Los Angeles Lakers 
This album contains my trading cards chronicling the most entertaining basketball team of all time--the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980's. With the arrival of Magic Johnson in the 1979-80 season to team with 6 time MVP Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the Lakers would win 5 Championships and appear in 8 finals in the next 10 years. Magic would win 3 MVP awards of his own and his artistry and unselfishness would propel the team (and the NBA) to new heights. Other key contributors were: Hall of Famers James Worthy (1988 Finals MVP) and Jamaal Wilkes along with defensive ace Michael Cooper, Norm Nixon and Byron Scott. Though Basketball is not my favorite sport (that would be Ice Hockey), no athlete ever gave me more thrills and enjoyment than Magic did.
Also included are my 1970's Topps Lakers' team sets.
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Supplex55 Non-Sport Card Set Collection
83. Supplex55 Non-Sport Card Set Collection 
Here is my collection of Non-Sport Card Sets from the 1950's through this year. Most are TV/Movie Themed, with
some Comic Book Heroes and Artist card sets represented. I have included
a scan of a key card from each set, plus either a wrapper or reverse of a card from the set pictured. I have been collecting for 50 years, so check out my Football, Hockey and Wrestling Card sets pages as well on imageevent. ENJOY! None are for sale, the values assigned are for my heirs.
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1966-1968 Monty Gum TV Shows Series 1-4
84. 1966-1968 Monty Gum TV Shows Series 1-4 
This gallery contains scans of the first 4 series of the extremely rare Monty Gum TV Shows (non-sport) sets from the 1960's. These sets were produced in Belgium and the Netherlands and contain gorgeous full-color photography. Complete sets are near impossible and singles can fetch over 10.00 each (and much more for cult shows like Batman and Thunderbirds). There are 5 different sets released over a five year period with the final set being a Foil set (just a small sampling is pictured at the end, as it does not scan well). Series 1 features Man From U.N.C.L.E., Batman, Flipper and Untouchables. This is the largest of the 5 sets at 69 cards and it would grade about EX+ (with some better and none worse than VG). Series 2 features The Saint, Thunderbirds, Zorro, The Fugitive, Love on a Rooftop and Mission Impossible. Series 3 features Daktari, The Monkees, Mannix, Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Peyton Place, Gentle Ben, The Avengers, High Chaparral, and Zorro . Series 4 features Forsyte Saga, Big Top, Gunsmoke, High Chaparral, Huck Finn, Ironside, The Invaders, Julia, Mannix, Mission Impossible and Rawhide. Unlike the other Monty TV sets, this set is unnumbered and is listed (by me) alphabetically. Thanks to Anita Schaerlaeken and Michel Soors for help with completing my Monty sets.
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1959 NU Card TV Western Stars card set
85. 1959 NU Card TV Western Stars card set 
Though listed as a 64 card set, the 1959 Nu-Card TV Westerns is actually a 72 card set with 8 very tough short prints. The cards are skip numbered #1-18, 101-118, 201-218 and 301-318. The scarce cards are: 12 Jack Kelly/Maverick, 13 Hugh O'Brien/Wyatt Earp, 14 Dale Robertson/Tales of Wells Fargo, 203 Ward Bond & Robert Horton/Wagon, Train, 211 Rory Calhoun/The Texan (same photo as card 304), 212 Gene Barry/Bat Masterson, 214 James Arness/Gunsmoke (same photo as card 317), 218 John Payne/The Restless Gun (same photo as 312).   At the bottom of the page are two of the scarce variation types that occur on some of the cards. #13 both with and without the grey title border and #14 (also without the grey title border) with both a plain back and a "Long Island Lighting" back.  Approx value: $500
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1950-60s Exhibit TV Cowboys card album
86. 1950-60s Exhibit TV Cowboys card album 
It is unknown just how many cards comprise a complete 1950-60's TV Cowboys Exhibit Supply Company set. I have a pic of a checklist for the set that appeared in the Sports Collector's Digest in the 1980's that lists 76 cards, though I believe it to be incomplete as I found a few more not listed as well as a few errors. This particular set is differentiated from other Cowboy Exhibit sets by "Printed in the USA" appearing at the bottoms of the cards, rather than "Made in the USA", which appeared on earlier Exhibit Western card issues. I have noticed that some have "salutations", while most do not; whether this places them in a different Exhibit set is unknown to me.  Any information anyone can add to this issue would be appreciated---please contact me at supplex55@yahoo.com  I have included scans of my 1940's "Made in USA" John Wayne Exhibit cards at the bottom of the page.    Approx. value: $500
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 Supplex55 TV Star Postcards/Fan cards
87. Supplex55 TV Star Postcards/Fan cards 
Here is my Vintage Tv Collection of Postcard and Studio Fancards, of my favorite stars and shows
to share with other fans of the Golden Age of Television.
Please note that these are NOT FOR SALE.
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Supplex55 Picturegoer postcards album
88. Supplex55 Picturegoer postcards album 
My collection of the UK produced Picturegoer (Magazine) Movie/TV stars postcards, ranging from the 1930's until ceasing publication in 1960.
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Supplex55 Male Movie Star Postcards
89. Supplex55 Male Movie Star Postcards  
Vintage postcards of my favorite movies and movie stars. The vast majority of the postcards on this page are vintage--and were issued approximately around the time of the Film, or Movie Star's relative age depicted in the PC.
If you enjoy this page, check out it's sister page: Supplex55 Classic TV Stars postcards and Picturegoer postcards pages.
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Supplex55 Female Movie Star Postcards #1
90. Supplex55 Female Movie Star Postcards #1 
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Supplex55 Female Movie star postcards #2
91. Supplex55 Female Movie star postcards #2 
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Action, Super-Hero Movie Lobby Card sets
92. Action, Super-Hero Movie Lobby Card sets 
This album contains my lobby card sets from Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Peplum (Sword and Sandal) and Super-Hero movies. Lobby cards generally came in sets of eight 11x14 cardstock photos of scenes from the film they were produced for. These were displayed in older Movie Theater lobbys alongside 27x41 "One Sheet" posters to promote upcoming films.
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James Bond 007 Movies Lobby Card sets
93. James Bond 007 Movies Lobby Card sets 
This album contains my sets of James Bond Lobby Card sets, beginning with first film in 1962 (Dr. No) and ending with the conclusion of Pierce Brosnan's run as Bond in 2002 (Die Another Day).  Lobby cards generally came in sets of 8 11x14 cardstock photos of scenes from the film they were issued for. These were displayed in older Movie Theater lobbys alongside 27x41 "One Sheet" posters to promote upcoming movies.
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Supplex55 Classic TV Guides & Magazines
94. Supplex55 Classic TV Guides & Magazines 
Pictured is my Vintage Tv Collection of National and Regional TV Guides of my favorite 1950-70s shows
to share with other fans of the Golden Age of Television. Also included are Books, Comics, Magazines and other paper collectibles (along with a handful of toys) from the shows.
Please note that these are NOT FOR SALE.
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Supplex55 Silver Age Marvel Comics run
95. Supplex55 Silver Age Marvel Comics run  
My runs of the original 11 Marvel Super Hero titles from 1961-67 when the Silver age (unofficially) ended.
(I've been a Marvel Zombie since i was 8 years old in 1963).
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Supplex55 Bronze Age Comics Key Issues
96. Supplex55 Bronze Age Comics Key Issues 
Rather than list all of the Bronze Age comics I have, I have chosen just the key books that highlight the period from roughly 1968(ish) to 1980 (ish).
I have posted scans of my key books for BOTH Marvel and DC from the period (though mostly Marvel).
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