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1954 C1-PW6-126 Dodge Power Wagon
Featured in the book: "Young Fire Equipment".  Serial #83939635 Engine #T137*23247  Retired from the Wendelville Fire Company in 1995 with only 13,000 miles.  I fixed it up mechanically and plan to preserve it pretty much as-is.
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Enlarge photo 1

Enlarge photo 2
Photo of truck as delivered new in 1954 by Young Fire Equipment Corporation in New York to the Wendelville Fire Company.

Enlarge photo 3
Here is a shot of Wendel as purchased in 2007.

Enlarge photo 4
Thanks to Jeff Dudas for selling me this great truck!

Enlarge photo 5
The diamond plate brush steps shown in photo #1 had been removed and the bumperettes painted silver.

Enlarge photo 6
Well-preserved door signage.

Enlarge photo 7
Original interior is in great shape. Steering wheel looks brand new.

Enlarge photo 8

Enlarge photo 9
"Young" emblem, and what is believed to be a socket for a trickle charger to keep the truck ready to head out from the fire house at a moment's notice.

Enlarge photo 10
In 1954 the 230ci. engine produced 91 net hp @ 3,200 rpm. or 103 gross hp @ 3,600 rpm.  Horsepower was boosted by redesigning the exhaust manifold.  The GVWR was 8,700 lbs. before the heavy-duty springs were added.

Enlarge photo 11
Dual spotlights manufactured by Unity, still in business today.

Enlarge photo 12
Engine runs well with a rebuilt carburetor and new old stock fuel pump. Will also get NOS governor from Vintage Power Wagons.

Enlarge photo 13
Rebuilt E7T2 carb

Enlarge photo 14
Sandwich style governor

Enlarge photo 15
Tons of new parts that came with the truck including brakes, water pump, bushings, oil seals, hoses, emblems, etc.

Enlarge photo 16
Thanks to Chris Wetherell for picking up the truck.  Chris has plans for the fire body.

Enlarge photo 17
Chris removed the main pump from the frame between the cab and fire body.  Wendel also had a pump for filling the tank from streams, creeks, etc.

Enlarge photo 18
Fire body removed, revealing a clean, straight frame and a very heavy spring pack (16 leaves plus helper springs).

Enlarge photo 19
Here is what's left of the diamond plate running boards.  This section will be removed also.

Enlarge photo 20
Chris arrives in Morgantown, WV with Wendel in tow.

Enlarge photo 21
A shot of Wendel headed up the hill to our house (taken from the back of Joel Folman's PW).

Enlarge photo 22
Wendel arrives with a brand new set of Michelin 11.00x16 XZL radials (thanks to Michael Verst).

Enlarge photo 23
Front axle will get a pair of refurbished Warn locking hubs.

Enlarge photo 24
Braden MU-2 winch manufactured in 1954 also.

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I just bought a 1954 Dodge Power Wagon Fire truck. I was wondering if you still had the red light from the top of the cab mine has been replaced with the wrong one. Thank You!
Bruce Goebeler, Mon, 10 Jun 2019 3:14PM
Hello Dave Wendell looks real good, and you'er commingright along with him.My 56 p/w is still stting in the drive way, I;m still looking for shop so that I can start to work on it insted of playing around in the driveway. keep up the good work Bill Gibson
Bill Gibson, Wed, 19 Sep 2007 8:13AM
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