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GRCH Tanaga Bailey Diamond Rio
Hello Darice, Daddy Bailey and Grand Pa Petie,

I am suppose to tell you something. Everyone says that it is important.

Today I got my champagne (Championship)? I thought that was something to drink and I did not get any ! I got it in two weekends. I just thought they were weekend vacations. I got points. I don't know why I even had to leave home cause Mom points at me when I am naughty ( I am not naughty alot).

I don't know too much about this stuff. I think I got the same as Obie and Marquee. I think it is genetic or catchy. My sisters Robin and Colie trieded to explain it to me but it does not sink in. I am not dumb, I am just happy to be with Aunt Robin, my "family" and my Mom. This makes the shows fun. Then I like to visit everyone too. Right now, I am content to play with my sisters, cats,and kong. I also like to hunt like my Daddy Bailey. Sometimes my cat Kermit gets mouses and stuff and I take them.

Aunt Robin and I think I may be able to become a Grand. I think I am quite a grand guy already. Well I think that is enough for now. I am usually a quiet guy but Aunt Robin and Mom said this was important and to tell you.

Love and pats to all, Ch.Tanaga Bailey Diamond Rio (Diamond)

P.S. Pardon my gramaticals this is the first time I wrote a compuppa letter.
Date(s): June 27, 2005. Album by RaganRat Terrier Kennel - TN. 1 - 2 of 2 Total. 1464 Visits.
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"Diamond" sired by GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy. Dam owned by Robin Lutwinas of Tanaga Kennel/breeder. Owned by Mary Carroll.

Dear Miss Darice, Daddy Bailey and Granddad Petie, I have another story to tell you. This past weekend I got my first leg toward my Grande Champagne. I only need 4 more legs (between you and I -I already have 4 legs-maybe they could count them).I won a BOB. I am not sure what that is but I think it means Bestis If the Best? This is very complicated for me. I have a new brother. His name is Jonah. He an American Hairless Terrier but he has hair. I kinda like him and I am trying to be a good big brother and teach him the ropes. He is just a little kid. It will be good having company as my two "sisters" went to heaven in August and I was kinda lonesome. Cats are nice (I has 7), but dogs rule and cats scratch! Well nuff for now, Diamond, Jonah, cats and Mary

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