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GRCH RaganRat Best Kept Secret, CGC
Owned by Andrea Werner.
Rumor is a black and white bi, miniature Rat Terrier with tons of rAttitude. We look forward to seeing Rumor and Andrea in the show ring!

Hollywood FL/Sept/2007 - Rumor completed her Grand Champion title! Thank you Andrea!!!

Rumor passed her CGC, Canine Good Citizen,  test with flying colors on Sept. 16, 2007!

NEW CHAMPION - Rumor completed her CH title in Lakeland FL, July 2007!

Sire: GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
Dam: Maxwells Letsay Grace RaganRat
Date(s): 2007. Album by RaganRat Terrier Kennel - TN. 1 - 24 of 24 Total. 2067 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Rumor @ 10 months

Enlarge photo 2

Enlarge photo 3

JULY 2007

Enlarge photo 4

Here's what I think of staged pics... "big razzberry"

Enlarge photo 5

July 1, 2007

Enlarge photo 6

Enlarge photo 7

May 12, 2007

Enlarge photo 8


Enlarge photo 9


Enlarge photo 10


Enlarge photo 11

17 weeks old

Enlarge photo 12

16 weeks

Enlarge photo 13

15 weeks old

Enlarge photo 14

15 weeks old

Enlarge photo 15

Rock Collector
While Andrea and I were at a show her husband told her Rumor was collecting rocks...here's the proof!

Enlarge photo 16

What a stinker!

Enlarge photo 17

Rumor found a rock about as big as her and took it to her "pile of treasures".

Enlarge photo 18

Treasure Pile

Enlarge photo 19

Next she made herself a bed on the comforter...

Enlarge photo 20

then she helped herself to the towels...

Enlarge photo 21

sadly she chewed up the comforter...she does not look too remorseful does she !!!

Enlarge photo 22

Jeter did not like Rumor when she arrived at Andrea's....

Enlarge photo 23

well now he is smitten wit her!

Enlarge photo 24

Rumor's first puppy match. She won 2nd place out of about 20 pups!

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