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Log House with Timber Frame Addition
1. Log House with Timber Frame Addition 
Samuel Hartley House from the village of Paisley in Monongahela Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.  Built in the Federal Period circa 1820-1840.  Two story double pen with attic and basement.  18'x24' oak log structure with 18'x18' oak timber frame added shortly thereafter.  Interior chimneys typical of Pennsylvania.
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Power Wagon Crew Cabs
2. Power Wagon Crew Cabs 
Period and modern Dodge and Fargo Power Wagon Crew Cabs
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1969 W300 Dodge Power Wagon
3. 1969 W300 Dodge Power Wagon  
W300 heavy duty 10,000 GVWR, 133" wheelbase, 9' Utiline bed, 210hp 318ci LA engine, NP 435 transmission, NP205 single-lever transfer case, Dana 70 front and rear axles, Sure-Grip rear, optional 5.86 gear ratio, 800lbs auxiliary springs in rear, Braden LU-2 winch, vacuum-assisted brakes.  Medium Green with Dodge White top.  Michelin XL 11.00R16 tires.
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Dodge Special Power Wagon M601 and WM300
4. Dodge Special Power Wagon M601 and WM300 
One ton 4WD open cab military vehicles made from mid fifties to 1972 for export only as an inexpensive alternative to the M37 3/4 ton trucks.  1 of 91 produced in 1968.  230ci. engine.  NP420 transmission.  5.83 gear ratio.  12 volt negative ground.  Shared many parts with M37.  Also some photos of open cab WM300 Power Wagons.
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1967 WM300 Dodge Power Wagon
5. 1967 WM300 Dodge Power Wagon  
Resto-mod of former Tri-County Rural Electric truck from Tioga County PA.  Serial #2461736841  Originally equipped with dual vacuum brake boosters, windshield washers, seat belt mounts.  I did partial restoration and added rear shocks and centered rear axle.  Dan Mininger installed 318-3 premium engine, power steering, Mico brake lock, Chelsea PTO, ARB locker, etc.  Gary Pavlovich ground cam at 262/.460 degrees.  Greg Smith built custom flat bed. Plans for disk brakes next.  Dupont Chroma One 704428 Commonwealth Gray
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1965 Dodge M37B1
6. 1965 Dodge M37B1 
3/4 ton truck built for the United States Marine Corp.  230ci engine.
4.89 gears. Converted to 12-volt.  Power steering. Super Swamper tires on tubeless rims.  Runs great but smokes.  Lots of new old stock parts.
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1962 W100 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon
7. 1962 W100 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon  
Total restoration of solid Arizona truck.  Originally had 225ci. slant six engine, A745 3-speed transmission, Spicer 44 small knuckle front axle, and Spicer 60 rear axle.  Upgraded with 318ci. poly bored .030 over, 256/.429 hydraulic cam, Edelbrock 650cfm 4-barrel carb and factory cast iron intake manifold, Stan's headers, NP435 transmission, NP201 transfer case, Spicer 44HD front axle, No-SPIN rear axle, and Braden LU-2 winch from 1965 W100 Town Panel.  Body work and paint by Ron Reichhart at Indiana Truck Restoration.
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1960 Dodge W500
8. 1960 Dodge W500 
Two-ton 4WD truck with gin poles used by welding company in Oklahoma. 20,000lbs. GVWR. 318-2 Premium V8 with polyspherical heads. 8.25 to 1 compression ratio. Roller timing chain, vibration damper, exhaust valve rotators, and hydraulic valve lifters. 288 foot lbs. of torque. New Process NP420 4-speed transmission. Rockwell T223 transfer case. Timken H141 axles. Warn M-72 locking hubs.  6.8 to 1 gear ratio. 20" Budd 6-lug rims with split lock rings and 9.00x20 tires. 156" wheelbase. 18,000lbs. Braden winch with dual capstans for reeling cable.
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1954 C1-PW6-126 Dodge Power Wagon
9. 1954 C1-PW6-126 Dodge Power Wagon  
Featured in the book: "Young Fire Equipment".  Serial #83939635 Engine #T137*23247  Retired from the Wendelville Fire Company in 1995 with only 13,000 miles.  I fixed it up mechanically and plan to preserve it pretty much as-is.
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1952 Dodge Power Wagon
10. 1952 Dodge Power Wagon 
1952 B-3-PW Serial #83927721.  Relatively rust-free western truck from Nebraska.  Original engine and drivetrain.  Frame needs repair.
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Patina Swivel Frame Project
11. Patina Swivel Frame Project 
Rare swivel frame mechanism built by Truckstell in the mid fifties for the Florida Division of Forestry to use in the Everglades.  This was the last unit out of a junk yard in Lake City, FL.  Disassembled, cleaned, and installed in a rust-free western frame by my friend Dan Mininger.
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1951 B3PW-126 Dodge Power Wagon
12. 1951 B3PW-126 Dodge Power Wagon  
1951 Dodge Power Wagon with Hercules dump body made from military cargo bed.  Former fire truck from Adah, PA.  Converted to 12 volt.  Used by local coal company.  Purchased from Tom Bastian of Denbo, PA.  230ci engine.  Replaced cab and added dual rear wheels and Western plow.
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1950 B2-PW 126 Dodge Power Wagon
13. 1950 B2-PW 126 Dodge Power Wagon 
Former Bell System telephone truck with aluminum utility body, Batavia Products T-Type Pole Derrick for setting poles, and snowplow operated by Monarch Hy-Lo-Jack hydraulic pump.  B-2PW126 Serial Number 83919782
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1948 B1PW-126
14. 1948 B1PW-126 
Dump truck from Ohio.  Rear axle moved back 12".  Should be easy to return to original.  Cab is in great shape.
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1946 WDX Dodge Power Wagon
15. 1946 WDX Dodge Power Wagon   
One owner truck from Mount Pleasant, PA.  Purchased new by returning veteran in 1946.  Non-winch model with rear shocks and pintle hook.  Serial #83901091  Replacement engine out of a 1959 Dodge truck.  Originally Dodge Truck Dark Green.  Converted to 12 volt.
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