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Queen Mary 2
History was made on Sunday 14 March 2010 when the majestic passenger liner Queen Mary 2 sailed into Fremantle Harbour. Spectators watched entranced as the skipper turned the 345 m-long vessel in a 420 m-wide mooring area at the Passenger Terminal. Reaching 62 metres above the water line, the 345 m-long Queen Mary 2 can carry up to 2620 guests and 1253 crew. Tens of thousands turned out to line Fremantle Harbour and wave farewell as she steamed away about 5:30 pm on her third world voyage. Another attraction of the day was the Sail Training Tall Ship Leeuwin II, a 3 masted barquentine, 1850’s style rig.  Construction: Steel hull, teak deck. Dimensions: Overall Length 55 m, Length on deck 40 m, Beam 9 m, Draught depth 3.4 m, Height of main mast 33 m. Displacement: 344 tones. Sails: 16 sails overall, over 810 sq m. Accommodation: 15 crew, 40 trainees. Built at Henderson, Western Australia. Enjoy my photos from a day out at Fremantle.
Date(s): 14 March 2010. Album by gladysclancy. Photos by Gladys. 1 - 39 of 39 Total. 5939 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
First glimpse of Queen Mary 2
Taken from Railway Level Crossing near Victoria Wharf, Fremantle.

Enlarge photo 2
Crowds of people crossing behind me
All were heading towards the Queen Mary 2.

Enlarge photo 3
As close as I could go from the Wharf
The Passenger Terminal was barricaded off from the public on this day.

Enlarge photo 4
Zoomed in through the Picket Barricade

Enlarge photo 5
Imported Vehicles on the Wharf

Enlarge photo 6
Imported Cars on the Wharf

Enlarge photo 7
Still wrapped in protective Plastic!

Enlarge photo 8
View along the edge of the Wharf

Enlarge photo 9
Entrance to Fremantle Harbour

Enlarge photo 10
Sail Training Tall Ship, Leeuwin II
The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, based in Fremantle, Western Australia, provides an opportunity for a life changing experience aboard Australia's largest dedicated sail training tall ship, Leeuwin II.

Enlarge photo 11
Leeuwin II at Fremantle Wharf
The Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to youth development. Under the principle of equality of access, our Youth Explorer Voyages deliver a quality program onboard the ship, designed to develop personal potential.

Enlarge photo 12
Approaching Leeuwin II
The Foundation also offers Adult Adventure Voyages, voyages for young people with disabilities, corporate and private charters and public sails.

Enlarge photo 13
Three Masts of Leeuwin II
The Foundation's voyage program takes in the Western Australian coastline from Esperance in the south, calling into Albany, Bunbury, Fremantle and further north through to Geraldton, Monkey Mia, Exmouth, Dampier and Broome. Since 1986, over 30,000 people have benefited from the experience of a voyage, sailing aboard Leeuwin II.

Enlarge photo 14
The Bow of Leeuwin II
The tall ship, Leeuwin II, is owned and operated by the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation Ltd, a not for profit organisation based in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Enlarge photo 15
Figurehead attached to Bow
Launched in 1986, Leeuwin II is Australia's largest sail training tall ship and is dedicated to challenging and inspiring people on adventurous ocean voyages.

Enlarge photo 16
Trainee sitting on the Bowsprit
Our mission is to challenge and inspire young people to realise their personal potential and make a positive contribution to the wider community through the unique medium of a tall sailing ship.

Enlarge photo 17
Some of the Crew
The Foundation offer adventurous voyages along the Australian coast between Esperance and Broome. A wide range of programmes are available to suit all ages and interests, from short 3 hour sails to 12 day voyages.

Enlarge photo 18
Banner on Gangplank
Information at www.sailleeuwin.com  
Our activities are designed to encourage teamwork, communication, goal setting, problem solving and leadership. Discover the power of experiential learning at sea. Leeuwin is proud to sail in a smoke-free environment.

Enlarge photo 19
South Mole Lighthouse
Small vessels entering the harbour.

Enlarge photo 20
Queen Mary 2 towers above other vessels

Enlarge photo 21
View from Beach Street, Fremantle

Enlarge photo 22
Base of Overhead Bridge to Passenger Terminal

Enlarge photo 23
From the Overhead Pedestrian Bridge
Fremantle / Perth Railway below.

Enlarge photo 24
Imported Cars on the Wharf

Enlarge photo 25
Queen Mary 2 at the Passenger Terminal

Enlarge photo 26
People look so small on Queen Mary 2

Enlarge photo 27
Some of the crowd on the Pedestrian Bridge

Enlarge photo 28
IMG 2772
Zoomed out, but still too large for the viewfinder!

Enlarge photo 29
Crowds of Pedestrians
People came in the thousands to see Queen Mary 2.

Enlarge photo 30
In the Crowd
A voice behind me asked "Why do they keep stopping"?  Another voice answered "To take photos"!

Enlarge photo 31
Rows of Life Boats along the side

Enlarge photo 32
Zoomed to Queen Mary 2

Enlarge photo 33
Queen Mary 2 is a Cunard Liner

Enlarge photo 34
Crowds of People to see Queen Mary 2

Enlarge photo 35
View along Wharf from Pedestrian Bridge

Enlarge photo 36
More of the Crowd coming and going

Enlarge photo 37
View from Pedestrian Bridge
Fremantle / Perth Railway line and historic Wool Stores.

Enlarge photo 38
Fremantle Passenger Terminal
Passenger Liner Athena was dwarfed by the Queen Mary 2, but top of Athena can just be seen above the buildings.

Enlarge photo 39
Railway Lines and Historic Buildings of Fremantle

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